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Day 226

“Day 226”

The weather was completely different from yesterday; clear skies today.

The only thing that was left from yesterday, is the remaining snow. The sunlight is pouring down and reflect on it, spreading in to a world of silvery white.

White smoke rises from a chimney attached to a private house in the Royal Capital. The air was filled with the lively *chatter chatter (sfx)* from the townsfolk.

The early morning was a bit chilly, but comfortable. I could hear the fluttering of wings and laughter outside of the training grounds.

When I look up at the sky, where I’m hearing the sound, I saw Snow Fairies of around 15 centimeters with thin wings made out of ice dancing around.

Their dancing is beautiful. Each time their wings move, ice flakes twirl down. The sunlight reflecting on it makes it glisten and brighten in a rainbow color.

Unintentionally, I became fascinated by this magical spectacle.

The dancing snow fairies only appear in the kingdom during this season. It’s a type of monster that’s as vicious as it is lovely.

Not taking into account their size, they’re nymphs of unparalleled beauty clothed in lovely dresses. Though as soon as someone tries to capture them to either admire or sell them, they counterattack when you least expect it.

More in detail, they have the special characteristic to transform their entire body into ice by using a freezing ability and fully utilize their surroundings.

While they’re small, their battle prowess is high because they get support from the environment.

However, as long as you don’t provoke them, it looks like they’ll ignore you? So for now, I just enjoy the spectacle of them dancing around.

Though I am gradually starting to wonder what they taste like. For now, I try to capture one that’s within range with a string that shoots from my fingertips.

I manipulate the thread coming from the tip of my finger and create a net. I was able to easily collect 10 of them. However, the thread restraining them is frozen in an instant. It became a sphere of ice, and was broken in the following moment.

The broken pieces fall down *pitter-patter(sfx)* and are quickly buried within the snow below.

Hrm, apparently their freezing ability is stronger than I thought. Their physical strength also seems higher than their outward appearance indicates.

When thinking about it, I might have aggravated them because I tried to capture them. All ten of them changed their gentle smile into an expression of resentment as they fly into a nose dive.

They grip a thrusting sword formed out of pure ice in their hand and generated a countless amount of ice stakes, bigger than themselves, behind them. Everything is pointed at me.

Filled with an urge to kill, the 10 of them get in formation and fly towards me. The scene was something admirable and reminded me of a pack of black wolves hunting in group.

While admiring them, I shot out net woven with a heavy, strong golden thread. The snow fairies panic and spread out, but I round them up without missing one.

The caught snow fairies struggle and try to freeze the golden thread. While it did freeze over, it didn’t break this time around.

I was able to catch the ice sphere in the sky as it was pulled down by gravity and fell down. I crushed the ice with my silver hand and scoped out the contents.

The snow fairies inside were restrained by the golden thread. One starts to shriek with a high-pitched voice. I break her neck with a snap and ate it in one go.

While they look humanoid, their body looks insect-like. It reminds me of the green caterpillars in the Great Forest.

Its thick, creamy taste is unique and delicious. As a seasonal snack, it might be considerably good.

In order to directly take advantage of it, I collect them and around noon, I opt to drink some liquor with Minokichi-kun.

The compatibility between the liquor and the snow fairies is considerably good; it’s regrettable I only have a few of them.

We’re a little dissatisfied because of it, but it’s not a problem as having some liquor around noon is the best.

Today was a good day.

With that, we’ll leave the Royal Capital in two days.

The massage parlor and the stone sauna will open tomorrow, and after I’ve overseen that, we’ll leave.

On top, while traveling, what kind of powerful enemies are we going to meet in the future? Can I find ingredients that I haven’t eaten yet, like the snow fairies? As time passed, my chest swelled up with expectations.

Translation Notes

Writer Note

Day 226

Translated---> Russian---> English (Edited) ...Really Aporou? What don't you eat...anyways, since the last one was quite short, I though "why not?"


