Day 201

Day 201

Moving through a rather confusing maze of rooms and corridors and slaying the myriad of attacking monsters along the way, I continued to make progress further and further into the dungeon. The further I managed to get, the wider each unique floor became, and the more difficult it became to progress.

Though, thanks to my [Mental Map Creation] and [Intuition], I was able to find and take the shortest route possible without receiving any injuries. Because of this I was able to rest on the 11th floor today.

Yesterday was the cause of a fair amount of frustration as problem after problem occurred to ruin my mood. To begin with, the number of simple traps constantly increased which ended up delaying me. My abilities allowed me to avoid damage, but the constant traps led to many problems.

Compared to the beginning of the dungeon, the number of overhead traps increased greatly. Those ones were actually rather deadly and their effectiveness increased with a terrible speed with every floor I cleared.

If I didn’t have [Sensor Phased Array], I would never have been able to avoid them all and my ability to progress through the dungeon would have been further delayed. The main problem, however, would be the dungeon’s [Vessel Water Spirits] that are abundant within this dungeon. The dungeon itself seems to be shrouded in the [Divine Blessing] of some water spirit, so it has a great many water-related monsters.

To give an example, I recently got out of a small room that was filled with monsters. The moment an unsuspecting person enters the room and steps on the trigger in the entrance, the room will rapidly fill with water while the water-element monsters attack. Thus increasing the danger several folds.

The monsters are mostly water types which is usually not a problem, but for adventurers who are not a member of an aquatic race such as the Mermen, being either waist deep or submerged in water is extremely dangerous with these types of monsters. The chances of death for those who get caught in traps such as that one are very high. If not careful, entire parties could meet their doom when caught in those types of traps.

In addition, if the trap is activated, there is simply no way to stop it. The room will inevitably flood with water and can take up to 20 to 30 minutes before the water levels begin to decrease. The exit will open after that.

Luckily for me with [Water Body] and [Oxygen-less Function], even if I was caught in that trap, I would have been fine.

The severity of this dungeon is already rather high, but the lethality is only furthered because of the constant onslaught of monsters. During battles, there will often be monsters suddenly appearing from the deep water. Even if one is not knocked down and can receive the sudden monster’s initial attack, the balance of the conflict can be greatly upset at critical moments. On top of that, pitfalls are even worse as weapons will come flying out of the hole as you fall in. Even if you dodge the pitfall initially, the water will rapidly flow downwards into it, pulling you towards it. The pressure of the water within those is usually so enormous that armor would end up crushed like paper.

There are also sudden torrents of water that will flood a corridor. These torrents are filled with monsters that will tear unsuspecting victims apart as a party’s formation is shattered.

Due to the fact that everything about this dungeon is deadly, even if I managed to get through without taking damage, I still suffered a great deal through those trials. Though, it was mostly troubling because of just how many different traps simply led to a massive horde of monsters attacking you. Those took time to deal with and there were monsters constantly appearing in a near endless cycle.

Along these floors, the only monsters of note ended up numbering just 5.

There were the Giant Steel Toads that hid themselves within the environment, waiting for their prey. They were giant bull frogs almost 2 meters tall with steel scales and razor sharp teeth.

Another was the Combat Helmet Octopus that were clad in a knight-like armor, armed with live weapons in each arm. It was very skilled and was not hindered by the number of weapons, becoming a deadly beast.

The 3rd monster were the Hidden Jaw Sharks that typically hid behind corners or within crevices in the wall. As a person approached, the 2 to 3 meter body shot forward, grabbing the victim in its monstrous mouth.

The least deadly of the beasts was the translucent monster that floated in the air of the corridors. These were the Deadly Jellyfish that were roughly 80 centimeters in height.

The final monster was the Armored Blue Shrimp that was armored in a blue, chitinous shell, that would quickly rush and attack the victim.

To briefly go over what these monsters did, I suppose I'll describe them.

[White’s Note: “AHHHHHHH, ROU, PLEASE NO, NOT ANOTHER 10 PAGES OF MONSTER DESCRIPTIONS! …. Oh look… only 9 pages of monster descriptions… thank’s for being considerate for me Rou… just don’t describe how each of them tast-.... oh gosh darnit all...”]

First was the Giant Steel Toads. They were the most common in the corridors and if you ended up getting distracted by the smaller monsters, they will target your legs and feet, breaking them into pieces. Since that was the case, it is necessary to be careful and alert at all times. According to the information I gathered, the toads have caused suffering to countless adventurer parties. Able to break through even magic armor, metal leggings, and various equipment, the monster has a huge mouth and sharp teeth. Even for adventurers who had managed to get to this point would suffer no small risk to life and limb when encountering them.

