Sidestory: Charles's POV

Day 27 Sidestory: Charles's POV

My name is Charles.

In January I joined Sword of the Weak, an adventurer's association. They sent us off on a simple guard mission. My weapon is steel longsword. It isn't a magic item, so it's the usual [Normal] rank, but it seems to be an excellent sword for cutting. It was hammered by a famous [Blacksmith] using good steel.

When it's bought, this to which considerable gold is necessary isn't the items for which I can buy the degree primarily.

Of course, because it can't be bought, it isn't an item I stole from a store either. When going out of the village where I was born and grew up, this is the thing which my uncle, who was an adventurer in the past, gave me.

My uncle is the benefactor of my life, a foster parent and is the master who my goal is one day to surpass.

When speaking, it became long, so when I thought consciously, around eleven years old, my parents were killed and eaten by a group of monsters after they attacked the village.

I was close to death then, too, but though my uncle who returned and had come by chance struggled with the long sword in one hand and carried an countless bruise, I succeeded to repulse, and it was a hero of a village. But my uncle lost a right leg in the battle, and a chronic numbness on the left side. Don't meet, for, an adventure person will be that my uncle stays in a village without possible possibility. I was taken back then and was brought up. Trouble has not also ceased after that.

My uncle who can't have all help of a village but lose a right leg and also move a left hand satisfactorily and I who didn't grow up. There was a field where my fathers left it, but it's my work to cultivate a field mainly, so the one which is being eaten is serious. But you told me the adventure my uncle often experienced actually, so it's apparent that it was fun. I decided and liked that every day.

Five years did that and lived together, and passed, and when it was also sixteen, a life also became stable, so I asked earnestly somehow, and did to tell the way against which I fight to my uncle. It'll be the adventure person who was admiration, like my uncle, concerning the world, from red snapper, if, when saying, it could be accepted easily relatively.

Oh, that occupies half of neighborhood of the reason, but truth is the childhood friend which is two years older, and it's big to say that Rushana in love conquers my uncle who was attacking Takeshi for a long time at last and has married secretly.

In other words, disappointed love was decided opportunity. It's a pitiable reason even I, this, a wife search was also a hard time at a village which declines small, so I thought I had to go outside sometime. He was a newly-married couple, so an uncle married couple had to stop his ears and sleep in the evening and it can also probably be said that the making up one's mind stuck to the thought that a maggot maggot was being done so far with this finally. I went between field labor, so practice has passed for about one year, but common practice was finished and I had leave, so I'll be an adventure person, and am here.

It has been begun by pitiable circumstances, but I who has finished uncle's practice am not proud, but there is an arm which is in a hurry and [Soldier] is also rather high ranking relatively.

The same bolt isn't discounted. When Gogo also piled up a blade, victory or defeat was almost decided. By the state that that also wasn't serious and controlled. I knew the top such as my uncles and the clan masters who will be because it was so, so I wasn't arrogant, subtle, it isn't quite satisfactory, there was felt time.

But I met her, Rubellia, her short red hair suits her well. I fell in love for the first time.

When saying that there was carelessness, it'll be up to that. But even if I didn't have that even if there was carelessness, I lost in Rubellia in the game. And a force was impartial to there, so it was possible to win the next game. I also play a game several times after that, but a well person wins, and it's repeated that a bad person discounts. Only either didn't become strong and was growing each other by hanging in the balance.

While probably fighting, I think she became interested. Rubellia, a peerless beauty. For it isn't a reason. But there was healthy beauty, and when seeing smile of the carefree whole face, the heart became lively heartrendingly unconsciously. There may be a case that the smiling face which cries with everywhere says that there was a part similar to Rushana.

I also had a pure liking for Rubellia except for that freely. During spare time, I tried to speak to Rubellia after I was aware of that. And Rubellia found really akin to me. Like me who cries with my parents already, my uncle has them tell how to fight to me by an adventure person. There are a lot of similar places, and what is it also to say by oneself, but aren't we a well-matched couple? No, because I'm not confessing, it isn't also by a couple, too. But there was no opportunity, and you couldn't confess easily. I think really, I'm a heartless guy.

"Charles, when will you confess to Rubellia?"

