Day 30

Day 30

It rained heavily today. Of course, I was having reservations about going outside.

Because of that, it was the right time to hold another tournament to determine the ranking within the clan. This method to determine the rough ranking quickly was somewhat convenient, because there is a large difference in the basic abilities between hobgoblins and goblins, we will have two separate contests to decide the ranking.

The results, are like this: A the top there was me as always, the runner-up was Gobukichi-kun, next after him was the previous hobgoblin leader, and after him was Gobumi-chan. The three hobgoblins after her were generally at the same level of competency.

The hobgoblin Mage Hobusei-san might have come after me if magic use was permitted, but that is not the case this time.

After the tournament ended, we split into three groups: Gobukichi-kun's group continued practicing, Gobue-chan's group who carried pickaxes to go mining, and the third group was studying things like the rules that I had decided, the ranks, the Continental Alphabet and so on with Gobumi-chan as their teacher.

Meanwhile, I chatted about various things with Hobusei-san. I was interested in what kinds of magic she could use. She told me that the three systems of magic she could use were the [Fire], [Water/Ice] and [Void] magic systems. I pretended that I understood what she was talking about, but in reality my information were from an incomplete source and had no idea what she was talking about. After we exchanged all kinds of information, the two of us moved on to our own tasks. Hobusei-san went to Gobumi-chan's place to study while I went to check on the human girls.

Having both fire and water guaranteed by the [ Water Spirit Stones ] and [ Water Spirit Stones ] the Blacksmith's smithy was in the middle of producing tools using the [ spirit Atones ] and iron ore that we mined. She could do that without any problems thanks to several sets of tools which were among the things the older goblins looted.

I asked her if she had any complaints, then I modified the structure of the smithy under her request. Because I noticed that she didn't seem afraid of me anymore, I left satisfied.

Next, I went to the kitchen where the two human sisters were cooking. Since the older goblins looted cooking utensils too, they didn't have any problems. Though, after looking around the kitchen, I realized that with just two of them it would be tiring to prepare everyone's food and so I decided to sit down and help them.

The Sisters were still a bit afraid of me, that's why I thought that if I was proactive and spoke to them more, they would begin to warm up to me. Once in a while I caught them smiling, which was great. The smile of a beautiful woman is always a good thing. While we were at it, I taught them some of the recipes that I knew.

After that, I went to the Alchemist's workshop who spent all the day making potions.

The necessary alchemy equipments were also looted by the older goblins like the other places, so that wasn't a problem.

I inspected her completed goods with my [Appraisal], but so far it didn’t seem like she made anything poisonous. I was interested in the creation process, so I stayed to observe.

The Alchemist who gave off the impression of a cold beauty didn’t talk at all while she was working, however, she was still a feast for my eyes, so I had no issue with waiting. After she finished, we had a short conversation then I went to my own workshop.

I worked on making a leather armor using the Black wolves leather. I stitched the leather with my threads and thanks to my production ability the armor was of high quality and the crafting process progressed faster. Nevertheless, I finished the armor only past the nightfall.

Before I went to sleep, I did some practice swings with my halberd in order to become used to how it felt. Because I had been fervently moving around today I got really tired, so I slept like a log.

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