But, if one is able to detect them, the monster is rather simple to deal with. Though it does have a solid armor, the downside is that the monster is rather slow and is unable to dodge the attacks of the adventurers capable of reaching these floors. If the monster’s surprise attack is foiled, then most adventurers would be able to handle them with ease with a single mighty blow to a weak point.

Having the easiest of times finding them underwater, I used an offensive ability to smash down on them, obliterating them in a single blow. To me, they simply aren’t a threat. Whenever I detect them, I often would stick them with my halberd and fry them crispy with some lightning, allowing me to enjoy a skewer whenever I so desired. If I had the time, I’d have preferred to add some soy sauce and bake it until it was crisp to eat it whole.

Ability learned: [Underwater Breathing]

The skill basically allowed me to breath underwater, but since I already have [Oxygen-less Function], I don’t have a current use for the skill. Perhaps I’ll find a use for it at some point.

Next was the Combat Helmet Octopus. They were typically within the range of 1.4 meters, but the main body was always protected by a knightly shell.

Each monster’s shell is unique, I even saw a Norman’s cross helmet on one of them.

Depending on the shape, decoration, color, they will end up having different equipment. Perhaps it isn’t specifically limited to their armor, and is a way to distinguish their genders. Though in all honesty, I don’t really have much information on it and lack the desire to find out.

Well, as is the same with their armor, each of their weapons are living weapons such as swords, spears and axes, but the shapes and decor of each of them varied greatly.

Each arm of the Octopod carried a weapon and was defaulted to rather high combat skills. The Octopods were able to fight both on land and on water. Their body’s conventional strength was superior and were able to recover their limbs with frightening speed.

Each attack was like a wave of weapons, fast, accurate, and deadly. The weight behind each blow coupled with the weight of the weapons only furthered the lethal potential of every strike. When attacking simultaneously with 8 arms in perfect coordination, it was rather difficult to predict.

In addition to all of that, they would always be gathered in groups of either 4 or 5, significantly increasing the risk to life and limb. Their armor is so strong that it is able to block a steel sword with the greatest of ease. The only weak point on their entire body is their eyes.

Well, attacking them head on is no less dangerous as there were even some of the Octopod monsters that were magic based, allowing them to deal area of effect attacks. Inept adventurer parties could be broken in a matter of moments.

They were rather stiff and crisp, but as is most things, the more I ate, the more I want. It made me crave for more alcohol as well!

They are even advantageous to my appetite as all I had to do was rip off each of their limbs and leave it sit for several seconds. New legs will appear, allowing you to enjoy the meal even longer, though after several dozen repetitions, the monster’s vitality starts to decrease.

Ability learned: [Suction Cup Generation]

This ability basically allowed me to generate a suction point anywhere on my body at will. Rather well suited for stealth missions.

The Hidden Jaw Shark lives in the burrows of a variety of monsters. If you manage to detect them, they are hardly dangerous. If you avoid the holes, they will not come to attack. That’s only if you discover the hole. If you are careless and wander too close, then you won’t even be able to notice how you’re torn to shreds at an incredible rate.

My 1st encounter with them was on the 8th floor. I had just happened across a conflict between the Octopods I mentioned earlier fighting against a party of adventurers. There were 10 of the Octopods remaining against the 6 adventurers. When I came across the battle, the adventurers were outnumbered, but were showing a sheer superiority in coordination. The leader of the party was well experienced in both leadership and sword technique, leading them to an eventual victory.

Every one of them were highly trained fighters, able to dodge attacks while countering and inflicting wounds. If they couldn’t dodge, they were able to competently block and negate most of the damage.

As expected of a group capable of coming into the lower levels of a dungeon from the [Age of the Gods] series. They were able to get past the 1st boss, so I can even give them a certain level of respect.

But then I noticed one of their members that was fighting on the front lines against a toad in their defensive formation. He was wielding an interesting sword that was exuding heat, while admiring the blade, I inadvertently approached several burrows of the Hidden Jaw Sharks.

Since they were busy with the enemy, the young man failed to notice the 2 sharks that launched from their holes and attacked him. It happened all in an instant before they returned to their holes. The young man lost both of his legs and fell to the ground, his abdomen ended up being pierced by the toad he was fighting. The water was stained red.

At that moment the adventurer party recovered their friend who lost his legs, apparently he managed to survive his injuries. As soon as they recovered him, they began to retreat back and the battle moved to another location.

