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Day 205

"Day 205"

I can’t really say anything about floor 26 to 30.

The basic structure is that of a huge basin.

Because it has a diameter of several kilometers, the slope is gentle. The closer you get to the center, the deeper it gets.

In addition, there’s a huge whirlpool in the basin. The whirlpool influences the entire basin.

Even in the shallowest part of the circumference, my waist is submerged in spring water and if I relax, I’ll be sucked into the rapids.

The stairs to the lower floor is in the middle. In other words, it’s in the center of the whirlpool. If you surrender yourself to the whirlpool, it’ll drag you to the next floor, though sometimes you have no choice but to swim against the current.

By the way, it was impossible to fly.

The moment I started to fly, a huge amount of spring water sprung up from the whirlpool and formed a water barrier blocking the entire sky. And when I wanted to charge through, the water became extremely hard, denying anything from passing through physically.

Even if I drew out my best attack, I was able to only penetrate a few hundred meters. If you’d compare this with the distance to the stairs, I would need around 10 minutes to arrive there. But because the hole was closed up immediately after, I have no other choice but to swim in order to go forward.

For the moment, traps are nonexistent in the whirlpool. – it can be said that the whirlpool compassing these floors is a fatal trap in itself -- while it’s aided by monsters that generally appear.

In this situation, it becomes very difficult to evade because of the vortex, and caution is necessary as there’s a possibility to be killed one-sidedly.

It was troublesome because I was being pulled from one place to the other. And when it became difficult to advance naturally, I began to swim forcefully in order to go forward.

Because there was a considerably low amount of treasure chests and dungeon items, there’re not a lot of delicious things here. The only things were the monsters that appeared up until now.

It can be said that this is a kind of floor where you can advance very quickly if you want to.

And so, I arrive at the 30th floor faster than I expected. Despite it being surprisingly small because it was far away, I was able to see the boss of the 30th floor that waited at the center of this huge whirlpool: “Grief Charybdis[1]”.

Like with Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider, the entire floor seemed to be a battlefield for the floor boss.

And because the whirlpool was influencing this floor, this greatly increased the complexity, more so than before. It became more and more violent as I got closer to Grief Charybdis. Looks like it’ll be considerably troublesome to defeat it.

I intended to snipe it from a distance, but the moment I thought about it, countless of water barriers appeared and surrounded Grief Charybdis. Looks like I won’t be able to subdue it by sniping it from a distance.

Thinking about the huge defense formation that was just set up, I’ll have to accept that I have no other choice.

It seems to be difficult to approach the Grief Charybdis. It has a feminine body build, long hair in a blue-green color that expands to its waist, and a porcelain white skin. I’m not sure where she’s beautiful as she covers her face with a white mask. Only judging by her figure, she’s a high class beautiful woman.

While trying to imagine what her real face is, I immediately jumped in the whirlpool, though I advance slowly due to its excessive intensity.

In order to get close to Grief Charybdis, I needed several hours.

【Floor boss [Grief Charybdis] successfully eliminated. 】

【Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Grief Charybdis] can hereafter be passed without battle 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Maiden of Grief】as a first time subjugation bonus 】

【 Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Vast Vortex of Grief】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

The Grief Charybdis was disappointingly weak, as I was able to easily subdue her once I reached her.

With no way to defend herself, she was vulnerable to being hit. Because she was so weak, I was able to finish it in one hit piercing her abdomen. Though I was reluctant as there was a beautiful Western face under the mask. Alas, I digress.

However, because she’s so weak that she’d be killed immediately when approached, getting to the heart of the whirlpool that is generated around Grief Charybdis was very dangerous.

While Shell Turtle ・ Vortex attacked with whirlpools as well, the scale of this was remarkably different.

The whirlpool around Grief Charybdis encompassed the entire floor.

The whirlpool around Shell Turtle ・ Vortex only influenced the enclosed boss room.

The volume of water is different, the distance to approach is different, and above all the performance of the monster is different.

If it wasn’t for 【Anaerobic】, this would have been a lot harder. I might have drowned.

After I caught my breath, I collected the chest and the corpse, and went ahead.

The 31st floor had a structure with a higher degree of difficulty.

Day 204 == Day 205 == Day 206

Day 205

From the 26th to the 30th floor I remember almost nothing.

The structure of this floor is a huge basin with a diameter of a few kilometers and slippery slopes. As you come closer to the center, it gets even more slippery. And in the center of this basin is a giant vortex of water. This vortex is what commands the entire valley.

Even at the shallowest outermost edge of basin, the fresh water still goes up to my waist.

If you lose vigilance and step onto an uneven stone, you would simply be carried away by the water.

To get to the next floor, the door is down at the center of the basin, so I decided not to resist the flow of water of the vortex, but at times it was still needed for me to swim against to current to get to the next level.

By the way, flying was not possible.

When trying to take off, all the water at once rose up and blocked the passage, forming an insurmountable wall. And if there was an attempt to break the wall, it was pretty tough.So much that even a hit with all the force I could punch with that blew a hole several hundred meters in, would be immediately closed, so the only option I had was to swim.

The funnel was not trapped at all, as the traps were down the basin.And the basin itself was basically a huge trap that saved a little, but still climbed monsters.

This dodge because the crater was impossible, because there is a chance to fall to your death.

I had to go with the place where you can just drift to the exit.

There was a little box of treasures and monsters, and those that were, were not particularly tasty, and had previously come across.

In general a floor you want to go quick.

In this short time I have suddenly reached the 30th floor, which is located in the center of the crater. Here, in the center, I was able to find the dungeon boss [Grief-Charybdis].

