Day 203

Day 203

Yesterday, I hid myself in a small cave in the ceiling of the underground lake.

For breakfast: the King CrabCrysora that I didn’t eat yesterday. Seeing as it was crab, I wanted to boil it in a pot, though I enjoyed the raw meat nonetheless.

The leg I pulled out had tender meat inside.

It’s odd that a fragment of the meat of the leg didn’t become tense, as it supported a big frame of a few dozen tons and still made it possible to do high-speed movements. The meat had a firm elasticity, as I bit off enough to fill my entire mouth.

And as I ate the crab bite by bite, each bite was accompanied with a burst of rich sweet flavor. The surge in flavor on my tongue hit my brain like a jolt of lightning, almost overloading me with dopamine and pleasure substances.

To be honest, it was more delicious than the Wyvern meat. The meat had a peculiar flavor, which made it very delicious. It’s a very rich taste, which you wouldn’t expect for a crab. Somehow it’s refreshing.

【Ability learned: 【Bubble Breath ・ Acid】】

【Ability learned: 【Crystal ・ Quartz】】

【Ability learned: 【Pressurized Lightning Cannon】】

Being overjoyed because I obtained many offensive abilities, I continued to swim in the underground lake today.

The underground lake has fewer traps than the others, and there weren’t a lot of dungeon monsters either. But because there are rocks sticking out randomly, making some locations very narrow, I needed to be precise in my movements.

Looking around, I spotted small caves here and there, all of them on their own, without any direct connection between them. It is necessary to swim in order to go forward, and because it’s so dim I am often close to being cut by the rocks.

However, once I got used to it, there were hardly any crashes and I was able to gather items along the way, while I went forward as fast as possible.

I was able to arrive at the deepest part of the 20th floor just before noon.

A large circular space was hollowed out here, very different from bare rock surface that remained, with a diameter slightly exceeding 100 meters.

Large bubbles bubbled up from countless of empty holes in the ground of about 10 centimeters. There appeared to be a small enclave near the ceiling that was filled with air, though it was very small. Overall, the battlefield was set in water.

The sources of light on the ceiling and the floor only consist of small amount of glowing shellfish and glowing moss growing naturally on the walls, making this a beautiful place filled in blue transparent light.

The name of the floor boss that you need to fight here is “Vortex Shell Turtle”.

It descended the hollow-out circular space in the center, defended by a massive, extremely solid, moving shell. This huge blue turtle is around 8 meters.

The shell has a hardness that equals dragon scales, with a dozen of pointed protrusions existing on top of it. The protrusions are hollow on the inside, it looks somewhat like the image of a syringe.

While the Vortex Shell Turtle is not moving it manipulates the flow of water in the space with its protrusions. They suck in a large quantity of water, compress it and spew it out again. This creates a huge vortex that can catch an invader trying to attack and can suffocate him.

Even if the opponent doesn’t die, he would have to pass through the solid shell protecting it and try to scrape it off with his attacks. *chima chima* This combined with the terrain makes it a formidable adversary.

Honestly, an effective capture method doesn’t exist.

The thick shell has the ability to complete negate any damage below a fixed amount through either intense heat, lightning, ice and/or physics.

If you assume it’s possible to win, you have to forcibly smash up the facade for which it’s essential that you use overwhelming violence.

【Floor boss [Shell Turtle ・ Vortex] successfully eliminated. 】

【Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Shell Turtle ・ Vortex] can hereafter be passed without battle 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Shell of the Vortex Mary River Turtle[1]】as a first time subjugation bonus 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Sinker】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

Though the defense of the Vortex Shell Turtle was solid, once you force your way through the vortex, it’s relatively easy to cling on for a moment and finish dealing with it.

It was simple work for me to destroy the shell as I beat it endlessly with my silver arm. I did need some time because it was a big bird to bring down.

After I killed it, I collected the corpse and the chest that was in the form of a turtle and continued to the 21st floor.

The 21st floor was an overturned river with pillars of milky white stone pillars next to it. There were 3 ships of magic metal.

