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Day 218

“Day 218”

This morning, the remodeling of the first floor of the mansion was finally completed.

A strong wind is blowing snow around and it looks like it’s very cold outside. Because the first floor is fully equipped with a high priced air-conditioning magic item, I didn’t notice it was cold.

Many massage tables were lined up in a large room to be able to apply treatment to as many people as possible. I divided each by barriers so that one space could be separated from another, while still maintaining a sense of freedom.

I designed the interior in a way that it’s not too showy and it gives off a sense of relaxation. But I still used accessories of considerably high quality, because my main customers will be the daughters of aristocrats.

I could have prepared a small private room for our guests, which would have been absolutely fine for the time being. However, I scheduled it to be done in the large basic room.

Aside from the large room, I prepared another room where one can enjoy sweets and a stone sauna.

Seeing as it had special minerals in this world suitable for a stone sauna, I was so excited I wanted to try it for myself. I was lucky that I could obtain this at a cheap rate because of my connections with the Tomboy Princess.

Because I performed beekeeping with the bearbees, I have regular access to high quality honey. Our offering of sweets will become good advertising materials that can be offered at a low price.

Oh my, because the preparations were already completed to this extent, it will now be necessary to invite the Tomboy Princess or the First Queen for advertising.

There are still a ton of things to be done though.

However, I let it be for now, and decided to take the rest of the day off.

I did this because I wanted to spend time with Auro and Argento, who were taking care of Opushi, and Opushi, who grew very big overnight.

While I lovingly take care of my children, I noted to myself that I have great kids.

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Day 218

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Translated---> Russian---> English (NEEDS EDITING)

Day 218

After today's lunch, the renovation of the first floor of the mansion was finally finished.

Outside, the snow was falling, the wind was howling and it was incredibly cold, but the temperature on the ground floor wasn't even cold, since the temperature was maintained with expensive magic tools.

In a large room were several massage beds separated from the main space using partitions, forming a closed space.

The interior was decorated with moderate colors, but the materials used were of high quality, since the main target audience are young female nobles.

And although we have prepared a small private little room for visitors, the main action will take place in a large room.

Besides a large room, we have prepared rooms with beds where you can enjoy the sweet flavors. The good thing about this world is that among the different kinds of minerals, often amidst the very expensive ones to be precise, there were some suitable for making thai massage beds. Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy them at normal price thanks to the Tomboy Princess.

And the use of extremely high-quality prepared Bearbee honey flavor that we obtained from our bees was what allows us to do advertising for a low price.

Now that we finished with preparation of the ((ed:massage?)) facility, it would be important to invite the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen for future renown.

Although there are still many things to do.

But for today we were finished, and we decided to have a rest.

I spent the day with Opushii who became the center of attention, as well as with Argento and Auro, and looked after her. The thought came to me that I have pretty child, I played with my lovely kids.

Google Translate

Day 218

Today's late morning, renovation of the first floor of the mansion has been completed finally.

Outside is very cold likely been blown to high winds Snow White is, because air conditioning is equipped with expensive magic items are inside the first floor, it is not that I think it cold.

Most on hand was added large room massage bed several ordered, it is to produce a space that also Hedatare the surrounding while there is a feeling of freedom by being separated by such screen.

The interior is being unified in design not flashy too is as calm, but since the main aim is noble daughter quality was used pretty good ornaments.

A good private room once absolutely, but are prepared a small private room for guests that, it is planned to do the basic this large room.

And in addition to the large room, we have prepared a room or enjoy a bedrock bath and sweet.

This in the specific ore world, there was a thing that is suitable for bedrock bath wanted to do personally it was fortunate. In intermediary by tomboy princess, even good luck was aligned with cheap.

You can use the regular high-quality honey in the beekeeping that uses a bumble bee Beabi, sweet to provide is going to be good publicity material that you put out at low cost.

Oh, Now that the preparation of the facility was well-equipped to some extent, it is necessary to invite such Tomboy Princess and the First Queen as propaganda after.

To be it is still often do.

But, after completing Today, the rest were the rest.

And Opushii was as large as Mukumuku overnight, and because I wanted to spend with the Auro and Argento us to take care of Opushii.

While I think that rubbed me you had a good child, I spent while Kawaigari children.

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