Day 208

“Day 208”

From the 41st floor onwards, a world of transparent spring water spread out.

Simply put, all the floors are lakes.

Only huge sacred lotus leaves could be used as footing. There was nothing else that could serve as a foothold. If I didn’t move, there was no flow of air either. Not even one ripple could be seen on the water’s surface.

The stairs ended on the sacred lotus leaf that seemed to be the biggest one around. I’d say it was around fifty meter in diameter? It had a stability to the extent that it wouldn’t sink even if there were dozens of people standing on it.

In front of the first sacred lotus leaf, a straight path was made by a series of leaves of different sizes, with diameters going from several meters up to several dozens of meters.

At a point where the sacred lotus leaves split into left and right, I examined the possibility of flying straight forward, but it wasn’t an option. I understood that I couldn’t fly here.

Because the forks gradually multiplied as I went forward, it became more complex.

Even if the pathways had no walls, they looked similar to corridors. In other words, it’s a labyrinth made out of sacred lotus leaves.

Because there were hardly any obstructions, the view was favorable. I was able to predict a rough route because I could see the previous area. On top of the sacred lotus leaves, I could confirm the wonderful ornaments of treasure chests and strong dungeon monsters that are clearly waiting to perform an ambush.

Though it would be difficult to gather everything because of the complexity.

From afar, I was unable to thoroughly see the extensive complexity. There are a lot of things that looked reachable, but that I was unable to reach, which was very irritating. Though if given more time, I would have been able to get there one way or another but I gave up because I didn’t feel like it.

The one thing above all that made this floor difficult is that if you temporarily fell off of the sacred lotus leaves, you would be instantly returned to the first sacred lotus leaf at the stairs.

Like the floor before where the ceiling and the floor looped, I was able to deduce that this floor returns you to the beginning the moment you fall into the water.

There were fish-type dungeon monsters here that will push you into the water without mercy. There were also sacred lotus leaves that sink temporarily once you stand in front of the treasure chest that were placed on top of them. I was sent back to the beginning several times.

To be honest, stress was piling up. Nevertheless, I advanced while continuing to be careful.

While collecting treasure chests and corpses of the strong dungeon monsters that I took on, I arrived at the deepest part of the 45th floor at night.

At the deepest part, there was a sacred lotus leaf as big as the one at the stairs in the beginning.

However, the road on the sacred lotus leaves didn’t continue as before, and the way I came from temporarily disappeared. The sacred lotus leaves that were there a while ago, seemed to have sunk the moment I arrived.

Only a slight ripple showed any remaining trace of it, and even that was gradually disappearing.

The floor boss of the 45th floor that fights on the sacred lotus leaf, appeared at the same time the leaves sank. Two beautiful women were the only thing left standing on the very large surface of the lake.

The name of the floor boss was “Crimson Armed Gemineuvia”.

Blue, glittering long hair extended to their waist, reflecting the light. I stared at their blue eyes that drove their prey that sank in their blue eyes to insanity – I have to mention it didn’t happen to me this time. The cold, murderous intent of these smiling twins was hidden by their beautiful, doll-like faces.

They were wearing beautiful mercury evening dresses, decorated with an ornament that had a skull-like gem embedded in the seedbed of blooming water lilies. Red dress gloves covered everything until halfway up their upper arms. They wore scarfs so pale, they were almost transparent.

They were approximately 160 centimeters high, and had a very thin, delicate build in general. Nevertheless, because of their soft feminine curves and nonchalant behavior, they gave off a strong sex appeal. It looks like they had a natural 【Charm】 magic, like dryads.

Intending to look frail, they looked like they could be beaten by just looking at them.

Crimson Armed Gemineuvia is related to the Vivian race, a water fairy consisting of 2 persons.

The Vivian live near watering holes such as lakes and are, in essence, a gentle race. That being said, everything has its exceptions.

Crimson Armed Gemineuvia, being one of the exceptions, adored to torment others. They’re a dangerous monster that would kill any fool that was done in by their pretty face and 【Charm】.

Their red dress gloves seemed to be composed out of the blood of the creatures they killed. Looks like a deep-seated grudge dwelled in them. Anyone flirting with them gets mesmerized and any liquid they touch gets boiled. Through their magic, any liquid could become as hot as 500 degrees Celsius.

So if you got bewildered by their beauty, there’s the possibility that you’d get killed the moment you get touched, because even your blood will boil when touched.

