Day 176

Day 176

A lot of our members ranked up because of the experience obtained from yesterday’s battle, with species such as a Half Ice Lord, a Half Smith Lord, a Yafuru, and a Half Fish Demon appearing.

However, because there were so many new species this time, it would take too long to talk about each one individually. For that reason, I’ll only talk about those who obtained a 【Divine Protection】.

First up is Supesei-san, who ranked up from a 【Half Spell Lord】 to a 【Spell Lord Variant】.

She received the 【Divine Protection】 of the 【God of Magic】 and the 【Demigod of Staves】. She now boasted attributes that couldn't be compared to a normal Spell Lord as well, which improved things such as her magic power, casting time and internal magic supply.

As a Lord, her physical abilities improved a little as well, which made her capable of becoming mobile artillery instead of the powerful but stationary artillery that she was before.

By the way, her physical appearance didn’t change much.

Next is Burasato-san, who ranked up from a 【Half Blood Lord】 to a 【Blood Lord Variant】.

She received the 【Divine Protection】 of the 【God of Blood】 and the 【Demigod of Swords】. These greatly improved her combat abilities that make use of a sword, as well as the unique abilities that she possesses as a Blood Lord.

Although it feels like the 【God of Blood’s Divine Protection】 causes a greater change in her character when she's in battle than before, she also appears to be more reliable.

Unlike Supesei-san, her appearance was different. All of her muscles were more developed and her height had increased by around ten centimeters. Overall, her physical capabilities as a Lord were far greater than when she was a Half Lord.

Moving on, Redhead obtained the 【Demigod of War Beast’s Divine Protection】, despite the fact that she didn't participate in the battle.

Recently taking on a more wild style as a result of eating raw monsters is probably what caused this to happen. I do think it suits her though, since her personality resembles that of a wolf or dog.

Since her body had been strengthened and she had become more agile, she might be able to defeat Rusty Iron Knight now.

Somehow, it was a little pitiful to think that way about the Rusty Iron Knight, who should be the teacher. Wait, since he has a lot of battle experience, he should be alright. Probably.

In addition to these, the following blessings were also obtained:

Seiji-kun obtained the 【Demigod of Compassion's Divine Protection】.

Dodome-chan obtained the 【Demigod of Observation’s Divine Protection】.

Gurufu-chan obtained the 【God of Corrosion’s Divine Protection】.

The Ogres in the five Ogre squadron each obtained the 【Demigod of Color’s Divine Protection】, which assigns each of them one of the following colors; 【Red】, 【Blue】, 【Yellow】, 【Green】, and 【Ash】. If they wear equipment that corresponds to their respective color, they will received a large power boost, as well as become able to use special abilities.

Among these, it was unexpected, but the 【Divine Protection of a God】 that Gurufu-chan possesses will most likely make her untouchable. Based on her usual activities, I'm sure that it suits her. I won't say that out loud, though.

Well, this will have to do for the time being.

In any event, I'm satisfied because large-scale battles such as wars allow us to acquire a large amount of experience efficiently.

Since we were boarding the Skeleton Centipedes today, the Tomboy Princess had changed into clothing that's exclusively used for war and was sitting on my shoulder. With that, we took command of 800 soldiers and headed for the castle that the Strong Grandson and his allies were staying at.

Because the inconspicuous King had already been released from the spire, he is currently handling the cleanup in the Royal Capital. This made it possible for us to fight the Strong Grandson without any worries.

Anyway, we began our march from the Royal Capital early in the morning, and by noon we had safely arrived at ≪Sengrey≫, the city that the Strong Grandson is holed up in.

Although the Tomboy Princess’s forces had already surrounded and repeatedly attacked the city, they were unable to obtain any effective results because the enemy's 【Magic】 and arrows had kept them from getting close.

However, this couldn't be helped.

Assuming that the castle walls of this world are reinforced against 【Magic】 from enemies, weak magic attacks won’t be able to break through them. In addition, they can pour rocks and boiling water down on approaching enemies, and there are a great number of defense mechanisms built into the walls which will drop spiked iron plates as well.

Under normal circumstances, one would need many more soldiers than the defending side in order to lay siege to their castle. However, since the Tomboy Princess didn’t have a large number of troops to begin with, breaking through the front was impossible.

Still, since she had arrived on the battlefield on schedule, we gave the Duke a simple greeting. After doing so, I decided to make use of some very useful new equipment to quickly put an end to the siege.

When I said that I would use new equipment, I was referring to 82mm mortars.

