Day 24

Day 24

Today after morning practice, the four of us, Hobgoblins and Goblin, went hunting again.

And the first thing we encountered was a seventy centimeter long black spider with yellow lines. I decided to give it the temporary name “Demon Spider”.

Because it’d made a nest, I burnt it to a crisp with my [Pyrokinesis] ability.

I had some trouble preventing a forest fire since the thread burned and the fire followed it over quite a few trees.

If it had turned into a conflagration, we’d also have died.

Ability [Spider Thread Creation] learned.

And thus, I learned how to secrete spider thread from my fingers—no wait.

Since I’m a Goblin, it’s Goblin thread? Anyway, at my will it was gushing forth from my fingers.

Seeing thread come out from my fingertips vigorously with a “buryuryuryuryuryu”-like sound, it felt quite surreal; however, it’s unquestionably an extremely useful ability.

Unfortunately, as I am now, I can’t make delicate work. Skillfully manipulating the thread like a spider is impossible for now. The best I can do is to simply immobilize the target.

If I make the slightest complex movement, I’ll wind up tangled in the web myself, unable to move. Yes, compared to sewing, spinning webs is in a league of its own.

Thus, in order to freely be able to control the thread, I decided to search for more Demon Spiders.

After a little while, I discovered some, and this time I tried killing the spiders with electricity before eating them. I soon had three corpses.

Ability [Thread Wielding Arts] learned.

With this, I became able to delicately manipulate thread. The thread was very durable, so I thought about making clothes and such with it. Also, the Demon Spiders carapace seemed sturdy, so I decided to make use of it when I construct armor next time.

After that, while walking, we saw our first Orc in a long time.

The place where we found them was close to where we found an Orc the last time.

Because this place was quite far away from the cave we hadn’t really explored the area, and I was berating myself over how we should have come here earlier.

The Orcs we found were in a group of six, and different from the previous one who carried a pickaxe. These Orcs carried quite heavy and splendid looking weapons like halberds, staves, hunting knives and long swords while wearing either breastplates or full plates.

Moreover, I think that the halberd-wielding Orc with the best physique was the group commander—the Orc Leader.

Still, we decided not to attack them. However, gathering intelligence is another matter so we followed the Orcs down the mountain for an hour until we discovered the location of the Orcs base, a mine.

I saw dozens of Orcs with pickaxes, and the sound of their efforts could be heard even from where we were watching them.

For the present, I was satisfied with climbing down the mountain. If we try attacking this many opponents, we’ll die.

True victory was if we four could sneakily escape with our knowledge and remain undiscovered.

At least that’s what I thought, but then I spotted three Orcs climbing down the mountain.

Even if they raised the alarm, since the other Orcs were far away, it would take a considerable amount of time before they could bring reinforcements; so we decided to quickly attack them.

Hiding in the thicket, we waited for them to reach our shooting range.

Gobumi and Gobue killed one Orc each with their crossbows. The last one was stunned by my lightning, after which I calmly walked up to him and slit his throat.

To transport the corpses, Gobukichi and I each carried one Orc while Gobumi and Gobue helped each other with the last Orc until we reached a place I deemed as safe where we leisurely took our time to eat.

Ability [Stench] learned.

Yes, plainly an ability I don’t need. [Stench], seriously? Well, Orcs certainly have a distinctive smell. But since their flesh is really tasty, it’s something we’ll have to live with.

Moreover, if by any chance I were to discover a use for the ability, I’ll consider it a profit.

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