Day 21

Day 21

The morning practice hasn’t even been going on for a week, yet Goblins who’ve turned out to be somewhat useful are popping up here and there.

As I thought, because the realm of nature is a severe living environment, or perhaps because we belong to a precocious species, the Goblins who underwent the soldier training program had their strength grow considerably. The training program is something that I had composed from useful parts I gleaned from my company’s servers before I died.

Some of the underlings even recently managed to kill Night Vipers. Even the worst of them at least manages to kill Horned Rabbits by themselves.

Those Goblins, who couldn’t even get their own food a few days ago, can all manage by themselves now. As their teacher, I feel mightily proud about this fact.

The Goblin Elder and his cronies found the results genuinely astonishing, and they treated me with stares filled with affection and awe. I think the special treatment is kinda handy, but it's still slightly depressing. Well, it doesn't do me any real harm, so I guess I can just ignore it.

When the sun arrived at its summit, I personally began training with the Goblins; I spent the rest of the day doing this. This way, I can get a grasp on each individual’s abilities. I can also catch any weaknesses or bad habits they’ve developed and teach them the proper way. Also, being able to single out the best individuals is useful, and above all it also serves to strengthen me. In this strict world, there are no disadvantages to having a well trained body. That’s why I thought thirty eight battles in a row was good practice.

After the session, I once again came to the realization that Gobukichi and Gobumi-chan are, amongst their generation, head and shoulders above the competition.

Regarding the results for Gobukichi from the recent training, it seems he's learned how to limit the power of his attacks to avoid causing any accidents. Creatures of this world seem to change in direct relation to how much they contribute when in a party. By killing enemies, they get experience that raises their levels and leads to the creation of surprisingly robust bodies by the mysterious laws of this world.

At the present time, if I don’t use my abilities, he is a tough opponent. If all the Goblins except me and Gobumi-chan were lined up to challenge him in order, they probably wouldn’t be able to get even one win.

Gobukichi, however, would not leave without incurring some damage.

Gobumi-chan is slow when compared to me, however, the other Goblins aren’t even a match for her speed. Since she’s a Hobgoblin, her strength is also better than the other Goblins; she’s also grown her nails to be pointed and sharp, and I taught her how to use the nails skillfully. This is in order for her to be able to fight well, even without a weapon. She's got speed, and if I didn’t have my abilities she’d make a formidable foe.

However, you might say she’s still a cute little thing. Speaking as an opponent, when both are unarmed, Gobukichi is still more dangerous in close quarters fighting.

When the practice sparring was over, we broke the group up in order to go hunting. Usually we would go with our standard members, however today we had an additional member in our party.

This additional member was a female, Gobue. In our generation, she was the next most influential person after us three; and when the Goblins were kneeling in front of us, she was the one in the front.

Well you see, while the two backpacks and three field packs were a fabulous find, Gobukichi is carrying a giant cudgel on his back, and I don’t think Gobumi-chan can carry any more than she already is.

Frankly speaking, with me carrying one of the backpacks, one was still left, and while Gobumi-chan and I were each carrying a field pack, one was still unused. That’s why we required one carrier, and Gobue was singled out. She’d also barely be able to keep up with our hunting. Also, increasing our members with one more strong companion isn’t bad at all. Yes, and of course she’d be carrying the backpack as well.

When equipping her, we gave her the old leftover shield that Gobukichi used before, together with Gobumi-chan's old staff sling. We also gave her the carapace reinforced ceremonial looking costume, the obsidian knife and a bowie knife. Compared to the Horned Rabbit's horn she’d been using till now, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Also, because she was going to carry our luggage, carrying any more than this is unnecessary. Or how should I put it, when we’re hunting, our prey will become her luggage, so having her equipment be heavy would be really stupid. Just enough to protect herself from injury is sufficient.

Following that reasoning, this time’s hunting was a lot easier than usual. Because unlike before, when everyone had to share the burden of carrying the prey, now Gobue was doing most of the lugging; we finished the hunt without feeling fatigued.

After carrying heavy luggage, Gobue was tired, but compared to us who easily concluded our battles, there was not such a large difference. Also, since Gobue also contributed by shooting stones with the sling, she managed to also raise her levels by gathering experience. Perhaps Gobue's day of turning into a Hobgoblin like us is close.

We didn’t find any new types of prey; however, our stomachs were filled.

Meat is very tasty, isn’t it?

After returning to the cave, I read before I went to sleep.

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