Day 223

“Day 223”

In the end, we all got together and decided to challenge 【Flames of the Fire Dragon Mountain】.

It’s the most useful one that I scouted, and it seems to yield the most profit, while still being located relatively close.

Thinking about the future and considering the Saint Kingdom, there’s also the fact that it could prove rather convenient to establish a base in the Demon Empire.

Nevertheless, there were some problems before actually heading out.

And while these things can be solved relatively easily, they were slightly troublesome from time to time.

One of the problems, was the fact that Kugime-chan didn’t want to go. It would have been inconvenient if she became a hindrance in the labyrinth. So in order to solve it, I tried to motivate her.

Looks like I got nowhere with subtle persuasion.

I first thought persuading her wouldn’t be difficult. But it isn’t like that at all.

But seeing as I didn’t think it would be a good idea to be idle and waste time, it had gotten to the point where I needed to use force to get her to come.

That’s why, during this chilly morning, while it was slowly snowing, we were facing each in the middle of the training area at the mansion.

Kugime-chan had a Japanese umbrella as an organic weapon and wielded a black, silver fan-type magic item 【Tayu of Night Wind】, made out of jade.

I just wielded 2 sticks of around 2 meters long that I cut out of a tree.

We both were equipped with our living armor -- I wore a training poncho because else my upper body would be naked.

Aside from my armor, the fact that my only offensive power are two tree sticks, while she has her Japanese umbrella that’s her organic weapon and her fan that’s magic item, it should overcome any difference that there is.

It’s not only that this tree branch cannot parry an attack because it is easily broken through a direct hit, but it’s also that it can’t endure any strong attack I attempt. It will disintegrate before I even land it.

Normally, an overwhelming superiority in weapon quality like this would give someone some margin. However, with this she opens all of her nine eyes to the limit, most of which are normally closed, and opens them wide. Kugime-chan still held a tense expression as she still seemed scared of everything.

Based on the quality of our weapons, I would lose overwhelmingly when facing each other. Nevertheless, I took up a relaxed posture.

There were no particular problems with a handicap to this degree, as it didn’t cause any useless strain on me. I was able to freely wield the two sticks that I obtained by only using my wrists and fingers and still be overbearing. I started to gradually approach Kugime-chan.

However, Kugime-chan took two steps back for every step I took forward. And the distance between just kept on increasing as Kugime-chan fell back six steps when I took two steps forward.

She accurately determined my range of my attack at the last moment. While I kept on pressing the attack, she stayed just outside of my range.

Kugime-chan also immediately reacted when I tried to throw a feint, as if she was able to see through it. She used the minimum of movements while giving me no chance at all.

After that I followed up with a real attack instead of a feint.

I flicked a small pebble on the ground with my tree branch, and aimed it at Kugime-chan’s face that was holding a serious expression. I shot a second stone in the first’s shadow. She understood it accurately and evaded it.

Apparently when she became a 【Kugimeki ・ Subspecies】, her ability to gather and process information were pushed to the maximum. Kugime-Chan seems to be able to predict my actions.

Even if it’s a special technique, as long as it’s up to a certain speed, Kugime-chan can recognize and deal with it. She can beat me to a punch as she already starts to move before I do. It looks like I am not able to approach her.

While I can do the same thing, it looks like Kugime-chan is faster than me.

However, even if she can predict everything, Kugime-chan’s actual combat ability is still low.

Her physical ability is weaker than an 【Ogre】’s, and her mobility, endurance and battle sense are embarrassing.

Because of this, it’s difficult to display the full ability of her special foresight.

When I put a bit more serious effort into it, Kugime-chan’s body wasn’t able to react in time, even though she was able to predict it.

Despite that fact that I was going easy this time around, the shock of my hit took all the air out of her body and made her roll over the ground.

She stopped rolling after a few times, but it was still impossible for Kugime-chan to get up.

Bearing the pain, she curled up like an embryo and started slightly trembling.

Becoming like this after a hit, there’s no way Kugime-chan will get motivated to challenge the labyrinth.

While Kugime-chan does have a strong sense of responsibility, her anxiety will become a burden to the others.

However, if you ask me, I don’t see an issue with her low combat capabilities.

Any defensive problems can be overcome with strengthened protective gear. On top, we should protect the ones around us. I decide she can go together with Sei, who has to ability to shield herself as well as her companion.

And even then, she doesn’t need to be directly involved in combat. Because Kugime-chan can sense her surroundings more precisely than I can, there are a lot of scenarios where she can function as a living radar, in order to detect enemies and traps early on.

Therefore, I find that her becoming a burden due to the lack of her combat abilities, is only an imaginary fear of Kugime-chan.

