Day 183

Day 183

For the first time in a while, I took charge of training the experimental youth corps ≪Solitude≫ this morning.

Since I had entrusted them to Redhead for two days, it looks like the children have mimicked her fighting style, as their movements resemble the way a beast moves for some reason. Since they're using their own fighting abilities more often instead of using Arts, one could say that they’re gradually becoming members of ≪Parabellum≫.

Even though it'll still be some time before they’ll be useful, they’re quickly growing with every day that passes because they’re still young. In particular, the ringleader and the older members of the group have spirit.

I’m expecting them to become strong in the near future because of their avarice.

After finishing the morning training, I joined the workers and helped them with remodeling the mansion's shop around noon.

Since it’s their second day on the job, the other group members transporting the materials knew what to do more or less, and it looks like they were able to work faster as a result.

We continued working in a more efficient way until dusk, and we’ve gotten much closer to completing the shop's renovations.

As they are very skilled craftsmen and their work speed is amazing, I praised the craftsmen and thanked them for their services by offering them some liquor. We didn't have elven wine today, but some alcohol that I had obtained from the dungeons instead.

Either way, having some liquor after a hard day of work was great.

However, after drinking to a certain extent, we stopped.

They have to work early tomorrow morning after all.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy I know Rou mentioned his dislike for people who solely relied on Arts without having any actual fighting ability. Throwback to day 110, which I very liberally incorporated in this translation. Even though there’s still some way to go before they’ll be useful, they’re growing fast every day because they’re still young; the leader of the group and the eldest of the group in particular. I’m expecting them to become strong in the near future because of their avarice.
Caudyr The line in Champsy's note was actually MISSING from the day itself. I'm not sure if he just didn't put it in there, or someone else removed it...but I've added it back in (since I needed to check the TL and noticed the missing lines anyway XD).