Day 206

“Day 206”

Kanami-chan, Supesei-san and the others were working on various things outside, but I wanted to capture the labyrinth first.

I ate Vortex Armored Turtle and Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider for breakfast this morning.

I wanted to eat Vortex Armored Turtle completely before it disappeared by being consumed by the labyrinth. Inside, it had the heart the size of a hobgoblin. I sliced that and its huge liver in the same way as sashimi and took the opportunity to barbecue two legs and eat it.

Instead of a particularly delicate flavor, the sashimi of heart and liver had a crunchy texture when I ate it. While I haven’t eaten this unique taste often, it isn’t bad. It would be tolerable with a swig of liquor.

I ate Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider together with a side-dish of Ragon.

I tensed up because the firm Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider had an enriched flavor, and while it was heavy, the aftertaste was refreshing. When I put it in my mouth at a specific temperature, its texture was out of this world. Inadvertently, I ate too much.

Ragon was a huge fish with plentiful tallow, which had a delicate taste while still being tough. Its pink body had a hint of sweet fragrance, which stimulated my appetite.

All these dishes were delicious, as I ate it heartily.

Because both floor boss were high-level monsters, my whole body brimmed with power with every mouthful.

【Ability learned 【Hardened Scaled Husk Generation】 】

【Ability learned 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】 】

【Ability learned 【Erupting Thorn Generation】 】

【Ability learned 【Shell Generation】 】

【Ability learned 【Multiple Shells】 】

There were a lot of generation abilities in particular this time around.

【Hardened Scaled Husk Generation】 and 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】 from Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider.

【Erupting Thorn Generation】, 【Shell Generation】 and 【Multiple Shells】 from Vortex Armored Turtle.

It can be said that each ability goes well with each of their characteristics.

I immediately use 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】, and a Sahuagin[1][2] appears, a monster that is one class higher than the lowest Gillman -- like hobgoblins relate to goblins. At best, I was able to summon a black Gillman Lord.

In addition, they possessed a moderate amount of intelligence, and they seemed to be able to act autonomously.

Though detailed instructions are unnecessary because they can move independently, in order for it to move with more precision, you’ll need to direct it. I’m sure that for high-ranking ones, I won’t have to say anything for it to act, but for now, it’s good enough to go forward, I guess.

This makes subjugating a little easier, and they’ll be a reliable big help in the future.

Thinking of this as a good omen in the morning, I continued my dungeon conquest.

From the 31st floor onward, it seems that you’ll need to follow a myriad of waterways running in mid-air.

The stairs that I just descended earlier came out onto a single foothold, a semicircle of about 10 meters. Aside from that, there’s nothing.

I cannot spot a ceiling above nor can I see the ground below. Really, there’s nothing.

My current situation is like I’m standing isolated at an altitude of 2000 meters, perhaps that makes it a little bit easier to imagine.

Besides the foothold, it gives of that vibe.

I separated a part of my body in order to test it out, and a little while later it somehow appeared above, as it uneventfully passed by in front of me and continued falling.

Apparently, the space here looks looped.

After falling to a certain altitude it got transferred to the sky and… it fell again. Even though the possibility of crashing to your death disappeared, I cannot be careless as one awkward mistake will put me in this loop endlessly and will make me starve to death.

In order to advance, it was necessary to travel through the water cylinders of several meters thick.

I wanted to take a shortcut by flying this time around, but as I thought it, I wasn’t able to fly because of a mysterious power on this floor. I tried it several times, but a limit was put on flying.

I gave up advancing in an easy way, and proceeded to steadily go through the waterway.

However, I’m not swimming.

Compensating with my magic, I used 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】 and summoned a black Gillman lord, which I used as a surfboard.

Because of the effects of the rare skill 【Water Ride Johnny】, I was able to go forward without getting tired.

I truly think that there are a lot of uses for these summoning abilities.

The rules are as following: if one waterway is running below another waterway, it is possible to switch by dropping from one to the other, though once transferred to the one below, you’re unable to go back to the one in the sky. As this is different from the planar variant I’ve come across so far, I had a considerably hard time with this three-dimensional maze.

Though the structure in itself is difficult, it’s even more troublesome because of the dungeon monsters that are attacking without mercy.

