Day 175

Day 175

Since I spent the day dealing with the aftermath in the Royal Capital, I’ll quickly talk about what happened to the army today.

The armies of the Tomboy Princess and the Strong Grandson clashed today at around noon.

The battle began on schedule in the plains and as I expected, the Strong Grandson's forces were superior to hers.

There was the difference between the number of soldiers in each army, but I guess it goes without saying that the Water Hero's existence was a great factor as well.

Immediately after the battle began, the Water Hero and his five companions rushed forward towards the Tomboy Princess's troops, aiming for the Duke that's currently leading them.

Of course, a large number of soldiers attempted to stop the Water Hero, but unfortunately they were cut down by the shockwaves created when he used his water attacks.

Still, the soldiers who risked their lives and challenged the Water Hero were able to slow him down. Meanwhile, the battle between the two forces continued to unfold.

However, the Water Hero ignored the battle itself as he had finally managed to reach the Duke on the other side.

The Duke was capable of fighting against two of the 【Hero】's companions on his own, but as one would expect, that was his limit. In the end, his sword was blown away by the Water Hero.

After that, the Water Hero's beloved two-handed longsword, the ≪Pale Sword of Flowing Water, Feinschubel≫, broke the Duke's stance and approached his neck. However, someone close by intervened just before the blade reached him.

The young man was hiding his identity by using the 【Angry Demon's Mask】 to imitate the well-known face of the silver demon. He had 【Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol】 in his right hand and was wearing light armor made of silver steel with Parabellum's emblem stitched onto his cloak. In other words, it was Avenger.

Just like the Water Hero, Avenger was also chosen as a 【Hero】, and this was made apparent when he blocked the Water Hero's attack without moving a single step. As for the shock-waves of water that were created which could damage the body internally, they were rendered useless since they were evaporated by the extreme heat produced by 【Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol】.

The Water Hero didn't expect this, and he stopped for a moment right after their deadlock, wondering just what kind of person Avenger was. During this time, he was unexpectedly hit in his blind spot by a blue flame spear. The flame spear's destruction was hidden because it blazed with extreme heat as it reacted effectively to the oxygen in the air.

However, the Water Hero had already placed a defensive layer of water around him and as a result, his body was not immediately hit by the attack. Despite this, he couldn't completely negate the damage from the attack, and he spun as he was blown several meters away.

The blue flame spear that blew the Water Hero away was a spell cast by Supesei-san, who was waiting behind Avenger.

Besides these two people that had confronted the Water Hero’s party, there were other members present as well. This included Burasato-san, Gurufu-chan, Scarface, a squadron of five ogres, and Rusty Iron Knight, who was wearing the same mask that Avenger was wearing.

Because we had arranged for Avenger's group to act differently in the plains before the battle began, they were able to save the Duke. His group contained a large number of Goblins and Hobgoblins, as well.

Normally, it would be difficult for them to become useful war potential, but because all of our members had been given the three new pieces of equipment that we'd developed at our base, they were good enough to fight the opponent's normal soldiers.

Well, it’s probably not just because of the new equipment.

The group that was led by Avenger confronted the party of the Water Hero.

Although there was a large number of minor and serious injuries, there were fewer deaths than I expected because powerful people like Burasato-san were nearby, coupled with the fact that Avenger was an existence that was equal to the Water Hero.

Still, because the 【Hero’s】 companions were fighting without suffering much damage, they were unable to settle the fight.

However, even though Avenger and his group were wounded, they were still able to complete their task of delaying the Water Hero.

They did this because at the same time that the enemy was using the Water Hero's group to go after the Duke, Minokichi-kun was going after the Strong Grandson.

Unlike the Water Hero who had attacked his enemy head-on, Minokichi-kun flanked his opponent where they had a low number of soldiers. Due to their carelessness, the forces surrounding the Strong Grandson were easily defeated.

I think that this was largely due to the fact that Minokichi-kun was accompanied by his pet, which had ranked up into a nine meter class “Steel-armored Great Bear”, Asue-chan and an old Thunder Dragonewt, both of which were riding on pets of their own, and some other strong members that had gathered around him, including a Praying Mantis type of Insectoid and a Dullahan in particular.

In other words, while the Water Hero was busy with the Tomboy Princess’s forces, the Strong Grandson’s forces were being overrun by Minokichi-kun and the others.

However, the Tomboy Princess's forces appear to have suffered far less damage. This is mainly due to the difference in the size of their armies, as well as the fact that Minokichi-kun's axe attacks and his thunder flames were powerful, being capable of cutting down enemies in a wide area around him.

In the end, the Strong Grandson's forces were forced to retreat from the plains.

The Duke that the Water Hero was aiming for was definitely leading the Tomboy Princess's forces, but he was actually just a representative in the end. Unless the Tomboy Princess herself is killed, even total annihilation of her forces wouldn’t be considered a victory.

