Day 217

Day 217

When I got up, the belly of Redhead, who slept next to me, had grown.

It’s the same thing that happened with the Sisters, Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san.

In other words, she got pregnant, and another child will be born.

Though I might have gotten nervous before, I’ve grown used to it after the fifth time. I didn’t panic and quickly went on with the preparations.

Fortunately, we were in our mansion in the Royal Capital. I was able to prepare the necessary things immediately, no matter what it was. On top, we had a sense of security.

Will it be a boy? Or a girl? I’m starting to worry about the name now.

By the time evening was there, it was born. While the evening sun was setting over the mountain range, my fifth child was safely born.

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], 【■■■■】the was previously locked, has been obtained】

【【■■■■】became 【18 Demon Warlords】. The 【18 Demon Warlords】 will be chosen from Yatendouji’s subordinates. 】

【The【18 Demon Warlords】 will each be chosen and announced when the conditions have been fulfilled】

It was the second consecutive day that an announcement resounded in my head.

While I got it at the same time I unlocked the 【8 Demon Generals】 and 【Demon’s Wife】 in my 【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon] 】. Now I understand that 【■■■■】 was 【18 Demon Warlords】, but it wasn’t released at the time because the conditions weren’t cleared. Since that mystery was solved, I can put it aside.

Redhead’s child wasn’t a 【Mixblood】 like Auro and Argento. Nor was it a 【High Ogre】 like Oniwaka or a human like Nicola.

It was an 【Apostle Lord Variant】. Because it was a variant, it was born with a Divine Blessing. It got both the Divine Blessings of the 【God of Jewels】 and the 【Demigod of Dark Beasts】.

Seeing as I was from an extinct species, I did have thoughts about my child being of an extinct species as well. Did I became a variant because it no longer counted as an extinct species the moment I became it?

My fifth child was a girl.

Her hair was the color of the ash that is left behind after something burnt out. Her eyes were as beautiful as rubies. A pattern which resembled my tattoos was drawn all over the brown skin of her body with a material like diamonds. Apparently, part of her skin can transform as well. It might be a characteristic from the 【God of Jewels】.

Her forearms and legs were covered in dark red hair. I wonder if it’s the influence from 【Demigod of Dark Beasts】. Though the hair on her forearms and legs feel very smooth, they seem to be some kind of armor. Even if cut by a steel knife, not even a scratch is left behind.

A horn grew on her forehead, like the ones ogres have, with a hidden radiance like an obsidian. The horn was soft at birth, but after 10 minutes passed, it’s so sharp that it can break a steel knife.

Luckily, her horn is still short, so there’s no risk of her cutting anything unintentionally. But because it’s still dangerous, I made a horn sheath out of the skin of a Jadar Wyvern and put it on in order to prevent any accidents, for now.

By the way, she has 2 ogre orbs that Lords also have. They are hidden in the bristles of her forearms. Her ogre orbs are like beautiful jewels, with a color that’s a mix between blue and red.

Like her 3 siblings, aside from Nicola, her growth spurt sets in early. Her size cannot be compared to a common human baby anymore. She might already start to move after weeks, like Auro and Argento did.

Five children have been born. As for the name of my third daughter, I’ll call her Opushi. In terms of potential power, she might have the most out of my 5 children. She’s a very lovely child.

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