Day 212

Day 212

Since yesterday, Kanami-chan didn’t leave my side, aside from the time I went to the restroom.

With her arms around my neck, she clung to my back. I don’t want to say that it currently looks like a child clinging to an adult, but it’s hard to describe our current appearance in another way.

Well, I can’t say anything about this scenario, I can’t do anything but smile with satisfaction. “Is it ok like this?” I think to myself.

I guess so, as I’m not particularly tired and I do not dislike being embraced.

Seeing Kanami-chan like this, and with Argento and Auro on both my arms, I didn’t have any problems with it.

I gave up because it was some form of physical contact.

And because I’m a father as well, I can be serious in some cases. Because I normally don’t have a lot of time, I really do not have any reason to complain.

Aside from that, I decided to open the collected treasure chests today.

Even though I could have done it yesterday as well, I wanted to see how much the remodeling of the store had advanced yesterday. I also wanted to see how much the training of the leader of ≪ Solitude ≫ had progressed. I also wanted to check how much Redhead and Boy Knight had grown. On top, there were a lot of other miscellaneous duties, like arranging the pricing of the items on display in the store. Because of all that, I postponed it until today.

By the way, the one thing that was most troublesome to do yesterday, was the pricing.

The items that I got from the 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, were similar to 【Artifacts】 exactly because they came from an 【Age of the Gods dungeon】. In other words, they were superior articles to items that showed similar effects.

Even if you take just one recovery potion for instance, its effect was several percentages higher than something with the same quantity and same size.

So among customers there are a lot of people that want and need recovery potions, such as soldiers and adventures.

However, when it comes to 【Divine’s Lost Legacy】, because of their heightened effect, they’re used the moment they’re found by the person conquering the dungeon in most of the cases. Therefore, there’s a considerably low quantity that is up for sale.

Even if you put something on the market from an 【Age of the Gods dungeon】 because the demand is high, they’re often bought by other adventurers.

For that reason, the amount that’s being exported is very limited, considering the expenses can increase in various ways, by things such as tariffs and transportation fees. Even if, in the best circumstances, if I’d part way with a large amount of 【Divine’s Lost Legacy】 that I got from the 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, people would need to come from the Labyrinth cities, or would need to send a subordinate to come and collect the goods. It’ll be even harder if they do not possess the suitable financial assets.

These goods might not be sold straight away, even if they’re highly desirable.

Regardless, if I consider the death toll of the enemies I crossed in the pathways and corridors as I advanced, I was able to collect a countless amount of treasure chests, and take their contents back home with me.

Looks like 【Luck】 and 【Golden Rule】 did their job, because the drop rate was high and there were a lot of items inside the treasure chests. It included items such as low-grade recovery potions, which I could still sell separately for a high price.

Even though the cost of acquiring them for myself was almost zero and I pretty much got them for free, the Famous Spring Eggplant is a high-value ingredient. One piece of ingredient is worth several silver coins. It’s also common for magic items such as armor to reach up to value of a golden plate.

In other words, if I can sell them, I can make an easy profit. Even if I lower my prices and sell it, I’d still get a considerable profit.

However, that’s what makes pricing difficult.

It’ll still be difficult to collect the same amount on a regular basis in the future. Additionally, if I get carried away and rake in too much profit, more than necessary, I’ll be resented by other merchants, which is troublesome.

If that resentment accumulates too much, it’ll come back to bite me in the ass. Even if I could read their minds and conspire against from behind the scenes with my clones, it would still be a bit irritating.

Because I don’t want to do a futile job, I better take as much time as I can.

And because Blacksmith-san wasn’t sure on it, I contacted an experienced vice-manager.

The new vice-manager was the vice-manager of a corporate branch of the Farumeru company in the Fortress City ≪ Trient ≫ that we came across when we first came out of the Great Forest[1]. His love of gambling robbed him of quite a few important items as well as all of his cash. This fat, bald, middle-aged man was excellent, despite his gambling problems that were giving him some worries.

Due to the cooperation of the vice-manager, we were able to save a lot of time. After that, we had some discussion on his remuneration.

