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Day 219

“Day 219”

Even though it has been snowing since this morning, and it kept on going, Minokichi-kun and the others reached the Royal Capital today.

The skeleton centipedes were camouflaged as carriages with our group flag shown as best as possible. The fact that I was currently waiting at the gate of the Royal Capital with the Tomboy Princess sitting on my shoulders didn’t cause a big uproar, but the form of Minokichi-kun coming through on top of his Armored Big bear, that was as big as a house, resembled the incarnation of a Gokusotsu.

They’ve never seen a Minotaur species before, and now they see one leading his subordinates while approaching the Royal capital from afar. If I didn’t make arrangements beforehand, it would have been a serious affair, forcing them to gather the 【Heroes】 to meet them head-on.

Thank god I handled this before any blood was spilled.

Minokichi-kun had returned to the Great Forest through a separate route ―― along with Asue-chan, Oniwaka, Supesei-san and Burasato-san. Now, I summoned all troupes to the Royal Capital in order to gather all my generals together.

Because I only summoned the executives and influential people to Royal Capital, they’re not a high number. As for the rest that were in the Great Forest, I arranged for them to eat the ingredients I left behind.

By the way, there’re five main kinds of ingredients I want us to eat together.

It included all bosses from “Warpidron” to “Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi”, except for “Lizard Skull ・ War Salamander”, which we’ve eaten before and “Aquarium ・ Ball Golem”, which no one else can aside from me because it’s a golem. I’ve also excluded “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm”.

I left out “Grief Charybdis” and “Red Armed Geminyuvia” as a precaution because they look similar to humans.

Because there were humans amongst the group members, there could have been resistance.

Since I’m going to eat these two corpses personally later, I’ll conceal their existence.

The floor bosses are enormous, so there should be more than enough quantity. I cooked the dishes together with the ingredients I gathered in the dungeon. The dishes were huge and luxurious.

While it still wasn’t enough because Minokichi-kun was a big eater, everyone was laughing with satisfaction and the residence was lively all day long.

Fooling around from time to time isn’t bad.

【Ability learned 【Parasitic Beast Injection】】

【Ability learned 【Beast Corpse Chastising Technique】】

【Ability learned 【Blood Eater Beast 】】

Day 218 == Day 219 == Day 220

Day 219

When editing, focus on Google Translate, only using Russian version if you get stuck. ~Miraclegrass Mostly makes sense now, Monster names are still confusing (I am not good with names of monsters/places), so if you do figure out which monster/beast the translation is talking about, please help out by commenting. Cheers to the translator and helpful editors. ~Azoraxxx Translated---> Russian---> English (Need editing)

Day 219

It was snowing in the morning, and making their way to the capital through all this snow are Minokichi and company.

Thanks to the coat of arms engraved on the [Skeleton centipede], as well as the princess and I was waiting at the gate with her sitting on my back, the gate guards didn't start to panic. But the combination of the [Great armored bear] Kumakichi with a body so large it could be compared to a house, and Minokichi-kun mounted on it made the incoming column look like the embodiment of the infernal guards.

Since there are no Minotaur species in the area, it would not be unusual for the guards to confront him directly. However it is fortunate that we arranged in advance. [Original sentence: I have not met his subordinate, the appearance of an unknown species minotaur, the situation would be such that it would meet [characters].]

Well, nothing happened.

On their way of returning to the base in great forest, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, as well as Oniwaka, Supesei-san, Burasato-san and the company, I called them to come over to the royal capital, and try the meat of the dungeon bosses. I only called the leaders, as well as those close to them in terms of rankings, since calling everyone over just wouldn't work out, the rest will eat what is made at the base from the great forest products.

So, this time, we had five kinds of main ingredients.

Eaten by me was [Skeleton Raptor with Armored Slime] and [Aquarium Golem Ball], which besides me no one else can eat the golem, except for [Shark-headed Wyrm] every one else eat all the bosses floors from [Warpidron] to [Undead Bloody Lizard "Pochi"].

As expected, I didn't take out the humanoid [Grief-Charybdis] and [Red nuns Deminiyuvia]. Unfortunately there were people among our numbers and they wouldn't like it. I'll eat these two later so I'll keep their existence a secret.

As among the floor bosses a majority of them were large creatures, along with the huge amount of luxurious ingredients collected in dungeon, the dishes that came out were just awesome.

But since we had the big eaters there, mainly being Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan, even this amount was not enough for them.

So the whole day was very lively.

In my opinion, this liveliness isn't so bad.


And the main attraction of today's feast, as expected, was the newborn Opushii.

Learned ability [Parasitic Beast Injection]]

Learned ability [Beast Corpse Control]]

Learned ability [Blood Eating Beast]

Google Translator (NEEDS EDITING)

Day 219

But was also snowing in the morning today, and Tsukisusumi inside such, Minokichi kun who came to the king Metropolitan.

And let set a most To Danhata to spoofed skeleton centipede in horse-drawn carriage, but did not become commotion up there in that it was waiting in a state in which piggyback the tomboy princess to the gate of the royal capital, but boasts such big frame of the house " appearance of Minokichi-kun advance the top across the steel armor Okuma armor Big Bear "was the incarnation of just Gokusotsu Gokusotsu.

Since there is no Minotaur species that saw without a long distance can be seen as approaching the king Metropolitan led the subordinate, if you did not arrange in advance [hero] who is must have been a big deal of enough to go direct.

Well, as flow because such that Sung's.

Once the separate Minokichi-kun should you return to the large forest at the root, Asue-chan and Oniwaka, space stars san and Burasato's, etc. - we are the one line was summoned to the king Metropolitan, have I is collected It is nothing but in order to eat, such as with all hierarchy boss was.

The royal capital number that was called because it is not so large because only shut our position equivalent to the executives and it, the rest is in the arrangements to eat food that has been variously placed in a large forest.

Well, the main ingredients to eat in all this time five kinds.

To "Lizard Skull War slur Mar de" you've exhausted to eat, because the golem that can not eat it 's than I and "Akuriamu golem ball", except for the "Shark head bolts Wye arm" to use for the other, and "Way It's hierarchy boss of "from" Rupidoron to Rizarudeddo Blood Eater-spots ".

Indeed put out a "grief-Charybdis" and "Red arm Gemini ~Yu via" of the human form because I thought the same, or was its own weight.

Since the human some among the team members, there will be indeed resistance.

Since the two-body is a plan to eat later personally, let me in existence secret.

Hierarchical boss has a large lot quantities, collecting dishes made in conjunction with the labyrinth ingredients collected in immense in the luxury.

However, since the big eater of Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan who was there but was not enough still, everyone laughing contentedly, the mansion was a busy day.

Not bad, even for horseplay to even.

And protagonist of this feast, of course whether or say that again, was Opushi newborn.

[Learned ability [Parasitic Beast Injection]]

[Learned ability [Dead Beast Misao Surgery]]

[Learned ability [Eater Beast of Eating Blood]

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