Day 27

Day 27

Today we were training in outside the cave as usual when an unfamiliar group of goblins arrived.

They most likely don't maintain their weapons well, as I saw three fourths of the group carrying chipped short swords and battle axes that looked roughly handled hanging at their waists. They also wore blood-stained leather armor on top of dirty chainmail shirts. Lastly, there were three hobgoblins amongst them.

Will a battle for survival break out for the second day in a row? I got a little excited, but it seems to be the return of our parents’ group who were working outside the forest.

How did I know that you say? Gobujii who was watching us practice, stopped my hostile stance and told me that.

Oh I see, so they weren’t enemies. When I thought "I should go greet them then", I noticed it. Although they were hidden in the shadows of some goblins who were carrying large backpacks - in all likelihood the fruits of their latest raid -, there were five young women who had their hands and feet bound, with their mouths gagged to prevent them from becoming violent while being carried by several goblins.

Judging from their clothes, four of them were ordinary people, and the last one wearing leather armor was probably an adventurer - who I heard about from Gobujii - .

The girl who looked like an adventurer had slight visible traces of having been hit in the face. Their clothes didn’t seem to be in disorder so they probably hadn't been raped yet. It's only a matter of time though. Judging from the swelling in the crotchs of Gobujii and the Hobgoblin Leader - most likely - who was talking to him, anyone could tell what they were talking about, even if they didn’t want to.

I don’t have the slightest hesitations about proactively attacking others, killing them and eating their flesh, however, I don't like forcing those who didn't proactively take a hostile stance against me. Of course, I understand the instinct of living creatures to leave offspring, but to decide if it's right or wrong, such things are a very different matter.

I’ve also had sex with some of my female co-workers to relieve my stress when I go to dangerous places for work, but there was mutual consent in those situations.

Forcing people like this makes me sick. Cute girls should be loved, this is what I think.

For the weak goblins to be able to resist humans, numbers are necessary. After this expedition, there's a need to replenish the numbers.

However, I don't care about that! It's not like I can change the way I think in the short amount of time since I've been reincarnated.

With things being this way, I decided to help them. You say that it's hypocrisy? Yes, but it is no problem because it's even more hypocritical to do nothing.

I walked up to the hobgoblin leader who was talking to Gobujii and asked him to leave the women to me.

The moment I said that, I don’t know why, but Gobujii gave me a helpless look which I ignored.

The hobgoblin leader made face that seemed to convey “what the hell are you talking about!?”, but nevertheless I repeated my request.

It is important to discuss everything first. No matter how much you dislike the opposition, you should start by discussing your problems. Any hostility should be put aside if possible. I tried to persuade him patiently but the hobgoblin leader wasn’t willing to listen.

That wasn’t all, given that he started emitting killing intent, he probably got irritated at me who kept obstinately asking. Realizing that this was a waste of time and will just result in the other goblins in his group to also get irritated, I stopped.

Then, the hobgoblin leader pulled out his short sword and pointed it at my throat in ridicule. The reason why he didn't attack me is probably because Gobukichi-kun and the others behind me were brandishing weapons of comparable level to the ones they have.

I’m me, that's why trying to persuade him more than this is troublesome, I'll just kill him. I pulled out one of my estocs and knocked away the hobgoblin leader’s short sword.

At that moment, the atmosphere clearly changed.

The goblins from both sides took hostile stances and drew out their weapons, and if either I or the hobgoblin leader made the slightest move, the status quo would be disrupted. Of course, everyone would be trying to kill the enemies in front of them.

The reason no one moved was not only because we held the executive decision-making power, but also because instinct told them that if a fight started here, each side would take a lot of damage regardless of who will win.

They numbered twenty eight while we numbered thirty nine. In pure numbers, we had the advantage, however in combat and teamwork experience, they were far above us.

Honestly, I had no idea which side would win, because I don't have enough information and starting this fight head on would inevitably cause huge damage for both sides which is why I didn’t move.

Incidentally, the group of old goblins were only watching us from the side. It may be because they think that the youngsters should decide the way of the clan, regardless, they didn’t do anything and seemed to prefer watching what would happen as neutral observers.

For a short while, we glared at each other, but thinking that this was troublesome, I prepared myself to trigger the fight by adapting a forward-bent pose.

I clenched one of my estoc-holding hands and pointed its tip straight towards the hobgoblin leader's heart.

I bent my legs in order to propel myself at high speed and pierce the hobgoblin leader's heart, then—

—just at that moment, a voice suddenly reverberated. Everyone instinctively stopped moving, and turned towards the source of the voice.

The owner of the voice was one of the three hobgoblins from the opposite camp. Judging from the appearance, it was a female and since she was holding a staff, most likely she was a hobgoblin Mage that could use magic besides me. She said, “Don’t involve us in your fight” and “The strongest will be the leader and gets to decide the policy of the clan" Because Mages have a higher intelligence than regular breeds, she was able to think of a calm judgement even in this situation.

