Day 190

Day 190

Today is the opening day of the shop. Opening time: 9 A.M.

The Tomboy Princess was already there and she exclaimed 『I came!』 with a triumphant look on her face. Even though it's cold enough outside for snow to fall, she’s been waiting out there for three hours. Honestly, that fool.

She was wearing high-quality winter clothing to keep her warm, but she's still young. If I let her stand outside, she'll most likely catch a cold.

Although I was shocked for a moment, I brought her to a small snack corner that I had set up near the store's entrance and served her some hot tea.

The First Queen, Dark Hero, and their servants arrived just a few minutes later.

A chill ran down my spine for a moment when they glanced at me, but I'm trying to avoid thinking about that for the time being.

Since she thought that she was the first to arrive this early in the morning, the vexed expression that the First Queen momentarily displayed when she saw that the Tomboy Princess was already there left a deep impression.

They were arguing back and forth like a normal parent and child would, but their carefree mood told me that it wasn't anything serious and that they actually got along with each other.

Despite such an event occurring, the opening proceeded without any problems. Since this was coupled with a week-long opening sale, we had more visitors than I expected.

Though we hardly advertised through the distribution of flyers and things like that, it looks like the Tomboy Princess had been talking to the Nobles, and the Foreman to the commoners.

While I thought, "It's unexpected, but despite my skimping on advertising, it looks like there's a chance we can make a living with this because of our acquaintances," there was some trouble caused by nobles and commoners being gathered in the same place.

However, it looks like the problems were safely resolved by discussing them.

I won't bother talking about what happened though, since it's not worth mentioning.

Anyway, as for Female Samurai, she displayed unexpected success as a salesperson this time.

Apparently, she worked at a similar job as a part-timer before coming to this world, so she was accustomed to this sort of work. In addition to that, the experience she's gained from living in this world for several years has made her capable of grasping and promptly responding to the subtleties of other people's minds.

Because I only anticipated her fighting strength and her radar for Otherworlders, it looks like I've found something unexpected.

She was perfect for it, so I gave her the title of "Royal Capital Shop Manager."

She gave me a bitter smile, but I want her to work hard since the title comes with perks that include a salary increase, among other things.

Although there was a bit of trouble, the first day ended in this way.

Because it was more popular than I thought, it may unexpectedly be the right thing for us to do. As for Blacksmith-san, although she was doing this sort of work for the first time, since it looks like accounting is her strong suit, I'll have her take care of that from now on.

However, since I'm our representative, I’ll have to think of new goods and tactics in the future. As I was doing so, I cooked the prey that I brought back from the dungeon yesterday, ate it, and then went to bed.

One more thing. The dungeon monsters from the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 were very tasty.

They almost melted on my tongue when I ate them raw, but they were even more delicious when I cooked them.

I shouldn’t just explore the 【Demigod Rank】 dungeons, but also the 【God Rank】 ones.

As I cleaned up my excess drool, I thought, "Someday...the 【Great God Rank】 dungeons."

Today's the day that I decided on a clear goal for the future.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Caudyr Changed "Royal Capital Flagship Store Manager" to simply be "Royal Capital Shop Manager". There are two reasons I did this. The first being that we don't know if this is actually going to be his business's main store(at this point in the story at least). The other is that the 本店 in the title's name (which is 王都本店店長) CAN mean Flagship Store, but it can also mean Head Office, Main Store, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...this store. As a result, that's the one I went with, because I felt it made the most sense.
Caudyr For the second to last line, although the japanese has a sound effect in there...english doesn't really have a good way of doing that except describing the action. As such...I described the action instead of just putting the *slurp* in there, because that really doesn't sum it up enough, imo.