After all, what you need is an able friend, with a big network. Though might they all possibly be connected through money? Anyhow, should I personally scout the vice-manager for the future? There is his unpleasant gambling habit, but I am secretly thinking of taking advantage of that.

I pull myself together and start opening the treasure chests.

I collected a treasure chest after each boss fight, making a grand total of 10 chests. They are, as listed below:

Each casket had particular decorations that were representative for the bosses that awarded them. Each one is something that can be considered a work of art. They’re all a sort of magic item that holds a storage ability.

Seeing as I obtained a large amount of money and potions from the chests I collected before, I wonder what it’ll be this time.

I thought it might be fun to suddenly open them all at once, making all the treasure spill out before me, but I was wrong.

There really was no reason to think like that.

And so I began to open the first five chests, going from 【Great Whale’s Storm Horn】 up until 【Ancient Flower Petals of the Silvery Blue Fish】, because I felt it would be a waste to open them all at once.

I decided to leave the rest for tomorrow, and enjoy myself with what turns up today.

[Aporou obtained “[Weapon ・ Staff] Gold Tin Horn Stinger ・Lightning Whale”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Weapon ・ Sword] Water Shell Scaled Sword ・Water Scale”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Weapon ・ Hammer] Crushing Quake Hammer ・Crab Pincer”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Weapon ・ Spear] Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Shield] Lightning Horn Whale’s Meat Shield”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Shield] Water Thorn Shell Barrier”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Armor] Extremely Dense Water ・Vortex Turtle”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Back] Blue Mantle of Many Arm Bones”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Greaves] Crystal Grieves of the Conquered Crystal”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Boots] Crystal Sabatons”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Head] Horned Crystal Helm”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Armor ・ Gauntlets] Fin Bladed Blue Water Gauntlets”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Medicine] Small Bottle of Young War Salamander’s Sticky Nucleus x 4”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Medicine] Powered Water of Barrier Defense x 5”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Material] Huge Bottle of High-Grade Whale Oil x 3”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Material] Vortex Turtle’s Cure Disease Jelly x 10”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Material] Magic Armored Medium Ship Manufacturing Kit x 5”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Material] Blue Plant Metal Ingot x 10”!!]

[Aporou obtained “[Book] Magic Book containing the written principles of Water”!!]

Those are the 19 items that were included. Each box had three to five different kind of items.

To be honest, I expected there to be more because these came from the lowest rank of the 3 of an 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, a 【Demigod Rank】. There were the items that I obtained for defeating the floor bosses and dungeon boss for the first time though.

“I have no base for comparison though, as I haven’t done this kind of dungeon anywhere else yet. But I hope there’ll be a little more?” is what I’m thinking.

But, seeing as the clearing conditions were hard, the obtained items were all useful.

【Gold Tin Horn Stinger ・Lightning Whale】 was khakkhara [2] that had six rings in its circular head. It had the shape of a golden horn attached on top. When shaken, it creates the sound of a thunderstorm.

【Water Shell Scaled Sword ・Water Scale】 was a magic item that apparently closely resembled the organic sword of the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander. It was made out of materials like scales, and it was so sharp that it could cut rock if handled properly.

【Crushing Quake Hammer ・Crab Pincer】 was a hammer that looks like a huge crab’s pincer and that was composed out of rainbow-colored crystals that could vibrate at high speed. It was able to crush rock merely by touching it. Because it was like a pincer, if you pulled a trigger that was close to your hand, it had a trick where its jaws started moving.

【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin】 resembled the spear Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider was wielding, and had four abilities. It had a length and sharpness that was just right, and it felt familiar in my hands.

In addition, there was the 【Lightning Horn Whale’s Meat Shield】, a bulky lump of meat shield that was halfheartedly hardened. The 【Blue Mantle of Many Arm Bones】 that had an outbreak of a countless amount of arm bones on the inside. 【Water Thorn Shell Barrier】 was a tower shield grown out of a huge shell that held a thorn which gushes out an infinite amount of high-pressured water. 【Extremely Dense Water ・Vortex Turtle】 was an armor that would cover your hold body like an exoskeleton armor. It was designed as a smooth blob that had many uses. Most of them were magic items of 【Ancient】 rank.