When I asked her "Aren’t you, who can use magic, stronger than this guy?", she said that she isn't interested.

It was thus concluded that a fight to determine who reigns at the top of the « Goblin Community » was to be held.

The rules were very simple: use of weapons is forbidden, and while killing was permitted, the fight ends when one party faints or gives up, they were such barbaric rules.

Gobujii would be acting as a referee for the fight. It was an appropriate position for Gobujii who held a neutral opinion and was the wisest.

Nevertheless, I was surprised to find out that the goblins on their side began making bets in the middle of the preparations. So they had a gambling mentality, huh? Furthermore, because they were using copper coins, they seem to have some wisdom.

Well, this kind of thing is certainly well-suited as entertainment.

Meanwhile, the goblins on our side were sitting with impeccable manners. They were staying still to watch the fight that was about to take place. Yep, this is surreal.

At any rate, I felt bad for the girls who became a prize, because we were pointlessly scaring them. Well, this is all for their sakes. Just bear with it for now.

Then, after the preparations were finished, the fight to decide the leader began.

On one side was a long-serving soldier full of scars who had drawn many subordinates to follow him with his achievements.

On the other side was me, who had thoroughly trained those of my generation, and Ranked Up into a [ Hobgoblin Variant ].

Apparently, most of the bets the gpblins placed were on the hobgoblin leader, but I didn't care about that, when Gobujii announced the beginning of the fight, I immediately attacked.

Well, I’ll say the result. Of course, I won.

[Evil Eye] which stops my opponents' movements like a frog glared at by a snake.

[Intimidating Roar] which causes my opponents' to cower from the volume of the roar that can't be issued with my vocal cords normally.

I confused the enemy by overlapping these two abilities at the same time, I didn't miss the gap created and immediately closed the distance, then I wrapped his body with my threads. Lastly, I hung him from a tree like a sandbag.

Gobujii asked me about the thread, but it was definitely a part of my body. It’s a little like saliva. Since it comes out from my body, it can’t be considered a weapon. Therefore, there aren't any problems. Since it isn’t a weapon, I didn’t violate the rules even if I use it. It's like that. Yeah, it’s safe.

After turning him into a makeshift sandbag with my threads, it was time for violence. I tried going easy on him so that he won't die.

However, he belongs to the hobgoblin species, who are tougher than goblins, in addition, he was impertinently shouting things like “I’m the leader! How dare you, you impostor! Do you have no shame!?” showing that he doesn't understand his own situation, so I got a bit serious.

Well, it can’t be helped. It was unavoidable. That's why I beat him.

First of all, to prevent him from saying something boring like “I give up” I stuffed a gag made out of thread in his mouth.

After that, I beat him up for about three minutes, but he still had spirit, so I did that again for ten more minutes until he was just a bloody bag of soft moans. I didn’t kill him though. By the way, even though I beat and kicked him for ten minutes incessantly I still have plenty of physical strength left.

This is the result of daily training. I soon stopped because he fainted. Judging from touch, it seemed like his bones were just barely at the point of breaking and his internal organs didn't rupture. If I left him like this, he surely wouldn’t die.

Nevertheless, I forcibly made him drink a [ Life Potion ], a weak but effective self-made physical recovery drug, I made it by mixing several types of medicinal herbs like Healing grass and several kinds of insects mixed in with fresh water. Then, I cut the thread and let him roll on the ground.

Seeing the effect of the potion, I managed to prove that it was capable of healing little cuts for the time being. Given that, his insides should be more or less better by tomorrow. However, he will most likely be unable to wake up today.

Once I finished the job, I became aware that the others had drawn away from me, who was immersed in a weird of sense of accomplishment.

While the goblins on our side seemed in a better state than the others, there was still a hint of terror in their eyes, why?. Also, they would instinctively try to run away whenever I approached, this hurted my feelings a little…

Eh? What is it Gobumi-chan? It's because they were completely unable to understand my thread, and in addition to the tragic scene of the hobggoblin leader, I was making a scary face while beating him? But wasn't that just my normal face?

Ah, I'm the only one that thinks that, huh.

But it really isn’t that big of a deal, don't you think so too Gobukichi-kun? Ah... don’t be like that.

Even Gobue-chan...? Okay okay, if it’s like that, then fine. I have no allies here.

After letting out a sigh, I asked if there were any more challengers. By making my position clear now, I'll be able to reduce the possibility of any trouble coming up later on.

In the end, because there were no more challengers, I officially became the Leader of this « Goblin Community ».

I then declared that it is strictly forbidden to touch the women and that there would be a more detailed set of rules given in due time before dismissing everyone.

LN V1 1 115

Afterwards, I removed the gags and untied the hemp ropes around the hands and feet of the five women and brought them to the deepest parts of the cave where those pitiful women from before were kept, made to reproduce and die in despair. I did this because it would be troublesome if they escaped.