After they left, I carefully approached the burrow of one of the sharks. Their appearance was a dazzling white body that was covered in fat. Meat within was a pure white meat that was both dense and rich. When mixed with the fat, it was an enjoyable taste that I would be happy to enjoy again. There wasn’t even a fishy smell to the meat.

Ability learned: [Violent Frenzy]

The Deadly Jellyfish floated through the corridors, though unlike all of the other monsters, they are rather harmless. They often swim in groups of 6 to 10, often blocking the entire corridor with their tentacles.

If I had not had [Poison Resistance] already activated in conjunction with [Pain Resistance], I’d have been gifted a few hours of writhing in pain.

Well, it turned out that they weren’t extremely toxic, but the effect was achieved by a direct stimulation on the nerve endings of a victim. Since it wasn’t actually a toxin, it was actually rather dangerous to me as it did have a slight effect on me. I opted to shoot them from a distance and carefully consume the body.

They tasted rather similar to jam, practically like a dessert.

Ability learned: [Slow]

The Armored Blue Shrimp were constantly storming the corridors. The huge 2 meter tall body covered in blue chitin was pushed by its powerful tail, flying at the enemy at great speeds.

Well, a single hit to the head using their own force against them was more or less enough for me to kill them. It’s just when there are dozens of them attacking you at once, clogging the hallway, is when they become a problem.

The meat was, to make it simple, a pure delicacy. The soft pink color of the meat invited an indescribable flavor shooting down one’s throat.

This could become a present even for the Tomboy Princess.

Ability learned: [Steel Shell of the Blue Shrimp]

While wandering through the corridors, not only was I able to gather a handful of abilities, but I was also able to gain huge quantities of experience. In recent days it hadn’t been raising at all.

I was also able to level my different combat [Jobs] and [Arts] along the way. It was eating 2 shrimp for the price of one.

At that point I had finally reached the 10th floor where the 2nd boss room was located.

With the exact same type of opening as any other door in the corridors, I made my way inside.

The space inside was almost the same as the one on the 5th floor, a 100 square meter room with patterns on the ceiling and a circle in the center.

But unlike last time, the water didn’t gush out from the center, only a gurgling sound of bubbles came from it.

From the circle appeared… to put it simply, a lizard-like skeleton called the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander, that moved around inside of a blue slime.

It was just under 4 meters tall and it’s overall structure was actually reminiscent of a Black Skeleton Knight, though it’s tail made up a third of its size and there were an innumerable amount of thorns.

The teeth in its mouth were like daggers, the empty eye sockets glowed with a dark red light, seeming to focus on me.

The creature that covered this skeleton reptile was a furiously driven blue slime. The slime core was the the same color and was hidden away within the skeleton itself, the size of it was on another level than the other cores I’ve seen thus far.

This boss is apparently called the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander, the boss of the 10th floor.

Frankly speaking, because of the earlier designs that were designed with the sole purpose of cleansing the undead, I wondered what would happen if I pulled out the skeleton, but since it was a rather pointless venture, I gave up on it.

At the beginning of the battle, it summoned 2 massive living weapons that took the shape of swords, the slime itself now covered with hundreds, if not thousands of hands. It had the visage of a deity would look like.

Quite a few of those hands were able to use a variety of ice magics, mostly ice arrows or ice blades, and command water simultaneously. The number of variants exceeded 20 easily, the onslaught initiated immediately. The magic attacks never exceeded the 2nd tier, but simply because of the sheer volume of magical attacks, it had a serious advantage.

By this point, the Skeleton Raptor itself closed the distance on me and began attacking with its swords.

The attacks were as fast as the wind, so if you failed to dodge, you’d surely be sliced like paper. Both blades cleanly cutting through the air.

Honestly, with the continuous assault from the Skeleton Raptor was rather intense. Each blow of its swords were both powerful and fast, added to the endless wave of magic resulted in numerous chain attacks.

It was apparently designed specifically to fight numerous enemies at the same time, though unfortunately I was alone, and I am quite capable of handling 20 attacks at once.

Well, it could have been done faster, but the battle still only took a small amount of time.

[Boss Floor Skeleton Raptor successfully eliminated]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the right to progress, continue past boss floor Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander is available with a choice of promotion without battle]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the bonus of the treasure box [Clammy Corpse of the Water Lizard] for 1st elimination success]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the rare ability [Water Arm of War] for the achievement of [Solo Kill]]

Well, it seemed that this boss’s power was higher than the Warpidron, but only the same amount of endurance. Thus the battle only took roughly half the time as the Warpidron.