Mithril, steel, and black bones were used as materials to make the mortars, and the main mechanism has one of my clones built into the bottom of the gun barrel, where it makes use of compressed air to shoot its shells. Because of this mechanism, a small peculiar sound can be heard when it's fired.

Each mortar shell is made of 10 restructured 【Burst Seeds】. Naturally, this increases its explosive power and it’s possible to destroy a large area with a single shell.

At present, only twenty mortars have been completed.

We only brought ten of them with us, but they were all fired at the same time.

As a result, the enemy soldiers that were using arrows and magic from the castle walls were instantly blown off by the attacks from the sky, which they were experiencing for the first time. Unlike magic, the shells are small and quiet, making it nearly impossible to detect and intercept them.

The bombardment continued until the castle walls had been destroyed, tearing the soldiers on the walls to pieces in the process.

The castle gates were almost completely unmanned at this point, so I sent Minokichi-kun to attack them with an assault force.

With a single swing of his axe, he crushed the castle gates and turned them into wooden splinters, allowing us to enter the city.

Of course, the enemy didn’t remain silent either, but we forcibly cut down their desperate resistance as we headed for the Strong Grandson and his allies. The Tomboy Princess was sitting on my shoulder, making use of her 【Mind Reading】 ability to obtain an enormous amount of information. As this information was gathered and processed, our forces were able to respond to it in real time thanks to my clones, which were being used as 【Communication Demons】.

We cornered them by making use of pincer attacks, surprise attacks, traps, as well as by separating their forces into smaller groups. Since they were unable to escape, the only options that they had were either to surrender or to try and forcefully break through with a frontal attack. In the end, they became desperate and continued to fight until we killed them.

We cleared the way as we advanced, before finally arriving at the robust mansion where the leaders of the 【Nobles Faction】 and the Strong Grandson were gathered. At that point, we encountered the Water Hero, who was overflowing with fighting spirit.

With his five companions at his side, he was staring at me, or rather, at the Tomboy Princess who was sitting on my shoulder. With each of them holding a weapon in their hand, their intent to fight had filled the area.

I lowered the Tomboy Princess from my shoulder and entrusted her to the Boy Knight, before taking a step forward with Kanami-chan.

The Water Hero took this chance to unsheath his beloved sword, which was clad in water.

His sword didn't have amazing speed, but its peculiar movements that were similar to flowing water made it difficult to read its trajectory.

【Yatendouji's 【Heresy Nemesis】 has been activated】

【With this, Yatendouji has performed a “Hostile Action/Invasion Start” against the 【Heretic/One Who Has Awakened the Psalms】 and the start of 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】 has been declared】

【Until the fight has been settled, all of Yatendouji's abilities will be increased by 300%】

【Due to the 【Two God Class’】 Joint Battle compensation, all of Hekaterina’s abilities will be increased by 210%】

【Special Skill 【Heresy Nemesis】 will last until the conclusion of the battle】

――Just like that time with Avenger, an announcement suddenly flowed into my mind.

The Water Hero probably received a similar message. While he was surprised for a moment, a fierce smile immediately appeared on his face as he bared his fangs and attacked.

I smiled back at him as I roared and raised my vermillion spear with one hand.

...Almost ten minutes after the fight began.

Most of the surroundings buildings had collapsed in the aftermath of the battle, and there were many cracks that had spread across the ground.

Although we were injured, Kanami-chan and I were still standing, while the Water Hero and his party were lying on the ground, bleeding.

Although the Water Hero’s five companions had already lost consciousness, he was lying on the ground and glaring at us with hatred in his eyes. This irritated me, so I hit him with the butt end of my vermillion spear and knocked him out.

Right as I did this, another announcement flowed into my mind.


【A conclusion has been reached】

【Special Ability 【Heresy Nemesis】 has been released】

【Because Yatendouji won against the 【Heretic/One Who Has Awakened the Psalms】 in the 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】, a reward will be granted】

【Yatendouji has obtained 【Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis】!!】

【Defeat of the 【Heretic's/One Who Has Awakened the Psalms’】 【Those Who Struggle Together/Sub-cast】 by Yatendouji and Hekaterina has been confirmed】

【Success bonus reward 【Random Treasure Chest [Superior] 】 has been given】

And again, just like after the fight against Avenger, I obtained some new trophies.

Along with two silver and gold treasure chests that had a length, width and height of 20 centimeters, I also received a sword that was similar to the Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol that I lent to Avenger, whom I had defeated and obtained it from.

