Day 211

“Day 211”

Last night, I didn’t fly back to the Royal Capital. Instead, I spent the night at the labyrinth city ≪ Aquarium ≫.

Because it took me a bit longer than I thought to come out of the dungeon, I decided to eat the local dishes here at the labyrinth city where the dungeon is located.

The name of the hotel I stayed in ≪ Bongiorno ≫.

While the room had a steep price, the service and facilities were up to the standard of being ≪ Aquarium ≫’s leading high class hotel.

The bed linens were made with materials coming from the dungeon and provided an extraordinary sleeping comfort. Their standard room features included a refrigerator filled with soft drinks and liquor, and beautifully crafted lighting. A vase filled with rare flowers and a painting of a beautiful woman that was standing still next to a lake served as decorations. Because of the hotel’s height you could overlook the surroundings, such as ≪ Aquarium ≫’s night skyline.

While you do have to be able to spend a large amount of money comfortably in order to stay here, not only royalty and nobles did. It’s also a popular hotel amongst the adventurers that can conquer the deepest recesses of the dungeon.

There’s an exclusive restaurant at ≪ Bongiorno ≫ on top, and a luxurious supper can be brought to the room if I call an employee.

Since they’re boasting that the menu is really delicious, it sets certain expectations.

However, with great reluctance, I decided not to eat at ≪ Bongiorno ≫. I walked further down the streets. They were filled with a unique liveliness because of the way they were illuminated by the street lights. I went to ≪ Aquarium ≫’s best and most famous haute cuisine restaurant: ≪ Pana Cotta ≫.

≪ Pana Cotta ≫ is a huge 5-story building, built of stone that’s similar to marble. It can change in to 1 of 7 colors depending on the time of day and the temperature. The stone is called 【Rainbow Rocks】, which is mined in the dungeon. The interior design is further polished with a lot of magic items. The restaurant has a very refined atmosphere.

In order to enter the restaurant, it looks like you need to wear an appropriate evening wear. I had put on the clothes that Tomboy Princess had provided before.

It’s very durable and has a smooth feel. Above all, the dress clothes boast a high elasticity and they rarely tear. It mainly consists out of 【Demon Soul Cloth】 sewn together with 【Demon Soul String】, of which they were only able to gather a small amount from the “Large Demon Silkworm”. It’s very comfortable. I like it because it’s not just a single-use decoration.

As it’s made out of scarce material and it can only be created by a specific artisans, it costs as much as building a house in the Royal Capital.

Even though I was a bit bothered by it, I decided to receive it because it was free. Now I feel it can become useful in similar settings in the future.

Putting aside the talk about clothes, if I had to give my opinion of the main dishes cooked by the kitchen staff led by Ririmur in one word: everything was simply put delicious. Ririmur Enberun is a famous, high level 【Dungeon Cook】 that uses high-quality ingredients from the dungeon.

There was roast beef that consisted of the well-tempered meat of the “Road Kill Gator”. Its legs were well developed for striding, and it killed adventurers in the dungeon by running them over one by one.

When slicing the meat with a silver knife, the knife ran through without resistance, like cutting tofu. As I put a thin slice in my mouth and took a bite, my mouth was overflown with juices. The spices from the dungeon that were used to cook, enhanced the taste of the meat even more.

Their bouillabaisse looks like a jewelry box as it includes Golden Scaled Coelacanth[1] and Silver Scaled Pirarucu[2] that were caught from the lake, as well as Blue Armored-Tail Shrimps.

Cannon House Onions are also used for it, making the taste of the thick seafood soup more delicate.

The recipe used for grilling the highest grade meat that drops from the “Warpidron” floor boss is quite plain, but the taste of the meat speaks for itself.

The outside has been grilled crispy, but the inside is still surprisingly soft. The luxurious meat has the best smell and tickles the nose, while the juices play on the tongue.

My hands didn’t stop until everything was finished and the taste disappeared.

Then came frozen yoghurt made from the milk of a peaceful water buffalo type monster “Big Stone Water Buffalo”.

It’s slightly acid, but the deep flavor and hint of sweetness is delicious.

For some reason, they made use of a “Golem” pseudo-lifeform technique to deliver the dish. Bowls the size of human hands were carried on top of a glass plate that came out of a massive freezer. They did various performances for the guests, such as a simple dance with umbrellas as ornaments. I finally ate this amusingly strange dish, and it was delicious.