Normally, the non-stop physical and magical attacks from the Skeleton Raptor would result in more damage than the Warpidron, but given that it is my specialty, the battle resulted in a contest of power, where the difference was made clear.

Now, just as in the previous battle, I got myself another box of treasures. It seems like if I follow this tactic with the remaining I’ll get more boxes of treasure. The box was the same as the last, just covered in the same slime as the skeleton was.

I decided to continue to collect these chests without opening them so that I could open them all at once, thus I put them into my Item Box.

I then went to swallow up the body. The bones took about 20 minutes to chew, which shows that it was certainly a high-level monster, and also meant that it tasted great.

You could probably compare it with bone soup full of juice.

The remains of the thing that covered the Skeleton Raptor, the Blue Slime, tasted like juice. The core that came from it was the size of a goblin’s head. I sent it to the advanced [Demonic Great Whale Mouth].

The slime tasted similar to soda, but it was also cool, refreshing like mountain ice.

Ability learned: [Sword Dance]

Ability learned: [Parallel Use]

Ability learned: [Symbiotic]

As a result, I gained a few interesting abilities. The [Sword Dance]’s use is rather apparent. It probably involves some sword form with 2 swords.

[Parallel Use] is likely the ability that will allow me to cast multiple spells at once. After I activated it, I could form various magics on each of my fingers, collecting water, forming a mini funnel of winds, forming a stone, and sending sparks out. This ability is extremely useful. In the past, I could always do the same with my abilities, but the limitation had been with my magic.

[Symbiotic] on the other hand is a rather funny ability.

It increases the chance of a parasite’s infection. Now, not only do my parasites have the ability to influence others, but now can also increase the body’s overall ability.

It serves to overall increase the body’s combat potential.

Well, all of this was yesterday, today I started out with the 11th floor. According to my information, this floor is the best to gather materials. Perhaps a bit later than planned, but I think I’ll be able to make the time up.

Loot is waiting for me, I can feel it.

[White's Note] "I noticed that I actually almost had this Day finished, so I finished it up. But since this was before Champ released his, I'll leave his version right here since I hadn't used his, but the machine translation from before he posted it. There probably are differences between the two."

Day 200 == Day 201 == Day 202

Day 201

As I go forward, the corridors become more and more complex. Yesterday I advanced by eliminating dungeon monsters that lay in hiding and launch surprise attacks on their foes.

While I dive further into the dungeon, each level becomes wider and more complicated, but with 【Mental Mapping】 and 【Intuition】 I am able to choose the shortest route out of all of them and advance that way, without getting any major injury. The result is that I was able to start today beginning from the 11th floor.

Though I did encountered countless of obstacles yesterday.

First of all, there was an increase in simple traps.

Compared with the first 5 floors, floors 6 to 10 had about 30% more traps, however, that’s far from everything. An 【Age of Gods Dungeon】 has a lot more traps and a lot more deadly things, as opposed to a 【Derived Dungeon】, which makes the speed of progressing a lot more troublesome.

Even using 【Phased Radar Array】 , I cannot detect everything and the speed of my advancing is slowed down considerably.

One of the main things about 【Aquarium Forlia】 is that the traps are set up by a 【Demigod】 that draws his power from water. Therefor the main theme of this 【Age of Gods Dungeon】 is related to water.

For example, there are submersed traps installed in small rooms along the corridors that lead into the galleries. There’s one that is established in small rooms where dungeon monsters tended to easily group together, and with a concealed trigger on the floor that submerges the room. Once you step into the room both the entrance and the exit get sealed off by thick barrier walls and it’s impossible to do anything in order to exit it afterwards. Then, a large quantity of water flows in from every direction through gaps in the wall, in order to drown the shut-in foreign enemy.

The dungeon monsters have no problem being in a room like this, as they are fundamentally build to live in water. However, if adventurers from somewhere else come along, it is extremely likely that they’d die here if they get caught, unless they belong to a specific race that is able to survive underwater, such as a Gillman.

On top, there’s no way to cancel this trap, and it’s not possible to interrupt it once it’s activated. The water level doesn’t go down until 20 minutes have passed.

Even though there are humans with an 【Occupation】 that overcomes the difference with other strong races to a certain degree, but even then they wouldn’t be able to survive being soaked in cold water without being able to breathe for 20 minutes or more.

