Day 213

Day 213

I opened the remaining treasure chests today.

I will leave out the detailed explanation this time because it’s irksome. In total, I received 31 items from the remaining 5 treasure chests going from 【Maiden of Grief】 to 【Lesser Dragon Shark’s Placoid Lightning Scales 】.

Though the items had different classifications, each treasure chest had at least one item such as 【Gold Tin Horn Stinger ・Lightning Whale】 and 【Water Shell Scaled Sword ・Water Scale】. They are symbolic magic items made in relation to each floor boss.

Each of the previous five items were strong and were a great hidden gem with their nasty abilities.

From the 【Lesser Dragon Shark’s Placoid Lightning Scales 】I obtained a 【Legendary 】 rank magic item which I was very pleased with, named 【Lesser Lightning Dragon’s Call ・ Shark Rope 】.

【Lesser Lightning Dragon’s Call ・ Shark Rope 】was braided in three different colors: black, blue and yellow. Because of its elasticity, it could be worn as an everyday belt. In case of an emergency, it’s very practical because it can become a lightning whip.

However, its real value is that, in return for a huge amount of magic power, you can summon the Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm – not with the dungeon specifications, but potentially strengthened by inheriting a part of the special characteristics or abilities of the user.

Though unfortunately the Shark Head ・Bolt Wyrm isn’t able to display its real abilities on land. However, it’ll greatly flourish in a sea battle. There’s a chance to use it if you want to rage as much as you can.

And while I obtained a Magic Armored Medium Ship Manufacturing Kit yesterday, now might be an unnecessary time to use it.

What I understood from the conquering the dungeon, is that the contents of the treasure chests on the deeper levels are of better quality. It looks like the number of items gradually increased as well.

In a way, the improvement of quality is natural.

Because the deeper you go, the more difficult it will be. There should be a difference in rewards. And the increase in quantity fits in as well.

In this particular case, the chests from the 5th and 10th floor held 3 different items, the ones from the 15th and 20th held 4, 25th and 30th held 5, 35th and 40th held 6 and the 45th and 50th floor held 7. In total, I obtained 50 different items from the 10 treasure chests.

While I thought in the beginning that there might be only a few items, now that I went through the dungeon up until the end and finished it for the first time, I obtained several magic items of good quality. If that’s the case, I will need to change the way I think about it.

Rather, I would think such things might even be convenient, as long as I have the power to conquer the dungeon!

While I cannot say that this will probably be the same for other 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】because there’s a possibility they have a different mechanism, I still guess that the chances are high it’s similar.

To make more profit, and to confirm my assumptions, should I go further with my conquering? And so, I start planning which dungeon to conquer next.

The training in the morning was finished around the same usual time, and after that I returned to our base in the Great Forest with Kanami-chan.

During this visit, I’d like the damage to my halberd to be repaired, but the main reason I came is to give the magic ores and plants I gathered in the dungeon to the group that stayed behind.

The results of the alloy will come out slowly, so I’ll expect the halberd to be further reinforced by Blacksmith-san. I am convinced it will surely it will beat my expectations.

Blacksmith-san is being trained by a dwarven blacksmith, who excels in smithing by nature. Working alongside dwarfs and Alchemist-san, her technique will be nurtured. But her smithing knowledge will be even deepened by being taught by a member that became a Half Smith Lord. Recently, her level and abilities rose abnormally.

The main reason that will make her able to deal daily with high-level raw ingredients such as spirit stones, might be because she’s boosted by a powerful correction caused by 【Consort of the Overlord】.

Blacksmith-san mentioned the interesting characteristics that the various magic metals had. It made me very anxious to see what she’d do with the halberd.

Though it’s not likely that it’ll reach 【Ancient】 rank, but there’s the possibility that the halberd will be strengthened enough to reach 【Unique】 rank.

Additionally, the spear I obtained this time – 【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin 】 will be handled at the same time, so that my battle-style can evolve from now on.

Because there’ll be many more situations where I’ll have to battle one-to-many after this, a style with two spears might be good.