In addition, I enjoyed fresh croissant that had a crispy texture and a buttery flavor. There was pizza with a crispy roasted texture and a variety of colored toppings such as rich cheese, fresh meat and vegetables. Vintage dungeon alcohol was lined up on the table.

Because all of these looked appetizing when I read the menu, I couldn’t control myself and I ordered without looking at the price. As a result, a table for six people was brought in and filled with dishes.

Because I placed a lot of additional orders, I needed several tables for space even while I was eating alone.

All the ingredients used are first class, and the cook preparing it was top class. The way they cook might be considered sort of an art-form.

The dishes were decorated vibrantly. I enjoyed the sight of it, and it set my expectations. The moment I ate a mouthful, my body shook more than I expected.

Once I started, I didn’t stop. After I finished eating everything, only my sense of satisfaction and fullness remained.

Frankly speaking, by combining an artisans’ best techniques, they were able to bring out the maximum of the best parts of the ingredients.

Could the one that made all this, Ririmur, be on the same level as the cook of the royalty such as the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen? He might even be better.

I shouldn’t compare them because he used different ingredients, and even if the same ingredients were used, the freshness would be different based on location. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that this world-class taste can only come from cooking with the highest quality ingredients.

After I finished eating all the dishes I order, I spontaneously called Ririmur.

Though I didn’t wonder if could actually meet him; why should I worry about asking for him after ordering in impossible amount of food?

In any case, he came shortly after.

Ririmur arrived. He looks like a middle-aged man that is hard to please.

He has short light-brown hair streaked with grey, pale emerald green eyes and a slim but trained body.

There are no wrinkles in his spotless, pure-white clothes, and it has a unique vibe of being his favorite clothes that he has worn for years.

If you observe his everyday habits, you would get the impression that Ririmur is a docile cook. He bowed as I give off a smile that shows my satisfaction.

Since he has an imposing aura of being very confident in his work, I wonder what I should say.

Because I liked the dishes Ririmur provided, I intended to come back with Kanami-chan, Minokichi-kun and the others next time.

Since I asked if I could bring my own ingredients, let’s bring the corpse of a boss class monster that we’ll hunt right before we come over and cook it.

For now, I order what’s on stock to take back home, in order to eat it with the rest.

Oh my, I enjoyed the dishes here so thoroughly, that I didn’t really want to go back to ≪Bongiorno≫. I‘ll enjoy a comfortable sleep tonight. I tried out what I ordered last night as breakfast this morning.

After having eaten at ≪Pana Cotta≫, I was slightly unsatisfied. But the dishes of ≪Bongiorno≫ were so skillfully prepared, that it removed my dissatisfaction.

There’s no need to buy any souvenirs, as I collected a lot in the dungeon. Since I finished all my business, I quickly checked out and left for home.

While I did talk to the others through my clones while I was conquering the dungeon, this was the first time that they’ve been on their own for ten days.

Because even a single demon can get into a lot of trouble after a few days, I was a little anxious this time around. I couldn’t fly leisurely at the moment and I raised my flight speed without any concern for safety. And so, I arrived at the Royal Capital.

I went straight back to the mansion without stopping to spend pocket money on snacks at the stalls in the Royal Capital.

The moment I met Kanami-chan, I was passionately embraced.

Her arms were surrounding me and were slightly, but surely digging in to my body, creaking my bones.

If it wasn’t me, would all my internal organs have burst out through my mouth? Or maybe I would have been divided in two halves? That’s passion for ya.

【Vampire ・ Noble ・ Variant】 has impressive strength.

However, even with such a passionate embrace there’s hardly a problem. I realized that due to my level, my natural endurance was considerably strengthened by some mysterious power.

After I conquered the 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, my level went up greatly.

Since it’s an 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, the dungeon monsters that spawn there are viciously difficult. Even the small fry offer considerable experience.

Various bonuses are added to the huge amount of experience that you get from floor bosses, due to their nature.

Would I get another 【Rank Up】 if I dive a 【Demigod rank】【Age of the Gods dungeon】 again?

In a 【God rank】 one, it’s likely that it might go even faster.

Speaking of 【Rank Up】.

I’m satisfied with my current state as 【Apostle Lord ・ Extinct Species】, but when I think about the future, I worry in a lot of ways.

I want to fight a 【Wisdom Dragon】, which has high intelligence, a huge amount of magical power and above all a huge, tough body.