Kugime-chan won’t actively participate in combat and her combat prowess is more than enough to protect herself on her own for a few seconds.

As such, the minimum requirement is fulfilled.

Because of this, her anxiety will disappear if she tries once.

Because suffering such a loss will have hit her mental state, there was certainly a need to improve it.

Since Kugime-chan is still showing some anxiety to challenge a 【God】 rank dungeon, it cannot be said that I succeeded in persuading her smoothly. I made her reluctantly go through a strict training regime today. I will force her to become more confident and ready.

-- Ok, ok, I can immediately cure it if I break an arm or two, and even if internal organs would burst, I have some effective medicine to cure it. -- So for your peace of mind, let’s give you some personal training for as long as you need to settle your anxiety.

Kugime-chan’s expression was dyed in despair when I casually mentioned it, as if it’s something that she couldn’t imagine.

Half a day has passed since our training started.

Since then, Kugime-chan has rolled over the ground hundreds of times. And while she suffered a few comminuted fractures[1] and organ bursts, our training session ended safely.

I had to forcefully end it because Kugime-chan entered a state where she was not able to move anymore for the rest of the day, no matter what I did. While I do think it’s still possible to go on, I decided to let it go.

I don’t want to agitate her any further after all the things she’s been through.

Bleeding from her entire body, having half the bones in her body crushed; injuries of all sizes were healed at high speed. I forced Kugime-chan to keep on fighting, to show her she has nothing to be afraid of.

It tried to motivate her in the beginning, but seeing as it didn’t have an effect, I decided to keep my thoughts for myself.

Translation Notes

Writer Note

Day 223

Hello, It's me again, bringing you more edits :). ~Akioni

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Day 223

Finally, we have officially decided to challenge [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain].

According to my research, not only is this place the most profitable, it's also relatively close.

In addition, if something ever happens in the Holy Kingdom in the future, having a base in the Demonic Kingdom is always a good idea.

However, we are still facing some problems.

Here's the list, from the relatively easy to solve ones, to the more annoying ones:

One of these problems is Kugime-chan's response : "I do not want to go because I will only become a hindrance". For the sake of resolving this issue, I will act today.

Clearly gently persuading her isn't going to work. It's not because it's inconvenient, it's simply too time consuming, so I might as well use the time to persuade her to strengthen herself instead.

Thus, cold morning, the snow is slowly falling from the sky, we went to the training court in the mansion.

Thus, on this cold morning, when the snow is falling slowly from the sky, we're now training in the center of the mansion's training grounds

Kugime chan is equipped with her Bio-Weapon, a bamboo umbrella, as well as a magic item in the form of a fan [Oiran of the Night gales], made of black silver and Jade.

ED Note:The fan's name is "夜風の太夫". While 夜風 is Night winds,の is kinda like ('s), 太夫 is a high ranking performer in Noh Theatre, a popular thetrical style in Japan characterized by its use of masks. There is no direct english translation for 太夫. Btw, I can always change it to "Yokaze no Tayū" which is how it would sound in Japanese. 

As for me, I'm only armed with two trees, cut to form two poles 2-meters in length.

Both of us are protected by our Bio-Armor (in my case it's only from waist down, so I've worn my poncho).

Armor aside, the difference in attack power between two poles and living weapons and magic items combined is simply too overwhelming.

Not only can't I use them as defense since they're too fragile, if I tried to attack her head on, they'll simply break as well since they can't withstand the impact.

Well, it's good to give her a bit of a handicap. and even with the overwhelming difference in weapons, the 9 eyes on Kugime's face are now wide open, all of them showing fear and anxiety.

Well, even with this level of handicap, it's not that much of a problem. Effortlessly, I swung the two poles with my wrist and fingers while taking a step towards Kugime.

But, every time I take a step forward, Kugime takes 2 steps backwards. When I take 2 steps, she takes 6. The distance between is only increasing.

Accurately calculating my attack range at the last moment, she deftly avoided my attacks with a very small margin, just barely out of range.

I tried to observe how she would respond when I used a feint, and she immediately picked it up. However, it's probably the result of her gut feeling rather than observation, since she used some unnecessary movement.

So this time, I didn't use a feint, but an actual attack.

Using my wooden pole, I strike the pebble, and aimed it towards the serious face of Kugime. She even perceived the pebble, and avoided it. 

Apparently becoming [9 Demon Divine Eyes (Kugimeki) Subspecies] maximizes her ability to collect and process information. She can analyze my behaviors. She even has a special ability where she can read my movements before I even began moving. If I moved at a constant speed, it's impossible for me to reach her.

