Day 209

Day 209

The 46th floor and everything under it consisted of a waterfall that poured down from the ceiling. A countless amount of waterways stretched out in mid-air, while the ground below held a countless number of neighboring lakes and subterranean lakes.

The structure and its characteristics were somewhat similar to what I’d seen before.

There’s the vertical loop trap that surrounds the countless number of waterways in mid-air. In the lakes, there’s also the trap of the sacred lotus leaves that returns you to the beginning. The small rooms in the underground lakes also held sinking traps.

There are some places where you can collect items where your ankles are submerged like in the wetlands, there are rapids, and there’s even a place where a rainbow is created by the spray of the waterfall that is pouring down.

However, there are also things that weren’t there up until now.

In the center of the floor, whereas the waterfall only counted as one floor, it has now become a huge cascade that is several kilometers in height that pierces through every thick layer separating each of the floors between the 46th to the 50th.

The heart of the waterfall connects to the lowest part of the 50th floor. It would be one method of reaching the bottom floor immediately by leaping in and plunging down. Nevertheless, there’s a high probability that one would die if one were to jump.

The surroundings of the huge waterfall have been set up as an area where you cannot fly and where you have no choice but to fall. If you’d jump in the huge waterfall, you’d first of all be confronted by an enormous quantity of water and its corresponding water pressure. That alone might crush one’s body.

And, even if you’re fortunate enough to arrive at the lowest level, you’d have fallen down several kilometers from the sky.

When doing this, you’d surely feel an impact that’s harder than being thrown into solid concrete. You wouldn’t even be aware that you’d have died the moment you hit the water. And even if you didn’t die, it would be more than likely that you’d end up with a considerable serious injury. On top, you might not even be able to surface by the constant volume of water that falls on top of you.

Only a fool would challenge the dungeon boss in this situation. Because of these reasons, I basically decided not to be lazy and travel down the stairs in a normal fashion.

While I advanced normally, as I expected of the final levels, I came across a rampant amount of dungeon monsters that frequently appeared on the previous levels. The area here is so wide, it cannot be compared to anything I’ve seen before.

On top, there were:

  • “[Warpidron] children, who are inferior to the [Warpidron] floor boss
  • “War Skull Lizards”
  • “Crysora Crab Lords”
  • “Vortex Turtles”
  • “Lord Gillman Riders”
  • “Charybdis’”
  • “Ball Golems”
  • “Blood Eaters”
  • “Gemineuvia”

If you classify floor bosses as underbosses, these give of the feel of being powerful enemies like mini-bosses.

A mini-boss is not a floor boss, but it is still an existence with a considerably delicious taste if you defeat it.

Because I also earned the extravagant treasure chests they are guarding when I defeated them, I found it more useful to eat the corpses.

The treasure chests often held 【Ancient】-class magic items and even when I got unlucky, they still held a lot of magic metal ingots and a large amount of gold coins.

After killing the mini-bosses that caught my attention, I went ahead and advanced. In the middle of the 48th floor, I spotted a party of 8 people fighting. They were still considerably far away. Their party was composed of a vanguard consisting out of 3 people, a middle guard out of 2 people and their rear guard of 3 people.

The last party I saw nearly died trying to capture the 15th floor.

I’m guessing their leader is the 【Swordsman】 whose body is wrapped in crimson armor. He probably is either a 【Hero】 or a 【Great Hero】.

His presence closely resembled the Avenger and the Hero of Darkness, and by that I mean that he looks more delicious to me than a floor boss.

I observed the state of the fight because I was interested. The roaring downpour of the waterfall evaporated for several seconds because of the high temperature created by a blaze of hell fire that covered the leader as well as the large sword he carried. He vaguely resembled Minokichi-kun. There’s no doubt that he received a divine blessing of a 【God 】 from the Fire lineage.

Though I don’t understand it in detail, but I wonder if it’s close to the 【God of Fire Arts 】 or the 【God of Flash Fires 】.

For sure he’s a considerably strong 【Hero】, possibly even a 【Great Hero】.

For him to dive into an 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, while having a poor compatibility with his blessing… I’m pretty sure he’s aiming to shut down his weak points.

