Day 210

“Day 210”

The battle with the dungeon boss has been going on unbroken since yesterday.

After a day of fighting in a location where the likelihood of drowning was very high due to the swift currents in the basin of the huge waterfall, it was settled.

Even though I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to graze it while my abilities were restricted, I was able to finish it off.

I beat it in the following manner:

The name of the dungeon boss of 【Aquarium ・ Forlia】 was “Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm”.

It was a kind of lesser dragon. A big shot with a snake-like body of 50 meters in length and 5 meters in diameter.

When it attains a size like this, it normally becomes a 【Wisdom Dragon 】. But it’s classified as a lesser dragon because its intellect is still low and it basically acts instinctively.

Its head closely resembles that of a shark. Its whole body is protected by a rough skin covered in dragon scales and dragon shells. A countless amount of dorsal fins made out of thunder gems are on its back. Sharp pectoral fins made out of thunder gems spread out on its side like wings.

While its whole body always emits a blue light, it changes from blue to yellow when it attacks. Red aposematic lines makes this easy to understand.

A basic method of attack is a large torrent created by the fins made out of thunder gems. It basically becomes a sort of a sound attack that moves faster than on land and tears up one’s body. It uses its fins for a slash attack that can even slice and cleave apart the torrents momentarily. After one would take a great deal of effort to weather through this, it would charge at high speed with its big frame. By manipulating the water currents, it can raise itself to ultra-high swimming speeds. It demonstrated a strength that was appropriate for a dungeon boss.

The best part was the fact that it could swim freely in these rapids. It wore a dignity fit for the master of the basin of the huge waterfall.

Even though it was a lesser dragon, its existence rivaled that of a dragon nonetheless. The creature’s status slightly exceed that of a Lord.

Though, right now, its head was sliced clean off. I rolled over its long body and sliced it in several pieces. Even though I cut off its head, it still lived for quite a while. In the end, it finally seemed to have died.

My limbs were blown off several times, half my body was shaved off and I was comparatively in a serious half-dying state. But I survived.

Even though I had restricted myself, this is what happened in a 【Demigod rank】 dungeon. What would happen in a 【God rank】 one?

I can’t even imagine a 【Great God rank】.

How long will I have to wait for those delicious dishes?

I unconsciously started drooling. *slurp slurp (sfx)* I shouldn’t do that.

While I’m thinking about all of that –

【Floor boss [Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm] successfully eliminated.】

【"Lost God Psalms" Condition to Clear 【Aquarium ・ Forlia】 Achieved: 【Solo Kill】【Fall of the Lesser Dragon】【Drowning Capture】】

【 Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Ruler of Aquarium】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Lesser Dragon Shark’s Placoid Lightning Scales】 as a first time subjugation bonus 】

【As a privilege to the one who captures the dungeon, the restriction on the use of the Warp Gate has been lifted.】

【Please note that only those who captured the dungeon can use the Warp Gate.】

【For Those Who Have Awakened the Psalms/The Key Figures of God’s Lost Psalms, a portion of the 【Demigod of Spring Water】’s divine power will be granted】

【As the collector is an important figure of a Great God, the quality of the Divine Power collected is inferior】

【The portion of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object】

【Yatendouji has obtained 【Spring Water Deity’s Treasured Stone Rings – Ankletorium】 !!】

-- That’s the announcement that resounds in my head.

A treasure chest appears in front of me, containing a bracelet made out of 5 rings tied together with a golden chain.

First of all I collected the corpse and the treasure chest and put them in my item box. After that, I try to read the information on the gem with 【Magic Item Appraisal】. When I touched it, I could feel a powerful surge of extraordinary magic.


Name: 【Spring Water Deity’s Treasured Stone Rings – Ankletorium】

Category: 【■■/ Ornament】

Rank: 【■■■■】 Rank

Abilities: 【Ankletorium】【Five Divine Water Treasure】

【Spring Water Fountain】【Increased Abilities】

【Divine Damnation】【Divine Power Conversion】

【Subordinate Promotion】【Form Alteration】

【Unholy Penetration】【Life Force of the Five Spirits】

Description: Yatendouji cleared 【Aquarium ・ Forlia】 in the Lost God Psalms. The ■■■■-grade ornament was obtained because of the rejected Divine power.

The design of the bracelet was 5 rings tied together with a golden chain. Each ring on the bracelet is decorated with an ornament resembling a blue jewel.

Only Yatendouji and those he has given permission to touch this ornament are able to do so. Any person who touches it without permission will have an unimaginable disaster befall them.

There are some rare exceptions, but since it is ■■, destruction is fundamentally impossible.

Do you wish to view additional information?

<YES> <NO>


This is great.

It has more released abilities than Hisperiol.

Does this stack with the bracelet of black silver that I already had equipped on my right arm -- 【Fury of the Haughty King – Beowulf】? If that’s possible, my equipment will become even more excellent.

I thought about trying to bite it, just in case.

It’s hard. I don’t seem to be able to eat it though. When will I be able to eat a magic item like this? I feel dissatisfied and uneasy for a moment, but I decided to return as I was tired.

It’s honestly surprising that a transfer system like the warp gate exists in this world. At any rate, it’s here in this 【Age of the Gods dungeon】.