【Huge Bottle of High-Grade Whale Oil】 and 【Blue Plant Metal Ingot】 could be used in a lot of different ways. And because it was an item that one would be rarely be able to buy, I planned to divide them amongst the various groups later.

For the time being, I decided to use 【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin】 as a substitute for my halberd, until the former was repaired. I decided that the rest should be given to the Parabellum members that had earned it.

My war assets will definitely be increased with this.

After I finished my inspection, I decided to gift the 【Magic Book containing the written principles of Water】 to Supesei, who had expressed a desire in it. The 【Blue Plant Metal Ingot】, I entrusted to Blacksmith-san. I put the 【Magic Armored Medium Ship Manufacturing Kit】 in my item box for the time being. I wanted to use the 【Small Bottle of Young War Salamander’s Sticky Nucleus】 to see what would happen.

OnigumaKumajirou” and OrthrusKurosaburou” will be my test subjects.

I could have prepared some disposable Black Undead Knights, but because there was a limited amount of small bottles, it would be a waste to let them consume it. I judged that as long as I read the information, there won’t be any harm to the test subjects. And so I hesitantly chose my two pets under these circumstances.

The usage of the small bottles is easy. I applied the gooey contents, the sticky nucleus’, to each of their chests. After that I poured spring water on it that I had prepared in a large bottle beforehand.

Then, the nucleus mysteriously absorbed the large amount of spring water, and immediately transformed into a viscous liquid. Now those two are wearing a slime armor just like Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander did.

Apparently, the sticky nucleus was permeated by this slime and became larger and crystallized. In addition, the form that appeared was now embedded in both chests.

The vicious liquid normally wraps around the silver nucleus to protect it, but when in combat, it covers the entire body.

Their attack power increased as well because of the tentacles. And the slime armor is a superior ability to provide simple defense. It looks like these two, that were already strong, will have their combat effectiveness improved by this.

What are they now able to do and what not? Either way, I gave them each a Warpidron leg as compensation for going to through the experiment.

They ate it with great relish.

When I stroked their heads, they gave off a different feeling from what they used to before. Looks like the gloss of their hair also improved. Did the effect even take to such an extent?

Seeing as this is a safe way to quickly obtain strength, I held on to the remaining two.

Though it’ll take a while to get new ones, I wonder who I’ll use them on.

Even though I was a little bit worried, I already decided on who to use one of the bottles.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy The potion paragraph is hard. Probably comes down to: either they’re used for the same/other dungeons, or they’re bought by other dungeon parties.
Champsy In short, fellow adventurers want these potions, but would need to travel to my shop to get them. On top, they might not have the money. So high demand, but maybe not a quick sale. Was that so hard author? What a headache to translate.
Champsy If that resentment accumulates too much, it’ll come back to bite me in the ass. – Very liberal translation. Actual line would be ‘if too much resentment would accumulate by law of nature, by law of nature it would turn around and be returned to me (they would retaliate)’ ”
Champsy There vice-manager paragraph is not very easy as well.
Champsy These item names, very creative. *cough*

Day 212

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Day 212

Yesterday, for the whole day, Kanami-chan did not leave my side (except for when I went to the toilet).

She grabbed me by the neck, and fastened herself onto my back. Now, because of the difference regarding our body structures, it would be mistaken for a game between an adult and a child, that was how it looked from the side ... It is quite hard to imagine.

Well, seeing her pretty smiling face, I could not voice a complaint. So I decided to just leave everything as is.

Not that I'm tired of it, I do not mind being hugged.

But with Kanami-chan stuck on my back, with both arms hugging me, Auro and Argento started to look at me strangely.

Well, okay, let's assume that this kind of intimate relationship is a bit too much. Being a father is also not easy. Although I had to do far less than it should be, because of that, perhaps, I should not have to complain. Well, let us leave this discussion.