By the way, if you decapitate one of the Crimson Armed Gemineuvia, while the other is still alive, she gets revived immediately. It’s necessary to kill both at the same time in order to subdue them.

And, seeing as they’re a water fairy, they can absorb magic if there’s a large volume of water nearby, which apparently also restores some health.

Seeing as the surroundings of Crimson Armed Gemineuvia are a place filled with water, it became their weapon, making it their perfect hunting ground.

【Floor boss [Crimson Armed Gemineuvia] successfully eliminated. 】

【Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Crimson Armed Gemineuvia] can hereafter be passed without battle 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Crimson Armed Lady】 】

【 Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Hot Water Torrent】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

A tsunami of hot water approached the sacred lotus leaf from all sides.

The twins cooperated and manipulated the hot water, creating many dragon heads.

Several hundreds of them were floating midair, creating an artillery targeting the water dome.

The knitted sacred lotus leaf was burnt down after their relentless fury ended.

Because of the variety of attacks, it was hard to defend against the wide array of water attacks.

I was very likely to receive splash damage if I avoided a direct attack, and there was no other way to deal with its attacks. Even if there would have been, it wouldn’t have made any difference. Because of the high volume of water, defending against it would have gradually whittled me down.

One annoying thing about the twins is that they kept a constant distance from me. One took up position in front of me, another behind me. I had to fight while trying to kill these two at same time.

Crimson Armed Gemineuvia rotated intelligently, circling around the lake’s surface while attacking me remotely. Honestly, I was fed up with it.

Eventually, I used one of the abilities of my Vermillion spear combined with my marksmanship. The extraordinary power of my fourth-grade Demise magic bombarded them and pierced both their hearts at the same time. And so, I subdued them.

I collected the treasure chest and the corpses, and descended the stairs that appeared at the center of the sacred lotus leaf.

The 46th floor introduced the final levels, and had characteristics of all the floors that I went through up until now. It is a fantastic space!

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy I’m sorry, but the easiest way to name the boss would have been Red Armed Rain Twins. Thanks to the author for making it more complex.
Champsy Vivian = Lady of the Lake (see the legend of King Arthur)

Day 208

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Day 208

On the 41st floor there was a world of crystal clear water beneath my feet. Simply put, the entire floor was a transparent lake.

Under my feet was a giant lotus and it seems to move around, you had to travel from one lotus to another. There wasn't any wind either. If I stood still, the water's surface remained completely calm.

The lotus I was standing on was the largest object here, being 50 meters in diameter. Even if dozens of people stand on it, it would not sink. In front of this lotus was a road made of lotuses, ranging from a few meters to tens of meters in diameter.

It seems that walking on the lotus road was the only option to move forward, after trying to fly. Proceeding along the path, the lotus road parted and branched out. The further I go, the branches gradually increased and became more complicated.

It looked like a maze or a corridor made out of lotus petals - only this corridor did not have walls.

You could see clearly and map a rough path of the route to take. The dungeon monsters were all on top of some lotus leafs so even though they were tough, ambush was not possible. I moved through the floor killing monsters and picking up treasure as I go. It was convenient for me.

But in fact, the maze was huge. It had a complicated route, and though you could see where you want to go, sometimes it was not possible. Even if I saw a box, I could not always reach it. If I had more time maybe I would have been able to reach those, but I did not have the spare time.

The biggest challenge on this floor was that once you fell from the lotus petals to the lake, you would immediately find yourself on the first lotus near the stairs.

There seems to be a loop in this room, hence when you fall into the water, you are returned to the starting point.

Because of the ruthless monsters jumping out of the water when I reached the lotus with the treasure boxes, several times I found myself at the start, and to be honest, I began to accumulate stress because of this.

So after cautiously moving for a few hours, collecting treasure boxes and corpses of stupid monsters that attacked me, I finally reached the 45th floor by evening.

At the end of the path, just in front of the stairs, was a huge lotus leaf the same size of the lotus in the beginning.

The road of lotus petals that I travelled on disappeared as soon as I stepped on this lotus, leaving small ripples that soon disappeared.

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The moment I set foot on the last petal, the boss of the 45th floor, two beautiful women, appeared standing on the lake surface.

The name of the dungeon boss was Red Gemini Nuns.