Day 226

Unlike yesterday's weather, it was very sunny today. Only snow was left of yesterday's blizzard, and sunlight reflected off this silvery white world.

Puffs of white smoke rose from the chimneys of the castle town's houses, and the streets buzzed with life. The morning air was chilly but also pleasant, and I heard laughter when I was training outside .

Looking skyward where the sound originated, there they are. Forged of ice and snow: [Snow Fairies], they were 15 centimeters, danced deftly with wings of ice.

Their dance was beautiful, and scales of ice fell wherever they flapped their wings. Their wings also reflected sunlight, glowing in the colors of the rainbow.

Admiring this scenery, it's likely an instinctive fascination. 

Snow faries make seasonal appearances in the Sternbild Kingdom, and they are a type of monster that combines grace and viciousness.

ED Zak Note:Placing cuteness here is weird. Changed it to grace as it is attribute that goes with dancing.

Despite their size, their appearance is that of a very beautiful woman or a girl in a pretty dress. But those trying to capture them to sell off as a decoration, would receive an unexpected retaliation.

Specifically, they use their freezing ability to take full advantage of their environment. Even though they're small in size, they are always surrounded by friends, so their fighting ability should be reasonably high.

Even so, since they usually leave you alone if you don't bother them, they are often ignored, or admired at the sight of their dance.

In my case, since I've seen it now, I was wondering what they would taste like, if they had any taste at all. My first attempt at catching them was by using thread from my fingertips to snare 10 of them. If I made a net with my fingers and manipulate it, it's possible to catch all of them at once. However, the thread will quickly freeze, resulting in a sphere of ice, before shattering in the next moment.

The shattered threat sprinkled on the snow like rain of ice.

Hmm, it seems like their freezing ability was stronger than I initially thought, and their physical capabilities have also been underestimated.

ED Note: The google translate said Ryoryoku, which is "膂力". It means muscle strength.

While we're on the topic, it's no surprise they would be angry at you for attempting to catch them. The emotion of the 10 fairies that I tried to catch turned from meek smiles to a look of pure rage.

Forming Ice rapiers in their hands, they generated countless large spikes larger than myself, with their tips all facing me.

ED Note: When I looked up "突剣", what I got was a image of a weapon with an uncanny resemblance to a rapier. After reading the raw, turns out the original word was 氷杭, which also means picket and stake. So spike works.

Emitting killing intent, they flew at me with an impressive formation, representing a Black Wolf's hunting pattern.

Impressed by their power, this time I used the more resilient, stronger golden thread. The snow fairies tried to disperse in a hurry, but they were all caught in the end. 

The captured fairies all struggled to freeze the golden thread, but even if it was frozen, the golden threads weren't going to shatter.

Becoming a ball of ice, I caught the falling ball in the air, smashed it with my silver arm, and retrieved its content. After binding all the fairies inside with my golden thread, I killed them by snapping their neck since they were screaming in a high-pitched voice. I tried to eat one and began biting into it.

ED Note: Left out Pokiri and Bakri since I can't determine what they are without the original raw. he saids he killed them by folding the Pokiri and neck, and tried to eat one "in Bakai and Bite"...couldn't guess what it was ED Note: They are onomatopeia for snapping the neck "pokiri" and biting into the fairy "bakiri". Sounds like they are quite togh.

Even though it was the meat of a humanoid, it resembled insects more. It was something that reminded me of the caterpillars from the forest.

A rich, creamy taste that was very unique and delicious. It's also a seasonal taste, it's not bad.

Hurrying around collecting as many as I can in the day time, I enjoyed some sake with Minokichi-kun

The compatibility of snow fairies and dungeon liquor was pretty good, it was a pity there wasn't enough snow fairies.

That's a complaint I had, but drinking liquor at noon is the best, and today is a good day.

We are two more days from our departure date.

Since the opening of the massage parlor is tomorrow, we'll depart after witnessing its grand opening.