I guess it wouldn’t be a miracle if something like this transfer system existed somewhere else as well, and it’s most welcome if you think about the fact that collecting items could be made easier by this.

Hrm, it took me longer than I thought to successfully capture this 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】. After a long time, I’m finally outside again.

Feeling the sun again after such a long time, it felt more radiant than I remembered.

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Day 210

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Since yesterday I continued to battle the boss of the dungeon.

The battle was taking place at the bottom of a huge churning waterfall, where the water rushes down from a great height. It lasted most of the day, finally ending in the late afternoon.

The boss was the [Churning Waterfalls Spirit] called the [Shark-head Thunder Wyrm].

A long, thin dragon resembling a snake, it had a length of 50 meters and was 5 meters thick.

With such dimensions it no longer fits the definition of [Wisdom Serpent] instead being closer to a [Dragon]. Unfortunately due to poor intelligence, being ruled by its instincts, it is considered a Drake.

His head is reminiscent of a shark with the whole body protected by dragon scales, mimicking a shark's skin. On his back sit countless fins made of thunderous gems and on the sides were rose-like wings above sharp pectoral fins of the same materials. His body was covered with a blue light, but when attacking it becomes yellow then red, making it highly predictable.

Its usual strategy of attack is to strike the water with electricity from fins and create a wave that sweeps over the battleground with a roar, crashing over everything. One touch can paralyze the body, slowing down any swimming due to the manipulation of water and electricity. The battlefield releases the power of the dungeon boss to its full extent with complementary elements.

His movement, even in the mad eddies, was excellent he was the true owner of the huge churning waterfall.

Although technically a Drake, its body was not inferior to the power of a dragon's. As a species it is vastly superior to the average Lord.

And at the last moment, despite his body laying near the severed head chopped into several pieces. He still lived for a while before finally dying.

I lost the use of several limbs and the lower part of my torso was heavily wounded.It truly was a battle to the death.

If I was greatly challenged with the dungeon at the [Demigod] rank, then what must the [God] rank be like? And the [Great God].

What sort of delicious creatures await me there?

My saliva flowed...

While my thoughts strayed I heard the announcement.

[Dungeon boss [Shark-Head Thunder Wyrm] successfully eliminated]

[History of the divine heritage [Churning Waterfall Spirits] conditions of performance [Solo Kill] [Long-lived Sub-Dragon] [Recessed Conquest] cleared]

[Achiever Yatendouji will receive special ability [Lord of Water Spirits]]

[Achiever Yatendouji as a bonus for [Solo Kill] will be sent a box of treasure [Thunder Shield Shark Scales Drake]]

[After the conquest of the effect of gate movement will be activated]

[Please be careful when using the system movement]

[Awakened Hero / main character for the implementation of the history of the divine heritage, the divine power receives a portion of the [Demigod of Spring Water]]

[Owner of the collection of the divine power is the Supreme God, the divine power of the [Demigod] cannot be added because it is inferior in quality]

[Divine power will be materialized]

Yatendouji obtains a precious ring [Nucleus of the Demigod of Spring Water]]

Before my eyes was a box of treasures, as well as 5 rings connected by silver chains to a bracelet. I started by collecting the corpse and box then I researched information on the jewellery. After only a single touch I could tell it was overflowing with an incredible magic power.

Using the [Highest Rank Identification Magic] I read the information about it.


Title: [Precious Ring: Nucleus of the Demigod of Spring Water]

Classification: [""? decoration]

Grade: ["", ""] grade

Abilities: [Precious Ring Nucleus of the Demigod of Spring Water (Aquarium: Forlia)]: [5 Treasures Water Element], [Spring Water Fountain], [Extension capabilities], [Divine Retribution], [Change of Divine Power], [Feeding subordinates], [Shape Change], [Pierce the Villain], [5 Soul Lives]

Note: [Yatendouji] fulfilled the history of the divine heritage [Churning Waterfall Spirits (Aquarium: Forlia)] and as a result of the materialization of the divine power that could not be distributed to the [Great God of Origin and Demise] received this item. The power is manifested in 5 rings connected to a bracelet by silver chains, each of the rings and a bracelet adorned with a variety of blue gem embedded in decoration.

The only one who can touch it is [Yatendouji] or a someone which [Yatendouji] allows do so. Others who come into contact without permission will experience unimaginable disaster.

View additional information?

"Yes No"


What is this? Simply amazing!

The abilities contained are even greater than those of [Soul Sword Sunlight's Hisperion].

Its because you can wear with both dressed in their right hand, duplicating a silver bracelet black [Superior Furious King]. If I do, I'll get even more incredible thing. (I have no idea what to do with this. ~Leeclone185)

Thinking so, I unconsciously tried their taste ...

Solid. As expected, I was unable to eat it. Will the time come when I can eat magical objects of this quality? I was overcome with doubts about this.

But for now I'm tired, so I decided to come back.

I was a little surprised by the presence of portals, gates, and private gates in this world. Although I suppose because it is an [Age of the Gods] dungeon. The fact that there is a transport system which does not exist outside, should not be surprising.

With this, in the future, coming back to collect things will be a little easier.

Finishing took longer than I thought, after conquering [Age of the Gods] dungeon, I went outside.

The sun, after all this, it seemed even brighter.