The “Four-sided Rebelling Mantis Shrimps[3]” have the size of a big bear. In general, they have the shape of prawns, with their whole body wrapped in a hard exoskeleton that didn’t even get a scratch when attacked. A single blow from their hard tail with a sharp thorn can even cut through rock, while their four huge characteristic fists demonstrate a power like a bombardment.

  “Blue Mermen Knights” attack in groups that are, regrettably, only made up out of males. Their well-trained upper body is equipped with a blue magic metal armor. The lower half of their body is that of a large fish that can swim in the waterway at high speed. Their hands wield excellent weapons such as a spears and thrusting swords that are easy to use underwater.

“Riot Sharks” are huge sharks with 5 eyes and they have a special organ that produces lightning from their body. Its pectoral fin is as thick and as strong as an animal’s leg. The attacks follow very strange trajectories as its 9 fins have involved into a sort of tentacles with such suction cups like the ones from an octopus.

And so on.

As everybody is trying to throw me in the space outside the waterway, it might take me a few hours to ward them off.

Though as I arrived at the 32d floor yesterday, I was able to reach the deepest part of the 35th without taking as much time as I thought.

The floor boss of the 35th floor reigns over a huge water dome that is formed by a countless amount of waterways combining into one point.

In the dome, there was a perfect sphere of six meters, with a very smooth surface where I can’t even discern a single unevenness.

It’s not clear what material it’s made out of, and despite the transparency, it was hard to see it inside the spring water. I wondered how the “Aquarium ・ Ball Golem” attacks without limbs.

Does it attack by basically charging at high speed and using its super hard body? Well it also has 2 kind of water cutters that temporarily absorb water from the surroundings and release it reticulated, making it difficult to evade.

Its internal core can rampage and cause a great explosion, though I don’t need to mind that for the time being as it looks to be a self-destruction technique and will practically not be used for that reason.

Compared to the Vortex Armored Turtle of the other floor, it would be a close call in terms of its high defensive power. Just how much is needed to kill it?

You could say that this is the worst floor boss.

What’s worst about this fellow in any case, is that it keeps on running away.

It’s very difficult to attack it head-on, because its flight is fast and complex.

【Floor boss [Aquarium ・ Ball Golem] successfully eliminated. 】

【Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Aquarium ・ Ball Golem] can hereafter be passed without battle 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Pursuer of the Fleeing Ball】 as a first time subjugation bonus 】

【 Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Underwater Stalker】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

The special characteristic of the Floor boss Aquarium ・ Ball Golem, is that it used the battlefield to its maximum.

Despite the fact that the water dome was the final destination of the waterways, the moment you almost seem to approach or attack it, it flees at high speed into the countless nearby waterways that surround the dome.

Although the conventional floor boss tries to kill you with all its power, it looks like this one is set on running from one place to another without fighting.

This strategy is surely effective.

This place, and this golem above all, give off the vibe that it’s absolutely not necessary to kill you. In other words, until you run out of energy, or until its body is broken, this existence will keep on running endlessly.

And the magic that serves as energy for Aquarium ・ Ball Golem is drawn from the dungeon, though a living body will become tired. It can escape endlessly, and if you keep on chasing it, your endurance and willpower will be exhausted.

It does a loop from top to bottom when you try to ambush it, and because it was easy to flee from battlefield through the myriad of waterways that act as ways to escape, it’s difficult to corner this thing.

Really dirty tactics.

As it was hard to see and very quick, it was hard to capture.

Fortunately, it basically didn’t attack me.

The moment I lose focus for a brief second and I lose sight of its appearance, it uses that interval to keep on fleeing.

I was waiting on the opportune moment to approach it, but it didn’t appear.

Did I need to proceed under certain conditions or something? Though I don’t understand it, I was sure that I couldn’t attack it.

In the end, by summoning a large amount of Gillman Lords through 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】, and used 【Human Bomb】 on them. On top, I used 【Parasite】 in order to raise the temperature of their body liquids to use as fuel. And so, I used 【Kamikaze】 tactics in this confined space.

In the end, through the damage of the explosions that happen one after another in short succession, I aimed to dull its movements in order to take careful aim with my red spear and kill it by skewering it.

Though I had the feeling that it went through the nucleus, it looked like I didn’t break it and could eat it later.