I can do something similar, but Kugime is far faster and more accurate than I am. While this is all true, her superiority only lies within this domain. Her combat ability is still quite low as expected. Among the 8 Demon Generals, her physical capability is quite weak and frail.

Thus, she is unable to utilize her precognition abilities to their fullest potential.

If I became a little more serious, by the time she predicted my actions, her body wouldn't be able to keep up with my speed.

Even when I pulled my punches, the shock of the impact from my pole hitting her traveled throughout her body, knocked the air out of her lungs, and she began rolling on the ground, writhing in pain.

After doing this several more times, she finally stopped. But she was still unable to get on her feet.

In order to numb the pain, she curled up into a fetal position and trembled. To fall into this state from a single strike, it's no wonder she didn't have the motivation to go into the dungeon.

Kugime had a strong sense of responsibility, that's why she was worried she would become a burden to others.

But from my point of view, her low combat abilities aren't a problem at all. If there's a problem with her defense, we'll simply need to help her get better. Since Seiji is coming along, and he has the ability to defend and heal himself and his comrades, we will be able to recover.

Even if she isn't directly involved in the fight, Kugime can still collect information from her surrounding with very high accuracy. She can be a biological radar for sensing enemies and traps.

That's why, to me her fear of being a burden is only groundless fear.

Since her role isn't to directly fight, her combat abilities will be sufficient if she can defend herself for just a few seconds.

And she cleared this condition.

All she needs to do is try it once, and her anxiety will dissipate.

Although, we'll need to work on her lack of confidence and emotional control. Because of her fear of going into a [God] class dungeon, I tried to convince Kugime gently at first. Since that didn't work, I'll carry out training which she reluctantly joined. I'm going to pound some self-confidence and readiness into her, even forcibly if I have to.

"All is well, all is well. Even if 1 or 2 of your arms are broken, or 1 of your organs ruptured, my [Blood Elixir] will be able to patch you up."

ED Note:The original text didn't say blood elixir in particular (just elixir), but what other kind of elixir would Aporou have to mend this kind of injury? Are you even trying to calm her down Aporou? that's just gonna scare her even more!

"Therefore calm down, and let us continue training until the anxiety has passed."

After that Kugime had a look of despair on her face, as if her spirit had left her.

ED Note:What did I tell you... Anyway, the Google translate says consciousness, But there are a lot of words in Japanese that could have similar meanings when translated to English, but different concepts in Japanese, in this case soul or mentality, So I chose spirit instead. That made more sense. Someone give me the raw please.

It's like in anime when a person passes out from dread or shock and the soul comes out.

The training continued for about half a day.

Finally after rolling several hundred times on the ground, breaking bones and rupturing organs, we successfully completed the training.

Since I have to beat her into shape, we will be continuing until tomorrow; though Kugime-chan had a look of disappointment on her face. She shouldn't be so perturbed from just this.

Kugime-chan continued on while completely covered with blood, breaking half of her bones, and receiving countless wounds while under the influence of high-speed healing; nothing scary really.

If she was motivated from the start, we wouldn't have to go through this. I'm keeping that thought inside.

Day 222 == Day 223 == Day 224

Google Translate

Day 223

Eventually, it was decided formally to challenge the [Furemesu Fire Dragon Mountain] to discuss.

The most affordable are among examined, it is because most profit is likely out, it was relatively close.

And When I think in the future, if Tsukurere based in magic empire was it looks good is convenient when there is something [Holy Kingdom], may be referred to.

But, there was also some problem that it becomes when you run.

From mono to be relatively easy to solve, tidbit until somewhat tedious things.

So one of the problems, I do not want to go because it is likely to bother Become a Ashitematoi in the labyrinth as I've to solve the problem of Kugime-chan that, in order to motivate, I was moved.

In a gentle persuasion Lachi is not clear, it than is was judged. This is to convince it became cumbersome, not such thing. So, it is by no means so.

However, because I thought if it's wasting time consuming, it is only ranged in ability exercise.

Is why, early morning chilly snow comes falling slowly, ours is to face in the center of the training grounds of the mansion.

Kugime-chan equipment and Japanese umbrella is a biological weapon, the [Chanter of the Night Wind] fan-shaped magic items made of black silver and jade.

My weapon against the bar just a tree that was cut to a length of about two meters is two only. And both own biological armor - there I poncho for training since the upper body naked in the case of - it's a state of being attached to.

Armor aside, and the bar just a tree speaking only attack power of the weapon, and the fan is the Japanese umbrellas and magic item is a biological weapon, the difference no overturned like exists.