I need to be cautious that I don’t get caught in a bad spot, where I’ll also need to fight against a large quantity of dungeon monsters while the small room is gradually being filled with water.

At the moment, there’s no particular problem as it is just me that would get caught with 【Anaerobic】 and 【Aquatic】.

On top, there’s a nasty trap that makes the water, which is knee-high, start flowing in a complex manner like a barrel roll. It tries to break down your posture while you’re fighting dungeon monsters inside the corridor. There are also high-pressure water blades that jet out from the walls which would cut through steel armor as if it was paper. Torrents mixed with wood and stone are generated and there are a countless traps that produce waves of water that bring forth a large amount of dungeon monsters.

Even though there are so many lethal traps that give me a hard time, there are hardly any that deal direct damage to me.

The thing that was more troublesome than the traps, looks to be the large amount of dungeon monsters. In addition to the dozen species of dungeon monsters that infested the aisles of the corridor, there were a dozen more that were even stronger.

Because there are too many to describe and it’s too troublesome, I considered 5 species to take up and examine because I believed I could learn from them.

The first species uses mimicry to hide itself near the bottom of the water layer that fills the corridor. It has metallic scales and fangs and quietly waits for its prey to pass by. These camouflage fish “Metal Scaled Giant Flounder[1]” are about 2 meters long.

There’s also the “War Helmet Octopus”, which has a round torso similar to the form of a knight’s helm, wielding an organic spear and an organic sword with fat long tentacles. It has the mimicry ability as well, alongside fast movement.

The “Trap Spirit Moray[2]”, usually withdraws itself to a nest hole made in a corner of the corridor, ready to shoot its long, fat body of more than 10 meters at high speed when an inexperienced target approaches, taking a big bite off of the prey with its huge mouth.

“Deadly Jellyfish” are floating mid-air in the corridor, almost fully transparent, with 80 cm long tentacles extending from the umbrella. The tentacles end in pointed tips , that are dyed in various aposematic colors.

"Blue Armored-Tail Shrimps" are wrapped in a blue husk of hardened chitin, and attack by shooting through the labyrinth like a blue street racer charging at high speed.

These five species have the following characteristics:

First of all the Metal Scaled Giant Flounder, this fellow is above all particularly hostile. It lies in a place in the corridor where there is a high probability of a battle, waiting to perform an ambush. While you would be preoccupied by fighting other dungeon monsters, it will be repeatedly trying to bite your foot off. Caution is advised.

According to the information I collected, there were a moderate number of adventurers done in by this guy that were unable to recover. The sharp fangs in its huge mouth are able to bite off one’s foot together with any magical metal equipment protecting it, which makes it a burden even for passing adventurers that have the skills to dive this dungeon.

Although; if its existence can be sensed beforehand, it is quite easy to handle it.

The Metal Scaled Giant Flounder excels in ambushing due to its high camouflaging ability and its strength. Its hardened scales do not even get one scratch during its impressive attack. Despite that, its movements are dull and it is unable to perform any evasive actions on the spur of the moment.

In other words, you should stab it to death in the moment right before it makes its surprise attack. So for someone like me, who can find it even if it’s hiding underwater, and with enough offensive power to break through its scales, its existence does not amount to a big threat.

Upon discovery I stab them with the tip of my halberd, and it gets fried by the lightning attack.

I ate it afterwards and the hard scale that cannot be pierced by an unskilled attack has a peculiar texture, while the body underneath packs all the condensed flavor.

The body melts in my mouth and has a soft texture. If you would cook it meunière[3] by applying some soy sauce and hard-boil it in tempura, it would make for an excellent dish.

Ability learned: 【Gill Breathing】

And so, I was able to learn this.

When using it, an organ that resemble gills is formed in my neck near my lower jaw, enabling breathing underwater. In all honesty, I am able to act underwater without a problem due to 【Anaerobic】, but this skill is useful in its own right.

Its use is tricky and slightly limited though.

Next is the War Helmet Octopus which has an average length of about 140 centimeters, as its body resembles something specific –the fact that his round head looks like a specific type of helmet is its main feature.

There seems to be a difference in the shape of the helmet per individual, as I am able to confirm and abundance of variations to helmets such as Cross Helm, a Norman Helm and a Great Helm.

The details, decorations and colors of each helmet of the same type are shaped slight different from one another, and it’s highly probably that there are no identical ones. Though it’s also possible that common differences in shapes are between male and female, even though something like is trivial.

The organic spears and organic swords each had differences similar to the difference between helmet shapes, even the ones classified as organic axes had considerable differences. There are some holding curved swords, others straight swords; some wielding short spears, others wielding long spears; some brandishing double-edged axes, others brandishing single-edged axes.

