Day 215

“Day 215”

Remember the war that started around the 150th day?

In a country other than Kingdom or the Empire, another war was happening between countries that were far away from the Kingdom.

I left it unattended because I was recently busy over here, but it looks like the victorious nation was the ≪Lumen Holy Kingdom≫ ―― which I’ll call the Holy Kingdom from now on. It makes my dealings a bit more troublesome, both on and under the table.

The Holy Kingdom that advocates human supremacy will now even be more powerful because it absorbed the defeated country ≪Erinbe Iron Forest Country≫.

This made an already vast country expand even more. It will even surpass the Empire, which in itself is more powerful than the Kingdom.

It’s not only that, but on top, because of the war, they took in ≪Erinbe Iron Forest Country≫’s 【Legendary Heroes】―― who are both 【Heroes】 and 【Great Heroes】. Because the 【Legendary Heroes】 now also belong to the Holy Kingdom, their number has increased to a surprising amount of 24.

When you look at the Kingdom, it only has 4. And when I think about the Empire, they have about 12 of them. Isn’t their remarkable war potential bizarre?

There’s also the ≪Estgrand Beast Kingdom≫, ruled by 【Beast King】 Lionel, that has a long-time bad standing with the Holy Kingdom ―― I’ll call them Beast Kingdom from now on. Perhaps, if you would consider the allied forces of them together with the Demon Empire ruled by 【Demon Emperor】 Hyulton, it would be possible to balance the odds, which is something you’d want before any fight.

While I left out some details, you could say the Holy Kingdom is moving gears.

I’ve caught more spies and assassins than before in other countries, and while I assumed these cases were sporadic, they might have been happening for a reason.

Even though I’m not sure, there might be a high possibility that they also attacked Minokichi-kun.

Beastmen of low standing were trained and sent as assassins. It’s a classic trick used by the Holy Kingdom in high-risk missions.

Looks like Minokichi-kun possibly came across one of their mission. They were probably assaulted because I am regarded as dangerous because of my actions in the Kingdom and they were only few in number.

But unfortunately, because they were annihilated, I don’t know if that’s true. Even for me, it was impossible to gather any more information on it.

I would have known in an instant if there would have been but one survivor, but I guess it cannot be helped that they were annihilated.

Should I provoke a fight in order to see if my assumptions are truly correct?

And if they have 24 people, would they notice if 12 of them disappear? I wonder…

If the Empire’s 【Regal Order】 took in the four 【Legendary Heroes】, then there wouldn’t be a reason for these 【Legendary Heroes】 to be part of the Holy Kingdom anymore.

Yes, it’s highly likely they’d be hostile against the Holy Kingdom.

While I’m seeing signs that a Great War is not far off, my 【Intuition】 tells me there’s “something” more behind this. Therefore, I ordered some clones to go to the Holy Kingdom for more detailed intelligence gathering.

What is in that country? There might be something relating to my 【Psalms】.

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Day 215

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Day 215

Remember when a war erupted in Day 147? It happened between 2 other countries, slightly away from the Kirika Empire.

Lately I've been busy and because of that I disregarded them.

Anyway, the Lumen Holy Kingdom won that war. They recently began to start annoying actions behind the scenes.

The Holy Kingdom proclaimed the human supremacy doctrine, and took all territory of the conquered Erinbe Iron Forest Countries, raising its own national strength.

After that, their already vast territory, has grown even more, surpassing even the Kirika Empire, which itself is already much bigger than the Sternbild Kingdom.

Not only that, in this war, all the Legendary Heroes, Great Heroes and Heroes, who I will just call Heroes altogether, of the Erinbe Iron Forest Countries has joined ranks of the victor, bringing the total number of Heroes in the Holy Kingdom to 24 people.

In comparison with Sternbild Kingdom which only has 4 Heroes, and the 8 Heroes in the Kirika Empire, it has become clear of the extent of their current strength.

Lumen Holy Kingdom has a long and terrible relationship with the King of Beasts Lionel, who rules over the kingdom of beastmen, Estgrand Beast Kingdom. Lionel is also allied with Emperor Hyulton of the Atarakua Demon Empire.

Lets just say that the Lumen Holy Kingdom can now fight them on an equal footing.

In general, if you throw out all the details, the Holy Kingdom is on the rise. Behind the scenes of all this, they began to send out even more assassins and spies into different countries, to gather information and to make incidents.

I can not say for sure, but it is likely that recently the people who attacked Minokichi were them.

Sending out low social status nobles and beastmen on dangerous missions, such as hired killings, is one of the methods of the Lumen Holy Kingdom.

At this time, it just happens that Minokichi-kun and company accidentally hit them during their quest, not wanting to put their activity in the Sternbild Kingdom in jeopardy, they decided that their enemy's numbers was not much and that it's time to eliminate witnesses.

As a result, they were divided. Whether my guess is correct or not, I do not know. As expected, the gathering of information ot such levels is impossible, even for me. If only one survived, we would know all of it immediately, but they were all wiped out.

But if this theory is correct, we would have to return the favor to them.

If out of the 24, 12 suddenly disappear,it is in fact better, I think.

Besides of the 4 [Great Heroes] of the Holy Kingdom, they were lured from their Empire [8 Great Squad Heads], because they initially did not belong there, so they might not want to stay.

Yes, the likelihood of most of them be hostile towards the Kirika Empire is very high.

I feel a war of unprecedented scale is approaching, but also in all of this is something hidden behind the scene, I feel it through [Intuition]. Because of this I sent my clones to the Holy Kingdom to gather information about details.

Whatever is in that country, it may be something that is related to my Psalms.