Day 26

Day 26

When morning came, Gobue-chan had turned into a Hobgoblin. To congratulate her, we gave her a gift: an accessory made from fangs that gave off the vibe of being from a tribal people.

Usually when combat practice ends, the Goblins end up scattering for the day's hunt.

However, this time, everyone underwent an arms inspection.

The lowest and most numerous private weapons that Goblins use are Horn Rabbit's horns, [Shell Reinforced Shields], and their regular clothes. At the inspection place, we only counted them. After thirty minutes had passed, everyone left the cave together. Our plan this time was to raise everyone’s level and to increase my number of skills. With that in mind, I decided to launch a surprise attack on the Orc’s mining base. We didn’t have a particular grudge against the Orcs; we simply did what we needed to in order to survive.

Therefore we attack. Attack and eat.

And now I shall announce the results. Our camp only had light injuries and we didn’t have a single casualty. Of the Orcs in the mining base, they all died. This included the Orc Leader and his warriors. The main reason for this was the training we’d been undergoing which focused not only on offense but also on defense. This was also helped by how decisive, stern, and relentless I had been during sparring. That’s why their defensive power was so high. Although, a large part of the cause would be that the majority of the Orc Leader’s fighting potential was impeded by my Goblin thread and then pricked to death.

What? Cowardly? I disagree. In the natural world, such behavior isn’t an issue. When you die, it’s over; so no matter how cowardly you act, the survivor is the winner.

Only the winners gets to decide what was right and what was wrong.

In order to always be a winner, I must steel my heart from weakness.

After the battle had ended, we pulverized the medicinal herbs [Healing Grass] we brought, soaked cloth wraps in the fluid, took those cloth wraps and applied them to the wounds. It is a very simple medical care, but surprisingly effective.

For patients who bore life threatening wounds, I proceeded to use my blessed healing skills with my [Job - Druid] to cure their wounds.

I thought my magical practice could be useful, so I tried various ways until it worked.

Even if one of their arms had been chopped off, it would only take some time with my healing skills before adhesion became possible. You’d have an uncomfortable feeling for a while; but compared to losing an arm, this is nothing. Moving the arm also seems possible after rehabilitation. I have to say that this healing skill is amazing.

I am truly thankful for having this ability.

Towards the woman who once was a [Druid], I truly harbored feelings of gratitude. This is because if I didn’t have this ability, our numbers would have dwindled considerably. Once I wouldn’t have blinked an eye no matter how many of them died; but after training with these guys for a while, I’ve started to see them as my subordinates and disciples.

Thus if they need help, I’ve developed the desire to aid them. While I think of those girls who died, I offer them a prayer.

While I was administering medical treatments, Gobukichi-kun together with the other uninjured Goblins ran around gathering Orcs and their equipment. When I finished the treatment I immediately changed to the next stage of the plan.

It seems like the Orc Leader’s Halberd was reinforced with magic materials, so it had an incredibly sharp edge. It was just the right size so I decided to make it my new weapon. Swords are nice, but I’m used to using longer weapons. There were lots of other weapons as well, and with this everyone received better weapons. The lowest ranking Goblins went from using horned rabbit horns to using short swords, which is an extremely significant difference.

And above all, besides the large quantities of Fire Spirit Stones and Lightning Spirit Stones, there were also Wind Spirit Stones and Earth Spirit Stones that I still haven’t eaten yet. Within the mining base, other materials had still yet to be discovered.

After we hurriedly stripped the Orcs of all their possessions, we all gathered to eat the delicious meat. To be more prudent, we decided that the food division would be decided by the member’s rank where higher rank meant more food. Orc Leaders and Orc Mages etc. main battle potential units were of course destined to end up in my belly.

Ability [Rallying Cry] learned.
Ability [Improved Digestion] learned.
Ability [Halberd Proficiency] learned.

While also indulging in the Orc barbecue, I alone ate Fire, Lightning, and Water Spirit Stones together with the newly acquired Wind and Earth Spirit Stones as snacks.

Ability [Aero Master] learned.
Ability [Storm Tolerance] learned.
Ability [Earth Control] learned.
Ability [Earth Tolerance] learned.

But more importantly, the Orc barbecue party was really satisfying.

Orc flesh has this peculiar taste and texture where it feels like extra special high quality pork; and what’s more, there are large quantities of it. No matter how much we ate, there never seemed to be an end to it.

Even so, I missed cooked rice and alcohol. I especially missed alcohol. I missed it so much I nearly couldn’t bear it. When I think back on it, I haven’t drunk a drop since I reincarnated. On the way home after buying alcohol, I was stabbed by Aoi. I began to wonder what happened to that alcohol.

And just like that, I longed even more for it. After that, we went back to the cave to sleep before it became dark.

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