Day 177

Day 177

Early in the morning, I was awoken by a strange chill.

While still lying in bed, I used 【Phased Radar Array】 to determine the reason for this feeling. The response I was given showed that the First Queen and the Dark Hero, whose whereabouts had been unknown up to this point, were in a neighboring room that nobody was using for some reason.

I continued to examine the presence in detail in order to try and figure out what they were doing in there. It looks like they're using the Dark Hero's abilities to peek into our room.

Their gaze was directed at me, while I was lying in bed.

Without even turning my senses towards Kanami-chan and Redhead, who were lying next to me in bed, I could tell that they were both staring at me as well.

This made me feel an additional chill.

The First Queen was in an excited state and was breathing heavily through her nose, which was somewhat captivating.

Although she didn't move much as usual, the Dark Hero had an atmosphere about her that was similar to the First Queen's atmosphere.

It looks like they're whispering as they scold each other. Even I can't hear what they're saying though, not only because there's a wall separating my room and the neighboring room that they're in, but also because the Dark Hero is using her abilities to suppress their voices.

However, not being able to hear them may not be a good thing. For me, at least.

I only became more convinced that this was the case as time went on, since the chill that I was feeling continued to grow.

For the time being, I got out of bed as I acted like I was just waking up.

The excitement level of the two people in the next room only increased when I did that. The chill that I was feeling grew as well.

Because my body was trembling slightly, I put on my favorite poncho that had been made by Parabellum. With that, their presence changed into an awfully disappointed one.

Well, first of all, I decided to pass on taking my morning bath today. Even though it's a little unpleasant that my body is still damp from the sweat that I shed last night, it shouldn't affect my mental health.

After experiencing such a situation this morning, we returned to the Royal Capital.

However, except for the group members that are going to be working in the Royal Capital from now on, the rest of our group will return to the base from here.

I decided to do it this way because it would be a little troublesome if I let all of our members come to the capital at once, since there are people who have yet to see the world outside of the vast forest we live in. Another reason for this was because I figured that this was a good chance for them to broaden their views.

Having said that, since it wouldn't be amusing if they were tailed and our base was located, I separated our members into ten groups and had people such as Minokichi-kun and Burasato-san lead them. After doing that, I had the groups use various routes to return to the base.

It looks like each group will have no more than several dozen people in them. However, this is the perfect number since it will allow them to practice marching as a group. Transportation for all of the group members shouldn't be much of a problem either, since the Skeleton Centipedes already possess the ability to transport them.

By the way, the routes people would travel on were decided based on their results in the battle. The people who achieved better results were given routes that had more perks, such as hot springs and tourist attractions.

The people that were less active and didn't achieve as much were assigned slightly harsher and more dangerous routes so that they could increase their strength.

They'll likely become motivated by the difference in their routes.

There's no problem if someone can't get through this though, since they're the only ones that will suffer the loss.

After we returned to the Royal Capital, I received our reward from the Tomboy Princess.

Although we received a large amount of money for training the palace guards, the amount we were given for participating in the war was on a completely different level.

Since we were an important factor in stopping the coup d’état by being the Tomboy Princess's pawns, we'll be given an appropriate amount of money.

However, after thinking about future, they decided that not only would we receive gold coins and gold plates as our reward, but they were also going to make an exception and grant us some small priveleges and a plot of land within the Royal Capital as well.

Since it was given to me as one of my rewards, I decided to relax in the mansion of a certain noble that was awaiting execution for participating in the coup d’état.

The mansion is located where the Palace District and the Nobles District meet, which is a convenient location for me for various reasons, including the fact that it will allow me to easily travel to both districts. Since the noble that lived here was rich, the grounds are spacious as well. The reason I took this land is because it suited my purposes, since a small part of the mansion had been used as a store before.

Right now, there's only a maid and a butler that the noble had employed here, so I hired those that wanted to continue working here and was introduced to someone that had previously worked for the Tomboy Princess.

Since I'm going to make use of this estate as the headquarters for my future business, I'm thinking about making various alterations to the building. However, let’s decide on how I'll renovate it later.

For the time being, I spent the day sorting out which items in the mansion were necessary and which ones were unnecessary. After I was done with that, the rest of the day was spent discovering hidden rooms, wealth, and other things like that with my children.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Any ‘fluent’ skill name for 【早期索敵警戒網(フェーズドアレイレーダー)】? My best attempt would be (Early Stage Vigilant Scouting – Phased Radar Array)
Champsy Translations are not word for word direct. I try to give my own interpretation to the text when I need, while staying loyal to the original meaning.
Champsy The route paragraph is a bit strange to me. To TLs, is general warfare being referred to, or rather the groups from Rou that are going back to base?
Caudyr Changed 【Early Warning Search Network Phased Radar Array】 to just be 【Phased Radar Array】 because that part is Rubi above the first part, making it how it's meant to be read. ^^
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