Well, the women escaping is fine, but five unarmed women running around in this dangerous forest can only lead to them being killed and eaten. And since I have gone through the trouble to save them, I won’t allow this to happen.

Fortunately, since I have the ability [Human Language] the minimum requirements needed to speak with them were fulfilled.

It wasn’t long before we arrived. I took the torch I made beforehand and lit it to provide a light-source.

goblins have [Night Vision], but it is difficult for humans to see in the darkness.

After these preparations were finished, I began talking to them. I promised them that I will not harm them and that I will ensure food, clothing and shelter. I also told them that if they were assaulted, I'll deal with the assailants, and that it would take some time, but I'll deliver them to a town.

I think probably 5 or 6 hours passed before either because of my insistent persuasion, or some other reason that I don’t know of, the girls began to speak.

The first one who regained her composure was the adventurer girl, with short flaming red hair, rather than a charming beauty, she possessed cuteness that reminded me of small animals.

From my conversation with the redhead girl, I concluded that the four women were peddlers from a merchant association called « The Star God's Pavilion ».

As for the redhead, she was a member of the adventurer clan « The Sword of the Weak » who applied for « The Star God's Pavilion »'s escort request. « The Sword of the Weak » seemed to consist of fledgling adventurers.

As I thought, such an occupation existed. Her clan seemed to be a typical adventurer clan with the main policy of nurturing the strength of their individuals via mutual support, and the redhead, a holder of the [Job - Warrior] and a fledgling adventurer, wanted to obtain power by serving as a member with them.

How did these girls get caught? After hearing the story, briefly explained, it goes like this :

The girls were on the highway heading towards the defense city « Trient ».

→ They were been ambushed by a goblin raid who used poisoned arrows - in other words, our parents' generation - .

→ Their leader who was a mid-ranked adventurer his companions who were at the same rank as him were all killed by the first attack.

→ There were a few experienced escort adventurers, but they were fledgling adventurers. However, The goblins were skilled at methodical teamwork, so they couldn’t compete.

→ Even a fledgling adventurer can kill a few goblins, but the presence of the three hobgoblins who were systemically dealing with adventures that stand out was fatal.

→ In addition, there was the presence of a hobgoblin Mage.

→ When opposing the magic-wielding Mages, it is necessary to have a higher overall Level than them. Alternatively, although the number of times magic can be exercised using it is limited, magic items like scrolls or wands that enable even children to use magic can be used to fight Mages. However, there was no way a fledgling adventurers could buy such a high-class item.

→ As a result, they were subjugated without resistance, their weapons and goods plundered, the men were killed, the girls who survived were carried off and we arrived at the present situation.

As a hobgoblin myself, I shouldn’t be the one to say this, but it was a difficult story to hear. Not to mention, everyone were annihilated besides these girls. Well, there’s nothing to say about it other than that it was their bad luck.

After telling me that much, they couldn’t bear it anymore and bursted into tears.

As expected, they could not even put their feelings about living together with goblins who killed their friends in order, so I thought that any more than this would only be painful. I told them where I left the torch that I prepared along with some blankets, then I went back. Now I should just do them a favor and let them cry their feelings out.

Well then, I suppose I should now start talking about [Jobs]. For non-human beings like demi-humans, beastmen, and monsters - any species in a hostile relationship with developed civilizations, though non-monsters can appear in a monster species like Mages and [ Variants ] - , there is a law in this world called [ Evolution (Rank up) ]. As you could probably guess from my phrasing, the law of [ Evolution (Rank up) ] does not apply to humans.

But in exchange for that, there are a large number of [Job]s that they can take.

The basic stats of humans are inferior compared to non-humans.

To compensate that, they acquire as much [Job]s as possible, each [Job] has its acquisition conditions, and the stronger the [Job] the harder the conditions. And by acquiring [Job]s humans get [Improvements] that strengthen their bodies.

Anyone can raise their [ Jobs ]'s Level by spending time and if one has the prerequisites, it is possible to [ Promotion (Rank up) ] to a higher ranking [Job].

Also, [Job]s are largely responsible for the rise of those who are called [ Champion (Eiyuu) ]s and [ Heroes (Yuusha) ]s, in addition, the improvements from such [Job]s are are very high. And don’t laugh, because it looks like people with the [ Job-Heroes (Yuusha) ] and [ Job-Champion (Eiyuu) ] really exist.

To put it simply, the non-humans' [ Evolution (Rank up) ] is heavily influenced by their achievements, but can dramatically increase their potential all at once.

Whereas humans' with their [ Promotion (Rank up ) ] grow more slowly than non-humans, but anyone can get power to a certain level if they spend time on it.

It’s like this: either raise several Levels in one leap, or slowly, but surely, raise one Level at a time.

It's either that or the following. Non-humans, few, but very strong individuals. Humans, many, but weaker than non-humans in individual ability.

By the way, this information is from Gobujii, so it's most likely correct.

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