Day 200

Day 200

Mmm, perhaps this is a bit sudden, but I think I’ll discuss the Paraberangers. The Paraberangers are made up of the 5 goblins that had decided it was a good idea to attack me in the middle of the night. They were repulsed quickly though and have worked themselves to the bone as my slaves since. On the day they attacked me it was with the good intent to help their starving comrades, thus they were only trying to get me to share my food with the starving.

Basically they were indirectly trying to save the weak, a rather unusual desire for the average goblin since it is in the very nature of a goblin to submit to the strong and oppress the weak.

Well, I can’t call them renegades or vigilantes, but the 5 of them just seemed to have gathered in one place and united under a single goal. For the Paraberangers, villains and enemies, no matter how they beg for mercy, will be slaughtered without hesitation. In normal circumstances, they keep rather cool heads, but if one of their comrades, women or children are threatened and failed to save them, they would get rather distraught.

Ogres that have a similar mentality to humans is rather unique, so I suppose it can just be attributed to their individuality.

Personally I don’t see it as a bad thing.

First off, thanks to such a personality, the 5 have superior confidence and work hard and beyond on their abilities, thus becoming strength for me.

The Paraberangers were stationed at the border between the Sternbild Kingdom and the Kirika Empire. Just today they had saved an armed group under assault from some Orcs, saving the daughter of a Count from the Kirika Empire. They simply could not abandon the human party and thus rushed straight in to gallantly save them.

The Count’s daughter was accompanied by a detachment of rather muscular guards and had not only delayed, but significantly reduced the number of Orcs. It would seem that the Orc horde were being led by an Orc Mage. The result of the Paraberangers joining the fray resulted in the total annihilation of the Orcs.

They then met with the Count’s daughter who requested their escort since her current guards had been greatly depleted during the struggle. Being completely unable to refuse the pleading woman, the Ogre 5 are currently accompanying the Count’s daughter as they go deeper into Sternbild Kingdom’s territory.

It would seem that the Count’s daughter was traveling under the radar, carrying documents from the Tomboy Princess. It smells like rather small business, so I wasn’t rather interested in the details. Kanami-chan is in charge of the fees for our services so there was no need for me to get further involved.

Back to business.

After breakfast, I opened the door into the Boss room and began to wait.

On the fifth floor there was a rather broad, square-shaped room with walls that had to measure at least 100 meters. The walls were decorated just as the corridors, made to seem similar to that of a temple, the air pure. If there were undead monsters here, I think they might seriously take damage with such clean air.

Well, I couldn’t just leave it there so I summoned a Black Skeleton to test it. It almost immediately turned into smoke as a result.

On the ceiling were the faces of countless gods, with 5 painted pillars in homage to the Great Gods in the middle of the room. The black pillar most likely represented the Great God of Origin and Demise.

On the pillar was a depiction of someone, it wasn’t really clear whether it was a male or a female person. In their hands, a spear forged by misfortunes. It is probably because of the fact this person has the same divine protection as I that he looks familiar despite it being the 1st time I’ve ever seen him. There’s a certain feeling of nostalgia.

Well, while I fell into a minor stupor staring at the depiction of the dark warrior, water began gushing out in massive quantities from the center of the room. The water quickly enveloped the entire floor of this huge room, raising the water levels up as high as my hips before it finally stopped.

The water was unusually cold, just a single step from it turning my entire body to ice. I have resistances regardless, but the cold still had an effect.

Just standing in this icy aura caused energy to leave my body. It was then that it appeared, throwing the water around it into turmoil as a huge horn shaped akin to a wave breached the surface as if it were a whale’s head. The body was huge, 8 legs protruded from the massive hulk, it’s 4 deep red eyes tirelessly watching its surroundings.

The entire body was covered by a dense skin that gave off a metallic, ultramarine sheen. The monster was simply massive, it was almost 15 meters long, stood 7 meters tall and was 5 meters wide. It was the boss of the 5th floor, the Warpidron.

The basic attacks it had were lightning attacks and strikes with its horn, the whale also spurted out torrents of water that had such pressure that it could easily cut through steel. It also had water jets to limit the movement of the enemy. Using its 8 feet and long tail, it was able to move through water at a frightening speed.

