Day 214

Day 214

After I requested Blacksmith-san to do the repairs, I advanced the preparations to send my products to the Royal Capital and relaxed at ≪Parabellum Springs≫. After that, I finished my overnight stay. I didn’t go back to the Royal Capital today but decided to go to the labyrinth city ≪Purgatory≫ instead.

I’ve already sent some members to the labyrinth city ≪Purgatory≫ near the royal capital, and I bought an unoccupied three-story house. As I wanted to run an integrated company, I planned it to be ≪Parabellum≫’s second shop.

I might need to change the model from the shop in the royal capital, which deals in arms and medicine. The business in the labyrinth is distinctive in a lot of ways.

It will be 【Dungeon Sherpas】.

The business model will be extremely simple: it will take care of transporting the luggage for those that are conquering dungeons, but are unable to purchase anything useful that can store magic items.

There’s a high demand for them, so the current items that can store magic items are highly priced. This decreases the source of income of the adventures conquering the dungeon, which is solely based on the items drops.

Even though the weight and volume differs for each and despite the fact that it obstructs your movements and increase your risk of dying, backpacks where you try to put in as much as possible in order to take home, are quite coveted.

Even if you distribute it among your party members, you’ll have to tearfully throw away some dropped items in the end.

The quantity of dropped items that you need to throw away can be high. And for the people who make their living from processing and selling these dropped items, it really was a waste to throw away item drops.

It might also be that if the supplied quantity can become more constant, it can prevent the product from becoming exhausted and prizes from skyrocketing.

Because of my various assumptions, I founded a business in order to eliminate waste in dungeons – a 【Dungeon Sherpa】 that carries items drops for those that are conquering the dungeon.

Because there are a lot of potential customers walking around the labyrinth city, it was convenient that the damage won’t be relatively high if there were any failures.

Of course, there are some pitfalls for this business though.

Adventurers, merchant, dungeon sherpas… The former’s point of view is that the dungeon sherpas are the weakest.

A merchant can be as good as an adventurer, but to begin with, dungeon sherpas are persons are employed by adventurers.

Adventurers spend as much money as they can on their equipment, because you risk your life when enter a dangerous zone like a labyrinth. That’s why the pay for dungeon Sherpas who run around carrying the heavy luggage is considerably lower than average.

On top, depending on the employer’s intention, they may cut their fee every time they make a trivial mistake.

There are a lot of people in different circumstances that can become a dungeon sherpa: children of dead adventurers, who end up having no relatives anymore and that want to do it out of protest, those forced to retire because of an injury or those that cannot match the power of adventurers

There are also quite a lot of problems that unified dungeon sherpas can come across and make them fail. For instance, even though they’re below adventurers, dungeon sherpas risk their lives just the same. It is indeed, cruel work.

Naturally, I would get personally involved when they are mistaken for slaves and dues are not being paid. I won’t permit something like that even as a joke.

If the promised amount of the official documents signed at the store is not being upheld, I am allowed to recuperate it in a different way.

In the beginning, there were a lot of idiots that jumped the bill, making me brandish the fist of retribution. Right now, it settled down.

As for those who’ll work in the labyrinth city ≪Purgatory≫ branch: there are quite of hobgoblins and half-lords that finished their training up to a certain level already. All staff members are able to travel to a deepest level of a Derived dungeon in ≪Purgatory≫ on their own. Only powerful people can return unscathed.

Because they had improved equipment on top, it’s a better option then the storage systems the adventurers have now for magic items.

Even if there are people who aim to steal the magic items in the dungeon, my people are quickly able to sense the ones with killing intent through the clones in the ear cuffs, so at least they can escape.

The base rate for transportation is around ten silver coins, which are each worth about 10.000.

If you want support such as information about how to approach the traps and dungeon monsters, it will also include 10% of the total earnings of the obtained items drops after you return from the dungeon.

If you want them to be involved in combat, the total fee will be increased to 20%.

Getting an additional lecture about battling the dungeon, it will increase the total to 30%.

Being rescued from a life-threating situation will increase the total sum to 40%. The rate increases rapidly.

Frankly speaking, the price to employ the dungeon sherpas does not even compare to what can be gained from successfully conquering a dungeon.

The employment cost of 10 silver coins, can turn into tens to dozens in returns of extra items.

Even if all options are chosen, that increases cost up to 40% for now. Still the adventurers who are not able to readily buy storage systems for magic items are likely to pick it.

However, looking at the size of customer base of the dungeon sherpas, it became unexpectedly popular when you consider the price to employ a person more powerful than yourself is rather cheap.

Our reputation spread by word-of-mouth, and there are already some regular customers.

We might even have possibly established close relationships with those who could become famous in the future, which is already having an increasing effect on the amount of customers who have come to buy the goods at our store.

Because the store also bought item drops, I will need to establish a way to export them. This will make a lot of things easier.

I plan to govern all dungeon sherpas in the labyrinth city ≪Puragatory≫. I’ve been working behind the scenes in a lot of ways already, and I’ll expect some results in the near future.

