Day 216

“Day 216”

After a calm day, there was nothing special about this evening either.

I finished the morning training, handled the store’s paperwork and ate a delicious dinner.

Because I had a lot of things going on recently, it wasn’t bad to end such a day in such a relaxed way.

It’s good to take some rest and feel relieved. It looks like some of the built-up stress had disappeared.

And then, at night, an announcement resounded in my mind.

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], 【Sub-cast Member】 Dodomeki has ranked up】

【Since the “1st” Condition 【Rank Up】 has been cleared, the title 【Shiki Koukan】 will be granted】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], 【Formation of the Eight Demon Generals】 has been completed. All abilities of the 【Formation of the Eight Demon Generals】 have been released alongside it.】

【When all members of the 【Formation of the Eight Demon Generals】 are joined in battle, they will be able to use united attack 【Devastating Attack ・ Eight Demon Formation’s Massacre】.】

【When all members of the 【Formation of the Eight Demon Generals】 are joined in battle, they will be able to use formation effect 【Unique Formation ・ Eight Demon Battle Formation】.】

Apparently, Dodomeki was the correct assumption to be the last person, and not the five ogre squad.

Though I was worried what would happen if it was the five ogre squad, I put those thoughts aside for now.

I asked Dodomeki about it through the ear cuffs. She became a “Kugimeki variant”.

Kugimeki, like her name suggests, is a kind of female ogre that has nine eyes. Though she has less eyes than when she was “Dodomeki”, who had them all over her body. Unlike when she was a Dodomeki that needed her high number of eyes to supplement her intelligence gathering, her current number seems much more efficient as the quality of each eye improved.

The positions of her eyes are as follows: she has a pair of eyes in the same place as humans, another pair as part of her eyebrows, an eye bigger than the others in the center of them, a couple in her palms and a pair on the back of each hand.

Kugimeki, compared to Dodomeki-chan, has long, black, glossy hair held together by an ornate hairpin and she had the appearance of a beautiful Japanese woman with a thin veil of make-up. Though the others wouldn’t know about that.

Her Japanese clothes are sort of an organic armor. The black cloth is embroidered with the image of a blooming cherry tree along with petals.

As she whirls around with her red Japanese umbrella, which is her organic weapon, her red geta[1] makes a clip-clop sound.

If she went out on a night when there's a full moon, it would certainly be attractive.

As far as her combat abilities go, they were as unimpressive as before. At least she is able to self-defend by emitting mysterious rays from her eyes.

Like before, her significance is in the fact that she gathers intelligence and commands the army from the rear.

After having heard the general announcement, I quickly fell asleep.

I’ll start work early tomorrow.

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Day 216

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Day 216

Until the evening, nothing had happened so it was a quiet day.

In the morning, training and the restructuring of the store went well and at night a delicious dinner was made. Recently, a lot of things happened and because of this, a restful day is appreciated. In order to release the accumulated stress, relaxation every now and then is good.

During the night I got another announcement.

[Character of the world of legends [Dark Legends of Origin], Assistant of the Important Existence, Dodome, has fulfilled requirement [Rank Up]

[Condition "1" [Rank Up] is satisfied, the title will be sent to [eyed demon, Deputy Commander]]

[World History [Dark Legends of Origin] all [8 Demonic Generals] are collected at the same time all the powers [8 Demonic Generals] have been released]

[Became available for use [8 Demonic Generals]

[depleted attack [the outbreak of military attack (8 Demonic Generals)]

[Became available for use [8 Demonic Generals] depleted attack [face of emptiness (construction demons 8)]

Apparently the latter was Dodome-chan, not the 5 command Ogres. I wondered what would have happened if it was the team of 5 Ogres, but oh well let's leave that for later.

I inquired what happened to Dodome-chan, I looked through the ear cuff.

Dodome-chan was the representative of the race [Demon of 9 Divine Eyes (kugimeki) (sub-species)].

A Demon of 9 Divine Eyes, respectively named, a female demon with nine eyes, compared with a Dodomeki, whose eyes are all over their body, they are much diminished. But because they specialize in collecting information, it is more important that the individual eye is improved rather than quantity.

2 eyes the same as people, two were above the eyebrows, the biggest eye on the forehead, one in the palm of one hand and on the back of her hand.

I do not know where the others are, but becoming a demon with 9 divine eyes, her shiny black hair, collected in something like hair clips and a white light on her face made her look like an old Japanese beauty. Illusory flowers, like Sakura, decorated the living armor, making it look like Japanese styled black clothes. In the dream, they showed her slightly bared shoulders, it looked very erotic.

The living weapon looked a red bamboo umbrella, which when rotated sounded bells, as well as the red wooden sandal. If it comes on the night of the full moon walk, be sure to become a painting.

Her fighting abilities have remained minor, but her eyes emitted a bright light, at least give it a minimum of self-defense.

From the rear driving units, collecting important information quickly, accurately and widely informing me in the future I hope for her achievements.

Hearing what had happened, I immediately went to bed.

Tomorrow in the morning I have a job.

Google Translate (NEEDS EDITING)

Day 216

Until the evening of today it was especially anything no, calm day.

After finishing the morning of training, doing the tempo and filing, eat delicious dinner.

Since recently had are a wide variety, also not bad this spacious one day.

Just well to relaxation relieved, felt stress that had accumulated even a whiff missing like.

And at night, announcements blaring in the brain.

[World Psalm [Dark Legends] [Vice main person] Dodo buds were present evolution is]

[Condition "1" [existence evolution] With the clear, title [Mioni after officer morale exchange] will be awarded]

[World Psalm [Dark Legends] [Hachi-jinnoonisho] all, full capacity of Along with it [Hachi-jinnoonisho] are released]

[Hachi-jinnoonisho During a united front at all, you can now use the combined attack [Metsu-Hachioni]

[Hachi-jinnoonisho During a united front at all, can now use the formation effect [Mu-Hachioni Senjin]

Apparently the last man, seems to have been correct in Dodome-chan rather than Gooni squadron.

It's the place to be worried about or had integrally What is it you were Gooni squadron, but it aside in outline.

I tried listening to Dodome chan via Iyakafusu, newly became the tribe is seems "Kyukami Meoni Kugi-meki subspecies variant".

Kyukamimeoni is a kind of woman demon with a street nine of the eye of the name, but small and their number in comparison to "Dodo-out Meoni earth retaining" earlier there was a eye to the whole body, the number of eyes the information collection Unlike Dodo Meoni which has been supplemented with, this number seems sufficient since improving one single quality.

Position of the eye has become a pair in the same location as the person, pair to the portion of the eyebrow, and one larger than the eye are other vertically in the center of the forehead, a pair in the palm, a pair in the back of the hand, and.

I do not know whether other, Dodome chan became Kyukami Meoni is summarized black glossy long hair in such a thing of hairpin hairpin, it looks like thin makeup was Japanese-style beauty.

A kimono such fantastic flower embroidery of biological armor was decorated like a cherry bloom on a black background Kikuzushi, white The figure was in bare smooth both shoulders drifting a unique sex appeal.

The red umbrella is a kind of biological weapon to turn round and round, it is wearing a red wooden clogs which emits the sound of Karakoro and tin.

If Dearuke a full moon night, it must have Sazokashi become picture.

Although combat capability is not similarly big deal as ever, a minimum of self-defense in that it is now to be able to shoot a powerful Kaiko line from the eye can.

I faster than the important information to command the troops from the rear, it's exactly, expect success in the future it is possible to collect in a wide range.

After listening briefly, it was to quickly go to bed it.

Tomorrow is also the early work.

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