Day 192

Day 192

It’s the third day of the shop's opening sale.

I didn't work in the shop today, but instead focused my energy on the mansion's first floor renovations.

Since the foreman and the other craftsmen worked yesterday, I had some of our group members work with them as well doing odd jobs. It looks like things went better than I expected.

While it’ll still take some time to complete the renovations, it appears that they'll be finished earlier than expected.

By the way, I appointed Female Samurai as the shop's manager and entrusted it to her.

Since she has the Humans (male and female) that possess the 【Merchant】 and 【Peddler】 jobs with her, as well as quickwitted Elves (male) that possess the good looks typically associated with their species that the Humans brought with them as their assistants, I think she'll be able to handle it.

The goods that we sold yesterday were restocked overnight, and we still have quite an abundance of them in stock as well.

There shouldn't be any particular problems.

Now that I think about it, it looks like business is doing better than yesterday. As I was working on the renovations, I thought I heard a voice calling for help for some reason.

However, I simply hardened my heart and remained silent.

Today was different from yesterday, as many 【Alchemists】 came to buy raw materials, and wealthy merchants came to check out the situation. A pretty large amount of goods was being exchanged at a time.

In this world, you essentially try to beat the prices of other shops, so we set the prices for our shop's goods a little low when compared to their quality, and they're even cheaper because it's a sale.

I wanted to keep the shop’s prices fixed, but since there are many cases of people negotiating the prices in this world, I decided to tolerate doing so to some extent.

Therefore, since merchants were using their words to lower the prices, even Female Samurai appeared to be having a hard time. The tenacity of veteran merchants is quite amazing, isn’t it?

In addition, the group members that possessed merchant system jobs had some ups and downs as well since, to be honest, there was a difference in their levels as a merchant. They were at an overall disadvantage and continued to lose ground the entire time.

It was constant haggling, and the battle of words unfolded on countless occasions.

However, they also gained experience every time this happened. I used my clones to keep watch over Female Samurai and the others.

Having said that, even if they're overwhelmed by the other party, most of the products being sold here are items we obtained in the previous war that we haven't made use of yet. There are also raw materials gathered in the Great Forest being sold as well. For that reason, there’s no problem since we'll make a fair bit of profit just by selling them, even if the price is haggled down some from its cost that's already significantly lower than usual. With this being the situation, that was the conclusion that I came to.

As for Female Samurai and the other members, it seems they gained great experience from today's events.

However, contrary to my expectations, although they had lowered the prices, they weren't reduced below the expected values.

With this kind of effort, I think their work deserves some sort of reward.

In the evening, while I was thinking about such things, Female Samurai and the others closed the shop.

It looks like much of their fatigue is more mental than it is physical.

After the girls and boys of Solitude finished their training, I left the task of cleaning the store and restocking the merchandise to them. Then, I used the specially made aroma oil that Doriane-san gave me to do a practice run of giving oil massages on the shop group that had persevered in their work.

After the first floor renovations are completed, I plan to open a massage shop for nobles and wealthy merchants. To prevent any problems once it opens, I should finish training the talented members of our group that look like they'll be good at it while we still have time.

Of course, I also intend to use this as a reward for those working in the shop.

I’ll be responsible for Female Samurai, the person that made the biggest contribution today. As for the others, it's up to them to choose their respective partner.

For some reason, Kanami-chan and Redhead didn't plan to get a massage in the massage shop. Instead, they began practicing with Auro and Argento as their partners, on both sides of me.

Since there are no laws in this world that say that someone needs a national license to be a masseuse, it's so easy that we just have to teach them the basic hand techniques and other points of note.

While suitable time and experience are necessary for someone to obtain skilled hands, I felt like they might be able to obtain some sort of 【Job】 like 【Masseuse】 or 【Massage Specialist】 if they continued practicing.

I asked Redhead about them, but it doesn't look like she's heard of any 【Jobs】 like these. However, it's possible that they exist and people simply don't know about them.

...Yeah, I've decided to think that it's a good find if that happens.

There were a lot of beds lined up in one of the mansion's rooms, and when we tried it out as we practiced for approximately one hour, the fatigue of the shop members was significantly reduced by the combined effects of Doriane-san's special aroma oil and the massage itself.

Since the room's temperature was being kept at a moderate level with a magic item, most of those receiving a massage had fallen asleep halfway through it.

When I asked the members that were still awake, it looks like the massages were fairly effective even though they were given by beginners. With more training, they should become useful in the future.

As we disbanded for the day, I told those I'm training to practice on their own when they have time.

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