The fighting power of each individual War Helmet Octopus, which is fundamentally high, is indicated by their helmet type as well as their armor and weapons.

While an octopus is an animal that has its whole body consist of pure muscle and above all, it does well with fighting both on land and water, the amount and density of the muscles of a superior War Helmet Octopus lightly exceeds that of a general octopus type monster.

In general the swings of their weapons are sharp and fast, where a single blow has the weight of a lump of iron, as it attacks within a trajectory that you would not expect coming from such a soft body.

They always act in a group consisting of 4 to 6 members, and the coordination of their attacks makes them even more dangerous.

Their helmet-shaped body is so hard that it can easily fend off steel swords, as its other parts can change shape which makes it hard to aim at the right spot. And because it may rush at you while trying, it’s necessary to pay some attention.

If someone takes a charge directly, his armor would most likely be broken.

There are also mage classes mixed in among the War Helmet Octopus, which is a battle class that can easily annihilate inexperienced parties.

I ate several of the ones I captured. There’s a crunchy resistance under my teeth, though as I keep on chewing it, a rich flavor released which I can’t get enough of. Adding a sip of liquor would be just right.

I really want to make Takowasa[4] right now, though regrettably, I haven’t found anything resembling wasabi yet.

However it conveniently has a high regenerative power. Its legs regenerated after it lost the ones I cut off, which made it possible to enjoy it for a while.

Ability learned: 【Suction Cup Generation】

A countless number of something resembling an octopus’ suction cup formed in the palm of my hand.

I didn’t only try it on my palm, and it seems that I am able to generate suction cups over my entire body.

There are occasions where I could glue it to an enemy, so it’ll be helpful during a covert operation.

Yeah, this might be an excellent war asset.

As for the Trap Spirit Moray, the degree of risk this dungeon monster poses can be considerably lowered if one can discover its den in the corridor beforehand. As long as someone doesn’t pass by in front of its den, they won’t be attacked.

However, the cases where someone can discover its nest are limited.

Without discovering the nest, and carelessly entering within range, it is guaranteed that one would be eaten to death in an instant without even know what happened.

Around the eight floor I happened to stumble upon about a dozen War Helm Octopuses and War Ruby Frogmen battling a party of 6 adventurers. Their fight was about to finish.

By the time I found them, there were numerous dungeon monsters losing ground, as the adventurer party had seized the initiative by demonstrating their technique and superior cooperation. They were on the verge of winning.

Each of the adventurers were seasoned warriors, reliably cutting down the opponent one by one with each attack, trying their best to distribute the enemy’s attacks, aiming to make the received damage as negligible as possible when it was unavoidable to dodge it.

As expected of people who were able to kill the boss of the fifth floor of an 【Age of Gods Dungeon】, they are certainly powerful, which is something admirable.

However, while a young man in their vanguard, wielding a large magic sword that’s emitting a sweltering heat, was fighting 2 War Ruby Frogmen, wielding nets and tridents; they were also approaching the den of a Trap Spirit Moray.

Neither party has noticed the situation as they’re concentrating on the opponent in front of their eyes, and as a result, the Trap Spirit Moray attacked both the young man as well as the 2 monsters when they were in range and unable to counteract.

In that instant, the Trap Spirit Moray had eaten both legs of the young man as well as the bodies of both War Ruby Frogmen and was hidden in its nest again.

The young man that had its legs eaten, fell down to the floor and had its body soaked in cold water; while the leftovers of both War Ruby Frogmen, such as hands, feet and entrails, were scattered throughout the surroundings from the impact. The water on the floor had dyed red, but returned to the original transparent spring water after about 10 seconds.

Afterwards, the battle between the other adventurers and dungeon monsters intensified.

Though the adventurer party finally achieved victory, and the man who lost his legs still lived, it looks like they decided to return to the surface as they took more damage than they expected.

I wanted to meet his/her group in a different location, in a situation where we would have fought against one another.

Mainly in a food-like meaning.

The Trap Spirit Moray helped to still my appetite to a certain extent, as it had a lovely white body contrary to its transparent appearance. While it looked very light, its thick layer of fat was rich and abundant, which made me enjoy its unique, compact texture.

It lives in spring water, so there’s no bad smell, nor does it have the drawback of having many small bones.

It’s an ingredient that I want to eat again by all means.

