Day 195

Day 195

There wasn't much going on today, its still snowing though. The Royal Capital has been dyed in a white layer of fluff as the streets are congested with both snow and the various people working hard to clear the snow outside.

Meanwhile, a single Skeleton Spider is running through the Royal Capital. I'm putting up poster advertisement for the store as I test the Spider's full speed while clearing the snow around the store. Riding through the streets, the snow that touches the snowplow that was installed in the front ends up instantly melting, changing to water and flowing down into the drainage system installed on the sides of the road. The water in such mass also helps remove snow not directly in the plow's path as the water is heated after it comes in contact with the plow and melts the snow further. The width of the ground gradually extends and a definite road was beginning to form amidst the snowfall.

Just as a Skeleton Centipede is highly noticeable, a Skeleton Spider also will tend to stick out quite a fair bit. The peculiar look caused it to stand out sure, but the main cause of its attention was the ability for this peculiar item to clear the snow. People gathered on the roads that were cleared and began mumbling things such as "What's going on?" and the sort.

While confirming that there was a small problem with how it operates, I rode the Spider with Auro and Argento. If I was asked why, it is simply because they didn't mind training, or working in the shop, they simply wanted to spend time testing the Spider with their father. There certainly does need to be a certain level of physical connection between parent and child.

The two relished running around the Royal Capital on the Skeleton Centipede. We changed because the Skeleton Centipede operates better and suited the purpose of relaxing more. It wasn't a bad day, though, the trial run was over by noon and I spent a good portion of the day on various things.

I think I'll be able to manage the mass production target of the Skeleton Spiders somehow.

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