Day 227

Day 227

Because of today’s fine weather, today will be memorable day as the massage business starts in full swing.

I advertised it in the store earlier, and the invited guests who experienced a tour might have had a wide word-of-mouth.

A lady and her daughters arrived a short while after the opening on the skeleton spiders that functioned as a carriage.

There are a lot more people than I imagined, so they needed to wait a moderate amount of time.

Because people get dissatisfied when they have to wait too long, I lead them to an area that offered sweets made from the Bearbees of the Kuuderun Great Forest. With this, I was able to take their mind off of waiting, as it seemed surprisingly good.

Before now, they hadn’t enjoyed anything so sweet before, and they were able to kill time by pleasantly chatting with acquaintances.

It’s performing quite well, for an opening. It seemed that overall, everyone was satisfied, and the sales of the day are far beyond what I imagined.

Moreover, when you think that it might continue like this in the future, it’s likely to become profitable.

The aftereffect of the oil is so good, but there was little to no hope for the lady and her daughters to purchase any. Because I don’t have enough quantity to sell, I respectfully decline. It’s something I have to repeat continuously.

Regular products deteriorate when mass-produced. Could it be more profitable to sell this in small quantities? I put that thought in the back of my head for the business I might do in the future.

The Tomboy Princess arrives in the evening to offer her congratulations. In addition, it became a feast.

The Tomboy Princess brought a large amount of alcohol. The alcohol is an excellent quality that is made with a great deal of effort by craftsmen. They all taste slightly different.

I was excited to sample the barrels one by one. I tried to choose one that I liked the most, but I found different pleasures in each of them, so I had to try again.

After all, the craftsmen made this liquor with pride, so it became more delicious at the party.

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