Ability learned: 【Assault】

The Deadly Jellyfish drifts in midair in the corridor, so its risk is lower as opposed to the Trap Spirit Moray.

But the probability to encounter it in the corridor is considerably high, as there are a lot of them drifting around in groups of about a dozen. In some locations, they fill up to corridor completely with a curtain of tentacles.

Though it basically doesn’t attack, when one does approach too close, it’ll get pierced by a long tentacles dyed in an aposematic colors which makes even a Lord like me reflexively groan in pain to a certain extent as I run through it.

I wanted to test 【Poison Resistance】 but I was unfortunate that it did not trigger. If I didn’t quickly activate 【Dulled Perception (Severe Pain Resistance?)】, I would have been tormented with an acute pain for quite some time.

Though I wouldn’t have died immediately from the poison if I was stabbed regardless, I honestly shouldn’t have done that just out of sheer curiosity. The pain acted on my nerves directly.

After knowing the risk, I killed them by cutting them down from a distance and ate their corpses.

The texture is very similar to jelly. Though the poison of the tentacles acted as spice and tingled quite a bit, it seemed to serve just right as dessert.

Ability learned: 【Low-speed Floating】

The Blue Armored-Tail Shrimps ran around the corridor wildly like someone doing a suicide attack.

Anyway, it made the most out of its trait: it was wrapped in a big frame of two meters consisting of a blue husk of hardened chitin, which bend strongly below its abdomen. The shrimp moves in a peculiar way as it winds up its big back and thrusts forward when it jumps.

It attacks with its tail, as opposed to its head, which makes its chasing ability very high, which is pretty irritating to be honest.

Can you imagine a lump of metal with a size of 2 meters flying at you at high speed?

Because several gather in one corridor occasionally, it can become quite a nuisance when you start competing with more than two dungeon monsters.

However, when you peel off the blue husk, a tender pink body is left. As I chew it, it offers no resistance to my teeth, as a delicious flavor bursts out inside my mouth.

The unique sound I hear while chewing is pleasant. It may be a good ingredient to be served at banquets. Let’s make it a souvenir for the Tomboy Princess.

Ability learned: 【Blue Shrimp’s Steel Husk】

Through all the fights in the corridors I was able to learn some things, but my level has hardly risen nowadays despite getting huge amounts of experience. I am sensing that I have risen the ability level of 【Heavy Fencer】 seeing as it was an ability that I used at the moment, but hadn’t used a lot up until now; which is quite useful.

And so, I rushed forward until the battle with the boss of the tenth floor.

At the boss room on the tenth floor, I opened a similar door and went inside the passage.

The interior hardly changed from the one on the fifth floor. The only change was that this time it was a large square room with each side being 100 meters. It also had a circle in its center.

This time, however, there was no water being generated inside the circle.

Instead of water, an infinite amount of bubbles are being generated this time around. *bubble bubble (sfx)*

What came forth from the circle, simply put, was a lizard man skeleton – Skull Lizard enveloped in blue slime. The size of the Skull Lizard inside the circle would be around four meters.

The skeleton emitted a thick atmosphere overall that strongly resembles the one from the Black Skeleton Knight. It had grown a countless amount of thorns on its tail, which is 3 times as long as its height. The fangs coming out of its mouth are as thick and sharp as daggers. Its sharp bone claws that grow out of its fingertips are its main way to attack.

Dark red lights dwell in the eye sockets of the lizard man’s skull and stare at me with a strong intent as we face each other. A tongue-like bone juts out of its mouth and moves smoothly with a flicker.

Wrapping the Skull Lizard, is a slime that flows incessantly. The slime’s body color is a transparent blue , with its nucleus placed inside the rib cage of the Skull Lizard. I haven’t seen one as huge as this before.

In other words, created in the same way that I created my Black Skeletons, it is a Skull Lizard wearing a Blue Slime armor – “Skull Lizard: War Salamander” is the boss of the tenth floor.

To be frank, I’ve always had the habit to purify the undead that I created, and seeing as this floor boss is an undead monsters inside, I wanted to say that to him.

But because it was meaningless, I didn’t do it.

When the battle started, Skull Lizard: War Salamander summoned two thick, huge curved swords, which are organic swords, and the slime covering his entire body extends a thousand tentacles into its surroundings like the Thousand-Armed Kannon[5].

On top, the tips of numerous extended tentacles come from the slime are simultaneously weaving magic of the water/ice system, shooting out a water blades and a water bombs. The number of blades and bombs slightly exceeds 20, as a second round follows several seconds later, a third round occurring after that. It’s shooting continuously.