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Day 214

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Day 214

I handed Blacksmith-san the halberd to repair, and prepared the goods for shipment to the capital. After a rest in the "Hot Springs Village Parabellum" I spent the night here. Today, we are bypassing the capital, going directly to the Labyrinth City Purgatory.

Situated near the Royal Capital of the Sternbild Kingdom, the Labyrinth City Purgatory became a haven for our comrades. I bought a three-story house which became another Parabellum shop.

We are selling items and medicine, same as the store in the capital but I prepared some special offers for the city maze.

One of the offers is [Labyrinth Transportation Industry: Dungeon Shepherd].

The principle of this operation is very simple, to help adventurers who are not able to buy a very convenient bag for storage, to transport the items they find.

Since item drops are the main source of income for adventurers, if they are unable to store them in bags, they will remain in the dungeon.

In addition, if bags are overfilled due to greed, it would significantly inhibit movement, which increases the chance of being killed. In such cases, it led to an increased number of hard-won items tearfully thrown out.

Given the huge number of things thrown out, for people who make a living selling them, this does seem to be a needless waste.

Also, if the supply increased, it would be possible to avoid sky-rocketting price and shortages of goods.

In order to solve the waste problems, the project [Labyrinth Transportation Industry: Dungeon Shepherd] was born. When adventuring in the maze, their belongings will be transported by [Labyrinth Transportation Industry: Dungeon Shepherd].

People who may become customers in the city maze are many, and even if the project failed, we would have little to lose.

However, in this business there are some problems. 

Among the team of explorers, the carrier in the maze is in the lowest position. And while they are in the same danger in the maze, usually adventurers hire weak creatures for carrying stuff in the maze.

Adventurers prefer to invest in their own equipment, because of that, the amount the carriers charge to run them in the maze on average is rather small.

In addition, depending on the integrity of the employer, sometimes for the slightest mistakes, their salary is significantly reduced.

Typically, carriers are children who have lost their parents or people with injuries that lost the opportunity to explore the dungeon alone because they can no longer match the power of the dungeons.

With respect to the carriers, there can be problems with the adventurers. The carriers are putting their lives on the line, along with the adventurers who sometimes cheat them. Because of this, the work is considered to be very severe.

(Note: Russian-> English translation sounds like he makes a workers union to help the carriers, the Google translate sounds like he stole the contracts from the old carriers, both are worded in confusing ways. I went with the Google translation since he is a greedy demon. I took some liberties to smooth it out, feel free to delete/revert if you wish.)

Naturally, I was attracted to the project, as I was not going to allow such humiliating slavery without dabbling in it myself. I could raise the rates without paying my carriers, it could be much fun.

Behind the scenes we asked various people if they can break their current contract, and sign new contract documents with us in the store.

In the beginning there were many fools who decided to try take revenge for it, waving their fists uselessly, but for the moment all has calmed down.

Among the workers in the unit [Propagator] most of the staff consisted of trained workers to a certain limit, it was mainly Hobgoblins and Half Lords. Because all workers in the labyrinths had the level [Propagator], they are able to conquer it up to the lower floors and return safely.

Their equipment is excellent, much more so than the adventurers who can not afford to buy magic items at a magic store. And if there are lads who wish to make money from our equipment by taking it, we have the ear cuffs with my clone in them, in which case I let them fight them in retaliation, or as a last resort to escape.

By the way, the price for the transportation for one person is a silver sheet, a denomination of 10 thousand gold, paid per floor. If they are asked to give a supporting role, by approaching and disarming the traps, or giving knowledge about monsters, we receive 1/10 of the total production (items/coins/etc..).

If the carriers have to participate in  battle, the share becomes 2/10 of the total production. If giving tactical advice inside the dungeon, their share will be 3/10 of the total production. If they save the adventurers' lives in a dangerous situation, the share rises to 4/10 of the total gained.

Frankly, the price compared to a conventional carrier in the Labyrinth City is huge.

Because of the price per floor, the total is as much as 10 sheets of silver as we are usually hired for 10 floors. About the plan, I stopped at a maximum of 4/10 of the total production, because I think that if it got any higher, people will just buy their own storage item and move on.

But in terms of major clients, to be able to hire more employees, are on the contrary very cheap and surprisingly comfortable. Rumors quickly spread about us, and we already have several regular customers.

This allows us to make friends among those who in the future may become well known adventurers. It will certainly increase the popularity of our shop.

Getting the supply of items have become easier now that we have established a means to export them to the outside by having the store buy them from the adventurers. (If this sounds awkward let me know. I can probably restore the original. -Nikachuu)

At the moment, I have plans to take over all the business of providing carriers in the city maze "propagator" because now I'm making some behind the scenes action, but the results will be seen later.

You need edition Direncto Google Translator

Day 214

And ask the halberd repair of the smith's, advances the provision of goods to bring to the king Metropolitan, «Torino Palavela hot spring village», such as the by night after finishing wait-and-see, labyrinth city ours is not a king Metropolitan of today « I went to Purgatory ».

