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Day 225

“Day 225”

Today, the wind has been blowing snow around non-stop since this morning.

It’s violently moving around a mixture of ice and snow, and the snowfall has reached a height where it could bury me.

Because the sky is covered with dark clouds, there’s no sunshine at all. Today doesn’t seem to be a bright day at all.

Since the weather is getting considerably rougher, I’ll have to stop doing the trainings outside, even if I intend to still do them as much as possible in the open.

The members of ≪Solitude≫ have grown remarkably recently, but it is necessary to occasionally take a break.

So after doing a light indoor training today, I decided to make them study.

It is important that each of them is able to think for themselves.

The more they know, the more likely they are able to help when push comes to shove. They might offer suggestions and ideas that I didn’t think of.

It’s not only about the three R’s, but it’s also absolutely necessary for us to know first-aid because we place ourselves in battle all the time.

For the members of ≪Solitude≫, who haven’t received any education up to this moment, absorbing knowledge now might prove useful for them in the future.

Though it does not change their purpose in Parabellum, it is an opportunity for them to become self-aware of their talents in studying. They may find work they’d want to do.

And above all, if they grow big and only become meatheads, it would be difficult to have them help in managing the organization.

If I wanted them to be in charge of accounting or planning, in order to lighten my load, I will need someone that can perform white-collar tasks.

While they are studying diligently, I take advantage of the spare time in between to cook and sew. It was a considerably relaxed day.

Seeing the children study on a snowy day, I enjoyed myself very well spending time teaching them.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Three R’s being Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic. Liberal translation of me. Actual translation says Reading, writing and Calculation.
Champsy White – collar tasks = brainwork (as literal translation)

Day 225

Translated---> Russian---> English (Edited)

I promised something other than my old lines, but to be honest, I'm sure most of you don't care about my greetings anyway. Here's today's edits.


Day 225

There was a raging blizzard this morning.

Ice and snow flew alongside the strong winds, and the ground was buried under snowdrifts as high as me.

The sun was covered behind thick black clouds, and this continued throughout the entire day.

Since the weather was quite harsh its best you stay indoors unless you're deliberately trying to train under such conditions. Solitude members are in their growth spurts, and they need some rest once in a while.

So after a bit of indoor training in one of the rooms, we proceeded to study.

Independent thinking is very important.

During times of emergency, if someone is more informative in a certain field, they may be able to present solutions that even I haven't though of.

In addition to reading, writing and calculating, knowledge on first aid is mandatory to those who place themselves in combat situations like me.

For «Solitude» members who don't appear to recieve any form of proper education before, this will also help in the future.

Well, the fact that they're still working for Parabellum doesn't change. The first step to distinguish talent is through studying, and might be helpful in allocating suitable jobs they might like.

Above all, if only their muscle grows, but not their brain, this would make managing the organization cumbersome.

I need people who are able to organize and manage, a pawn that can think with his head will lessen the load on my shoulders.

While encourging them to study, I used my free time for things like cooking and sewing. It was quite a relaxing day.

Looking at the kids studying on snowy days, it rubbed off me and even I spent a little time playing.

Day 224 == Day 225 == Day 226

Translator Google

Day 225

Today I had Fubui from morning.

Wind blowing in the snow and ice mingled strongly, snow cover has become high as I is buried.

The sky is not plugged into the sun because it is covered with black clouds, I did not have to do sunny the 1st today.

Since the weather is quite rough, it should stop but will be able to if you are trying to do is training outside. Growing Solitude who in recent years also, once in a while you need rest.

So today after a brief training in the room, it was decided to study.

Ability to think of the individual's importance.

and it does not may help when you know you say emergency the more information is, it may be willing to present a think of no such idea in me.

It is not only read and write calculation, knowledge such as first aid to me who you are placing yourself in the battle's absolutely necessary.

For «Solitude» who have not received seems education, here by absorbing the knowledge will help future always.

It is not changed in that you get to work in the para downy lamb, but the starting point and to realize their talent in to study, you might be able to find the job you want to do.

And more than anything, in accordance with only the brain muscles to grow larger, organizational management is going to become cumbersome.

Accountant Toka planners is to want, pawn that can be brain labor often it is because the lighter is my burden.

While encouraging the study, and the like cooking and sewing in the meantime meantime, it was quite spacious day.

You can look at the study of children around the day of the snow, it rubbed and I even spend while playing.

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