Today I decided to open a box that contains collected treasures . I certainly could not do it yesterday, because yesterday I had to see how it is progressing with the alterations to the shop, see how the training commander and his rabble that was increasing with Redhead and Boy Knight, and other duties, such as issuing prices for items intended for sale in the store.

By the way, the last duty was the most troublesome for yesterday. Fortunately, this time, the acquired items, weren't from a simple dungeon, but from the [Age of the Gods] dungeon, because it all belonged to the [Legacy of Ancient Gods], the price will surpass similar items.

Even if we take the same therapeutic potion of normal size, and quality, the effect of its force is from several percent to several times more potent.

These were favored among the adventurers who were in much need of healing potions, especially those wishing to buy them in bulk.

But in the case of [the divine heritage], due to the enhanced effect, rather than to go on sale, most are used during the conquest of the next dungeon. As a result the amount we sell is very small.

And the demand for items from [Age of Gods] dungeon is huge, because they are likely to be sold to the traders. At the same time, the farther away from the place of production, the more valuable they become, due to transportation costs and reduced supply. Because as long as you do not send them to the dungeon, or until you find someone able to do it for you, even with power and wealth, they are hard to get. This makes them coveted and rare items.

But this time, on the way through the corridors, I tried to clear all the boxes I found the treasures in. With [Good Luck] and [Golden Opportunity], the drop rate of the treasure boxes and the amount of items within each treasure box significantly increased. Because of this, a considerable amount of items were sold separately.

This time I was producing one, because the cost of it was almost zero, only needing one water eggplant, or other ingredients in its class, handed down out a few sheets of silver was worth, and the cost of magical items such as armor reached a few golden tiles.

That is, even if you shove on the cheap profits it will be substantial.

But that's why the price is so difficult to assign.

That's only in such an amount as it is now, once again the dial will be difficult if the time to give in and make a quick buck emerges, we hate merchants more than they should, and it threatens troubles.

Although if they get at us with their offense, we want to take revenge by force, we give them the power and the answer, but if they start behind the scenes, it will be troublesome again.

Since I do not need any more useless work, as much as possible, it would be better to avoid it.

Because, this time, to rely solely on the opinions of Blacksmith-san and company was not reliable, I got in touch with an experienced deputy head.

The Deputy Head, is the same one we met during our first trip on the way to the protective city Trient, where he worked as deputy head of the company "Faro measure," a lover of gambling, I made him bite the dust, though a good worker he's a very bad player uzhimochek bald, middle-aged.

With his help we were able to significantly reduce the time spent for appraisals, in return for this, it will be necessary to conclude a deal with him.

Personally, I would like to recruit the Deputy Head for us in the future, but changed his mind after the player, and suddenly all the goods in secret to lose.

Back to the opening of the treasure boxes.

The treasure boxes that were obtained from each boss battle is as follows.

Dungeon boss Warpidron, treasure box [Great Whale Storm Horn]

Dungeon boss Skeleton Raptor with Armored Slug, treasure box [Skeleton Raptor Sticky Water]

Dungeon boss Crystal King Crab, treasure box [Crystal Crab Claw]

Dungeon boss Vortex Armored Turtle, treasure box [Maelstrom Tortoise Carapace]

Dungeon boss Dominaria Gillman Lord Rider, treasure box [Ancient Blue Silver Fish Oil]

Dungeon boss Grief-Charybdis, treasure box [Wailing Maiden]

Dungeon boss Aquarium Golem Ball, treasure box [Getaway Tracker Balls]

Dungeon boss Blood-Eater Behemoth, treasure box[Bloody Behemoth Body]

Dungeon boss Red Gemini Nuns, treasure box [Red Gemini Lady]

Dungeon boss Shark-Headed Thunder Wyrm, treasure box [Shark Scales Thunder Shield of Wyrm]

Each of the treasure box had distinctive decoration that corresponded to the dungeon boss that they were acquired from respectively. The treasure boxes could also be sold for a considerable amount as works of art. Besides, they were also magic items that had the ability to store things.

By opening the treasure boxes that were previously stored, I was awarded with large amounts of money and materials.

