Day 25

Day 25

In the morning training, some individuals started developing some bad habits when moving their bodies', so I pointed it out to them. However, after starting the morning practice no one has died during hunting, although some did get hurt. This being the case, I felt relieved knowing that my training wasn't meaningless.

Afterwards, we went hunting. While hunting the likes of Night vipers, Armored tanukis and Demon spiders, we found a new prey that undoubtedly possessed better individual abilities than the spiders.

They were a pack of wolves with black fur that almost looked as if it was made of metal. I decided to call them [ Black Wolves ] (temporary name), and for the time being, I decided to quietly observe them.

It seems that the pack consists of sixteen [ Black Wolves ] who currently seem to be engrossed in eating. Luckily, we are standing leeward, so they have yet to notice us; however, were that to change, we may end up like the kobolds the Black wolves are currently eating.

Their numbers were four times as many as ours, but above all, the [ Black Wolf Leader ] seemed incredibly dangerous. He was considerably larger than the other Black wolves.

If we go at them from the front, we’d probably suffer a great deal of damage. Because they had greater numbers, the advantage was heavily stacked in their favor, but this advantage can be overturned by a surprise attack.

Gobumi-chan let loose an arrow from her crossbow which pierced the body of the Black wolf leader who was eating a chunk of Kobold meat. At the same time, an arrow from Gobue-chan pierced the neck of a nearby wolf.

With the Black wolf leader vitality, it wouldn’t die instantly from an ordinary arrow, but because the arrowhead was coated with my venom, it staggered unsteadily after several seconds and then collapsed while convulsing and foaming from its mouth.

Even so, the Black wolf leader didn’t immediately die. It was barely hanging on with its life slowly slipping away. By the way, without any resistance against the fast-acting poison, the ordinary Black wolf that got shot through the neck quickly died.

With this, we were able to prevent the wolves’ quick teamwork. Considerable time is needed to decide who is going to replace the top member in a pack. You could see the panic in the wolves’ figures when it suddenly happened.

Making full use of the mess we created, Gobukichi-kun and I moved closer and attacked.

Though it was the first time since I reincarnated that I fought a wolf-type monster, I was sure that I could easily deal with them as usual, as long as they didn’t have any special abilities. When I approached one of them, the wolf bared its sharp fangs at me and launched its most powerful attack [ Bite ], in response, I thrust my estoc dripping with venom towards its mouth. With the force of the charge from both sides combined, I easily tore through flesh, drilled through the bone and destroyed the wolf’s brain.

I caught a glimpse of a wolf trying to escape through the confusion, so I charged a high pressure water blade with electricity and slashed at its feet.

The battle-axe wielding Gobukichi-kun couldn’t hack through the stiff-furred Black wolves, but his attacks forcibly broke their spines and ribs, and by using his running momentum, he forcibly broke the neck of a Black wolf that collided head on with his shield.

In the midst of all that, Gobumi-chan's and Gobue-chan's sniping further reduced the enemies' numbers.

After a while, the pack of Black wolves who lost their greatest weapon, their teamwork, and the effectiveness of their bites had been nullified, were annihilated without sparing even a single one.

Once the battle finished, the three of us except for Gobukichi-kun started dismantling the wolves’ bodies. The wolves’ fur, for later use, had to be kept in the most pristine of conditions, both for function and aesthetics, therefore, the extremely clumsy Gobukichi-kun had to be excluded and couldn’t be entrusted with such a task.

Because of this, I placed Gobukichi-kun on lookout duty. Due to my [Sense Presence] ability, having Gobukichi-kun on lookout was unnecessary. However, in a world of survival of the fittest, the gained experience from this task will be important.

I think Gobumi-chan and Gobue-chan will be able to acquire the ability [Dismantle] soon if I assign more dismantling tasks to them, their hands are already becoming more skillful at dismantling.

After we finished skinning the fur, we ate the meat, each of us ate four.

Ability [Pack Leadership] learned

Ability [Pack Hunting Proficiency] learned

Ability [Steel Hide] learned

As expected, the Black wolf leader was an excellent commander.

[Pack Leadership] and [Pack Hunting Proficiency] are a huge bonus for leading operations.

[Pack Leadership] allows me to quickly identify the most suitable subordinate for a particular task, as well as giving them instructions efficiently. Also, It enhances the overall ability of the group.

[Pack Hunting Proficiency] allows me to accurately and efficiently move my subordinates in a large-scale operation, allowing to move my subordinates in a coordinated manner with as few orders possible.

[Steel Hide] this ability increases the defense of fur and leather-based armor in addition to one’s own skin and hair. The ability to increase my defenses at will is very useful. I’m certain it will be handy in the future.

After that, we hunted some Demon spiders and Green slimes before going back. After having dinner, I went to bed.