At the same time, the Strong Grandson is simply the current leader of the 【Nobles Faction】, so there's ultimately no point in killing him or the Duke.

However, a lot of time would be wasted trying to decide who the next representative would be, and it was clear that the Tomboy Princess's forces would attack if their solidarity weakened.

In order to avoid this, the Strong Grandson chose to withdraw.

Ultimately, the reason they had to do this was because Minokichi's group was rampaging within their ranks.

As a result of their pursuit of his forces, we found out that they had returned to the city of ≪Sengrey≫ in the Strong Grandson's territory after they retreated from the plains, so that they could reorganize their forces.

Since it’s possible to get to ≪Sengrey≫ from the Royal Capital in just a few hours, the Tomboy Princess left to take command of her forces and they plan to besiege the city.

With that, I finished my preparations and quickly went to bed.

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], 【Sub-cast Member】 Supesei has ranked up】

【Since the “1st” Condition 【Rank Up】 has been cleared, the title 【Priestess of Collapsing Stars】 will be granted】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], 【Sub-cast Member】 Burasato has ranked up】

【Since the “1st” Condition 【Rank Up】 has been cleared, the title 【Frightening Blade of Dried Rust】 will be granted】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】, Verse 7 【War Flames' Bullets (Evil Ballad)】 has been completed. The following hidden conditions were cleared: ≪Innovation≫ and ≪Fake Firearms≫】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】, Verse 8 【Horse's Retreat (Totol Tyrol)】 has been completed. The following hidden conditions were cleared: ≪Fear Value Achieved≫ and ≪Fighting Spirit Value Achieved≫】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】, Verse 9 【Hooves of the Destructive Axe (Aste Ruos)】 has been completed. The following hidden conditions were cleared: ≪Axe Emperor's Battle Frenzy≫ and ≪Unstoppable Flanking Troops≫】

【World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】, Verse 10 【Events of a Heroic Battle (Quatre Gatol)】 has been completed. The following hidden conditions were cleared: ≪Stalemate of Both Heroes≫ and ≪Unassisted≫】

These lines of information showed up before I went to bed, but I'll just go to sleep for now.

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Translation Notes

Writer Note
Mistelone Changed the position of the Hisperion word in Sunlight's Hisperion Soul Sword since Hisperion is actually the Katakana characters attached above the sword's name.
Mistelone Decided to translate the Katakana name of the city ≪ セングレイ ≫ into Sengrey. Definetely not sure with this one but I can't think of any other words.
Mistelone Supesei's title was initially translated as Revolving Star Head Priest and Master Guide Star Destroy but after further consultations with Caudyr and Gorionward, it has been changed into Calamity Star Priestess.
Mistelone The title for Burasato 【剣嚇錆焙】 is just weird and after consulting with Caudyr, we went with Dried Rust Frightening Blade for now, the Dried Rust part probably referring to Dried Blood.
Mistelone I am pretty sure that the Katakana names of the Chapter's Sections in the last part are in fact not english except for the Evil word in Section 7. Still, needs a check for better accuracy.
Caudyr After seeing full context of everything concerning this day, and taking another look at the kanji for Burasato's title, I decided to throw in an "of," turning the title she receives into "Frightening Blade of Dried Rust." I think Supesei's title is fine as it is, but it might be necessary to change Minokichi's title. I'd have to take a look at it first, though...before I could determine anything. ^^
Caudyr I changed "Mad Demon's Mask" to "Angry Demon's Mask" because "Mad" could imply someone with madness (i.e. insanity)...and the translation directly said that it was "Angry," so I figured it was best to go with the literal interpretation in this case to avoid confusion with madness. ^^
Caudyr There's mention of 【Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol】 without the brackets, but for consistency's sake...and since it was an item, I went ahead and added them onto the item's name, since it was written just like that and not simply "Hisperiol" or something of that nature.
Caudyr After looking at the kanji (and the rubi's katakan) for 【Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperion】, I came to the conclusion that it's actually an inaccurate name. The kanji for it is 【陽光之魂剣[ヒスペリオール]】 with the kanji being translated propery to "Sunlight's Soul Sword." However, ヒスペリオール was mistranslated, since the katakana literally translated to "hisuperio~ru" it would either be Hisperiore or Hisperiol, or something like that. That's why I changed its name to 【Sunlight’s Soul Sword, Hisperiol】, and I've already changed the item's page name, and all links of it to Hisperiol instead of Hisperion. ^^
Caudyr After consulting a friend about the "Calamity Star Priestess" title that Sei receives (I was looking for an answer to another question), he pointed out that it should be "Collapsing Star Priestess" instead, as it's more accurate. As such, I decided that it was more fitting for the name to now have an "of" in there as well, so I changed her title to "Priestess of Collapsing Stars". Just seemed to suit it better, imo. ^^|}