The blue sword looked like it was made of water, yet it managed to maintain its shape and best of all, it's quite hard. I wonder if I should say that it’s made of a metal that has the characteristics of water.

For now, I tried to eat the sword.

That turned out to be pointless since I couldn’t even chip it.

...I felt like I may have been able to eat it, but it appears that it was just my imagination.

Really, it looks like the questions on why I couldn't do so will never run out.

I wonder when I’ll be able to eat items of this level.

Pulling myself together, I tried to read the information on the 【Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis】.


Name: 【Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis】

Category: 【■■/Sword】

Rank: 【■■■■】 Class

Abilities: 【Quivering Water's Soul Sword, Neiletis】

【Heresy Nemesis】

【Quivering Water Explosion】

【Crystal Egg】

【Quivering Water Penetration】

【Ability Boost】





Description: ■ sword of ■■■■ class obtained by Yatendouji after achieving victory against the 【Heretic/One Who Has Awakened the Psalms/Main Cast】 in 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】.

The gods existing in the world can take on three forms, ≪■■/■■/■■≫, with the sword being one of the ■■. The blade has been tempered with clear water, making it so that it's always transparent and constantly quivering.

Only Yatendouji and those he has given permission to touch this sword are able to do so. Any person who touches it without permission will have an unimaginable disaster befall them.

There are some rare exceptions, but since it is ■■, destruction is fundamentally impossible.

Do you wish to view additional information?

≪YES≫ ≪NO≫


There were some changes in the details, but the majority of the information was similar to what was on Hisperiol. Although its abilities are different, there's no change in its usefulness.

Since I prefer weapons with longer reach like the vermilion spear over swords, it will remain in my item box until it's needed. Giving an item of that level to someone unskilled would be a huge waste.

As for the treasure chests, I decided to check the contents of those later.

Since there was no way I could bring the Water Hero into my Book of Psalms like I did with Avenger, I left him where he was and quickly headed for the mansion.

Although the Strong Grandson is currently cornered in the depths of the mansion, he most likely has other trump cards aside from the 【Hero】 and is prepared to make a last stand.

Well, it wasn't a hard fight until we got to a Chimera that was made from a Jadar Wyvern and other such creatures, but let’s put that aside.

The Chimera had a shape that was just like a Dragon Meatball.

There were several layers of overlapping dragon scales sewn into its large round body so that it was similar to hardened dragon flesh. There was dragon venom and agony mixed into the breath of its eight dragon heads. It had fourteen wings, long claws and fangs that had been manufactured with magic metal, giving them a sharpness and thickness that can't be compared to poorly made swords.

Although it had a considerably grotesque appearance, I still felt gratitude towards the Strong Grandson since he had prepared such a delicious surprise.

After roasting its entire body, I ate it along with everyone else.

I also took this opportunity to eat some of the strong people that we had killed that had resisted us to the very end, as well.

Ability learned: 【Chaotic Ghost】

Ability learned: 【Flesh Wyvern's Wail】

Ability learned: 【Demigod of Dancing’s Divine Protection】

Ability learned: 【Demigod of Shaping’s Divine Protection】

With this, the job is mostly finished.

All of the ringleaders had been captured along with the Strong Grandson, and most of the other people that had participated in the coup d’état had been arrested, as well. How they'll be treated is up to the Tomboy Princess now, since it's something that has nothing to do with us and I have no interest in it.

Well, their fate has more or less been decided, anyway.

It was already dark by the time everything was finished, so we decided to spend the night in ≪Sengrey≫ since it would be troublesome to go back to the Royal Capital right now.

This was perfectly fine, since not all of the members that I had recently mobilized would be able to return to the Royal Capital with us, anyway.

I was a bit tired, so I did some things and was immediately hit with sleepiness right as I laid down in bed.

It looks like I'll be able to sleep well tonight.

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】, Verse 11 【Demon's Perishing Wail (Seperia Apotol)】 has been completed. The following hidden conditions were cleared: ≪Enemy Hero Defeated≫, ≪No Unreasonable Kills≫, and ≪Excessive Gluttony≫】

It looks like the hidden conditions were cleared smoothly. However, just before I fell asleep, I asked myself if they were actually hidden conditions.