He’s likely challenging this dungeon because you receive a rare ability related to water if you subdue a floor boss here under specific conditions.

If an enemy aims for your weak point by using an attack of the water/ice system, it’s possible that it doesn’t exhibit its original attacking power if you’ve already acquired the skill.

Even if you didn’t obtain the rare ability, you can still learn how to fight an enemy that you’re not compatible with, which is almost like raising a level. Though there’s still the apparent disadvantage, there’s still a big merit to it.

Having said that, it’s not something that can be easily done. To capture a dungeon that is overflowing with strong monsters that focus on attacking my natural weak point, is something quite difficult.

There are quite big obstacles to overcome, such as the floor bosses. In order to overcome them, a corresponding amount of ability is needed.

The ones that only depend on unskilled usage of their abilities, would end up being killed without mercy.

Even when speaking in terms of a 【Hero】 or a 【Great Hero】, when their time has come, they’ll still die in the end.

Putting aside this explanation…

Considering the potential of a party that is on the brink of diving the deepest part of a 【Demigod class】 dungeon, is indeed really appetizing.

All party members present seem competent and their weapons are solid. Making them subordinates through 【Enslave】 might also be good.

Can I attack them? I would certainly attack them if we were outside of the dungeon.

However, because we’re in a dungeon at the moment, I decided not to do it.

I’m close to reaching the dungeon boss, and I shouldn’t get worn out for no reason.

My goal is to capture this dungeon. And I should give priority to that above all else.

On top, I want to start doing business in the labyrinth city. I exhibit some self-control for the group members that are looking forward to my hasty return.

Him and his party members, for sure I want to meet them in a different location in a more hostile environment.

By the way, it looks like the ones over there noticed me over here as well. And seeing as I look like a monster, with him motionlessly gazing at me, it must look like a scene where heaven and earth are upside down.

Though when I didn’t notice any further reaction anymore, I advance in a direct path towards the stairs that descend to the next floor which results in me continuously fighting with the mini-bosses. I use my 【Giant’s Long-Lasting Carving Knife】 to dismantle the bodies of the nine mini-bosses while they were still alive.

Even when I arrive at the stairs, I still felt their eyes behind me staring at me. I ignored it and pressed onward.

Around the time where it would normally start to get dark outside, I arrive at the bottom of the floor, at the stairs that lead underground to the 50th floor.

Because I allowed myself a slightly longer break, I didn’t have any problem with my stamina or magic.

I restricted my abilities in order to look and see how far I could go in this state, and set off for the bottom floor of 【Aquarium ・ Forlia 】 where the dungeon boss lied in wait.

The battlefield where I’ll fight the dungeon boss was an enormous basin of a waterfall. This enormous basin was right under the huge waterfall that poured down from the 46th floor to the 50th floor. The 50th floor became exactly like the name 【Waterfall Basin of Spring Water - Aquarium Forlia 】.

When I jumped down from the stairs that are suspended in mid-air, I ended up underwater and my body got pulled down immediately.

Spring water filled the entire floor and trashed around violently because of the huge waterfall.

In general, it’s different from the large vortex at the Grief Charybdis, because that one was whirling in a constant direction. Top to bottom, left to right… Every sense of direction disappeared the moment I entered the water here.

The air got forcefully squeezed out of my lungs by the furious rotations. And when the oxygen is gone, the mouth will open reflexively. And so, a large amount of spring water flowed into my mouth. My esophagus expanded, while my windpipe closed off and my stomach got filled up.

If I didn’t have 【Anaerobic】, I would have suffocated at this stage. Is my consciousness becoming hazy as well?

This place… I honestly wanted to avoid fighting here, if possible.

Oh dear, such wishful thinking never comes true.

In the center, in the deepest, most tempestuous part of this waterfall’s basin, it appeared.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy So looks like the final floors have dungeon monsters that are watered down version of the floor bosses. Names differ slighty, making it harder to translate.
Champsy Plural of Charybdis?
Champsy Golem Balls, hahaha
Champsy Dear god, I swear Rou’s reaction is exact same as when he met the party on floor 15. Why do this encounter twice? I don’t see an added benefit to the story.
Champsy That list line actually gave me hype and is the best cliffhanger I’ve read in RE:M so far!