Long blue hair that extended to the waist sparkled, reflecting light, staring at me with furious eyes (this time it was natural to me), these doll faced creatures were smiling, hiding their desire to kill.

They were dressed in jewels and skulls, tight clothes like evening dresses; thin enough to see through, and red gloves up to their arms.

Their height reached around 160 cm with a small body and a slim build. But peculiar to women, the softness and fullness of their movement looked sexy, having, like the Dryads, innate magical powers [Charm].

Weak enemies would lose their minds from just one look.

Red Gemini Nuns are from the race [River Lady Vivian], that is, both are water fairies. Representatives of this race usually live peacefully in lakes and are good natured, but there are always exceptions to the rules.

These two Red Nuns were an exception. They love watching fools drown by luring them into the water with their beautiful faces.

The red color of their robes represent the blood of their victims or the hatred that dwells in them, touching any liquid heats it up to 500 degrees. If charmed by their good looks, the blood of their foes would boil, effectively killing them the moment they are touched.

Incidentally, even if one of their heads was cut off, they almost immediately regenerate them as long as the other one is still alive. So I needed to kill both of them in one hit. Also, due to the fact that they are water fairies, while there is water, they can absorb water and recover.

Surrounded by water, which they used as their weapon, the place was the best hunting ground for them.

[Yatendouji has successfully eliminated the Dungeon boss Red Gemini Nuns]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] is recognized with the right to further progress, continuing to the boss floor [Red Nun Gemini] will be available with a choice of advancement without a fight]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent with the treasure box [Red Nun Lady]]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] will be awarded the rare ability [Hot Water Flow] as a bonus for [Solo Kill]]

A tsunami of hot water approached from all directions on the leaves of the lotus.

The twins cooperated creating a multi-headed dragon of boiling water.

Together, they have created more than 200 boiling water lassos that floated in the air.

The lotus leaf burst in flames because of the heat, dyeing the lake red.

They have quite a wide variety of attacks, which were hard to defend against because of all the water.

The possibility of taking damage from the splash of the boiling water even when avoiding a direct hit was high, even defending and counter-attacking made no sense. Water is abundant here so the situation is getting critical.

And the worst is that one stood in front of me, while the other went behind me, so killing them both at once was difficult.

Frankly their attacks from different sides really got me.

As a last resort, I used the red spear with synthetic ability. The artillery spell increased the damage, and in the end killed them both at once by piercing their hearts.

After collecting the bodies and the treasure box that appeared, I went down the stairs that appeared in the center of the lotus leaf.

The 46th floor was a mixture of all the previous floors in the illusionary space.

Google Translate

Day 208

Under forty-first floor, it has spread the world of fresh water that is transparent.

Either would be easy to understand Speaking floor all is in the lake, and.

Become a scaffold and is only a giant lotus leaf, it is nothing likely to become a scaffold to another. Wind without, unless work is me, has spread ripples one without water.

Lotus leaf Rashiku mono is large most of the stairs there, I wonder there is fifty meters in diameter. to the extent that dozens of people does not sink even ride there is a sense of stability.

And in front of the first of the lotus leaf, it had been able to single road by series of large and small lotus leaf of about a few meters from several tens of meters in diameter.

Once you understand that it is not fly examine here whether the fly, when other to proceed straight because the choice also was not, now is the way of the leaves of the lotus parted on the left and right.

Further advances the branch gradually it increases, it will become more complicated.

Passage without walls or is like a corridor,, that are able to labyrinth of leaves of lotus.

Since the shield is almost no visibility is good, so look up towards the tip, but he rough route can be predicted, dungeon monsters and is gorgeous on top of lotus leaf of it would be obviously strong character you are ambush it is possible to confirm the treasure chest of decoration, if Ikere to recover it, the idea that floats.

But it is to cover all floors since convoluted complex's difficult.

Widely distant to be seen in the vicinity because it is complicated, My God a lot, and not reach likely receive a hand a little impatient. It will be even your discretion if there is time, but gave up because not be over a period of time up there.

Best of all on this floor, it will be returned in a moment until the lotus leaf that there is first of stairs and fall from the lotus leaf.

There were hierarchy vertically had loops, this time back to the beginning when the fall in the water, it is a translation of.

Or have the thrust of the Yara fish type dungeon monsters mercilessly from the water, and there to be or sinking at the moment when the lotus leaf of the treasure box front is riding, it became the first several times.

