Day 222

Day 222

With the morning training, I wanted to take the opportunity to convince the two reluctant demons to go to the dungeon. Their reaction was not favorable.

Well, I could have saved time if I was able to motivate and persuade them immediately, but it’s not like you can persuade someone and change their opinion she had from the start so suddenly.

While I am continuing to try and persuade them, I didn’t have the prospect of leaving the Sternbild Kingdom anytime soon.

So I immersed myself in work during the day, as I needed to finish any work I still had to do before it’s too late.

Among the work to be done, is the advertising of the massage parlor that was finished on the first floor.

I quickly finished it, and the Tomboy Princess was the first one of the list of my invites of my possible client base.

Because it’s only the Tomboy Princess and 10 others I invited, it’s still a rather weak form of advertising. But I only needed up to 1 or 2 people as a personal butler and maid to take care of the guests and I entrusted the invites to the Tomboy Princess.

Since choosing people is troublesome, I didn’t want to do it. And I wanted to use it as an opportunity to get a closer to the faction the Tomboy Princess is related to, as sign of good faith.

As a logical result, the First Queen was an invited guest.

She has the appearance of being just a little bit too motivated and she looks a lot younger than her actual age, while still having the allure of an adult.

Accompanying her was the shrewd Hero of Darkness as well as four maids. They stood behind the two, and I only know them by sight.

Oh my, it’s somewhat unpleasant, because that I left the invites to the Tomboy Princess, there’s a high probability that a lot of members (of the 5 Great Gods religion) will come. But as I started to get accustomed to the First Queen's quirks recently, I saw that they weren’t as strange -- you could say that I stopped resisting it since it’s their problem. It’s not that I absolutely hate them.

Riding on the skeleton spider that I arranged for picking up the invitees, the Tomboy Princess arrived first with the First Queen. I saw that the Princess wore a meaningful smile. She probably used the invite as leverage to benefit from the First Queen in one way or another.

Judging from the wry smile of the Boy Knight, I was pretty sure I was right.

The Tomboy Princess hasn’t concealed her true nature so much lately.

Seeing as their reason to be here was good, I thought it’s better to see a bright smile than one that’s covered with a hint of darkness.

In order to relieve their stress, I let the invitees take a stone sauna and receive an oil massage.

In order to take a stone sauna, you need to slip into special clothing, and you have to lie on a sheet that is spread over the bedrock.

Touching the stone directly is too hot, but by using the sheet it changes to the extent that is pleasantly warm. In 30 minutes, your body is also internally warmed up by infrared rays.

Since they haven’t experienced this often, everyone seems to be pleased.

After her session was over, a lady with a smile from ear to ear said joyfully: “All tension that was accumulated in my body, disappeared.”

She needs to hold on to that thought tightly, because I want her to became a regular customer by all means.

In order to rehydrate during the breaks, I prepared a fruit juice that was mixed with a small amount of spring water and salt from the labyrinth. It was quite popular.

I am planning to increase the variety in the future.

To avoid any issues with people during the oil massage, the masseuse and the guest had to have the same gender as a standard rule.

The oil that was used this time around was made out of materials that Dorian gathered from the Great Forest, combined with Dorian-san' rare nectar. It was something incredible, and its various effects showed immediately.

The first effect of the oil gives a beautiful, rejuvenated skin. But its main feature has a wondrous effect: through mysterious, hidden magic it efficiently burns any additional body fat from the inside.

You can actually feel it decrease straight after the first time you use it. It might be just a lucky side effect, but there’s no magic medicine that exists that exhibits the same secondary effect.

This reliable, safe beauty massage oil is extremely useful and has a pleasant feeling.

Seeing everyone’s eyes light up when I explained the oil’s effects to the guests, was interesting.

All things considered, this is expected from Dorian-san. Not only does she excel in capturing the members of the opposite sex, she recently specialized in the area of beauty are as well.

Her oil mixture skill is very useful, because after taking it once, people will want use it more often, like drug repeaters.

I’m thinking about giving it as a superior souvenir this time around.

After the guests completed a full cycle, I listened to their opinions. In general, they were satisfied and gave considerably high evaluation.

All guests mentioned that they wanted to come again and start becoming a regular. Business-wise, the appointments that were made here are looking like a good sign.

Since all invited guests are looking to become regular customers, I want to cherish them.

Also, even the maids and butlers that were by their sides experienced it a little.

Like this, they’ll spread news through word-of-mouth as well.

Because employees like maids and butlers are paid better wages than commoners, they may come around to relieve them of their daily stress.

And so, this method of advertising ended safely by the evening, as I sent the invitees back to their mansions in the same way they came: by skeleton spiders.

It’s a comfortable ride, as the spiders don’t have any problem with the snow-covered roads and there aren’t a lot of shocks either. Furthermore, these sort of horse-drawn carriage that I offer to guests within the Royal Capital that made an appointment are prepared with special, luxurious items. I do expect them to use them their heart’s content.

Even though sending the invitees on their way back went without a problem, not all of them returned on time.

Eight people didn’t return and remained in the mansion, shrewdly staying for supper.

These eight were the Princess Tomboy, Boy Knight, the Hero of Darkness and the First Queen with her four maids.

I didn’t want to do it at first, but the maids helped in a lot of different ways and when I saw the picture of the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness smack their lips over my cooking, while having a happy smile on their face, I wasn’t particularly bothered by it.

As the person that cooked, it’s hard to eat it and say that it’s delicious.

After we finished the meal, I brought out the recently born Opushii to cut the tension and see the look on their faces. Her cheeks occasionally made a squishy noise when poked, while the First Queen was touching the jewels on her skin.

Opushii’s mother, Redhead, was wearing a happy smile while taking care of her. She was talking with the First Queen and Hero of Darkness, who were love-struck. I noticed a friendly bond being developed between the mothers.

Though it might seem natural to me now, because of the relationship between me and the Tomboy Princess, there are three people standing there that are on a totally different social standing from each other. If anyone else was watching them pleasantly chatting with each other like this, they’d be flabbergasted.

If this would have happened outside, it would be considered Lèse-majesté[1].

Well, at this late hour, lèse-majesté can be considered something trivial. And after it became late at night, the Tomboy Princess went home.

Nevertheless, the sight of a skeleton spider running through the streets of the Royal Capital under the street-light late at night, resembles a messenger from hell running around, searching for prey.

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