Day 22

Day 22

Today I crushed a goblin who became full of himself.

Of course I didn’t kill him, but he was recently becoming too overconfident in his new strength. He’ll die quickly if I don’t correct him like this. For that reason, I steeled my heart and punished him. I think this is a reasonable thing to do in an environment where carelessness means death.

Well, even if this goblin came to develop some rebellious sentiments against me, I can just beat him up again, no problem.

Today the four of us went out hunting again as usual.

We searched for and found some kobolds that I could gain new abilities from. There were six of them. It’s the largest group we’ve come across up to now, but we can crush them without a problem as we are now. Although they have numbers on their side, we have superior individual abilities and equipment.

We decided to give it a try. Gobumi-chan, armed with a crossbow, aimed at a kobold carrying a short-bow and prepared to pull the trigger, but then it came out from behind the bush.

A Kobold of small stature wearing on its head what looked like a Triple Horned horse's skull considering the three horns on the skull's forehead and it held a twisted and crooked wooden staff in its hand, it approached the group while muttering something.

From its appearance, I think it’s a [ Kobold Mage ].

I knew since I heard from Gobujii that goblins, orcs and other low-class monsters like kobolds are generally unable to use magic to interfere with the laws of the world, with the exception of [ Variants ].

But other exceptions do exist where ordinary kobolds and goblins can wield magic. These are called kobold Mages and goblin Mages. It is a highly prized and rare ability though not as rare as a [ Variant ].

As a result of my incomplete understanding of magic, caused by insufficient materials, I couldn't get the sense of how to exercise magic and this time I’m facing a kobold Mage accompanied by six Kobold followers. This could be difficult.

Even so, this is a good chance. If the Mage used magic, perhaps I might be able to learn how to wield it by observing it and even if I failed, I'll be able to get the corresponding abilities from eating it anyways.

Thinking that, we tailed the kobold party and that somewhat troublesome mission was a success. We were able to see magic being used for the first time. The victim of the kobold Mage’s magic was a [ Green Slime ].

Even with the ability [ Physical damage immunity ], the slime’s bodily fluids evaporated before the roaring blaze of fire, leaving behind a green nucleus. It was quite the flashy scene. But having seen that, I now have a rough understanding of what's magic exactly. If I go back to the cave and practice a bit, I think I'll be able to do it without a problem.

With that matter settled, we went on the offensive. The enemies were promptly annihilated. The kobold Mage instantly died from a poisoned arrow that hit the back of its head fired by Gobumi-chan. The rest were silenced by me and Gobukichi-kun with the support of Gobue-chan's poisoned stones and Gobumi-chan's rapid fire.

No matter how strong it is, it can't do anything if we crush it before it can show that power.

We stripped the ordinary kobolds of their equipment and put it in Gobue-chan's backpack, then I secured the kobold Mage’s staff. Moreover, we found eight [ Water Spirit Stones ] — strange stones that give off water when tightly gripped — , six [ Thunder Spirit Stones ] — strange stones that discharge electricity when given a strong impact - , and ten [ Fire Spirit Stones ] like the ones I ate before, all separated into three small sacks.

I took the kobold Mage and the six hearts for myself, the rest were eaten by the others, two for each one of them.

Incidentally, I also ate the Green slime's core.

Ability [Physical Damage Reduction] learned

Ability [Internal Mana Control] learned

Ability [Magician's Knowledge] learned

Ability [Intimidating Roar] learned

It seems like Green slime did not have [ Physical Damage Immunity ] but the lesser version [ Physical Damage Reduction ], but that’s remarkable enough as it is. This way we now know how to deal with Green slimes if we happen to encounter one. Simply burn them down with the ability [Pyrokinesis].

Then, I ate the kobold Mage's staff and the three kinds of [ spirit stones ]. Eating objects to gain abilities like this has become sort of a habit of mine.

Ability [Hydro Hand] learned

Ability [Water/Ice Resistance] learned

Ability [Electromaster] learned

Ability [Lightning Resistance] learned

Ability [Flame Resistance] learned

Ability [Mana Operation]

Yes, these are good abilities, by practicing with them I'll be able to finally use magic.

After that, we encountered some Armored tanukis and Night vipers on our way back. They were mostly killed by Gobue-chan to gain Experience Values for her, then we ate them.

Ability [Endure] learned

Ability [Evil Eye Resistance] learned

With this, it looks like I have learned all the abilities that I can learn from Night vipers and Armored tanukis. Well, it tasted good nonetheless.

After that, night fell and I went practicing magic by myself. It was hard at first but after one hour I figured out the trick, although it needed some activation time, I was able to do it without any problems.

Incidentally a Green slime attacked me under the cover of night, and seeing it as a good practice target, I decided to take care of it using magic. I constructed a black lance using magic and shot it at the Green slime, killing it in one hit with a fearsome power.

Then, I took the core that was rolling around and ate it.

Ability [Self-Body Fluid Property Manipulation] learned

And with that I gained this ability.

I’m now able to turn my sweat into an acid, which is useful, I was satisfied with this ability.

However, the fact that my equipment didn’t corrode when I used it is another mystery.

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