The moment I knocked down Aquarium ・ Ball Golem, the stairs temporarily appeared underneath the water dome. The stairs didn’t have a shape or a silhouette a little while ago. As the stairs appeared in midair as well, it somehow was a strange spectacle.

While fatigue has piled up from the subjugation, the bottom floor is near.

I charge my fighting spirit for a minute, exit from the water dome and set foot into the 36th floor.

The 36th floor is a huge wetlands, with countless of waterfalls pouring down from the ceiling.

Day 205 == Day 206 == Day 207

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Floor theme: infinite loophole.
Champsy This setting does seem rather familiar, either from anime or a game…

Day 206

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There were VERY choppy sentences so I worked on it. unfortunately there were some parts that i couldn't understand so I couldn't edit all of it. and please remember that this is my interpretation of it and did the best I could so please no hate. ~Anubbisk42k

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Fixed a bit of grammar and rephrased a sentence or two. Please give thanks to the translator (Sirzech) and editor, Anubbisk42k, for the hard work. ~Azoraxxx

Day 206

Outside, Kanami and the Parabellum comrades had many things to do. The first was to conquer the dungeon.

Today for breakfast I ate a Vortex Shell Turtle and Dominaria, the Gillman Lord Rider. But unfortunately, before I had time to eat the turtle whole, it was absorbed by the maze, leaving a heart the size of a goblin's head and a liver of the same size, which I ate raw, as well as two of the legs which I fried.

The meat did not taste bad, but while I was eating the heart and liver they turned crispy.

They had a very specific taste, one I never tasted before, because I could define it, yet at the same time I could not. But I think it will go well with some drinks.

Dominaria, the Gillman Lord Rider was eaten along with his fish [Ragon].

The taste of Dominaria, the Gillman Lord Rider's flesh was very concentrated and the remaining after taste was nice and clean. I felt that the meat in my mouth just scattered from one temperature to another, simply indescribable. I ate so much that even I was stuffed.

The huge [Ragon] was quite plump; its meat tasted very delicate. The pink meat and sweet aroma awakened my appetite. Everything was simply delicious. Every boss of the high-level dungeon were amazing, each bite sent a burst of energy throughout my body.

Ability learned: [Hard Scales Creation]

Ability learned: [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman]

Ability learned: [Tearing Holes Creation]

Ability learned: [Shell Creation]

Ability learned: [Multiple Shells]

This time I got a lot of abilities especially meant for creating.

[Hard Scales Creation] and [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman] abilities were from Dominaria, the Gillman Lord Rider; [Tearing Holes Creation], [Shell Creation] and [Multiple Shells] had come from the Vortex Shell Turtle.

Each of them has its own characteristics, but they are all quite good. I immediately tried [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman]; I was able to call on the representatives of the Gillman race from fish analogues to the strongest, the Black Gillman Lord.

In addition, they possessed a certain level of intelligence and therefore could operate independently. For independent movement they didn't need detailed orders, but for accuracy, it was better to give commands.

The higher their rank, the more they can move without any orders. Compared to the low rank ones it's a very surprising result. Promotion will now be a little easier and in the future this will be huge help.

Considering it a good sign, I continued to move throughout the whole morning. The path on the 31st floor was laid among the clouds in the air. The stairs were leading down, except for the area that was swirling around in circles.

I was able to confirm the presence of a ceiling, but could not confirm the existence of solid ground. It is easy to imagine what would happen at an altitude of 2000 meters.

For a test I threw down a clone, but for some reason after a while he reappeared overhead and fell down again without stopping. Apparently space looped here. Chances are you probably won't die if you fall, but if you're unlucky, you may fall until you are dead.

The only way to descend was in the form of thick columns of water. I thought of making my way through the air, but an unseen force kept me from flying beyond a certain point and no matter how much I tried I had no success in that regard.

Because it was necessary to not give up and rely on the easy way. I continued forward, but be that as it may, I still didn't swim.

Using [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman], I called a Gillman Lord and floated on its back like on a surfboard. Due to benefits I received from the ability [Rider of Water Beasts], I did not become tired from riding the Gillman Lord.