Even Wyverns, like the Jadar Wyvern, are tasteful up to a certain extent, and the materials you can get from them can be processed in good quality magic armor.

It only feels natural for me to make an effort to eat one.

Up to now, I’ve been aiming for existences such as 【Heroes】 and 【Great Heroes】, but there’s a possibility of fighting against other existences that have a high likelihood of owning different 【Psalms】 such as 【Demon Kings】, the 【Demon Emperor】, the 【Beast King】, the 【Spirit Emperor】 and the 【Regal Order】.

Of course, I’d probably still get decent experience from fighting 【Heroes】 and 【Great Heroes】, but I can’t confirm that as I’ve never fought one. Then again, I did hunt the “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm” while going easy on him.

There’s the chance that as long as I’m an apostle lord, I’ll run into a situation in the future where it’s possible that I won’t have enough strength to overcome it.

If I think about fighting the existence of the White Stag that I came across while I was going through the ≪Cluster Mountain Range≫ where the “Fomor” live; I’d say it might be possible if I strengthen myself.

However, now due to my 【Rank Up】, it’ll be even harder than before to obtain abilities.

Though maybe there’s no need for any concern because the current me is good enough, and I have a wide range of a lot of abilities and its uses. But umm, I’m still worried.

Oh well, I’ll think about it when the time comes.

I’ve stopped to give it any more thought.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Looks like the hotel and resto name have an Italian reference.
Champsy Boullabaisse = Fish stew.
Champsy My gut feeling says that the onions are either the size of sunken cannon balls, or that they are found on sunken cannons. There will be a renaming incoming
Champsy I. Hate. This. Day. Damn. Author. Needing. Five. Sentences. To. Explain. What. Could. Be. Said. With. ONE. Adjective.

Day 211


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Arriving here from the capital itself, I decided to stay overnight in the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

I came out of the dungeon later than planned, because I wanted to taste the food I'd stored and decided to cook them in the Labyrinth City.

The hotel I stayed at was called [Banjo But] and cost a huge amount for a simple room, but in exchange it was one of the best hotels in Aquarium.

Inside the room there was an incredibly soft and comfortable bed made of materials acquired in the Labyrinth, a refrigerator stocked with different drinks and juices as well as lighting equipment, expertly crafted jewels and an extravagant painting hung on the wall depicting a beautiful woman standing in the middle of a lake. The room was decorated with rare flowers, and from the window a beautiful view of the city at night could be seen.

Even though the price is absurdly high, the hotel is not only popular with the nobles visiting the city, but also among adventurers who wish to delve into the deepest reaches of the dungeon.

The hotel also includes room-service.

The "Banjo But" also served as a restaurant by allowing you to order dinner in the room.

The delicious food here was the subject of their pride, so I was expecting a lot from them.

But I ended up deciding not to stay in the [Banjo But] and instead decided to venture out into the bustling city at night to the most famous Aquarium upscale restaurant [Pannakotten].

It is located on one of the floors of a huge building made of [Seven-Color Changing Stone] produced in the dungeon. Raw, this stone is soft like jelly, but when heat is applied for a certain period of time, it hardens and acquires an iridescent color. Inside the building, everything was decorated with magical items, creating an elegant atmosphere.

To visit this place, one needs the appropriate clothing, which I happened to have in my storage box because it was a gift from the Tomboy Princess.

The suit possessed extraordinary strength, but also had an excellent elasticity. The material was made from yarn called [Demonic Soul Thread] which came from a [Great Demonic Moth], which is the required minimum material for the manufacture of a [Demonic Soul Suit].

This suit was incredibly convenient. It also wasn't unnecessarily ornamented, which I liked.

Because of the fine workmanship and expensive materials, the cost of the suit is quite steep. Its value was equal to that of a house in the Royal Capital.

When they did not ask for payment for the liquor, I was a little surprised, but apparently this was another function of my suit, I think that was very helpful.

Anyways, lets leave the conversation about clothes for another time.

Food prepared from high-quality dungeon products by a renowned, higher level chef with the job [Master Chef of Labyrinth Cooking] Ririmura Enberun, as well as his personally selected  kitchen staff, tasted absolutely delicious.

The menu looked perfect. Because of that, I could no longer restrain myself. Not really looking at the price, the result of my order was a table for 6 people covered with a variety of food. At this time, all the food, occupying a table for 6 was eaten by me alone.

All the ingredients used were just super, and prepared by the best chefs. Could every dish cooked by them be considered a work of art?

