Day 28

Day 28

Maybe it was the weeping, getting tired, and going to sleep, but she seemed to have more or less recovered. Perhaps her recovery was simply fast, but when I went to check on the girls in the morning, the Redhead cheerfully greeted me.

The other four still seemed afraid of me, but that couldn’t be helped. Time was required to have them come to an understanding. Among the stolen goods that came with them there was a cooking kit. Using that I made a pseudo-stew for them.

Well, having my first civilized meal in a while really made me happy. It might be self praise, but the pseudo-stew really tasted good.

Eating is absolutely essential for healing and as delicious as the food is, that much of the soul is healed, it’s that kind of cure. When eating, I saw that the girls calmed down and began to lower their guard. I began to hear about them in more detail. If there is something I can do for them, I'll need to learn what that could be, was what I was thinking while listening to them talk.

By the way, I forgot to mention, except for the Redhead, the other four were holders of [[[Job]] - Peddler].

In the soft and comfortable atmosphere, I got to know that one of them was an [Appraiser], as well as a [Blacksmith], easily able to sharpen the blades of short swords and long swords. If I could arrange better facilities for her, she promised that she would forge equipment for me.

The two girls who looked similar turned out to be sisters, and they both held the jobs of [Tailor] and [Cook], so I arranged to have them be in charge of cooking and making clothes in the future. As expected, I cannot tell them to make clothes like Goblins who were their enemies, so I just told them to make clothes that they are used to making themselves.

As far as making food for everyone, I told them to just put up with it for now.

One of the women that looked coldly intelligent was an [Alchemist], so I asked her to make potions. I should have someone supervise them in case food is served with poison, if that happens, it’d be scary.

The Redhead is capable of doing farm work, but speaking bluntly that’s useless in this situation, so from here on out it was decided that she would participate in the training to get stronger. The women had to be able to protect themselves, particularly in situations like the one they were in.

After eating, we would have proceeded with training if we followed our usual schedule, however today was different. We were gathering all our belongings in preparation to move out of the cave. If you're wondering why, after the older generation returned, the cave was too small for everyone.

Until now, most Goblins that were newly born died quickly, that changed for my generation. That’s why we were moving to the Orcs' former mining base. If we relocated there we would have no more problems with space, and most importantly, since it’s a mine it had been reinforced to prevent collapses, so it was really sturdy. Also, I wanted to collect as many spirit stones as possible.

I sent out Gobukichi-kun to lead a group of ten Goblins to act as an advance party. The rest of them completed their packing and left an hour later. There were a lot of workers and backpacks, so we were able to move immediately.

Escorting the human women were Gobumi-chan, Gobue-chan and those few I could trust for this matter. The walk took over an hour but it seems we’ve finally reached our destination.

It seems like Orcs had once again came to settle the mine, however, Gobukichi-kun's group had already killed them. I received their hearts, and the rest of the Orcs were split between the members of the advance party as a reward. After that we set out to bring order into the interior of the mining grounds.

Since we didn’t have many decorations, the storing places of weapons and food were easily decided, and we put the sleeping area in order. Of course, we didn’t forget about preparing toilets either.

When we finished with the general stuff, I left the rest in the care of the Goblin elder and started to prepare the living area of the human women. Luckily I had my [Earth Control] ability so the work was easy. I quickly finished the Blacksmith’s smithy, the Sisters’ kitchen, the Alchemist’s workshop, and lastly their sleeping location. For their bedroom, I made them a simple bed. By taking a wooden frame and using my thread I made a mattress. It’s a somewhat bare structure, but fairly comfortable to sleep in.

Excavated spirit stones were used for drinking water and light sources so these weren't any problems. With a little creative thinking we also managed to get the smithy to produce simple things. Thus, we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and doing routine tasks. The food was prepared by the Sisters. As expected of those who possess the [Cook] profession, it tasted really good.

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