Honest stressful. Still a few hours to proceed while continuing to care.

while collecting the corpse of treasure boxes and strong character dungeon monster splendid, in the evening arrived in forty-five floor of the deepest.

There was the magnitude of the lotus leaf that is comparable to a giant lotus leaf there is a staircase to the deepest.

Road of lotus leaf following the earlier no, no longer be the way of the lotus leaf, which has over. Lotus leaf, which had until just seems to have sunk at the same time to arrive.

Only a few ripples show the relic, was gradually disappeared it also.

Forty-five floor of the hierarchical boss had to fight on a huge lotus leaf, the lotus leaf has emerged at the same time and sink, a vast two people of beauty standing and Potsuri on the surface of the lake.

The name of the dungeon's boss was "Red Arm Gemini ~Yu Via".

Blue long hair that extends to the waist sparkle by reflecting light, Sagan harboring sank deeply crazy game - this time I'm of course - the staring, the smile that hid the cold murderous intent in neat beauty as doll It is a twin float.

Jewelry wearing the skull to see the beautiful mercury ball gown evening dress is decorated of water lilies that bloom in the nursery flowers, wearing the red dress gloves dress gloves covering the mid-upper arm, thin enough to see through stall the it wore.

Stature is petite and about one hundred and sixty centimeters, it's a whole thin delicate. But there is a strong sex appeal to the feminine soft curves and casual gesture, it has tinged the magic of [Fascinated] natural, such as Dryad.

The intention of the weak things, would would have been taken up just by looking.

[Red Nun Gemini] ~Yu vias connected to the tribe called [Lady Vivian Lake], but water fairy of one person with two people.

[Lady Vivian Lake] that inhabit the water park, such as a lake's a naturally good-natured race, but there are exceptions to everything.

The exception is a Red Nun Gemini ~Yu vias love to 甚振Ru others, it's dangerous monsters to kill the fool that has been [fascinated] with its beauty.

Seems is composed of a blood red dress gloves dress gloves have been killed organisms of both hands, or grudge dwells in it, or boiled enchanted whether touched liquid from Noroke, a maximum at five hundred degrees Celsius by magic processing, it generates the hot water that is also.

Since it boils even touched Rarere if systemic blood, if it misled by good looks, there will also likely to be killed at the moment it touched.

By the way, since the Red Arm Gemini ~Yu Via to revive one of the neck immediately if the counterpart is alive even as behead proof, to subdue it must kill two people at the same time.

And because the fairy of water, from which sucked up the magic, if there is a large amount of water, it is also to some extent of the body of defect repair.

this place was filled with water where the ambient becomes the body becomes a weapon of the Red Nun Gemini ~Yu vias, probably just a great hunting grounds.

[Night Sky's Child successfully eliminated [Red Nun Gemini ~Yu Via]]

[Night Sky's Child is an achiever observed move to the underlying story, whether or not to combat the subsequent hierarchy boss [Red Nun Gemini ~Yu Via] can now be selected]

[Achiever [Night Sky's Child] awarded the large treasure chest [Red Arm Lady] as first subdue bonus]

[Achiever [Night Sky's Child] awarded the rare ability [Hot Water Torrent] as a [Solo Kill] bonus]

Approaching from all directions on the leaves of the lotus, tsunami of hot water.

Twins manipulate cooperation, multi-head dragon of hot water.

Hollow float about several hundred, water polo cannon of hot water.

Lotus leaf has woven hot-blooded enough ends up in flames, red lake of knight.

In quite a wide variety of attacks, hard to prevent anyway range is wide because it is an attack by the liquid.

Possibly incur damage by splashing and also to avoid a direct hit is high, no sense be the means corresponding to the attack Even in preventing. It is a dwindling of business only prevent just And because water is anyway often.

Twins takes a certain distance from me in that awkward, and prisoner's base in forward and rearward position, two people have been fighting while so as not killed at once.

Wisdom is around, the [Red Arm Gemini] ~Yu via coming launch a remote attack across the surface of a lake that might loop between I was honestly tired.

Eventually shooting the combined such Shuyari and synthetic ability to penetrate two people of heart in the fourth revised magic of shelling power preeminent end system, it was punitive.

To recover the dead bodies and the treasure chest, it was down the stairs to the downstairs that appeared in the center of the lotus leaf.

Forty-six floor the final hierarchy, combine the floor of the features that have progressed so far, was a fantastic space.