I wonder whether this time as well. Of course you can open one, and look for the treasures that were kept inside, stretching so for a long time. In fact, I just had nothing to do.

Since I felt it was wasteful to open all of it at once, today I decided to open only five boxes. From [Great Whale Storm Horn] to [Ancient Blue Silver Fish Oil] and the rest of the boxes will be opened tomorrow. I'm looking forward to what will come out of them.

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Staff] Golden Tin Horn Sword]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Sword] Water Scales Skeleton Sword]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Hammer] Crab Claws]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Spear] Curse Four Water Pike]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Shield] Meat Shield of Horned Whale]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Shield] Bulkhead Water Shell]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Platebody] Armored Vortex Platebody]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Cape] Aquatic Cloak]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Legs] Crystal Platelegs]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Boots] Crystal Boots]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Helmet] Crystal Horned Helmet]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Gloves] Aquatic Fin Gloves]

[Aporou obtained [Potion] Fresh Mucous Nucleus Combat Water × 4 small vials]

[Aporou obtained [Potion] Protective Wall of Water x 4 small vials]

[Aporou obtained [Material] High-class Whale Blubber x 4 huge bottles]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Healing Various Diseases Turtle Jelly ×10]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Medium-sized Ship Manufacturing Kit ×5]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Blue Planet ingot × 10 pieces of metal]

[Aporou obtained [Book] explains the logic of Water Magic Grimoire]

Altogether, I got 19 items from one box that had 3 to 5 different types of items.

Frankly, I was waiting for more items, and there are only 3 pieces, yet it was [Age of Gods] class - [Divine Spirit], especially with the bosses of floors for the first engagement.

On the other hand, I do not climb because there is nothing to compare, but could be longer and put?

Well, all the same difficulty was only in the conditions, and all items received are quite useful.

[Golden Horn Sword [Thunder Whale]] looks like a monk's staff with 6 rings. enlarged heads of Whale and the tip served as the Golden Horn. When swung, a sound is produced which can evoke a thunderstorm.

[Sword from the Skeleton scale water [Water Scales]] is apparently magical object resembling a live blade from a Lizard skeleton. A complete set of the scales with its sharpness, can easily cut through stones.

[Breaking legs Hammer [Crab Claws]] is a huge crab (claws) hammer which is composed of iridescent crystals, it was able to break a rock just by touching it. Since it is like a pair of scissors, it had a gimmick attached to it when triggered it made an action similar to that of a scissor cutting.

[Curse Water [Fish Bone]] is a weapon similar to the one which Dominaria Gillman Lord Rider had, which has the same four powers. In addition, it had a sharpness and had good length and lie comfortably in the hand.

As a piece of frozen meat in the form of shield that produce heat [Horned Whale Meat shield [Thunder Whale]], creating countless bony hands on its surface [Red Robe Sets Skeleton Hands], a huge tower shield in the form of turtle shell from which protruded countless spikes that produce water under tremendous pressure [Shell Wall of Water Spikes], made clear in a rounded shape that covers the entire body armor similar to the exoskeleton [Frozen Over Water [Vortex Turtle]] they [Ancient] relic class magic items.

[High whale oil in a large pot] has many uses, a kind of goods which is very hard to get, I had already planned to go after this.

To start [Curse Water [Fish Bone]], I will use this as a substitute for my halberd, until such time as it is not yet repaired, the rest will distributed to my best of friends.

All of this will serve as a great enthusiasm for our combat forces.

After the first inspection, I immediately put aside [explains the logic of water magic magical grimoire], thinking that he wants to get the rank of the EUSR, as well as [assembly kits magical medium armored ship] [metal ingot blue planet] to Tanyasshi san and company, while maintaining theirs at the bottom of the glove box. I decided to test [musk with mucous nucleus of young combat water (small sticky bottle)].

The test subjects for the experiment will be [Oniguma] Kumajirou and Orthrus Kurosaburou.

Of course, I could use black knights and undead, but the bottles that I have aren't much, but judging by what is written in them, they won't cause any harm, since I worked so hard to got hold of this, I decided that it would be necessary to use them for pets.

