Day 219

Day 219

Even though it has been snowing since this morning, and it kept on going, Minokichi-kun and the others reached the Royal Capital today.

The skeleton centipedes were camouflaged as carriages with our group flag shown as best as possible. The fact that I was currently waiting at the gate of the Royal Capital with the Tomboy Princess sitting on my shoulders didn’t cause a big uproar, but the form of Minokichi-kun coming through on top of his Armored Big bear, that was as big as a house, resembled the incarnation of a Gokusotsu.

They’ve never seen a Minotaur species before, and now they see one leading his subordinates while approaching the Royal capital from afar. If I didn’t make arrangements beforehand, it would have been a serious affair, forcing them to gather the 【Heroes】 to meet them head-on.

Thank god I handled this before any blood was spilled.

Minokichi-kun had returned to the Great Forest through a separate route ―― along with Asue-chan, Oniwaka, Supesei-san and Burasato-san. Now, I summoned all troupes to the Royal Capital in order to gather all my generals together.

Because I only summoned the executives and influential people to Royal Capital, they’re not a high number. As for the rest that were in the Great Forest, I arranged for them to eat the ingredients I left behind.

By the way, there are 5 main kinds of ingredients I want us to eat together.

It included all bosses from Warpidron to “Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi”, except for “Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander”, which we’ve eaten before and “Aquarium ・ Ball Golem ”, which no one else can aside from me because it’s a golem. I’ve also excluded “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm”.

I left out Grief Charybdis and “Crimson Armed Gemineuvia” as a precaution because they look similar to humans.

Because there were humans among the group members, there could have been resistance.

Since I’m going to eat these 2 corpses personally later, I’ll conceal their existence.

The floor bosses are enormous, so there should be more than enough quantity. I cooked the dishes together with the ingredients I gathered in the dungeon. The dishes were huge and luxurious.

While it still wasn’t enough because Minokichi-kun was a big eater, everyone was laughing with satisfaction and the residence was lively all day long.

Fooling around from time to time isn’t bad.

Ability learned: 【Parasitic Beast Injection】

Ability learned: 【Beast Corpse Chastising Technique】

Ability learned: 【Blood Eater Beast】


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