I inspected the brightly decorated dishes in anticipation and at the same time raised my expectations. In fact, from the first bite, I realized that it was even more delicious than I expected.

(Ed: the original text said that Rou "placed hope". Since we don't really use that expression, I changed it for a more suitable one).

Once tried, I could not stop until everything is gone, my stomach is stuffed to satisfaction.

Bringing out the positive features of each ingredient to their maximum, using the techniques which have been mastered, was frankly just extraordinary.

Ririmura cooked it all; I can't decide whether it's better than the food made by the cooks who work as exclusive royal family chefs serving the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen?

Of course they are using completely different ingredients, to compare their work may not be correct, but without a doubt, even when compared with tastes from all over the world, the food here is a creation of the highest class.

After eating all the food, I reflexively called Ririmuru.

In fact, I was not worried about whether I'd get to see him or not, but he himself probably was interested to look at the man who ordered the abnormal amount of food because it was not long before he appeared.

Ririmuru, seemingly looked like a strict middle-aged man.

He had gray, brown hair, slightly shiny green eyes, a thin but at the same time very trained body, and clean simple white cooking clothes. But they gave the impression of clothing which had been loved and worn for a long time.

After seeing him, out of habit, I honestly told him my impression of his cooking with a satiated smile and nod.

It was sort of an exchange of courtesies between people confident in their own work.

I liked the food so much that the next time I'm here with Kanami and Minokichi, I plan on bringing them both here with me.

Next time I'll bring new ingredients, slain monsters and level bosses here for him to cook for me. Next time we will eat the obtained products together.

So I returned to the [Banjo But], enjoyed a pleasant dream, and today I enjoyed the breakfast, which I ordered yesterday evening.

Compared with a meal in the [Pannakotten], I felt a strange dissatisfaction while eating, but the food in the [Banjo But] was delicious, so there was no discontent.

'(tn: I got really tired so I stopped editing here.) '(editor's note: Don't worry, I got ya covered to an extent.)

It's unnecessary to buy souvenirs for my comrades because I found so much great stuff in the dungeon. Either way, I want to quickly return after I've made sure they've finished all their errands.

During the conquest of the dungeon, I spoke through my clones, but this is the first time they acted on their own for such a long period of time.

Because I had concerns about this, I raised the speed of flight, my pleasant flight across the sky very quickly ended, and I soon returned without any incidents.

In the main road of the Royal Capital, I immediately went to the house where I was expecting a passionate embrace from Kanami.

The hands embracing my body were so small. But from them came an enormous power which was crushing my bones, which was ready to break.

Anyone in my place would have become a bloody mess, the strength in her arms was strong. The strength needed to drink blood [Vampire Noble (subspecies)], it is not normal.

But these hugs were almost no problem, my body became much stronger, leaving a feeling of possessing unusual vigor.

Now I, who challenged the [Age of the Gods] dungeon, significantly raised my level.

[Age of the Gods] dungeon monsters, even the weakest ones, give a bunch of experience. Experience from the dungeon bosses in general is enormous.

Next promotion in rank, perhaps enough for me 1 or 2 times to get into [Age of the Gods] dungeon [Demigod] rank. In [God] rank dungeons will be even faster.

Eh raising rank ...

Although I am quite happy to be an [Apostle Lord]. However, thinking about what will happen next, I was plagued by various doubts.

To begin with, I'd like to fight with the owners of the strong body and great power, the [Wise Serpent / Dragon].

[Variety Winged Drake] because they are so tasty, and the materials from it are of a quality sufficient to produce magical items.

So I try to make an effort in order to enjoy them.

In addition, as my goal remains [Heroes] and [Great Heroes], as well as similar strong creatures like the [Demon King], [Emperor Demons], [the King of Beasts], [Emperor Animals] and other characters of [Stories], meeting with which is very likely.

With the [Heroes] and [Great Heroes] I have fought, as well as, albeit restrained, with [Shark-head Thunder Wyrm] too. But for those whom I have not seen, I can not say anything.

It was possible that in the future, the strength of an [Apostle Lord] will simply not be enough.

Not to mention raising my rank and ability is becoming more difficult to achieve.

Though it might not be good to not rank up now because my power is sufficient at present. But there are so many possibilites for even greater power at higher ranks. Hmmmm, this is going to be a tricky decision.

But oh well, when the time comes, I'll think about it then.

So I finished the talk of the idea.

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