If I think as a maggot , what has the looks which gets along well and is always making a party called such thing? Now is while merchant group as Star God's Pavilion is the request which guards the fortress city Trient front where I arrive at (Mission). Rubellia also is there to be seen in the members quite a lot more than usual. Though it's so, you say such thing, and I suggest you be heard by the person himself, if it was to do, it was be upset, but maybe they were talking Rubellia friendly with the females of the guard target and didn't hear. I was relieved and stared at a looks, and but I spoke while being embarrassed. I was laughed away variously and but declared only one for best friend's looks.

"After we finish this request, I'll confess."

I thought it was probably now to break on the heartless own. It was somehow, but I just thought I have to say. And you told a looks to exert yourself. Though the looks also isn't little and is well-disposed in Rubellia, you support. I was sorry and but thankful, and thought it'll be formed with Rubellia by all means.

It's such time, we who were advancing a highway when we were attacked by surprise.

A group of goblins had attacked us. They first ambushed and killed the seniors, who had the highest combat power among the company.

I'd apply a poison to an arrowhead from the superiors who shouldn't be a fatal wound just carried off and playing a bubble and dying, too. This quest isn't received by a bolt adventure person like us primarily, accompanying is permitted to add to the experience by using superiors' commanding by arrangement of a clan master as a condition. The seniors who could command us in such a situation, they all died. When all units for which immaturity is conspicuous lost a commander together, it was obvious what happened to the persons for whom it was left. When the person who is confused and runs away has, too, the person who fights against a goblin seems to be an adventure person and has, too. It was feared, and it couldn't move and maybe there was a person, too.

I fought with the love sword in the hand in it. I cross swords with the looks from which it was chosen to fight likewise and the goblins which were back to back and were armed with a dagger and an ax. The kind as the goblin is a small fish basically. In a hurry there is body ability, but there is no intelligence using that. The silly person advancing honestly to a fault. When there is something by which even an amateur will be a weapon such as hoes and clubs, so it's easy relatively to kill by one to one. But this group isn't weak. The thing in which a poison was used for an arrow shows the group of the van dittos goblin. Wisdom goes around, so they're very more troublesome than an ordinary goblin. Though this number can be killed too short when crashing in without ideas, they're obstinate. And two bodies seem to judge that I'm a powerful enemy during being probably left, and strike and come at the same time. When it'll be indeed so, it isn't possible to kill easily. When it is, unity was attacked and injured intensively, but when damage exceeded a constant value, I went down to the back, so it wasn't possible to kill. I try in order to kill other in the opportunity which became one to one then but a new goblin will strike and come immediately, so the number I keep occupied doesn't change from two bodies. It should be possible to kill unity by a blow, I had no ability to there.

Arms are exchanged while clenching the teeth in the chagrin, and a bruise is increasing gradually each other. An enemy changes several times, so I'm intenser for wearing.

I'll do that, and, you can finish attacking, without, when I'm here, the form of Rubellia suits the sight by chance. She was fighting desperately, too. Though I get injured, a goblin is being killed. But an enemy was approaching the back, so I raise my voice immediately. And she reacts and beats an enemy by a shield with strategy. I don't miss the opening where the goblin could be made warping by its effect and have dealt a fatal blow.

I have no time relieved at that, and the offensive of the immediate goblin is parried somehow. Then an opening could have enemy's flank in the good condition, so I thrust at that and flash. A crowded long sword ate in a side and shall hand heavy resistance down to me and but cut it in two. The upper part of body revolves around, and a stiff of a cut goblin scatters blood, and the lower part of the body falls in DOU and the ground. Though it revolves as a shriek is given by killing my company, and I happen to cut it from the back, and it's avoided by turning the other attack which has come down in the ground, and the ground may be rubbed, ashibarai. The goblin which paid both feet loses its balance, and is leaning forward and is reversed. I stand up immediately using revolving momentum, stamp a back of the goblin which struggles and go through a heart. I had the sense which took the life certainly.

It was painful, but you could win somehow. It's severe for certain, but it may be still somehow. When feelings had begun to spring, what did that show?