By the way, I didn’t mention that Redhead got the same 【Consort of the Overlord】 title, which is similar to what Alchemist-san and the sisters have. It boosts a lot of their skills and abilities.

The medicine Alchemist-san currently makes is so high-quality, that it cannot be compared to what she made before.

By using the various materials from the Great Forest, the recovery potions had a healing power that was higher than the average value of those that were being sold. At lot of her poisons cannot be easily cured without a specific antidote and there are some that deteriorate someone’s power as well.

If I sell them in the shop at the royal capital, they might be popular and give me more regular customers.

By the way, recently, she sometimes devotes her so much to her studies that it becomes somewhat of a frenzy, though I find her kind of cute in such a way.

The dishes the sisters cook also improved in quality. The treatment of the subordinates became very good.

In other words, for those who did not have command and followed orders, the taste changed considerably. I wonder if I’m getting the same changes that the subordinates got to their dishes.

If they increases their current abilities like that, they may one day rise to up to be as good as Ririmur.

Even though it’s sort of a wish, it has started to become a little bit the expectation.

Fresh farm produce is being grown in the ≪Farmlands≫, which are being tended to by Dorian-san. On top, her massage skills have improved remarkably.

The vegetables raised by Dorian-san are being sold in the shop in the royal capital and are very popular, while the visitors to ≪Parabellum Springs≫ have become addicted to her massages.

If they don’t receive her massage at fixed intervals, their limbs start trembling, they start having small hallucinations and their willpower declines. It acts like a dangerous drug, with the ones addicted showing withdrawal symptoms.

Seeing as I’m a friend of Father Elf, he decided to turn a blind eye and remain quiet about it.

Like in everything in life, it’s not good to overdo it.

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Day 213

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Day 213

Today, I opened a box with the rest of the treasures. That is, the [Sad Virgins] and [Scales of Shark-Head Thunder Wyrm]. As a result, I now have 31 treasures.

There were different kinds, but just like with the previous ones, each of them was sure to be one way or another associated with the boss, where these boxes were obtained from.

Each of them was stronger than yesterday's five boxes.

Personally, I liked [Scales of Shark-Head Thunder Wyrm] magic item [Legendary] class [Shark Rope Calling Thunder Wyrm].

One of the other items was a woven rope in three colors: black, blue and yellow, It's called: [Shark Rope Calling Thunder Wyrm] it's very elastic, and is commonly used as a belt. But if necessary, can be used as a lightning whip .

But that's not it's biggest advantage, it costs a huge amount of mana but you can call upon [Shark-Headed Thunder Wyrm], but the result will not be quite the same as the one I met in the maze. the summoned [Shark-Headed Thunder Wyrm] will inherit characteristics from the summoner, and depending on that, he will have different abilities.

Sorry to say, but the [Shark-Headed Thunder Wyrm] on the ground can't show all his strength, but in a naval battle, he will simply be irreplaceable. If I give him a chance, I'm sure he'll go wild. Fortunately, yesterday I found [to build a set of medium armored magical vessel], so it may be that the ability to drop out pretty soon.

In addition, this time, I realized that the boxes from the bosses of the lower floors contains better items in terms of quantity and quality.

But the fact that the quality increases, it goes without saying.

At this time, the box within 5 - 10 floor were given three kinds of items 15 - 20 for 4 type, with 25 - 30 to 5 types, with 35 - 40 6 types, with 45 - 50 7 types. All in all the I obtained 50 items.

Since the beginning I thought that would be enough, but as I opened the box to the lower floors, under pressure from the quantity and quality of the items I have changed my mind.

Moreover, I'm starting to think how convenient it is to have enough strength to conquer the dungeons.

Of course in another [Age of the Gods] dungeon, the structure may change, but the chance is great that it just left.

For the benefit and for the sake of confirmation, following my need for conquest, because of habit, I began to plan for the next time.