The labyrinth city «Purgatory», which is close to the king Metropolitan already dispatched a team members, to purchase the vacant house of San-kaiken, are operated variously as two shop «Parabellum Sonaeyo to war» General Chamber of Commerce by the addition of hand.

Work what you're doing but may not the same as the king Metropolitan stores such as handling weapons and chemicals, I tried in various ways captured also business of labyrinth city unique.

[Labyrinth transportation industry Dungeon Sherpa Also, it is one of them.

The contents of this business is in a very simple, to perform the transportation work of luggage intended for the capture person who can not purchase a very convenient storage system magic item, but the fact that.

Because, if there is no expensive storage system magic items if there is demand, drop items is the main source of income for people who challenge the labyrinth is absolutely Mochikaereru amount is reduced.

And to also different weight size also, respectively, and also trying to Mochikaero and packed as much as possible, such as in rucksack backpack and greedily, so higher with a jerk the probability of dying as the motion from being inhibited.

So even if the distribution within the fellow, if you are going to throw a drop items that you tearfully won a lot in its own way.

But it is enormous if to drop the overall amount also items that were discarded, if from those who are getting the daily bread by you or trade you can process the drop items, drop items that are discarded indeed Mottainaka~tsu It was.

If the amount supplied is equal to or greater than a predetermined it is possible to prevent the depletion of price increases and product, there will also be referred to.

By such a variety of speculation, the business was born in order to eliminate waste in the labyrinth - [Labyrinth transportation industry Dungeon Sherpa] it is to carry and drop items instead of the capture's us.

Customers to be much, but therefore is a labyrinth city, convenience was good because not a big deal damage when you fail easy out a relatively hands.

However, in this business, there is also somewhat of a problem.

Cheats person, merchant, in the labyrinth carrier, the best position is weak's Labyrinth carrier us, it's the fact that.

Cheats person and merchants but there it is also equal, the first place labyrinth carrier is the presence that is hired to capture people.

We want cheats who used their money to their equipment such as much as possible, to bet their lives in the danger zone of the Labyrinth, Labyrinth carrier our wages that need to run around and carrying heavy luggage considerably lower on average.

And Depending on the intention of the employer, some things would have been reduced to Kyukin each time to a trivial mistake.

Children and become a labyrinth carrier also to protest use but parents were cheats who has become a person without a single relative dead, injury has been forced to retire because of a person to have a situation such as reaches many, there is no should it intends enemy with a force to capture who we.

Without success if there is a variety of problems in unity used in the labyrinth carrier us, thus labyrinth carrier who is under than but capture who we are betting their lives as well as cheats who, harsh work it is that someone such.

Of course, such as I who dabbled in the business to handle and rates unpaid of such slaves Magai, without even going to allow that it was such fun.

Signed a contract by the documents in the store, we are asked to if allowed to various and behind the scenes if break the contract at that time.

Because the first person who was more fool you try to Fumitaoso but retaliation of fist has been swayed, since now is calm it aside.

Labyrinth city «Purgatory» are you working in the branch half demon who half-load us from Chuoni hobgoblin many finishing above a certain level of training, deep in its own way also alone if all staff is «Purgatory» derived about Labyrinth hierarchy to dive, I just influential to the extent that it can be safely returned alive.

Since the equipment has also been enhanced, honesty stronger than the capture's our level not have a storage system magic items.

Can have if fellows that you believe such attempts to snatch the magic items in the labyrinth, and to be in own head by quickly perceive by minute body of Iyakafusu, it's possible to escape at a minimum.

By the way, tens are silver coins basic fee that is worth of about one ten thousand by transportation.

To it if support inclusive, such as informing the approach of the traps and dungeon monsters, it is in one percent to get that from the total, which is obtained by cashing the drop items at the time of capture feedback.

If also to participate in the battle, in addition to it, the amount rises to 20 percent obtained from the total.

Furthermore In some cases, such as performing a combat lecture in the labyrinth, it becomes 30 percent from the total amount.

Four percent from the total amount If you have rescued from the life of the crisis, with rates going up steadily.

Frankly, it is high enough not be compared to the price to hire a labyrinth carrier so far.

Such as tens silver coins in transportation once, dozens of times from a dozen times it's things like hire.

Although bear by the time once receive four percent from the total, even using the full plan, it is not put out Oisoreto hands to such cheats who are not buy a storage system magic items, and would think.

But if from the main customer base of the labyrinth transportation industry, it also means that it is possible to hire their more influential person in that degree, I much too cheap rather, and it's surprisingly popular.

Reputation spread in the review, already have fixed customers several people.

To would be this by also connecting the close relationship and may not who we might become famous future, it was already an effect of increased customer who will buy the goods in the store.

Because the store is or also bought drop items, now that it was possible to establish a means to export to the outside, various parts are also becoming easier.

Because it is expected to govern under the [Labyrinth City] Purgatory. All Labyrinth carrier Dungeon Sherpa us in the future, it will be or have been various and behind the scenes from now, the result is it's expected in the future.

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