It's a mage. Mage where a goblin is also a hobgoblin without well that. It's a female from the feature and the cane which was put up from the place he left is seen. Blaze of the one intonation has finished already or the devil's fire burned in the point. That which shines brightly is fired at the same time as it was seen, and I who was moving unconsciously avoid a flame ball at the narrow escape. The one which could be avoided was just lucky. There would be no next. A body seems to burn by that heat wave which wrapped the back in hellfire, and bare skin is hot and painful. But it isn't a fatal wound, so much, I stand it and stuff the distance with mage. Even though I say mage, it's a Hobgoblin Mage. From me now, they must be a powerful enemy, but I can't think you can do from the amount of the magic in the body and fire in a hurry. Therefore you shouldn't be hesitated even a little and do rare time idly. Anyway when stuffing the distance, it should be easier to kill than an ordinary hobgoblin.

Mage was earliness and several steps more more than I made the next magic actuated because a judgement was fast actually, and it was possible to catch in the distance which can be killed. shi would be in a slightly impatient expression for me.

But my aim collapsed by another hobgoblin's appearance. The same female hobgoblin as mage with a sword. That was distinctive from the side, and I broke it between me and mage and entered.

My offensive strategy inter-weaved [Slash] and [Run]. [Soldier] which gave the momentum to which I run a ride and paid out (arts) was let run and or was avoided. There was a case that tsurugi sen grazes, but I don't come to a fatal wound far.

The enemy's arms paid out watch for a little chance in the strategy.

This hobgoblin is excellent at handling swords. When judging by sword skills only, she may even be better than me.

If I'm man, it would be equivalent to the [Swordsman] durability.

Such hobgoblin pays out, a hobgoblin with a sword couldn't attack so that he might think in zangeki aiming at the life mercilessly, and when the sword which draws near was received or it was let run, and he was being desperate and was fighting though it was damaged, jumped in the back suddenly. It'll be caught off guard perfectly, and you can't follow immediately.

A flame ball flies from the Mage, and I come one just after it. It was put in perfectly. A hobgoblin with a sword was ordinary temporization.

The flame ball which draws near. I'm approaching every moment, am being stronger in released heat than just now and am heating the whole body. It can't be avoided. I die. It's killed. Then you could find the world to have stopped. The sight which moves slowly and the flame which draws near. Only thought is high-speed and but a body doesn't move. How is it, it can't be done, and it's killed, it's just in front of, but, talk of my uncle who revives at such time.

My uncle seems to have that magic was cut with this long sword formerly. They seemed quite proud of this talk, so it's remembered well.

When hearing talk, they were skeptical, but I was absorbed, shook a long sword in a flame ball and dropped me off. It was a blow of the past best with strategy. I myself couldn't visually recognize it in zangeki of speed where myself have no things felt so far. If it can't be done, how do you have no choice but to die of this? But the included thought that I'm desperate didn't want to die, and surprisingly, cut, tore and showed a flame ball. A separated flame ball cuts it and falls in left and right, and the back earth burns. I wasn't just also interested in a consumed heat wave.

"Done...... is HA ZO which did?" Only a moment became careless for me in accomplishing by oneself. The result and I which did the act which shouldn't be done with the enemy at the front were killed too short. To kill me, when magic could be avoided, you cut a neck with the hobgoblin with a sword who was stuffing the distance from a blind spot. I cut it and saw my collapsing trunk in the corner of the sight which is judged from a transferred head. A looks was knocked down by others in the ground, and the form made by metta stabbing several goblins was also seen. That eyes would like to be opened rather widely, an expression of agonizing is striking. Other colleagues are killed by a man mostly, too. A guard target is also killed by a man, and a woman is captured.

The form that Rubellia is fighting with was a big hobgoblin. I wouldn't say that the ability difference is hopeless, but the number is different. Before long, Rubellia would be defeated. Will she be violated by a goblin now? She will be violated. Spirit bears a child of a goblin and breaks, and I'm dying in the rape at the end. If such thing is endurance, I don't have that, but how isn't consciousness able to do for immediately before me who disappears, please?

Yes, it's regrettable. Any more, consciousness won't last. The sight was dyed black. Nothing was prospective any longer from there. Any more, I'll hear nothing and be not felt. It's darkness, the darkness wrapped silently. Is this death? It's dark and cold.

God... at least, lend a helping hand to Rubellia.

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