Day 196

Day 196

The opening flood from opening the store has passed for the moment. Since it's the last day of the discount sale, I had decided to help with the store.

Though I did release 30 more Skeleton Spiders before I went over there. Our companions were kitted up in the appropriate Sternbild Kingdom attire for a driver and were set in the driver's seat moving along their predetermined routes.

They were to move along the main roads as well as relatively busy areas of commerce and trade. Dozens of Skeleton Spiders were roaming the streets as they cleared the snow. By doing so, more people were leaving their homes and, as such, increasing the number of citizens who saw the ads on the sides of the spiders.

Thus, while clearing the streets clogged in snow, we can successfully draw the attention of potential customers at a steady pace through the advertisement.

I've already seen to the payment to the Tomboy Princess to allow this advertisement. I'm looking forward to receiving requests from the various merchants that see the advertisement and are drawn to the shop as a result, so a minor expense is fine.

Well, even if I don't have any immediate expectations for profits, I do expect for this minor cost to pay itself off substantially in the future.

When we had finished clearing the streets of snow, the people began to once more fill the streets. Normally the Royal Capital would be slightly quiet due to the level of heavy snow fall, but as it was now, a good portion of the liveliness had returned as a result of the cleared streets. It's a good thing I suppose, but not the targeted result.

As a result of the advertisement, we did have many more customers. The main reason was mostly because of the sale's last day though.

Since the goods were only remaining this cheap for today, news had already spread throughout the Royal Capital Osvel, causing it to become somewhat famous over these last few days.

The roads being cleared and the advertisement only served to further increase the business revenue. The store was blooming with activity.

At any rate, there are quite a few more customers today. It's certainly a good thing, especially since we will not need to close now, this can lead to new profits in the future.

However, since it's quite busy today, it's not that easy to manage since we're still inexperienced with it. It probably would get easier over time, but for now it's a semi-major pain.

Doing a surprising amount of non-stop work until the evening caused most of our shoulders to go stiff with heavy levels of fatigue.

I would say that, rather than being tired, it was more stressful trying to service all of the customers today.

I want to use the hot springs...

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