Normally adventurers would fight this beast in a whole group since he was far more powerful than the usual mid-boss of a dungeon.

When you think about how the water is up to the waist, the terrain is heavily to the Warpidron’s advantage. For the enemy the sheer amount of water didn’t hinder its movement as it was a marine beast, and thus only served as an advantage for it. Moreover, since it was a water style beast, the water only served to allow it to better reveal its power.

Well, I’m currently standing in front of this beast, numb from head to toe in this bitter water. The moment I felt the presence of a strong opponent, my appetite awoke deep within me. A sheer desire to eat this thing whole.

Since there was no need to suppress this intense desire, I took out the halberd from my item box and raised my battle cry.

With this I started the battle.

[Dungeon boss Warpidron successfully eliminated]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been recognized and the right to progress is granted]

[Achiever Yatendouji will receive the rare treasure [Storm Horn of the Great Whale] as a bonus for the 1st elimination of the [Warpidron]]

[Achiever Yatendouji has received bonus ability [Water Pulse] for the achievement [Solo Kill]]

After roughly 20 minutes the water had still not receded, so I pulled out the treasures from the Warpidron. It was a mix of various things such as gold, silver, precious stones, mithril, rare magical metals, and several pieces that appeared to be art. Well, if Blacksmith-san and the dwarves use these to work with, even they might start going overboard.

Well, the rewards this time were quite good, I won’t complain.

In some party games there would be various ranked item chests that would have various rewards. In the largest box that I got from the Warpidron, the [Storm Horn of the Great Whale] ended up being the most rare of the items that I mentioned earlier. I decided to return later for more and put everything back into my item box.

Now I turned to the carcass of the Warpidron itself. The horn was removed, the skull divided and the eyes collected. The 8 giant feet were cut off, the body was cut to pieces and I kept the long tail whole.

The Warpidron had a rather serious vitality so every part of its body was rather heavily damaged before it died. The body was split apart and the organs spilled everywhere. The precious tail meat ended up getting rather damaged as well.

It looked like the Warpidron was a strong enemy, so I held back my stronger abilities and took my time with the fight, so I can’t complain if the body is a bit roughed up.

I even ended up losing my living hand (TL: right hand), causing me to panic just the slightest amount. Truly as expected of such a high level boss monster, counterattacking the moment I relaxed. Though, once I began to taste his flesh, the hand was recovered without any problem.

The meat was simply amazing.

Ability unlocked [Carrying Lightning Horn]

With this ability, I’m able to shoot out lightning from my 3 horns. The flash is rather bright so it does make it hard for me to see for that instant, but the power cannot be ignored. It can also be used without any preparation or cool down, so it has a convenience factor to it. I can use it in conjunction with [Electromaster] to further increase the ability.

I was tempted and thus went to enjoy the brain. I had smashed it rather hard, so it was close to soup when I went to eat it. The sensation from eating it was as if the language of the beast was washing over me, though the taste was rather basic.

The skull was as tough as metal, though it had a rather intriguing salty taste to it. I ended up mixing various parts together and enjoyed my meal.

Ability learned: [Whale’s Whistling Voice]

Ability learned: [Battle Cry]

Well, as expected of the mid-boss, the strength of the dungeon was intense.

After eating a meal of both quantity and quality, it was rather easy to gain a few abilities, so I’m exceptionally happy. Of course, I ate most of the remains, but left some to bring back.

Perhaps it will improve Kanami’s mood a bit, and I’ll need to treat my kids as well. They’ll probably welcome something as enjoyable as this with gusto.

Well, it was harder than I thought to stop eating, so I had to force myself by putting the rest into the item box while I had the restraint. The risk of the rest of it being absorbed by the dungeon also played a factor.

After finishing I went through a gate that had appeared after my victory. Going through it, I came across a staircase. Going down, I noticed the familiar decorations and patterns on the walls of the corridors. The concept was the same, but the patterns were more complex if you will. The air was even denser than before as well; I can’t afford to relax anymore.

I didn’t even take a few steps before water blasts aimed at my heart shot out at me. Ten silver perch attacked me, though I swatted them away and chewed on their meat as I went.

Today’s goal is the safe room of the 10th floor boss.

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