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Day 224

“Day 224”

Because of yesterday’s training, Kugime-chan was in a lifeless state and looked like a zombie. But in the end, she made splendid progress.

As a sort of experiment, I had Minokichi-kun attack her with his battle-axe, and her reaction time was faster when compared to before. The attack got avoided completely.

Since Minokichi-kun is quite stubborn by nature, he went for a serious attack. But it didn’t hit and even the aftereffect was completely avoided.

While the result would probably be different if Minokichi-kun used his full ability, Kugime-chan’s defense does seem to have increased and she’s even smiling slightly. Is this the result of yesterday’s hell training?

Though her offence doesn’t stand a chance and is still useless, she can at least protect herself. This much won’t become a problem in the dungeon.

Though even like this, it would be a problem to challenge the labyrinth if she’s still slightly insecure. Though when I asked her, she seemed full of vigor to go to the dungeon.

I was relieved that she completely changed her mind.

While this is a good thing, I cannot understand 『Let’s spar two on two?』as a serious request.

I’m overjoyed from the bottom of my heart that I’m on Minokichi-kun's side.

Oh well, I assume this is good.

Because the issue with Kugime-chan was resolved, I began working on the next problem today.

The next issue is related to Irofu-chan. Like with Kugime-chan, I gave up on gently persuading Irofu-chan, and decided to force it. I confronted Irofu-chan at the training grounds.

But Irofu-chan is not in her usual state.

Her expression is filled with desire and she’s slobbering all over. This is definitely not normal. She’s intensely staring at me with crazy eyes.

If it was only that, it would have been okay but the emitted insanity and the physical power related to the 【God of Corrosion Divine’s Protection】 had turned the thick layer of snow in her vicinity into something purple of indeterminable origin.


Additionally, she is wielding a purple short spear in her right hand. A dark corrosive liquid is dripping from the tip. It mixes with what is covering the snow on the ground and creates a dark purple gas.

The gas that was like a poison mist starts wriggling with the purpose of producing an image behind Irofu-chan of the God of Corrosion holding a book and a writing brush.

The reason she entered an obviously abnormal state is because Irofu-chan became extremely motivated after I promised to grant her one wish within the range of my abilities if she wins.

Irofu-chan was as slippery as an eel and evaded my persuasion attempts, so I aimed to finish this quickly by dangling a carrot in front of her. Looks like she took the bait.

Frankly, I found it a bit hasty.

This is the first time I saw Irofu-chan like this, and it seems to be considerably dangerous.

I can sense the danger even when while we’re still standing across from each other.

Especially the illusion of the divine spirit of the God of Corrosion behind her looks particularly menacing.

It looks like she’s intentionally moving her arms *rustle rustle (sfx)*, making the dark purple mist that was creating the illusion disperse throughout the vicinity. Anything the gas touches is dissolved without exception.

Even the snow and the ground below are being corroded. It’s easy to imagine any living thing being caught just rotting away.

Nevertheless, even taking into account this special ability, I’ll probably be able to win based on combat prowess.

But, how should I put it. The mental pressure is overwhelming?

If possible, I’d rather not fight, that’s what I wish for. However, it’s scary that she’s beyond the point to hear anything anymore.

In the end, I won.

I only won by a small margin though. While I overwhelmed her in actual combat, I was over-awed by her intense tenacity.

I broke both her arms and legs. But I experienced a certain sort of fear as she kept on approaching by wriggling her body like a green caterpillar.

Even when I accurately jolted her brain, she still kept on moving exactly like a zombie.

While I didn’t suffer a single injury in the end, I suffered such mental impact that this game became some sort of a trauma.

From this day onward, I vowed to myself to never bet with Irofu-chan again.

Though a lot of unexpected things happened in the process, I was safely able to convince both of them and solve their issues.

It was finally over.

Though it will still be several days from now, when we can finally leave the Royal Capital after solving these small problems.

Anyway, let’s quickly push the preparations forward.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Screw proofreading and editing. The rest of you can do that. All aboard the translating train

Day 224

Edited It's me again, bringing you know what, I've been using this line too many times, I'll think of something else tomorrow. ~Akioni

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Day 224

As a result of yesterday's training, Kugime-chan looked like a zombie. But there is a major improvement.