The use of bottles was very simple, just pour water on his chest from a bottle with jelly floating in her core.

Doing so in an unusual way, a large number of water that almost instantly turned into goo, and now covers both a slug that lizard skeleton. A slug nucleus grew into the body, and it is crystallized, and now they could see the middle of the chest.

Covering mucus normally protects the core of the silver chest, but whenever a battle ensues it covers the entire body. Not only to increase capacity at the expense of attacking the tentacles, but also significantly increased and so incredible defensive abilities of both.

The reward for the experimental leg became [Warpidron] they gobbled with gusto.

Pat on the head, I felt different from usual, feeling as though they had become stronger.

With just 2 bottles it gave them this much power. I should get more of this a little later. So to whom should I use them? its Slightly difficult decide, but I found one where I annexe.

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Day 212

Kanami-chan from yesterday, toilet, etc. do not leave except.

Turn the hand on my neck, it's a state in which hug from the back. Now physique basis adults and children, since it is not mean that, it is indescribably hard to say state in the glance.

Well, since you look at the figure you are laughing happy even in such a state I will not say anything, do this while in may, and be that there are I that thought.

Neither is separately tiring thing, it itself is not a hate that is Dakitsuka, I mean that.

At the sight of Kanami-chan, when Auro and Argento have with eating in both arms, but I thought if indeed.

This is also I gave up and he a kind of physical contact.

Also because his father, but many things very. Because usually considerably more time and effort is not, but it may not be qualified to say bitches.

Such a thing Well put, is a treasure box of opening work was collected today.

Although he was good in yesterday, what is progressing how much remodeling of the store yesterday yesterday, whether the advanced far on bully our training, red hair short and boy knights of whether growth happened to, odd jobs there were many such It was, because there was also pricing of items arranged in the store, it is up to you was extended to today.

By the way, it was the most troublesome in yesterday's work, it's pricing.

Items obtained from this time [Jindai Dungeon]. [Jindai Dungeon] is a kind of all therefore is the thing that has acquired from [God 迷遺 Production Artifacts], in other words it's quality goods that effect is better than others in the same item.

Even try to take the recovery agent one, but the same appearance same amount the same size effect is there is a difference several times from a few percent.

So in the consumer, such as our adventurers and soldiers that require a recovery agent, coveted who often.

But [God's Heritage] and will and if the winner is use from the height of its effect for the capture is in most, the amount put up for sale is quite low.

Since a large demand in the [Jindai Dungeon] Even on sale to it, if the same skill in the art spend money freely is mostly.

On the amounts to be exported for reasons such as a very small, variously expenses Kasami in such tariffs and transportation, expensive [God's Heritage] even just to increase the farther you Away from [Jindai dungeon] to be produced because, as long as you do not want, such as whether to Kisa is collected by feeding the or minions board directly and I think going to get labyrinth city outside the Shah we are, it is difficult if you do not have a corresponding power and financial power.

Previously he was the goods, it does not go into early hand even want.

But in this time passage or corridor to was going in Miteki 必滅, brought back all the contents by opening the countless treasure chests.

[Good Luck] and [Golden Opportunity] is as worked and, because the drop rate is high to the number of items that are in the treasure box was more, a considerable amount of good items are also sold separately, such as shallow hierarchy of recovery agents ringing are.

Since this cost has been won on their own is almost free, 迷水 eggplant famous water in expensive ingredients is worth the equivalent several sheets silver coins in one in food items such as eggplant, mono to reach the gold plate it's armor type magic items It has to Zara, etc..

That's easy money if sold. Negira is to become a significant profit even sold to.

But, it is difficult therefore pricing.

Of the current and the same amount also regularly collect future still difficult, it's troublesome because it embraced more than necessary of resentment from existing merchants to be too making a killing so much riding on the tone.

It does return the physical When you came in the physical by stacking a grudge, but also a little and annoying able to fathom in such minute body to be sneaky by collusion behind the scenes.