I wounder what kind of formidable foes would I encounter after leaving the country, and would there be anymore new kinds of food that I haven't eaten like the snow fairies today. Only time will tell, and excitement towards various anticipations swelled up in my chest.

Day 225 == Day 226 == Day 227

Translator Google Day 226

Today is completely changed from yesterday, it's sunny. Only remaining snow in yesterday's remnants, drenched sunlight is reflected widespread is silvery white world.

White smoke rising from the chimney was equipped to house the castle town, I was vibrant people who have the buzz. The chilly early morning but nice feeling, I heard buzz and laughter of something and have a training outside.

If you look up at the sky the sound and the sign is, ice and snow [Snow Fairy] our much height fifteen centimeters is, we saw that danced lightly with wings made of ice.

The dance is beautiful, the scales of ice fall dance brilliantly whenever the wing moves and reflects the sunlight, I was off a glow of rainbow colors.

In fantastic sight, it will likely instinctively fascinated.

Snow Fairy that are waiting for the sky, do not appear only in this season in the Sternbild Kingdom, which is a kind of monster that combines Karen and heinous of.

If you excluded even magnitude for it is incredibly beautiful woman, girl of pretty dresses, if put out a hand to try to capture in order to sell off as an ornamental, to receive the unexpected counterattack.

Speaking specifically, it is to ice pickled systemic by freezing the ability to take full advantage of the surrounding environment characteristics.

Size is also small, fighting ability for ability high to ally around'm reasonably high likely.

And because it does not come to nothing if you do not issue a hand said, or mostly ignore, it's so have fun at the sight of dancing in the air.

When the case of I have seen it start to become concerned about gradually or to have any taste, and an attempt was made to capture a thread that flew ten animals that are in the time being it looks range from the fingertip.

If you make a net to manipulate the thread at your fingertips, it was possible to capture it together quickly and ten animals. But restraint yarn is frozen in a moment, and if you are the one became a sphere of ice, was crushed in the next moment.

Sprinkle with pieces to fall, it buried the Bosu~tsu to snow.

Hmm, strong freezing ability than I apparently thought, Ryoryoku also seems to be in than it looks.

When are discussed Nante, the wonder was angry that you are trying to capture ten animals has transformed from meek smile, come to dive in the rage of expression.

Grasp the thorn 突剣 of ice that produced in hand, floated behind by countless generate large Korikui than myself, are all the tip towards me.

Such are the ten animals to make Minagira the murderous intent is approaching while the formation flight, it was not very impressive, which is reminiscent of the Black Wolf to hunt in the herd.

While impressed, this time emerging from the net woven by heavily tough golden thread. It's Snow Fairy who spread out in a hurry, but it's rounded up without any reason to miss.

Snow Fairy who caught it seems to be struggling trying frozen even golden thread, but it's like not be able to break even this time was frozen.

Catch Since the air in it is possible to ice balls come to fall drawn to gravity, crushed ice in a silver arm, to retrieve the contents.

Contents but it Snow Fairy a translation that is binding on the whole body with golden thread, after the killing by folding the Pokiri and neck Since screaming in high-pitched voice, I tried to eat one animal in Bakri and bite.

Although it is human-type meat is like close to the insect, somehow, it was a thing that is reminiscent of the caterpillar of a large forest.

Rich, creamy taste is a unique delicious is, as knob of seasonal, it might be pretty good.

It collected only good are collected and hurry, in the daytime drink Mino Yoshi-kun us and sake.

Compatibility of the labyrinth liquor and Snow Fairy was pretty good, but the number of Snow Fairy was less unfortunately.

There is a complaint, but liquor from noon is the best of because there is no problem. It was a good day today.

At the same, and to leave the Royal Capital was made two days later.

Because massage and bedrock bath is started from tomorrow, it is to departure after seeing it.

To get out, do you want to encounter with any formidable enemy future, and whether the meet still food that has not been eating like a [Snow Fairy], was carried out and the only time while inflating the chest in various ways expected.

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