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Day 227

“Day 227”

Because of today’s fine weather, today will be memorable day as the massage business starts in full swing.

I advertised it in the store earlier, and the invited guests who experienced a tour might have had a wide word-of-mouth.

A lady and her daughters arrived a short while after the opening on the skeleton spiders that functioned as a carriage.

There are a lot more people than I imagined, so they needed to wait a moderate amount of time.

Because people get dissatisfied when they have to wait too long, I lead them to an area that offered sweets made from the honey bees of the Great Forest. With this, I was able to take their mind off of waiting, as it seemed surprisingly good.

Before now, they hadn’t enjoyed anything so sweet before, and they were able to kill time by pleasantly chatting with acquaintances.

It’s performing quite well, for an opening.

It seemed that overall, everyone was satisfied, and the sales of the day are far beyond what I imagined.

Moreover, when you think that it might continue like this in the future, it’s likely to become profitable.

The aftereffect of the oil is so good, but there was little to no hope for the lady and her daughters to purchase any.

Because I don’t have enough quantity to sell, I respectively decline. It’s something I have to repeat continuously.

Regular products deteriorate when mass-produced. Could it be more profitable to sell this in small quantities? I put that thought in the back of my head for the business I’m might do in the future.

The Tomboy Princess swings around during the evening to offer her congratulations. In addition, it became a feast.

The Tomboy Princess brought a large amount of alcohol. The alcohol is an excellent quality that is made with a great deal of effort by craftsmen. They all taste slightly different.

I was excited to sample the barrels one by one. I tried to choose one that I liked the most, but I found different pleasures in each of them, so I had to try again.

After all, the craftsmen made this liquor with pride, so it became more delicious at the party.

Translation Notes

Writer Note


Day 227

Translated---> Russian---> English (Edited)

'A big thanks to Oni GiriZ and Miraclegrass for changing the russian names of the character throughout day 221-230 to the appropriate 'names that we all know and love, as well as editing mistakes I made or missed out.


Day 227

Today is another sunny day, a memorable day that marks the start of our massage parlor business.

It seems news about the store had been spread previously, probably by the guest who advertised it after actually experiencing it firsthand.

There were ladies and their daughters who came here riding on their own carriages or on skeleton spiders a while later after its opening. The number exceeded what we anticipated, and there was a fairly long waiting time.

Due to the long waiting time, dissatisfaction began to form. In order to distract our guests from the long waiting time, we offered them boxes of sweets made from the honey and fruits gathered in the forest. That worked surprisingly well.

Tasting snacks with a unique sweetness unlike anything they ever tasted before, they killed time chatting with acquaintances.

This was a pretty good start, overall I'm pretty satisfied with today's sales. They were far beyond anything I could imagine, and if this continues on in the future, it's going to be quite profitable.

The magnificent effects of the oil had made many of ladies and daughters wishing to buy some. But we had to politely decline, due to the amount we have was unable to meet demands if they were sold. Instead, we did recommend them to come by regularly.

Actually, why not mass-produce inferior variations of the oil, and sell a small amount of them in the market? Even though I'm already thinking about it now, I might consider doing that in the future.

In the evening the Tomboy Princess dropped by, and we had a banquet. The Tomboy Princess brought with her large amounts of alcohol, but not just any alcohol. These were painstakingly made by professional brew masters, and none of them had any strange aftertastes.

ED Note: Google translate says different, but once again, welcome to the Japanese languages's multiple-concept corner.

I was thrilled when going through the barrels one by one, tasting each and every one of them. This was a fun of a different kind, and I choose the tastiest one among them to enjoy.

The masterpieces of Master Brewers were accomplished with pride, and now they were ever more successful when held in high regard throughout our celebration.

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Translator Google

Day 227

Today is also sunny, it's day memorable massage business is started in earnest.

To have been advertising in the store from a previous, probably it had spread the story by actually experience the guests.

Lady and daughter who were riding on the skeleton spider and its own horse-drawn carriage came after a while from the start. Many than the number I thought, it was even or become able to get waiting decent time.

Because the wait is long and dissatisfaction also come out, was induced to compartments such as sweet can be eaten to make in such honey and large forest production fruit of bumble bee, but he tried to or divert the consciousness, it seems surprisingly it was good.

The hit smack in the sweet taste like never before, had killed time by chatting with acquaintances.

As a start it would be pretty good. To which was in as I get a overall satisfaction, sales of the day is far beyond imagination. Also, if you are also able to continue in the future, it is going to be quite a profit.

At the same still be overwhelming the effect of oil, the number of lady and daughter we not a few wanted to buy.

Because to sell the amount is less refused to politely, it is recommended that you get to come to continually.

Once to make a mass-produced product to deteriorate than genuine, by market business also there or a small amount, and although I think, it will keep in the corner of the head as one of the business that might do in the future.

Rushed to the Tomboy Princess is celebration in the evening, and also became a banquet. Tomboy Princess I brought me a large amount of alcohol, but the liquor is a gem craftsmen made painstakingly, none have different subtle taste.

I was thrilled to be going to one by one tasting the barrels, there was also different fun and and I chose had stocks most to taste just drink the from among them.

Again liquor craftsmen and finished through the pride, become even more successful in the celebration of the seat.

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