Day 23

Day 23

It was raining today. Because of that, we could not go outside and instead held a festival inside the cave.

I don’t know when it started, but the Goblins in my generation had begun to operate as a group led by me, and this so-called festival is actually a round robin event that will decide the ranking within the group.

The results are exactly what you would expect.

At the top there was me, then Gobukichi-kun, followed by Gobumi-chan and Gobue-chan.

After the event, with the ranking settled, we did a study group. Because the ones on top have the responsibility of teaching, the ones below had to strictly follow the orders of those above them. Then we promptly decided on a few more rules.

With this orders can be relayed efficiently. While I’m at it, it seems like I’ll be using military ranks.

At the top, there was me as a Colonel, Gobukichi-kun was a Lieutenant Colonel, Gobumi-chan a Major, and Gobue-chan a Captain; after that, there was a huge gap to Sergeant to match the difference in power.

Well, it was appropriate due to our still small numbers.

Day 22 == Day 23 == Day 24

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