It seems like the previous barefoot, all levels of the battlefield.

The funnel already raged, and the closer I got to [Grief-Charybdis], the more it grew, making it even more difficult to eliminate.

At first I tried to get it from far away, but around him there was a lot of water walls and floors water that it is well protected.

I have always preferred the close battle, so I certainly did not give up.

Getting closer to [Grief-Charybdis] was really hard, it had blue and white hair flowing down its back, white translucent skin, feminine body structure, and a face covered with masks, I did not know how beautiful she is, but judging from the figure she must be beautiful.

Wondering how she looks now, I immediately dove into the funnel, and spent several hours trying to get to the [Grief-Charybdis].

[Dungeon boss [Grief-Charybdis] successfully eliminated]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] recognized the right of further progress, continue to the boss floor [Grief-Charybdis] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent a box of treasure [Wailing Maiden]]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for [Solo Kill] will be awarded a rare ability [Maelstrom Grief]]

As soon as I approached her, she was incredibly weak.

Completely defenseless, all with one blow I pierced her belly. I did not expect this from her weakness. Under the guise of beauty was a doll face, but then I think nothing about it.

That's only in exchange for its weakness, in the center of the funnel, where it stood was too dangerous.

A Vortex Armored Turtle, did little more than just attack the funnel, and the size of it was enormous. And the closer it approached the stronger the funnel became.

Were it not for my ability [No Oxygen Needed], I would have just drowned.

I gathered the corpse and a box of treasure and went on.

Floor 31 again prepared a new kind of battle.

Google Translation

It is less likely to talk about the twenty-sixth floor up to thirty floor.

The basic structure is a huge basin.

Since the inclination's gentle the diameter reaches a few kilometers, and is deep enough toward if celebrating the center.

And in the basin, there is a huge vortex. It is a vortex that dominates the entire basin.

Even in the most shallow outermost edge to my waist is enough to soak in fresh water, it's rapids that would would have been washed away if missing care.

The stairs to the downstairs of the center, that is because it is in the center of the vortex, and is flowed surrendered to at vortex To reach the next level, there is no choice but to reach to swim sometimes against the flow.

By the way, flying was impossible.

When you fly will and the moment, all of Shimizu huge amount which constitutes the vortex became a it up with water wall jump to the sky. It is because still water when you Tsukkomo refused to advance physically and ultra-curing.

Even if feeding a full attack, the degree to penetrate at most up to several hundred meters away. Given the distance to the staircase, only it does not reach up to about ten fraction one.

Since and holes were also blocked immediately, and swim in advance, it would be called.

Once it traps the vortex does not exist - floor but all vortex involving the there is no not say a fatal trap - the is but salvation, monsters come out normally.

Sonaruto avoidance is watch out because extremely difficult because of the vortex, there unilaterally also likely to be killed.

Is a good place to shed because it was troublesome to shed, when it is difficult to advance was carried proceed to swim assertive.

Because here treasure box also dungeon items are also quite small, there is not much taste. Monster also was mono just like came out so far.

Would say that quickly and proceed want hierarchy If the advance quickly.

When a short period of time than I thought at arriving at the thirty floor, although it is quite small so far, it was able to visually recognize the thirty floor of the hierarchical boss "grief-Charybdis" that is waiting with a huge vortex center of.

Just as floor all the apparently Dominaria the Gilman Lord Rider seems battlefield of a dungeon boss.

Floor domination to that [Vortex Armored Turtle] a violently more complex than ever before, so be wildly closer to the grief-Charybdis, it's pretty awkward likely to capture.

I thought that it or try to snipe from a distance, because the huge water polo and water wall around the [Grief-Charybdis] in thought phase has myriad emerging, it seems so can not subdue by long-range sniper.

In laid the defense team at the stage where it was thought previously to be executed, it is not only give up indeed.

Although that kind of approach that itself is difficult likely [Grief-Charybdis], blue-green of the long hair that extends to the waist, skin like white porcelain, and feminine body with, I do not know whether clean because real face is hidden by a white mask, no doubt quite the high level of Beauty If you look at only the body type.

While imagine what has happened to the true face, good things immediately to jumped into the vortex, it is not slow progress in much of the intensity of the vortex.

By the time you arrive in the vicinity of the [Grief-Charybdis], it took a few hours.

[Dungeon boss [Grief-Charybdis] successfully eliminated]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] it recognized the right of further progress, continue to the boss floor [Grief-Charybdis] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent a box of treasure [Wailing Maiden]]

[Achiever [Yatendouji] as a bonus for [Solo Kill] will be awarded a rare ability [Maelstrom Grief]]

[Grief-Charybdis] was weak and unsatisfying to subdue once it approached.

No way is beaten defenseless without also defending, but that one hit the weak as she can through the abdomen is unexpected, since under the mask was a beauty, such as the Western dolls or it may not be helped, I thought of is a digression.

But weak the more would have been killed instantly if approached minute, vortex that had occurred around the Grief-Charybdis is too Yaba.

Vortex Armored Turtle also was a attack by the eddy, the scale of it is uneven.

[Grief-Charybdis]'s vortex engulfed the entire floor.

Vortex Armored Turtle was eliminated dungeon boss room that has been closed vortex.

The difference amount of water, the distance to the approaching differences were above all differ in performance as organisms.

It would have struggled more if there is no honest [No Oxygen Needed]. There is also a possibility that had been drowned.

While established a breath to recover the dead bodies and the treasure chest, you go ahead.

Thirty-one floor, this also seems to become a high degree of difficulty structure.

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