Day 180

Day 180

Since I decided to produce a new model of ear cuffs, I entrusted today's training of the ≪Solitude≫ corps to Redhead, Auro, and Argento.

Incidentally, Kanami-chan was reading a novel that I received from the Tomboy Princess as she sat next to me and enjoyed some tea.

When I created the first set of ear cuffs, they were enchanted with three abilities: 【Continuous Regeneration】, 【Lesser Physical Strength Increase】, and 【Lesser Agility Increase】.

Since the purpose of the previous batch was to improve the body's performance, the new ear cuffs were enchanted with the following three enchants: 【Increased Hiding Chance】, 【Lesser Mental Defense】, and 【Lesser Attribute Defense】.

With this, it's likely that they'll be capable of resisting mental attacks to some degree.

By the way, I won't be adding new enchantments to the first set of ear cuffs. The reason for this is that the low success rate makes it troublesome to do so, making it more effective to simply aim to make two ear cuffs if I can.

Since I'm not including my clones in the second set, they were simple to finish. Frankly, it's fine to omit them, since I'd have a hard time supplying the entire group with the cuffs if I did so.

Seeing as the item's performance is guaranteed, I will decorate it for each person if they don't like its appearance.

By dusk, I had finished creating enough cuffs for all of our members. This was largely because the increase in my enchanting ability's level allowed me to enchant the items faster than I could before.

Since they've become high level, many of my abilities from the 【Job】 system are now satisfactory.

In the evening, I received a report that Gobujii had passed away from Blacksmith-san, who had remained at the base.

The cause of death was not an illness or other external factors, but old age.

Certainly, there were signs that this was coming.

To begin with, he had nearly reached the limit of a Goblin's lifespan. On top of that, his body movements in particular had recently gotten worse and he was spending more time sleeping as the days passed. Since he used to do a lot of things energetically before and that energy had slowly disappeared, I thought it would happen soon. Therefore, it wasn't a big surprise.

However, with Gobujii dying in this way... I had to wonder if he died doing something erotic.

He took care of me. He taught me various things about this world. I need to express my gratitude. Nevertheless, he was a perverted grandpa. I was probably born from a child that Gobujii had conceived.

Revealing a wry smile, I prayed for his soul to rest in peace, "Rest in peace, you perverted old man."

In tonight's night sky, there was a star shining brightly.

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