Day 29

Day 29

Finally we started the training for the older Goblins. To start with, as an example we had them observe simple things like standing in line and combat practice. The older Goblins were surprised by that display. I was actually more stumped that they were surprised about the other Goblins taking orders from me.

After that we began the real thing. First of all, we started from the basics, like forming a line quickly and endurance running. Those who fell behind were gifted with push-ups as punishment amidst jeers, as if coming from some demon sergeant.

There was one really stubborn idiot that I had to hit, together with a punch to his face I broke his arm. After he screamed and spun around for a while, I straightened his arm out and we returned to the training.

The training continued in that way for a few hours, until I finished up by sparing with everyone. I got a strong sense of deja vu from the scene that resulted. At the end, no one could move.

While Gobukichi-kun and his buddies were off watching from a distance, they were saying things like: “Ah! I knew this would happen.” “I thought it would too.“ “Training's harsh when he gets like that!" As expected, the endurance of these Goblins were higher right now than that of Gobukichi-kun and friends, so the recovery time was fast and after a time that I chose at my own discretion the training resumed. We didn’t go hunting today, instead I spent the time ranking the older Goblins, deciding rules and stuff like that.

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