Day 187

I didn't actually make any notes for this day. I made quite a few changes, though. I really don't understand how the other TL(s) who worked on this day even GOT some of the stuff in the lines, heh. =x Anway, ENJOY ZE DAY! XD ~Caudyr

Day 187

The work that we started in the morning was completed shortly after noon.

To put it simply, our current plan is to have a part of the store function as a supermarket.

Given that the shop became a structure that's roughly fifty meters long, forty meters wide, and seven meters tall, a lot of merchandise can be put on display in such a spacious area.

A basic commodity that we'll have is various materials that are used in alchemy, such as vegetables from the Great Forest, Black Skeleton bones, and so on.

We'll have cooking utensils for use at home such as large pots and kitchen knives whose sharpness and ability to cut things won't quickly deteriorate, as well.

Using air transportation, we'll bring fresh vegetables grown in our ≪Farmlands≫ to the Royal Capital, as well as a great variety of other ingredients, such as Black Fomorian meat.

We're also planning to have clothes that Kanami-chan and others have designed, as well as weapons and armor that were made by the Dwarves and Leprechauns.

In addition, we'll also have daily necessities such as scissors and expensive work gloves that are blade-proof, which I used my thread to make.

These are the types of items that our merchandise list will be composed of.

At first, I want to acquire regular customers by spreading the image that our prices are kept at a very reasonable level, so one can get almost any item they need by coming here.

Eventually though, I want to attract various shops and expand the business into a large-scale shopping center.

Anyway, the shop was more or less completed in this way.

After a short discussion, we decided that the store's grand opening would be in three days.

Although I'm feeling anxious about it, I'll try and run this shop for the time being. If it's not serving its purpose, I guess I can always make modifications. Even if the business fails, we'll still be able to eat because we can continue our mercenary work.

I calculated that if the Tomboy Princess moves, our customers will also include nobles, so I immediately told her about the day the store will open through the ear cuffs.

My only concern is that the First Queen will probably come, as well. Well, that shouldn't be a bad thing...probably.

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