After a morning training, as expected, Kanami and I returned to the base in the great forest. Repairing the halberd which was damaged during the time I was conquering the dungeon, as well as giving the  magical materials and plants we obtained from the maze  was our main goal.

Furthermore, developing new alloy will likely have yielded results. Blacksmith-san and company will be able to make the halberd even better and powerful by using result given and perhaps exceed my expectations. I'm almost sure of it. Because Blacksmith-san, a trained blacksmith's work, representatives of the races predisposed to work with brooms gnomes, teaching fellows, who were [Blacksmith Half-Lord] has firmly entrenched his knowledge, it was natural that she raised her level and technology.

Due to the fact that every day she works with materials of the highest level, such as spirit stones, as well as of the changes introduced by the title of [Consort of the Black Demon], pushing her abilities. This is the most Blacksmith-san, using the ability of a variety of rare magic metal, I'm very curious what it can do with a halberd?

She might not be able to rise [Ancient] class magic items, but with [Unique] class she will have a chance.

Also, what tactics I can use, using it together with that obtained in this time [Curse Water (Fish Bone)], hence I have more battle alone, because the style with the use of the two copies may be better.

Incidentally, the same as the other bearing the title of [Consort of the Black Demon] Redhead and Sisters also got an increase in all the abilities and skills.

Alchemist-san created potions, incomparable to those made before, now it's only high-end products.

Thanks to the materials of the great forests, babbling potion sold by us, have the effect of higher than usual, and with its poisons, it became even more difficult to cure without the antidote, and their effect is much stronger and more frightening and unique.

They even got sold out in the Royal Capital's shops and they are really popular, we even got out of their regular customers.

Incidentally, the last times she plunged into studying, she sometimes fell into a rage, but why it is at this moment looked so cute?

The quality of food prepared by the Sisters has significantly risen, besides, they have become even better at managing their subordinates. Moreover, in the case where they give orders and when they do not give the taste significantly different.

If they do so, they will continue to develop their skills, and very soon they can beat even Ririmuru.

As expected, I desired it and lightly hoped.

On the Farmlands, which is managed by Dorian-san, crop grows well, and her personal massage techniques significant differences.

Sale shop in the capital, grown by force Dorian-san and company worked well, but from a massage parlour in the "Hot Springs Village Parabellum" Some visitors have even become addicted if you do not have a massages for them for some time, they start to get shaking hands, hallucinations, and will significantly dwindled.

Such symptoms suggest but we don't use dangerous drugs do we?

Father Elf, being a friend, gently pretended not to notice.

In any case, if you overdo it, nothing good will come out here and so.

Google Translation (NEEDS EDITING)

I tried to open the rest of the treasure box today.

Description Although it is assumed that this time save so troublesome, the number of items that can be obtained from the remaining five boxes of treasure box from [wailing maiden] to [Kaminaritateuroko of SameAryu] treasure box thirty-one kind.

Classification of items that contains'm different, but always one type per one box, iconic magic items that reminds each of hierarchy boss such as [corner Ken-kin tin Kaminarikujira] and [Mizumukurourokoken-Mizuuroko] The had.

None more powerful than the previous five kinds, it's a gem complete set conceals a nasty capacity.

Personally, I love the [legendary Legendary Avery] class magic item [召雷 支龍-Samenawa] obtained from [Kaminaritateuroko of SameAryu].

And to black [召雷 支龍-Samenawa] that has been braided in three colors of blue yellow also used as a belt is usually because it is elastic, good can also be used as an emergency Kaminarimuchi mono.

But this of real value, shark head bolts Wye arm by to compensate for the huge body magic - is not a labyrinth specification, as soon as competence and whether you can strengthen because inherit some of the characteristics of the user - and that can summon I wonder.

Shark head bolt Wye arm can not be really shines it's unfortunately land, we will big success in such as naval warfare, I think I want to rampage freely if there is a chance to use.

Since the day before to have gained the Madou armored medium-sized ship manufacturing kit, but may not need much time for use.

