Day 29

Day 29

Finally I started the training of the older goblins today. First, as an example, I had them observe simple things like standing in line and combat practice. The older goblins were surprised by that display. However, them getting this surprised from seeing something like of this level is troubling for me, that's because they'll also start performing this training from now on.

After that we began the real thing. First of all, we started from the basics, like standing in line quickly and endurance running. I acted like some demonic training officer, throwing insults at them. Those who fell behind were gifted with push-ups as punishment.

There was an idiot goblin that tried to hit me, I gave him a punch to his face and broke his arm. After I left him screaming and rolling from pain on the ground for some time, I healed his arm and returned him to the training.

The training continued like that for a few hours, then I finished it by sparing with all of them. I got a strong sense of deja vu from the scene that resulted. By the end, no one was capable of moving except for me.

Gobukichi-kun and the others who were watching from a distance were saying things like:

“Ah! I knew this would happen” “I knew that it would happen too“ “Training is harsh when he gets like that!"

As expected, their stamina was higher than that of Gobukichi-kun and the others, so they recovered quickly, and so I decided to resume the training. I didn’t go hunting today, instead I spent the day training the older goblins and teaching them about the rules and the ranking system I decided on.