Day 194

Day 194

It was snowing again today. Truthfully, it snowed much less than yesterday. There were also strong winds blowing, which led to banging sounds on the windows. Trees were bending in the wind, scattering the accumulated snow on them.

Such a storm mercilessly took away the remnants of heat from the body of anyone who dared to go outside. The chances of getting frostbite were increased significantly compared to yesterday. In my current state, I wouldn’t be hurt, but I wanted to lock myself in the warmth of my house. A warm fireplace is the best. I like to sit and bask in the dancing flames in the hearth.

Although in the hot springs, it was warm and it felt better, once you are within it’s warm grasp, you need an incredible amount of willpower to get out. A natural hot spring of the heavens. Once there, the body leaves from the comfort of the soul.

Ahh… I already want to go back to the base and have a good breakfast surrounded by children and Kanami-chan, I thought about it. But then, I had a sudden idea. What if, you make something like a taxi, which will work without rest and bring citizens of the city to their destination? If we were to do this, it would earn us a good amount of money.

One of my trump cards are the wagon 【Skeleton Centipede】 made of bone, designed from 【Lesser Summoning: Undead】 and with 【Skeleton Combination】 【Undead Chimera】. Comparing it with a simple horse, it is unmatched in speed, comfort and it did not need rest. Thus, I wish to easily create a whole bunch of them and the cost of production will not hinder us. It would complete almost all transportation dreams.

Among the shortcomings, under the sunlight they can easily turn into smoke. But, this disadvantage can be overcome by covering it with my clones, and by means of a metal frame. In fact, the Tomboy Princess has asked me to lend them a couple, but I refused, because I wanted to benefit as much as possible to maintain the secret method of their creation.

Now I have made something for few, or more, precisely the vehicle for 4 people in the likeness of a taxi. The operation of the vehicle would be much cheaper than conventional carts, and I planned to also make the fares lower. Because of the low cost, and how it drives nice and fast, it will certainly attract customers.

This will be a stimulus for increasing the economic activities, which in the cold season is usually “Frozen”. And if it does stimulate activity, then there is a great chance that we will have an increased amount of customers. If this transport works in everyday life, the income from it will be a good increase for us.

It is not clear whether everything will go as planned, but from an economic point of view, the idea does not look bad. Fortunately, even if it fails, we will not lose anything.

Nobody knows what to say about it in the matter of laws of the Sternbild Kingdom. If there were bans on that matter, we would be found guilty before even knowing it. Due to the high possibility of this, you need to dig into a lot of these laws. On this subject, I decided to contact Tomboy Princess. It has been decided and will do.

Thus, finished with breakfast, I went to the Royal Palace for a meeting with Tomboy Princess, to tell her about my new idea. Of course, I could take a walk from the mansion to the Royal Palace and turn into snow demon, but I decided to first, start mass production of a smaller version of the wagon of the 【Skeleton Centipede】.

I have all the materials in the Item Box, and because of preparation did not take a lot of time, not even an hour has passed before I had finished creating it.

The new creation is called 【Skeleton Spider】. In contrast to the long bones of the body of the 【Skeleton Centipede】 capable of carrying a lot of cargo and passengers, it is designed to carry a small number of passengers. It has a small body and had a lower capacity, but the four spaces within it, gives all the comfort to stay inside even if there were four passengers (excluding the driver), and the roof could carry a surprising amount of things.

Even though it is significantly inferior to the parameters of the hundreds of bones, 【Skeleton Spider】 had all the necessary skills. The problem was in appearance. Imitating fashion, I made it look like a four-wheeled box, and this time, in front of the driver’s seat, which was located ahead, I had enchanted my abilities to make a plow-like appendage to clear the snow. This made it so that it looked nothing like the 【Skeleton Spider】 that was initially created. The bones were encased in a corrosion-resistant metal, after that, it no longer looked like a strangely shaped steel trailer.

There was a high probability that the passengers will be interested in how the vehicle works, but I have prepared an excuse that it is made up of several magical items.

While they may not dismantle it, I think that deception will still take place. The interior was decorated with a dense fabric of my webs, as well as various trees growing in the great forest. Using absorbing vibration and shock, the tree species processed by the 【Body Fluid Control】 are added on top of the dense layer of my web. Another layer of wood is then deposited in the interior.

Thus, the inside was very warm and comfortable, and was not able to feel even the smallest shaking due to motion. Certainly not matching the wagon 【Skeleton Centipede】, the 【Skeleton Spider】 still offers good comfort while riding. Thus the bone spider was completed.

With the final prototype, I got to the royal castle located in the Amber Palace gates. Fortunately, I made an appointment in advance, so I was easily let inside. Sipping expensive tea while waiting, Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight finally came.

As usual, she looked cheerful when exchanging the usual greetings. The interior of the palace after the coup, was restored in a hurry, but some things still has traces of the coup and other things still needed time to remove.

After finishing a non-binding contract, we went to the purpose of the visit, the 【Skeleton Spider】. The response was just spot on from the Tomboy Princess.

The Royal Capital was still the center of the Sternbild Kingdom, and because the area is normally densely occupied, traveling along it was quite problematic. To deal with it, they now allowed street carts, but their number was surprisingly small.

Although it was affected by many interests, horse carts were filled with various difficulties, but as a result of what happened recently in the coup, there still hadn't been much to establish routes or proper paths for them. Combined with the fact it is currently snowing outside constantly, most carts were just sitting idle.

Now it was time to go on stage with the 【Skeleton Spider】. Their ability was not only to move on the streets littered with drifts of snow, but also move with ease even in the icy cold snow storm, and was most importantly, very cheap. It could be amazing for the citizens of the capital.

The final decision was to leave all the troublesome paperwork to the Princess all the while the Sternbild Kingdom would not receive a direct profit for this business venture. This was for the sake of increasing the economical activities of their citizens, and as a near direct result, their tax base.

Like I said, let’s live together for common prosperity. Although her answer sounded really like “she will decide when she wants to,” the issue has almost been solved, and she said it’s because she wanted a ride. Looking at her, full of energy, typical for her age, a soft smile appeared on my face. Taking the 【Skeleton Spider】 for a roll herself, she really liked it.

"...Well, if this wagon... the...【Skeleton Centipede】was it? If you're sure if it will work and you can mass produce it, I'm curious as to how its made and how it works.” she thus asked indirectly.

Well, that was to be expected. I gave her my general description that I had come up with beforehand and we left it at that. I noticed a slight hint of disbelief from her though. Honestly, she's a bit to sharp for her own good sometimes.

After that we decided how many should be prepared, which route they will move up to where, and other minor details. I wanted to continue to maintain a good relationship with the Tomboy Princess.

At the end of the affairs, I went back into the house and immediately started the mass production of【Skeleton Spiders】. Having finished the design, the manufacturing process has been to some extent, adjusted. The frame and the interior was entrusted to my comrades, thus reducing the manufacturing time.

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