Yet I think that the ability to call them gave me access to many easy ways through the dungeon. It would have been nice if I didn't have to move on the water surface to the other areas, even more so in some other places. Because this place is essentially a three-dimensional maze, it gave me a lot of trouble.

Its very structure has been a problem and now even climb brazen monsters. Their bodies are similar to the shrimp's solid shell that repels weak attacks and it won't leave a single trace, while aiming its sharp nose straight into the victim, using its enormous four fists to hit, creating a wave similar to bombardment. It's called the [Four Guns Storm Shrimp].

[Blue Knight Mermaids] were dressed in armor made of various magical metals, with a well-trained upper body and with their lower body hidden under water in the form of a huge fish tail that enabled them to swim fast. In their hands were spears and harpoons designed for underwater hunting as well as attacking in organized groups.

With huge fins on their bellies that looked like animal legs were huge sharks, [Lightning Shark]. At the same time having 9 tentacles with suckers like an octopus or squid. Each tentacle had a significant effect and each shark had a special body, which allow them to defeat the enemy.

As I dealt with them, while trying not to fall down, my progress was slowed considerably. Yesterday I was able to reach the 32nd floor, but even though it took me a surprising amount of time, today I was able to get up to the 35th floor

The boss of the 35th floor, collected a large amount of water inside a huge crystal clear orb. It was a flawless, smooth ball, a perfect sphere 8 meters wide called [Aquarium Golem Ball].

I don't know what it's made of, but the material was transparent enough to make it difficult to notice under water. The creature's appearance was quite odd so I was not sure how it was going to attack me.

It actually had a typical way of attacking: crashing at high speed, using its huge body or plunging into the surrounding water, releasing a dense flow of water in the form of a network. Many varieties of magic and slicing water, which is difficult to avoid. In addition, it had the kind of attack similar to suicide bombing, but it almost never used it because it thought that there was no need to be worried.

In terms of armor it was very close to the [Vortex Shell Turtle], but there were more ways to deal with it. Yet, this is the strongest boss I had encountered in all the levels I had previously been on. Why was it the most difficult? It was terribly hard to attack it head-on because the battle was fast paced and confusing.

[Dungeon boss [Aquarium Golem Ball] successfully eliminated]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] recognized the right of further progress, continue to the boss floor [Acura Golem Ball] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent a box of treasure [Caretaker Battle Balls]]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for [Solo Kill] will be sent a rare ability [Underwater Stalker]]

The boss of this dungeon used the battlefield to the fullest. It could come closer to attack using a huge ring or retreat by absorbing water.

Before, I did not fight the bosses in full force, but this time it was the fact that the battle was incredibly fast paced.

Really, such a tactic was very effective. I also didn't have the urge to kill it immediately since it was a golem. It was enough to keep it from moving until it ran out of fuel or its body collapsed.

But this time, its fuel was the mana coming from the dungeon and its body, after some time, soaked up the water and began to recover itself. I had to continue to finish the dungeon, and in order to do that, I had to defeat the boss instead of constantly ran away, since sooner or later I would have been the one to run out of stamina.

It had continued to ambush me, using a network that it produced and tried to drive you into a corner rather than just ending it. Really nasty tactics. It had poor visibility, but was still fast, catching it was extremely difficult. Well, I was not afraid of the attacks, since if I was focused or had her in my sights, I could control the situation.

However, if I did not show any weaknesses, the enemy would continued to flee. I tried to lure it by showing weakness, but it wasn't interested. It was a bit unclear, but the fact that the attack was not followed meant that the conditions were not met.

As a last resort I used [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman]. I called a bunch of Gillman Lords and since they are humanoids, the skill [Human Bomb] worked on them, strengthening their power at the expense of a slightly modified [Parasite], making it into a living torpedo and that helped me to catch the ball.

After the explosion, they collided and it received a bit of damage and due to that, its movements slowed down, which allowed me to finish it off with the red spear. Although I felt the spear pierce, it never broke, so I was able to eat it later.

It seems a staircase appeared immediately after the destruction of the Ball Golem. A moment later I noticed there was no shade from the staircase.

Hanging in the air the stairs looked really strange. Of course I already felt worn out, but the fact that I was getting closer to the final floor excited me so I ventured on.

On the 36th floor were countless waterfalls coming from the ceiling and the floor was a massive swamp.

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