Because the magic is of the first and second grade, the power of each blow is not overwhelming, but because the magic barrage was being shot at such a rapid-fire speed it increased the threat of it quite a bit.

In the meanwhile the main body of Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander is approaching at high speed, as it tries to kill me with an attack of its two curved swords.

His speed was as fast as the wind. As my hair that failed to get out in time is cut off without mercy.

The sharp double-edged curved swords swing the air from right to left. The slash with the unique shapes forms an arc that coincidentally creates a blind spot.

In all honesty, the frequency of attacks from Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander is too high. Each blow from his swords is powerful, but regardless it’s still fast. On top, a countless amount of magic attacks is added to it, in a surging wave of continuous attacks.

You might be able break up its aim by challenging it with multiple people, but seeing as it was just me, I had to deal with dozens of synchronized attack at the same time.

Oh well, I guess that means only a very quick person can survive.

The fight was settled pretty quickly.

【Floor boss [Skull Lizard: War Salamander] successfully eliminated. 】

【Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander] can hereafter be passed without battle 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Lizard’s Corpse Sticky Liquid】 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill 【Sailor War】 as a bonus for a solo kill】

Apparently its offensive power was far higher than the Warpidron, though its durability seemed to be low with an inverse proportion. The time lasted half as long.

By all rights, the high power and ferocious attacks of the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander would be able to make more victims out of a formidable enemies than the Warpidron, but the fact that skillful synchronized attacks from the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander played into my strengths, might have made the difference in potential and results.

I obtained a treasure chest similar to the one that dropped when I killed the Warpidron.

Perhaps it’s the case that all floor bosses show this pattern of dropping treasure chests. The design of the treasure chest is mostly the same as before, though it the engravings of a Skull Lizard that was covered by slime.

Because I will collect more treasure chests from now on, I decided to open the treasure chests all at once, and put it in my item box.

The remaining corpse I ate entirely, before it was reclaimed by the labyrinth. Because the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander was entirely made out of bone, there was quite some resistance to my teeth, but as it was a monster of this rank, it tasted quite well.

I am wondering what I should compare it to. I could say that I dare to compare it to the bones in a meat soup.

I slurped the slime that stuck to the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander like juice. The nucleus that remained afterwards was almost the size of a goblin’s head, as I immediately used 【Large Whale Eating】 to open wide and gulp it down in one go.

The portion of sticky liquid gave the bubbling feeling of carbonated water, while the nucleus gave off an irresistible feeling of refreshing spring water bursting out from the heart of a mountain and spreading out in my mouth.

Ability learned: 【Co-existence】

Ability learned: 【Sword Dance Acrobatics】

Ability learned: 【Parallel Use】

As a result of having eaten, I gained a few interesting abilities.

【Sword Dance Acrobatics】 is probably good. I am sure it’s a unique technique involving the curved swords.

【Parallel Use】 might be the main factor of the ability that the slime used to weave magic in the tip of its tentacles. I conjure up fire from one of my fingertips to experiment with it, as I collect water, let wind swirl, make stone appear and was able throw out lightning on the others. All this was facilitated by that skill.

With this ability, it is very simple. This is very useful as I wasn’t able to do something like this skillful behavior before when it came to magic.

【Co-existence】 is an interesting one.

Someone infected with my parasite will have an increased growth rate. Now, through co-existence, this growth rate has increase even further.

This will make it easier to increase my war potential.

Seeing as I finished what I started yesterday, I can start on the eleventh floor today.

According to the information that I collected beforehand, the story has it that the floors ahead are the most suitable places to gather materials.

Though it might slow down my schedule for a moment, I think I’ll take some time there.

It’s a collection festival. I have a hunch that the material is waiting for me.

Day 200 == Day 201 == Day 202

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Mental Mapping is actually Mapping when properly translated
Champsy Paragraph about the 2 dozen species, probably comparing the new floors against the first five.
Champsy Monster names a provisionary until someone else can come up with a more smooth naming/translation
Champsy Right eye Flounder is a sort of flat fish
Champsy Meunière refers to both a sauce and a method of preparation, primarily for fish. (source: wiki)
Champsy Right eye Flounder is a sort of flat fish
Champsy Aposematic = colors giving off a warning and being beneficial for both the predator as well as the prey
Champsy Takowasa = a dish of raw octopus with wasabi
Champsy Kannon = Deity of Compassion. Someone tell me they're thinking of Netero from Hunter X Hunter when reading that! Pic 1 and Pic 2 for reference

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