Sidestory: Kid Boss's POV

Day 178: Kid Boss' POV

Just living was a struggle. Ever since I ran away from that bastard father just like mom, I did whatever I can to stay alive. Thievery, blackmail, anything but murder.

Even in the beautiful Royal Capital, there’s things that cannot be brought to light. Orphans who live like me are numerous, that’s why we gathered ourselves for survival. Our gathering was ruled by me who was blessed in physique, and even without blood connections, we formed a family tied by a solid bond.

Orphans have their own struggles for power as well, we who know nothing but to fight. Kicking someone off, claiming that day’s food. Because of us swarming over the food, there’s also those who end up dying of starvation. Even so, we wanted to live. That’s why we never hesitated to rob.

But, us who know no other way to live, the adults directed looks at us like that of dirty rats, despised, cursed and beaten are common events. Many died from those beatings.

This world is truly strict, even just surviving poses difficulties for us.

That’s why today, when we were abducted, somewhere in my heart I already gave up. I thought I’d be sold off as a slave. In the past, there were friends who disappeared like that. That’s why I thought, this time was my turn. But, I cannot show weakness. Behind my back I have family. My younger brothers and sisters.

The kidnapper who obviously fears no enemy - I stared at the black oni. I shivered inside. He was clearly too dangerous, I felt like fainting.

Even so I will put on a strong front. I will stand my obstinacy. Without diverting my eyes I continued staring.

Looking on, I questioned multiple times but was never answered.

With no explanation, marrow, and rice were served for us. Throwing many ingredients into a large pot, what was made was a hot stew. Steaming hot from being freshly cooked, it looked very tempting. Gurgle, my throat sounded.

Was it poisoned, didn’t cross my mind. Overwhelmed from the smell, we lost ourselves in the dream and moved our hands. The stew was, very delicious. More delicious than anything we ever had, to the point we were on the verge of tears, it was that delicious. There was more than enough for all of us without having to steal someone else's, we were told to eat to our fill, my mind ran in circles, I ate the stew while thinking.

After we finished eating, we were put in a bath. The warm water felt better than we imagined. It felt itchy when dirt fell from our bodies with the soap, but we adapted soon, it felt wonderful. It's been a long time really, since I was able to relax like this. The body that had felt so heavy, became light as a feather.

Next, we were told that they'll treat our injured. When the ones I thought were too late were healed one by one, I was reasonably surprised.

Then, we were lined up once again in front of the oni. There, we were informed the reasons we were gathered this time.

In short, in exchange for food, clothing, and shelter, we were to offer our labor. On top of that we would receive the education needed to survive alone, the deal was too sweet for me. Of course we all went with it.

With no reason to argue, when we were offered food and safe living, we took the hand offered to us.

  • The Kid Boss was born.
  • The Youth Experimentation Unit Solitude was formed.
  • Investment towards the future = priceless.

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