Day 189

Day 189

I left the redecorating to the foreman and the other craftsmen again today, and left the Royal Capital with Kanami-chan this morning.

Then, with the mental map that my clones had filled in, we left and flew to the Labyrinth City "Aquarium," which is a place I haven't been to yet.

Aquarium is located far away from the Royal Capital and the Kuuderun Great Forest, near the borders of the Atarakua Demon Empire, which is ruled by a Demon Emperor; I'll just call it the Demon Empire from now on. Since it's so far away, none of our members that grew up in the Great Forest have been there before.

When it comes to introducing Aquarium, the first thing that I'd have to say about it is that there's an 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 there.

As for 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】, their high degree of difficulty can't be compared to the 【Derived Dungeons】 like the ones we've entered up to this point. This Labyrinth City is among the liveliest places that I've been to so far, though.

Special 【Artifact】 level items collected in the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 are more valuable than other dungeon items, though I was able to see the occasional adventurer wearing some unique armor on their body.

Because its difficulty is high, the level of the adventurers that challenge it appears to be suitably high as well. Since some of those amongst them possessed 【Divine Protection】, many of them were very appetizing.

Getting back to discussing the 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】, this one in particular was made by the 【Demigod of Spring Water】 and it’s classified as a 【Demigod Rank】 dungeon. The name it's been given is 【Waterfall Basin of Spring Water, Aquarium Forlia】.

One of the dungeon's basic specifications is that it's made up of underground levels. In addition, many of its traps are water-based, and the monsters that appear there are primarily those of the elemental, fish, and shellfish systems.

The final layer is fifty floors down, and in the dungeon's long history, there's been very few stories of adventurers making it to that floor and successfully killing the boss.

Most of them aren't capable of defeating the boss enshrined on a specific level. Since this prevents them from delving deeper, it looks like these people enter the upper levels of the dungeon every day in order to collect items and earn daily cash income.

By the way, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】 have ranks as well.

When it comes to the 【Great God Rank】 dungeons, which have the highest degree of difficulty, most 【Heroes】 and 【Great Heroes】 would be annihilated on the first floor if they challenged one.

According to the small amount of information left behind, only five of these exist in the world, and it looks like the small fry in them are basically the same level as Wyverns. Also, because they’re small fry, there’s a considerable number of them.

How scary.

【God Rank】 is the rank that comes before that in terms of difficulty. Although it’s difficult, these dungeons appear to be something that 【Heroes】 and 【Great Heroes】 are somehow able to delve into. Having said that, it seems they're often killed by the floor bosses, so they can't let down their guard in them.

Then there’s the 【Demigod Rank】, which is easiest rank of 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】.

If they're extremely cautious, it looks like ordinary people are somehow capable of descending into these. However, the amount of risk that 【Derived Dungeons】 carry is still incomparable to the 【Demigod Rank】.

Since even high-level people are mercilessly killed in these dungeons if they're careless, there aren't many who enter them.

However, for those that are reckless and continue to enter these dungeons, a large amount of money can be obtained all at once, if everything goes smoothly.

That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Anyway, I gathered information as I looked through the merchandise in the street stalls and shops. Although I did enter the dungeon, it looks like I’ll have to put in a lot of effort if I want to completely capture it.

I only went and leisurely explored the first floor this time around. There was a long and wide passage with a splendid interior that resembled a temple in some respects, and the floor was submerged up to my ankles in cold water. This causes a person's body temperature to constantly drop. They'll also consume more stamina than usual simply by walking.

Moreover, the dungeon strengthens the monsters within it by approximately 2 ranks, making them very tough, as I expected.

However, since everything was so appetizing, I decided to explore the dungeon a little bit more.

As a result, I obtained the following:

  • Twenty three Iolite Elementals, which have a spherical blue core that's wrapped in flowing water. The greatest magic from the Aqua system that it can use is third-grade magic.
  • Eighteen Armored Scissormen, which are roughly the size of Goblins. They normally lie camouflaged on the floor, but they'll jump up and try to catch those who get close with their shell and cut them. Their shell is stronger than steel.
  • Forty seven Bullet Fish, which are approximately sixty centimeters in length and have a characteristic pyramid shaped head that's as heavy as lead. They swim in the air like it's water and when they detect prey, they rush at them at a speed of roughly 130 kilometers per hour.
  • Eight Dirotonis, which are huge fish that are approximately two meters in size and have strong teeth that can even crunch Armored Scissormen. They have a scaled shell that's hardened to the point that it's like metal armor.
  • Ten Water Leapers, white frogs that are roughly the size of a large dog. It has the tail and fins of a fish, which makes it look like it has grown wings.

That about sums it up.

In addition to the item drops I got from the various monsters, since I was able to collect raw materials that can be gathered in the dungeon as well, my heart was warmed.

...Would it be easier to understand if I just said that I simply hunted monsters as I casually explored the first floor, and that I obtained approximately one million gold coins as a result?

After seeing the merits of the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, I'm sure that this is a place where I can make quite a lot of money.

I decided to return home before dusk, so I bought some magic metal and local ingredients as souvenirs on my way out of the city.

Because I can get home in no time if I fly through the skies, I want to develop some sort of air transportation in the future.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Spring as in Mountain Spring
Champsy Aquarium Fornia: Basin of the Clear Water Waterfall
Caudyr For the line that originally mentioned that they increased the monsters by two levels, I changed that to "approximately two ranks". The reason for this is because earlier it mentions that Great God dungeons make SMALL FRY monsters roughly the same level as Wyverns in terms of difficulty...but that doesn't make any sense, unless it effectively increases their strength to the same rank (w/o actually having them rank up, because i doubt they'd be considered small fry anymore at that rank).
Caudyr For the "Aqua" system of magic...the kanji used is the exact same as that used in the "Aqua Tolerance" ability, which is why I used "Aqua" instead of simply using "Water"...especially since the kanji (水氷) would technically translate to "Frozen Water" or "Water Ice" if it weren't for the previous usage for Aqua Tolerance. ^^
Caudyr For the "After seeing the merits of the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, I'm sure that this is a place where I can make quite a lot of money." line...the actual translation has the last part say "I can get a considerably good income"...but I felt that "make quite a lot of money" is the same darn thing and it's a lot less confusing, so I went with that. XD
Caudyr For 【Waterfall Basin of Spring Water, Aquarium Forlia】, I decided to put the ENTIRE translation of the dungeon's name (the Aquarium Forlia part is the rubi over the kanji), since the kanji actually helps give an initial image of the dungeon in this case. However, in the future it'll just be "Aquarium Forlia". ^^