Since we do not want to Toka useless work, as much as possible extra time and effort it is better not.

Because so was anxiety in the opinion of the matter of this time only blacksmith's us, we took contact an experienced deputy manager.

The deputy manager is a farnesyl-mail chamber of commerce and Defense city deputy manager of Trient branch, which met in the days of just coming out of the large forest, I love gambling was wound up from me to important commodity not only his money, it's excellent It is a middle-aged man of troubled mono plump bald that gambler.

Since such do than I thought there is also cooperation of deputy manager can save time, it was decided to bring something negotiations now in its reward.

You should have also competent friend, it would be rich network of contacts. Or whether the connection of gold.

Anyway, personally deputy manager, or even scout for the future, no but to a gambling habit, and I or was secretly in thought.

In retaken care, it is the opening work of the treasure box.

Treasure box that was acquired in each boss battle this time, ten boxes. List is as follows.

Dungeon boss [Warpidron] box with treasures [Storm Horn Great Whale]

Dungeon boss [Skeleton Raptor with War Slug] box with treasures [Sticky Water Lizard Corpse]

Dungeon boss [Crystal King Crab] box with treasures [Crystal Crab Claw]

Dungeon boss Vortex Armored Turtle box with treasures [Maelstrom Tortoise Carapace]

Dungeon boss [Dominaria the Gillman Lord Rider] box with treasures [Ancient Blue Silver Fish Oil]

Dungeon boss [Grief-Charybdis] box with treasures [Wailing Maiden]

Dungeon boss [Acura Ball Golem] box with treasures [Getaway Tracker Balls]

Dungeon boss [Blood-Eater Behemoth] box with treasures [Bloody Behemoth Body]

Dungeon boss [Red Gemini Nuns] box with treasures [Red Gemini Lady]

Dungeon boss [Shark-Headed Thunder Wyrm] box with treasures [Shark Scales Thunder Shield of Wyrm]

Treasure box distinctive decoration of the corresponding boss has been subjected to, respectively, is a thing that is going to be a considerable amount also separately as art, it's a kind of magic items that were hidden storage system capacity of.

Since previously from the treasure box was placed in the hand was obtained, such as large amounts of money and chemicals, and wonder such feeling as well this time.

Suddenly, its lie down on top of the treasure, it may be interesting even if Toka, idea that was not to be opened at a time.

Although it is not actually to do, I thought somehow so.

Open beginning, because I felt suddenly, such as wasteful and is to open at once, today decided to try to open only five boxes of up to [Old English of Blue Silver Fish] from [Corner Storm of Large Whale].

The rest is better to had to leave tomorrow, but how likely enjoy what comes out.

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Staff] Golden Horn Thunder Ball]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Sword] Water Scales Corpse Sword]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Hammer] Crab Claws]

[Aporou obtained [Weapon-Spear] Curse Four Water Pike]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Shield] Meat Shield of Horned Whale]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Shield] Bulkhead Water Shell]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Platebody] Armored Vortex Platebody]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Cape] Aquatic Cloak]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Legs] Crystal Platelegs]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Boots] Crystal Boots]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Helmet] Crystal Horned Helmet]

[Aporou obtained [Armor-Gloves] Aquatic Fin Gloves]

[Aporou obtained [Potion] Fresh Mucous Nucleus Combat Water × 4 small vials]

[Aporou obtained [Potion] Protective Wall of Water x 4 small vials]

[Aporou obtained [Material] High-class Whale Blubber x 4 huge bottles]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Healing Various Diseases Turtle Jelly ×10]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Medium-sized Ship Manufacturing Kit ×5]

[Aporou obtained [Material] Blue Planet ingot × 10 pieces of metal]

[Aporou obtained [Book] explains the logic of Water Magic Grimoire]

The number of items that had entered nineteen kind, had entered into a box had five types and the difference from the three types.

I had thought more often in the forecast, but [Jindai Dungeon] under a [Akami-kyu] most in a three-stage evaluation So you wonder such things, that even in the kind obtained to subdue the hierarchical boss and dungeon boss in the first emergence.

