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Day 220

“Day 220”

Last night’s feast left the corpses of drunk people lying about.

Even though I mentioned corpses, they weren’t dead. Most of them were brought down by the bad side-effects of their hangover.

It was inevitable as we emptied several barrels of labyrinth liquor with a high percentage of alcohol. Even though it had nothing to do with me, I decided to make today a holiday. I started off the morning by doing easy dissection work. I cut open the “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm” and took out the internal organs.

Dissecting in itself is not difficult because I’ve gotten used to it, but it still took a while due to its sheer size. Nevertheless, I completed it before noon.

After I took out any internal organs that were in its body, it took a pause from cutting up the meat. I was at a level where I was able to tell apart the fat from the flesh only by looking at it. I could easily imagine that it had the finest taste of anything I’ve eaten so far.

However, I didn’t eat anything, I only dissected it.

While the internal organs that I extracted will be delicious for sure, its entire body is going to be the material for 【Equip Exoskeleton】.

The external skeleton 【Red Bear Beast King’s Prestige】, which I obtained from the Red Bear, excelled in land combat; while the external skeleton 【Jade Eagle King’s Flight】, which I obtained from the Jade Eagle, excelled in aerial combat.

Because I had an exoskeleton that was superior on land and one that was superior in the air, the only thing that was left was the one for the sea.

The material from “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm” was ideal for it.

I immediately noticed its huge head. I leveraged my break to put on the body with 【Equip Exoskeleton】 and get some practice with it.

And so, the third exoskeleton was fine-tuned and registered without any issues.

The following information is projected in my head:

【Ability 【Equip Exoskeleton】

Entry “1” 【Red Bear Beast King’s Prestige】

Entry “2” 【Jade Eagle King’s Flight】

Entry “3” 【Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales】 successfully registered

Entry “4” 【Empty】

Entry “5” 【Empty】

It is still possible to register 2 additional exoskeletons

How many would you like to register? 】

It looks like the name of the exoskeleton had become 【Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales】.

One of the characteristics of the exoskeleton was that it had an overall blue theme. It had a fluent form and there were few irregularities.

A countless amount of fins made out of lightning gems formed a line on the back, and there are sharp blade fins on the forearms as well. There is webbing between the fingers, and a big fin at the end of a long tail which grew from my hip region. The webbing and the back fin are support to the latter, as the tail is the main way of propulsion.

One could say the design is a compact human version of the “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm”. I personally like it.

While I check out the touch and feel while performing various movements, I found out that there was a transformation mechanism built into the exoskeleton.

During said transformation, the tail expands, and the lower part of my body becomes like a snake.

I imagine it like a lamia, which is half human, half snake.

Because I can make interesting movements even on land with this shape, it looks to be amphibious.

It was a very satisfying day, I obtained an excellent exoskeleton.

Starting from tomorrow, I’ll put great effort in gathering more things. I am planning to challenge the 【Age of the Gods dungeons】 where I haven’t been before.

I’m looking forward to it.

This time, I am going to choose a place where a mountain of ingredients can be obtained.

Day 219 == Day 220 == Day 221

Day 220

NEEDS EDITING, Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Day 220

After yesterday's banquet, by morning the participants were like a mountain of corpses. They weren't actually dead, just suffering from a monstrous hangover, most are just knocked out.

Nothing can be done about it as yesterday they emptied a dozen barrels containing a high quality alcohol from the [Labyrinth City] Purgatory. But I was not concerned, as today was declared as a day off because there was no planed activity. Since the morning I emptied stomach of the [Shark-head Lightning Wyrm], ridding it of guts, and conducted a simple inspection of the carcass.

Note to self, inspection causes me problems, still I'm used to this but it is its sheer size, I had to use a little trick for it though, Well I somehow managed before noon.

Liberating internal organs from the innards of the carcass showed elastic red meat, one look at that, it was enough to understand how this is a high-quality product, and its first-class taste.

But this time, it wasn't for food.

Naturally internal organs I would eat with pleasure, but as it's all for the sake of [External Exoskeleton] I have put them for later.

So far i got the exoskeleton of the [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige] for land, along with the [Jade Eagle King's Flight] exoskeleton for air battle.

((ed: as a note. exoskeletons mentioned here are more likely a power armors cases, but since it was named as it was...))

Thus, since I have a form for both, air and land, then I'll need a form for water combat. And a corpse of [Shark-headed Wyrm] was the most suitable material for obtaining this.

Holding a heavy and huge skull while finish collecting my thoughts, I Immediately activated ability [Exoskeleton].

By doing so, as in the past, a third exoskeleton was successfully made and registered.