Day 202 == Day 203 == Day 204

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Chima Chima = SFX to explain someone doing a task too slowly or a little by little when it can be done a lot faster and more efficiently -> -ching ching- clashing on metal?

I relied quite a bit on the google translated version rather than just correcting grammatical errors, so there may be some slight changes on the content as well. It's more accurate anyway. ~Akioni

Hi i just went though what you did and edited the grammar, but there wasn't much to edit. ~Anubbisk

Just going back through and making some small adjustments for consistency/grammar, this chapter is solid. ~Reared in the wild

Day 203

Last night, I went to bed hiding within a small room located in the ceiling of the underground lake.

Today's breakfast was the [Crystal King Crab] meat that I didn't dare to eat yesterday. I wanted to try turning it into soup because it was a crab, but I ate it raw instead. After ripping off one of its legs, I began to eat its soft flesh.  This leg was truly abnormal, to be able to move with such high-speed maneuverability despite supporting a body that could easily weight several dozen tons. The meat was firm and elastic, on top of that my mouth was filled with juice with a single bite.

The inherent sweetness of the crab's meat filled my mouth, and the overwhelming sense of pleasure gushing forth from my tongue struck me like lightning.

Honestly, it was much tastier than the Wyvern's meat. While the Wyvern's meat certainly has a unique taste to it, the unbelievable richness of the crab was somewhat refreshing

Ability [Corrosive Bubble Breath] learned

Ability [Crystalline Wave Vibration] learned

Ability [Pressurized Thunder Cannon] learned

While being pleased from gaining so many offensive abilities, I continued my voyage to the bottom of the lake.

Although there weren't many traps and monsters about, just navigating through the disorderly piles of protruding sharp rocks and tight spaces takes quite a bit of nerve.

Naturally there are small rooms located here and there, dotting the landscape. But since they weren't connected, You'd have to swim to go from one to the other. On top of that, it was rather dim here, so you're quite susceptible to injuries from the rocks.

Once you get used to it though, it wasn't much of a problem. I was advancing as quickly as possible while collecting any items I came across.

After lunch I was able to reach the 20th floor. In front of me lies a hollowed out large circular dome that could have easily reached over 100 meters in diameter.

Innumerable bubbles 10 centimeters in diameter began to bubble up from the ground. There seems to be an air pocket on the ceiling of the dome like a small room, but the majority of the space is filled with water, for aquatic combat.

The only source of light in this room comes from [Bio-luminescent Shellfish] and glowing moss that grew naturally on the walls, filling the room with a crystal clear blue light. The room looked beautiful.

So the name of the boss in this room is [Vortex Armored Turtle]. It appears to be a giant blue turtle stuck to the center of the room, 8 meters in length, protected by a terribly thick carapace. In addition to being possessed of a hardness comparable to dragon scales and crustaceans, it also had tens of hollowed spikes covering it, not unlike syringe needles.

The turtle attacks by siphoning water with its spikes, creating a whirlpool that draws the victim towards it, drowning it in the process before dealing the finishing blow itself.

It relies on its hard shell to fend off enemy attacks while it feeds. Combining this with the surrounding terrain, this makes for quite a hard foe.

Frankly, there is no effective way to deal with this boss.

The thick armor has the ability to nullify lightning, ice, water, heat, and physical attacks to a certain extent.

To win, you need sufficient force to crush his forehead.

[Dungeon Boss [Vortex Armored Turtle] successfully eliminated]

[Yatendouji recognized the right of further progress, choice to further advance without fighting the dungeon boss [Vortex Armored Turtle] is now available]

[As a bonus for eliminating the boss for the first time, Yatendouji will receive the treasure box [Tortoise Hiding in the Vortex]]

[As a bonus for [Solo Kill], Yatendouji will be sent the rare ability [Utopia]]

The carapace protecting the turtle certainly was hard, but once you disperse the whirlpool, the fight becomes relatively easy. A blow from my silver arm was enough to break its outer armor, but due to its sheer size, it took a while to kill him.

After collecting the treasure box as well as the carcass of the turtle, I advanced towards the 21st floor. On the 21st floor was a river, surrounded by milky white columns, 3 magical metal vessels were docked on the shores.

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