I asked Minokichi-kun to attack her with his battle axe. But not only did she react much faster than before, she also managed to dodge the attacks unscathed.

Enraged, Minokichi began to attack seriously. But all his attempts were completely read, and he didn't manage to land a single hit.

Of course if Minokichi fought with all his abilities and with the intent of killing her, the result would have been quite different. But as a result of yesterday's hellish training, Kugime, with a broken smile on her face, had her defense significantly strengthened.

Unless she's required to attack, she'll be fine in the dungeon with this level of self-defense.

If she still had doubts about taking part in the dungeon conquering, that would have been a problem. However, when we asked her about it, she had a 180 turn in her mindset, and was quite determined.

Then I breathed a sign of relief.

This is a good sign: "Please spare me from training with the two of you" and she begged earnestly.

Minokichi, who was standing nearby, was looking very pleased.

Oh well, that's one problem down.

Now that we solved Kugime's problem, lets move on to the next one.

This next problem has to do with Irofu-chan. Similar to Kugime, I already gave up on using gentle persuasion and decided to use force instead. Today I'll be confronting her on the training grounds.

Except, she's not her usual self.

While looking at me with a vulgar expression while drooling, she had a look full of desire, and eyes that reflected insanity.


But that's all good, since she radiated madness due the power of [God of Corrosion's Divine Protection], manifesting in a physical form. It turned the snow around Irofu-chan into some sort of strange purple substance.

Some sort of purple, decaying liquid dripped from the tip of the spear on her right hand onto the floor, releasing some sort of blackish purple gas as soon as it touched the snow on the ground. The gas moved as if it had a will of its own, forming an illusion of the [God of Corrosion] behind Irofu-chan, with a book on one hand and a brush on the other.

The reason she is in this abnormal state is because in order to get Irofu-chan motivated, I made a bet that if she wins, I'll do one thing she tells me to do, of course as long as its within my abilities.

ED Note: It's more like me rambling, but anyone who read her sidestory can probably guess what she's thinking. Here's a hint: BL. Those who didn't, It's in the comment section.

To quickly persuade the lazy, uncommitted Irokuso-chan, I had to use this as bait.

ED Note:Ok, this one's serious. The Google translation saids "Norarikurari" and "Sumaseyo", which is written in Japanese as のらりくらりandすませよ respectively. The former meant "lazy or non-committed, and the latter meant "To end, to be finished".

Frankly, I thought that was careless of me.

ED Note:I know the Google translation said thoughtless, but it's like the issue with the word spirit/consciousness in day 223.

It's the first time I saw her in this state, and it looks quite dangerous.

I can feel the danger simply by confronting her.

What's even worse is the apparition of the God of Corrosion behind her. I don't know if it has a will of its own, but what I do know is that it had began to scatter it's blackish purple gas, and anything that touches the said gas will rot without fail.

Even the snow and the ground itself began to corrode, it's easy to imagine living organisms rotting alive if they touch that gas.

If you only take combat abilities into consideration I'm the superior one. However, I'm currently mentally overwhelmed. I began to regret fighting her, and just thinking about what she's going to wish for if she wins is a tormenting thought.

ED Note: More of me rambling. Prepare your anus Aporou.

In the end, I won.

But the battle was a close one. In combat, I surpassed her, but her persistence is overwhelming. Even after I broke both her arms and legs, she started to inch towards me like a caterpillar. Even I would be scared at this sight.

I tried giving her a concussion, but she still didn't stop moving, just like a zombie.

At the end, I wasn't wounded, but the mental shock I received was so devastating it could very well end up as a trauma. Today, I swore an oath to NEVER make a bet with Irofu-chan ever again.

Even though there were some unexpected twists and turns in the process, I have successfully convinced the 2 female demons in the end. I may have used force, but it worked.

Thus, in a few days, after dealing with some minor problems, we'll be leaving the capital.

So let's start preparing immediately for our departure.

ED Note: Susumeyo is written as すすめよ, which could mean to advance, advice, hasten. Cooking isn't one of them.

Day 223 == Day 224 == Day 225

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