As I try to access the ability a list was shown to me.

[Ability [Exoskeleton]]

Slot "1" [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige]

Slot "2" [Jade Eagle King's Flight]

Slot "3" [Thunder Shark's Dragon Scales]

Registration is over

Slot "4" [] is empty

Slot "5" [] is empty

2 additional forms remains available for registration

What "number" do you want to choose?

By doing so, I have created a new exoskeleton called [Thunder Shark's Dragon Scales].

It's a blue exoskeleton, formed with a small number of protruding portions glistering with a shine resembling diamonds.

Lined up on the back are several dorsal fins made of precious thunder stones. Sharp fins formed a blade on each forearm. Membranes formed between the toes, and at the level of the posterior a long tail protruded, with a large fin at the end.

Membranes and fins on the back are just supporting tools, the main propelling force will likely originate from the tail.

The overall design resembled a humanoid [Shark-headed Wyrm], and I personally liked it.

While I was getting to know how it works, I found out that this time the exoskeleton comes with a build-in transformation mechanism .

The transformation takes place at my feet.

It grows into a tail, and my lower body becomes snake like. Something similar to the half man, half snake, Lamia.

In this form it was possible to perform interesting movements even on the ground, but its main purpose is for swimming.

I gained a very good exoskeleton, it was an excellent day.

From tomorrow onward, I will have to obtained some new things in a [Age of the Gods] dungeon, since we are gathered up for once.

I'm looking forward to it.

This time, it will be necessary to choose a place where riches of the soil can be gained.

Google Translation (NEEDS EDITING)

Day 220

After yesterday's banquet, by morning the participants were like a mountain of corpses. They weren't actually dead, just suffering from a murderous hangover, most are just knocked out.

Although probably can't be helped because quite of the high alcohol content labyrinth liquor consumed dozens of barrels, after it was defined as a holiday me today a day because there is no relationship, belly of [Sharkhead Lightning Wyrm] from morning It is fielding Tsu get down to simple dismantling of just taking out the internal organs.

Not a thing apart from difficult dismantling itself because in that familiar, but took much time while slightly only in the size size, was completed somehow before noon.

The remaining is the only pulled the internal organs, meat was Puripuri is visible to the cut. In just Knowing such level fat are riding saw, it is the best of taste if you eat, and I was easily able to imagine.

But it is not only to eat this time of demolition.

Although of course, unplug the internal organs get delicious, but material for all this seen [exoskeleton wearing].

[Majesty of Shaguma Beast King] exoskeleton obtained from Red Bear excelled in land battles, [Hitsubasa of jade Washi-o] exoskeleton obtained from Judd Aigle are specializing in aerial combat.

If me and Rikusora necessarily want exoskeleton next with excellent sea to remain.

Shark head bolts Wye arm of material, it was looping it hit exactly.

Immediately heavy has a huge head, to trigger the [exoskeleton worn] placed in the body from the break with the feeling that drape.

Then without any problems, as in the past, third of the exoskeleton has been refining and registration.

If you try to project the information in the brain,

[Ability [exoskeleton wearing]

Registration "1" [Shaguma Beast King of majesty]

Registration "2" [Hitsubasa of jade Washi-o]

Registration "3" registration completion of [placoid scale of Kaminarisameryu-ko]

Sign up "4" [] free

Registration "5" [] free

Until the remaining "2" is available form of registration.

Are you sure that you want to attach the What number? ]

Since there is a, the name of this exoskeleton seems to be [placoid scale of Kaminarisameryu-ko].

In exoskeleton with a distinctive luster in which the blue tones overall, have a few smooth shape irregularities.

Back row countless fin made of thunder gems to, the forearm there is a sharp blade fin. There is a paddle between the fingers, a large fin was present in the long tail of the tip extending from the buttocks Atari. In paddle or the back of the fin is only auxiliary, probably the tail is the main driving force.

Design should say overall in the tight human Shark head bolts Wye arm, and even, it is personal favorite.

When Let's see that sure feel while a variety of movement, to this exoskeleton was found to deformation mechanism is incorporated.

Tail it to say that deformation is bloated, lower body is a shape, such as a snake, the thing that.

It is a half human, half snake Lamia, or would be if Omoiukabere like.

Since this shape it is and can be interesting movement even on land, it seems to be amphibious.

To give a good exoskeleton, it was a very satisfactory day.

And from tomorrow, and that it is that because I was great pains gathered, to or planned to challenge the [Jindai dungeon] still never went.

Well, I'm looking forward.

This time, it is planned to select the location where the riches of the soil is obtained.

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