Day 175 == Day 176 == Day 177


Writer Note
Mistelone One of the Rank Up's mentioned in the first line, ヤフル (Yafuru), is actually also known as 猿鬼 (Monkey Ogre). However, I decided to use the katakana name just to remain the same with the other species names though I'd note it here just for clarification.
Mistelone The author seems to have made a mistake in Ji's name (the cleric). Usually, the character used for his name is 治 and that's what I saw in the raws from previous days since he got introduced. However, in this Day, the author uses 冶 for the one time the guy is mentioned. If you notice, the only difference between 治 and 冶 is one less stroke for the latter so this is most likely an honest mistake. Still, this actually threw me into a loop since I couldn't find information about the guy with the name 冶 which is pronounced as Ya until I saw the similarities between Ji's name and the wrong character used.
Mistelone The Katakana name of the new sword Rou gets is something I'm unsure of. For now, I have translated the katakana above the Kanji name (ネイレティス) into Neiletis which I think is alluding to Nautilus.
Mistelone Also, one of the abilities the sword has confuses me. This ability is 【水精の卵】 which I have translated into Water Spirit Origin, based on what others said. However, its possible that the first two characters, 水精, might mean Crystal since that's what I get from some translation attempts. That could change the meaning into Crystal's Origin as 卵 can be translated as beginning / origin. For now though, I'll stick with Water Spirit Origin until someone can confirm or correct this.
Mistelone There are a lot of messages and names of things like gods here and it caused quite a bit of a trouble when I tried to translate them, especially the messages Rou gets when he started and finished his battle against Water Hero. One of the things that definitely needs to be checked over but it should still be accurate enough to be understandable.
Caudyr Changed "Gill-Ogre" to just be "Half Fish Demon"...because the katakana is the Gill part is probably right, but the Ogre part certainly isn't...and I couldn't make any sense of decided it's probably best to just throw out the rubi and go with the actual kanji, which DOES make sense. If anyone can actually figure out what ギルローガ (Giruro~ga...with the o being elongated)is trying to say, let me know...but unless it's a mispelling by the author, it's not Gill-Ogre (though it certainly COULD simply be a mispelling, but who knows). XD
Caudyr Changed Seiji's blessing from "Demigod of Affection's Divine Protection" to "Demigod of Compassion's Divine Protection"...the two kanji together technically mean "Affection/Kindness/Love"...but when you separate them they mean "Mercy" and "Affection/Love" individually...which sounds like compassion to me. GT also returns that as well, though that doesn't mean it's right. It can always be changed if it turns out that that's wrong...but given who gets it, I kind of have my doubts. ^^
Caudyr Changed "82mm caliber mortars" to just be "82mm mortars" because that seemed a bit redunant, and it sounded better this way without taking away any meaning from the sentence. :D
Caudyr Changed mention of the [Revolution] Corps to just be "assault force" because there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO mention of Revolution in this line. There's absolutely no mention of him actually doing this with his own corp...just that he's leading the assault on the gate.
Caudyr While I was consulting with a friend about one of the announcement lines, he mentioned that "Eschatology: War and Conquest" was actually "Eschatology: War of Conquest" I changed it to reflect that. I've already fixed the other instances of it on the wiki. ^^
Caudyr Changed the ability name "【水精の卵】" on the sword that Rou gained from "Water Spirit Origin" to what the translation actually says (which is "Crystal Egg"). I did this because I actually consulted with someone who speaks the language and he said this almost certainly means both "Crystal" and "Egg" with the kanji given. Also, after thinking about it I think this might make sense anyway, since it's quite possible that this ability is actually referring to his "Water Shield" that the Water Hero uses to protect himself.
Caudyr Changed ability name of "Wailing Wyvern's Body" to "Flesh Wyvern's Wail"...because it's an ability similar to the Ghost Cry, as's a vocal ability. ^^
Caudyr Changed ability name of "Confusion of the Dead" to "Chaotic Ghost". I did this because it's an ability that allows Rou to fuse together spirits into stronger spirits, and the author's description mentions that it can quickly turn weak ghosts into "Great Evil Spirits." Also, the ability name's translation is TECHNICALLY RIGHT as Confusion of the Dead, but it could also be Chaotic Ghost, Ghost of Chaos, Chaos Ghost, etc...and I felt that Chaotic Ghost sounded awesome and fit the that's what I changed it to! I'll update the ability list on my blog post so people can read that description once this is done. :D
Caudyr Changed 【Those who struggle together/Companions of the Important Existence (Subcast)】 to just be 【Those Who Struggle Together/Sub-cast】 because even though there's no rubi above the kanji for "Sub-important person"...the same kanji is used when referring to Avenger's companions in the past...and they DO have rubi above them that says "Sub-cast"...sooo...CONSISTENCY! XD