So is he that is found in this capture, goods that are in the treasure box is a more quality person of deep hierarchy, the number of types that contain also seems to gradually increase.

Improving the quality of, it would be a sense of course.

The overall degree of difficulty as deep if the hierarchy is deeper you dive is because of the increase, the difference ought to be there.

And also true for round it an increase in the number of types.

When it is in this case, the fifth floor and ten floor of the three types of treasure box, fifteen floor and twenty floors to the four types, twenty-five floor and thirty floor five kinds of, thirty-five floor and forty six types of floor, forty is growing and seven types of the fifth floor and fifty floor, became the fifty types in total was obtained from the treasure box ten boxes.

If the first is small, but had I thought together, and finishes subdue at first to the last, it was changed the quality magic items can be put in a few hands of as this, and as he does not mean never less if familiar consciousness.

Rather, if there even is only of force can capture, Nante or convenience is good, that even floats idea.

But can not assert because there is a possibility that has become to other [gods dungeon Another mechanism in, it is likely to have become generally like that.

For the benefit, and whether we should proceed with the further capture in order to confirm, while planning for the next Labyrinth capture by that.

After finishing the morning of training as usual, I was returned to the base of the large forest accompanied by Kanami-chan.

Repair and halberd was broken this time, but the main purpose is to pass to set detention and magic metal and plants labyrinth production.

Because as we have soon even out the results of the alloy, and to the smith's we are expecting a further strengthening of the halberd using it, etc., can you surely meet the above expectations, and I'm confident .

Because, blacksmith's are tempered by the blacksmith length of the dwarf who excel in races manner innate blacksmith, cultivate technology together with colleagues of dwarves and alchemist's us, the team members became a semi-blacksmith demon half-Smith Road and it has deeper knowledge of blacksmith by teaching, but is not usually rise condition of recent level and skills.

It would also be one of the factors that we are dealing every day a high-level materials such as spirits stone, but [Gonsai Gonsai of demon ■] probably have boosted strong correction due.

Use the magic metal mono often have such a blacksmith's is various and interesting characteristics, how to the halberd, it is very concerned about.

Indeed until [relic Ancient] class will fall short but, likely to be strengthened to halberd to the [specific] unique class will have enough.

And pike got this time - [curse four water pike, fish fin] simultaneously with the deal, it can also be expanded or different battle as ever.

Because even a more likely result if the future is to fight in a many-to-one, two spear flow I might say.

By the way, of course, such as red hair short to have a [Gonsai Gonsai of demon ■] the same way, the alchemist's and sister's who in things similar, the various capabilities and skills are improved.

Chemicals alchemist's make the current, previous and has become a high-quality mono as no comparison.

But also there will be the that you are using the material quarried from large forest, to recover drugs there is a high healing power than the average value of the things that are commercially available, various poison is hardly healed and do not use a dedicated antidote or, intense and unusual for there are many, such as worse than before.

And it sells at the king Metropolitan shop, but or has won quite popular, to the fixed customers.

By the way, if there is that also it is harboring some sort of madness occasionally too immersed in the recent study, Why such a place of lovely also is.

To the quality of making the direction of sister's our cuisine is improved, it became above all well to handle subordinates.

It means, in the case you do not have command and if you are commanded, they vary considerably like the taste. I wonder is also caused by the correction to subordinates make cooking like me.

If I stretched out this remains its ability, it may someday reach the Ririmura.

It's a desire indeed, but the expectation was decided to only slightly.

Or have «farmland» growth crops fresh in are also responsible for people's Dorianu, improvement of massage skills remarkable.

Vegetables that are sold in the Imperial City of the store well received by the force of Dorian-san's, «Torino Palavela Onsenkyo» massage customers have become addicted in in also tidbit and.

If you do not receive a massage at regular intervals, limbs trembling, mild vision, such as the energy of the decline, or not than doing dangerous drugs, and would like withdrawal symptoms it has been confirmed.

Because a friend of his father elf one of them, it was decided to turn a blind eye to gently.

It anything, would be that too spear is not good.