It can not be compared because it does not dive the other to, not a do good to little more? Nor not think.

But still met only difficult conditions clear, was all items useful to put in hand.

[Corner Ken-kin tin-Kaminarikujira] have a six 遊環 Yukanga, shape, such as replaced in the rippling gold angle on the ring-shaped of the bishop's staff bishop's staff head. Sound if swing sounds, evoke the thunder and the storm is due to it.

[Mizumukurourokoken-Mizuuroko] is, but apparently as magic item that was very similar to the living sword of Lizard Skull War slur Mar de. It is made of a material such as scales, rock even boasts the sharpness of the extent that Kirisake under its own weight.

[Shin Crushing Hammer-Kani鋏] is a huge crab scissor hammer to speed vibration is composed of crystal iridescent, I was able to break it when I let touch the rock just by itself. Since the scissors-type a, it is also attached gimmick that moves and Jakin and pull the trigger at hand.

[Maldición cuatro lucio agua, aleta de los pescados] es algo ish similar a la pica ese jinete Dominaria LA Gilman carretera tenía, que alberga cuatro de capacidad. Y en la nitidez duración razonable agudo, que encaja bien en la mano.

[Meat shield of thunder angle whale] raw warm, such as hardened the mass of thick meat to Shield Other, [blue cloak of Tahoneude] which is generated a myriad of bone arm from the inner surface, such as the Tower shield [bulkhead shell of water thorn] that grows thorns to be ejected a myriad of high-pressure water to a large shell, smooth spherical in the intensive the design, such as whole body armor [immobility super water-Uzukame] such as the exoskeleton that covers the whole body, [Ancient] relic class of magic items mostly.

Although such as [Ingot of Blue Planet Metal] and [Luxury Whale Oil in Huge Bottle] and is variously also Tsukaimichi, since items of the buy not unique in other rarely, it is a plan to send someone to pick up is divided into several sets later .

Anyway [curse four water pike, fish fin] In be used as a substitute for up to heal the halberd, and the other things that Mawaseru to excellent guys in the team members became the turning.

This enhancement of strength in is going to be able to advance more.

Having completed the verification of one street, [referred to preach the re-water magic manual] wants shy likely space star Mr. deposit to or smith's our [ingot of Blue Planet metal], [Madou armored medium-sized ship manufacturing kit], etc. After you put in in outline of the item box, I tried What happens if you use the [nuclear viscosity containing vials of Infant armed water mucus War slur Mar de].

Black Saburo became the experiment body, "Oniguma" bear Jiro and "Orthrus".

It was good, even with a disposable black undead Knight, but to it's a waste consumed by the hurriedly constructed of black undead Knight because it is limited to the number of vials, to be a harm of the experimental body as long as you have read the information Now that we have determined that it is not, it is up to that because it is precious, it chose the two pet by that.

How to use the vial is simple and dropped the nuclear viscosity was Dorori is content to each of the chest, it just goes by pouring fresh water that has been pumped up to a pre-large bottle in there.

Then hey presto, the Kakuneba who smoked large amounts of water to convert it immediately to the mucus, two animals is was wearing a blue slime armor like a lizard skull War slur Mar de.

And Kakuneba of slime is apparently penetrate into the body, there seems bloated, crystallization, came out to the outside in the form of buried half to two dogs of the chest center.

Mucus that envelops the whole body is covered so as protect the chest of silver nuclei usually, combat seems to cover the whole.

Not only such attack force increase due to tentacles, because slime armor is superior to a simple defense capability, this in and was strong two dogs even just so that has improved more combat capability.

What can be and what can not be what, the two dogs that I had been dating in one way of the experiment was the one reward the foot of the way rupees Delon.

I'm eating greedily and delicious likely.

There is also a feeling that moist and unlike when I'll pat your head and so far, it feels like gloss of coat nice. I wonder if the effect is extends to such a place.

Also this to be put in the quick strength in the hand, only two bottles after the rest.

But will we enter the new hand will be a little earlier, now, or try to use to anyone.

Although suffering a little, one bottle way to use is already decided.

Day 212