It not only does not prevent the attack is broken folding wooden stick is easy if Ae hit from the front, if the attack is too strong would resulting in self-destruction can not withstand it.

A good thing if able to have a bit of leeway and because of overwhelming superiority in weapons of quality, but usually spread to all pupils of nine that the majority is closed to the limit, while pregnant with frightened in all its, strained to look the wear Kugime-chan.

And even though it has already defeated overwhelmingly in the performance of the weapon against, I'm merely naturally.

Since the degree of handicap if separate problem is not, useless straining absolutely no, it was intimidating to move freely two sticks to hand using only wrist and fingers, and approaches the scorching and Kugime chan .

But Kugime chan down two steps if Fumidase one step, if Fumidase two steps Kugime chan not Chijimara and only distance open because down six steps.

Accurately identify my attack range last minute, we were fighting to keep stay in slightly does not reach place.

When I took the false attack behavior at trial Kugime chan to respond immediately to it, but with insight that it is false probably was the stomach, it is not showing like to only took the minimum measures.

Next try to actually attack rather than false. To play a pebble rolling on the ground with a stick of wood, if Aim Kugime chan facial wear serious look, was avoided by accurately grasp even second of stone bullets that had been hidden in the shadows.

Apparently using [Kyukami Meoni Kugi-meki subspecies] and the information collection and information processing ability was improved become maximum, it seems Kugime chan have a look-ahead of my behavior.

Since I has already started to move before moving, unless offset recognition Kugime chan also use a special technique for up to a constant speed, and is corresponding to hit the first move in all, it was not possible to approach it as I .

Although I can do the same thing, it is faster to me more Kugime chan, seems accurate.

as though, combat capability of Kugime chan also be able to look ahead is still low.

Physical ability is a frail In [demon], hard to say that mobility also physical strength also even in the sense of combat.

This is precious look-ahead also, was it difficult to fullness to demonstrate their abilities.

Too late reaction of the body to be in Kugime-chan perception if put out a little serious, the fuselage was struck in the powerful by a wooden stick. Although I was once hold back, gaff, and while by shock through the body discharged to force the air in the lungs, go rolling swiftly on the ground.

Although stopped to be doing lying around a few times the ground, Kugime-chan was no longer able even to stand up. In order to meet the pain, you are trembling little by little is narrowed to like a fetus.

If you become this way with a single blow, and the Kugime-chan showed no motivation to that challenge the labyrinth would also be can not be helped. Kugime- chan only a strong sense of responsibility nature, he anxious, can become the shackles of others. But if you ask from me, such as the low level of combat capability is not a big deal.

Armor class if there is a problem with such defense force to consolidate the paranoid, it's around on the only good if you observe in us. Since the political-kun able to go to it together are determined there is also the ability to protect themselves and colleagues, we will be able to fully cover.

And even without regard to direct combat, Kugime-chan because he can sense around the situation in my more accuracy, the scene that acts as a biological radar for early detection of the enemy and the trap is very large.

So, it becomes Ashitematoi by lack of combat capability, it is not only groundless of Kugime-chan if from me is because.

because the place where Kugime-chan be active'm not a battle, it's a sufficient if the degree can be self-defense alone for a few seconds, such as combat capability.

And its minimum condition has been cleared. Therefore, if Mire challenge once, it would scatter away like this anxiety.

However, because there is be Zura pulled it also results and have lost the mental plane, there was certainly a need to improve it.

So he tried to peacefully to persuade Kugime-chan is showing anxiety to challenge the [God] class, but it can not be said to be successful, is carried out training and reluctantly today the 1st very hard, self-confidence, even forcibly It is up to you got to get with the readiness with.

- Okay okay, and to could heal instantly even broken one or two arms, internal organs can be somehow in the elixir also ruptured.

- So you think we need to train in peace, all the way until there is no anxiety, the difference.

If so tell Kugime-chan has floated an expression that was steeped in despair, as it relegate outside of consciousness. About half a day from the start of the training has elapsed.

Rolling on the ground as several hundred times Kugime-chan in the meantime, even while there is such as comminuted fracture Yara internal organs burst in the middle, training is successfully completed.

Kugime-chan longer until tomorrow, even if doing so was a disappointment, forcibly became so state in which it is stuck to the absolute, and also be said, it is now Place.

Should it not to be perturbed the other for most of that is if it does just this.

The bleeding from systemic, crushed nearly half of the bone, there is nothing such as those that scary to Kugime-chan were forced to the large and small myriad of damage continue to fight while being high speed healing.

As long as it motivated from the start, even though did not become such a thing, impressions were to be stopped in the chest that.

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