Day 198

Day 198

Well, because of the announcement last night, I had 2 people to contact to confirm the results.

Obviously enough, the two people to contact were Seiji-kun and Gurufu-chan.

Seiji-kun had [Ranked-Up] from a Half Saint Lord to a Saint Lord Variant. The reason behind the variation was due to him receiving the [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Love] and his physical appearance is a somewhat adult-like form now. His current appearance is akin to a rather unhappy, yet rather handsome young man.

Besides the specialties of his class type, his own physical abilities are now higher than the average human, but it's still completely unreasonable to expect him to fight on even terms in physical combat.

It's highly likely that he would lose in terms with an average human that held a job such as [Job-Knight].

Because of his healing and defensive capabilities, combined with the fact his mana supply has grown remarkably, I fully intend to have him work even harder in the future.

Aside from that, he also gained a rather interesting ability which allows him to manifest weapons from his [Ogre Orbs].

He is fully able to manifest rustic silver weapons such as a silver mace, shield, and a small amount of golden lining that seem to be decoration.

The shield itself is roughly the size of a buckler with a reflective force field, which can expand according to Seiji-kun's intent.

He certainly didn't have such an ability before, and after some thorough investigations that I had requested, he seems to be able to expand the shield to become as large as Minokichi-kun's Fortress Shield. It also appears that even if it gets that large, the weight remains almost the same. This will certainly allow Seiji-kun to not only protect himself, but also a large number of his fellow comrades.

As for his healing capabilities, they are far stronger than even his defensive capabilities, allowing him to greatly reduce the strain on his compatriots.

As for the mace's ability, I need to say that it's above just being interesting. His mace is a considerably heavy blunt-type weapon that's roughly ten kilos and is far stronger than usual maces. This is probably due to it being a weapon manifested from his [Ogre Orbs].

When it strikes an ally, the mace seems to regenerate the ally's vitality proportional to the amount of damage one would normally receive. He was hesitant at first, but with a bit of force I persuaded him to strike to show visible results.

Of course the mace will still deal damage to the usual enemies and monsters, but the idea of beating a wounded or incapacitated ally with a large mace to help them doesn't sit right with him, or me for that matter.

Even if the blow doesn't result in pain, the impact is still there.

I finally managed to convince him to smash the head of an ally who was covered in wounds, it also took the person in question being directly ordered by me to stand still. The result, his wounds all over his body were more or less healed. We determined that if the blow would be akin to a fatal strike, the ratio of healing would be far greater than normal.

Yeah... It still doesn't really look right.

As for Gurufu-chan, she [Ranked-Up] from a Ghoul into a Fimerotto Variant. Similar to before when she was a Ghoul species, she still looks pale with lifeless skin and black hair, and her black [Ogre Tattoos] haven't changed. But you can certainly say that her physical appearance and body structure have become more elegant. It is almost as if she has become a beautiful doll.

She has gained a living body armor that is akin to a clean white dress with high heel shoes. It really makes her look like the daughter from a high class nobleman's family and suits her quite well.

She would have no problems gaining access to a ball. If I were to think about it, this should make her quite popular.

In fact, she would certainly make it into the top 10 most beautiful woman in Parabellum if not for the rotting flesh and nature of her class.

To mention, I have overheard gossip between other members that basically come out to be like:

"Gurufu-chan's misfortune by her abilities is nothing to laugh at...",
"She's beautiful when she's not active ... though when she's silent, those dark eyes ... rather unpleasant",
"I'm serious, the hobbies she has are lethal!",
"She's rotten..."

Such were the nature of most member's opinions on Gurufu-chan.

They aren't just bothered by her mentality, but also the fact that her race has the ability to corrode just about everything she comes into contact with unconsciously. Organic or inorganic, it doesn't matter.

I'm torn between pulling some strings to influence [Rank-Ups] to gather people of a similar species for her to interact with, or to step back because it would be favoritism...

This is a problem.

As for the names of the 2, I don't see a need to change Seiji-kun's name for the time being, but for Gurufu-chan, what could I change it to.


No ... she isn't able to enter the hot springs easily since she ends up causing the water to rot. Furo means hot spring, so I think it'd be a bitter name since she is bothered that she can only rarely use the hot spring after extreme preparations are made.

Ugh ... I'm troubled, oh so troubled.

I really can't think of what her new name could be.

How about Irokusatta-chan which means various forms of rot ... or possibly Kusattairo-chan ... I suppose that one fits.

Though, why did I just name her the color of rotting flesh and then change it around to make it Irokusa-chan...

I can't help but sigh instinctively since, when I visit someone to pass on a new name, they always have an expression showing their wild delusions about their name. It can't help but cause me to feel miserable sometimes.

At any rate, I need to prepare their gifts for their [Rank-Up]. Since 2 more members of the 8 Demon Generals have been found, I should make their celebration even more luxurious.

Currently, only 7 of them are known:

Minokichi [Emperor of Shimmering Axe]
Kanami [Empress of Ice Kingdom]
Asue [Underground Thunder Hammer]
Supesei [Calamity Star Priestess]
Burasato [Frightening Blade of Dried Rust]
Seiji [Merciful Father’s Light of Salvation]
Gurufu [Rotting Guide of Severe Misfortune]

The remaining one... I wonder who it will be.

So far, those classified to be part of the 8 Demon Generals are only out of those from the same generation.

As for the last person, I can only think that it will be one of the people from my generation in the [Goblin Community].

I think that it would probably end up being Dodome-chan that has the highest chance of gaining the spot, otherwise it will be from the 5-Ogre squad.

It will probably be her since she is fairly strong, but it can also be the 5-Ogre squad since they can be treated as if they were just one individual. As it stands, the 5-Ogre squad gives off the feeling as if they were a single organism, so the chance they [Rank-Up] into something unique is possible.

Well, it's best to be patient and wait until it comes to light. Since the amount of experience they gain will demonstrate their capabilities and their level. I'll probably find out soon enough.

This will be good.

Today's Synthesis result:

【Wyvern Scale Formation】 + 【Solid Armored Dragon Scales】 + 【Shell of Hard Dense Chitin】 + 【Sharpened Shark Skin】 + 【Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor】 = 【Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor】

Day 197 == Day 198 == Day 199

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