During the night we were attacked 8 times by monsters. At this time I quickly defeated them, so that the Tomboy Princess could sleep quietly.

After eating their remains, we continued to climb deeper, and sometime after lunch, we finally arrived at the last floor. 

The last floor looked like a large dome-type space.  This place will become a battleground. At the dome’s center its height reached 40 meters, meaning fighting will be easy. Little stalactites hung down from the ceiling above, resembling inverted rice fields, and the gaps between stalactites were made of green stone and formed circles around the center of the shelf. 

In the center of the shelf was a round blue Rock pool, in which light-emitting plants were growing. They radiated light off the water’s surface, the mysterious light falling on the ceiling like stars in the night sky. 

The place where you call the boss looked mysterious enough, and I enjoyed the scene.  Kanami-chan and Tomboy Princess after seeing this vision seemed to have frozen, and watching this picture quietly I shared their impressions of awe. 

I think that it will be necessary to introduce Auro and Argento to a labyrinth.  However this quiet moment was interrupted by the appearance of the boss. Well, if he’s got nothing to do I understand, although to be honest I would have rather admired this painting for longer, but I put it off for later. 

“The lair water monsters Vesper Cave“ boss monster called [okutorupu.hai], a Chimera formed from aquatic creatures, has a straight out of a fantasy look. It has a height of 4 meters, with a structure similar to that of a person. 

Covered entirely of material similar to armor, with dark red skin, his chest incorporated a huge mouth, showing sharp fangs in the three rows. He was making a strange movement as if in wait for prey. In his right hand he had a huge claw, same as that of a red king crab. 

Beginning from his left forearm was something like a huge sea urchin, which you can use as a shield. His lower body was like that of an octopus with tentacles formed of several dozen pieces. 

In addition it had a head like a shark, which, like the strange deep-sea fish, had 4 big eyes, which tirelessly searched the area. He looked so awkward I almost began to laugh, but he was definitely the boss monster, with the strength he had. 

The claw in his right hand and octopus feet were naturally incredibly strong, and the mouth on his stomach emitted red chemical fluids that caused a few negative effects immediately [Blindness], [Panic], and [Ossification], except the tentacles seemed the most problematic. 

Tentacle like jellyfish on his back contained glands secreting a strong paralyzing poison and once you get a good hit you immediately become unable to continue the fight. The victim will immediately be crushed by the tentacles, or cut in half with its claws, and finally go into the mouth on his stomach. 

This is the usual method of killing adventurers. You still need to be wary of his ability to control water, so the battle with him requires the development of a plan. Among other things, the moment he fell into the circular stone basin from the hole in the ceiling in the center of the room, at that moment he changed, adapting his position to the one who threw him a challenge. 

The one to challenge the [okutorupu.hai] was a demon. 

With Tomboy Princess here, my choice of abilities is limited, but I could use body straightening abilities that could not be seen from aside, so because of this it took me about three minutes before I was able to kill him. 

 After smashing his armour I revealed overly soft flesh, which bears the ability of [the confrontation physical attacks] or higher, because of this it caused me some trouble. Cutting off several feet with the halberd, he rose again from below with new legs. His recovery rate was huge. 

 Additionally, after the damage was above its regeneration, he started to swim across the stone pool and to catch giant crabs and fish, eating them as he went, boosting his recovery rate which only made my job dealing with him longer.

When I saw him recover once, I naturally made sure that he could not eat crabs and fish, but who would have thought that when they'd gone, he would begin to eat his severed tentacles and through them recover. 

Well I do that myself sometimes, but it’s not so great a trick. 

[Local story][water Ghost okutorupu] the conditions for performing the [murder alone][time limit][destruction] executed. 

The executor [a child of the night sky] will be given a rare skill [catcher eater] 

The executor [a child of the night sky] will be given a rare skill [master water murders beings] 

The executor [a child of the night sky] will be gifted the magic item [class relic(enshento )] [water phantom cover: okutorupu] 

To the executor [a child of the night sky] for his accomplishment will be sent a congratulatory gift [limited edition gorgeous prize]. 

As it turns out I was able to clear a local story, apparently these local stories had about 7 conditions for clearing, and by completing 3 or more the story is completed. 

Condition [the lone killer] is almost always included. In other words, if you do it alone, chances to clear the conditions will be higher. Anyway the purpose of this is not changes. 

Well, we can say that this is a very quick way to make yourself stronger. 

Of course challenging alone the enhanced labyrinth boss is not very easy, but not impossible. I did it, right? 

The problem is, that being able to fulfill the conditions rather depends on luck, I'll have to have Kanami-Chan adapt to this later. 

Therefore, after collecting the corpse okutorupu, which I'll eat, without delay a Battle was staged with the boss of Kanami-Chan. 

I already know about the conditions of [the murder alone][time limit][destruction], because to complete them was quite simple. 

That was the plan. 

Defeating the new born dungeon okutorupu.hai took 10 minutes, but still successfully completing [Local history][water Ghost okutorupu], Kanami-Chan got the same powers. 

However the [water ghost mantle: okutorupu] was missing. Instead, it was an artifact of the same rank [water phantom sword: okutorupu]. This highly interested me. 

Apparently the received magic items are dropped randomly, because of this, they may differ in abilities and form. These are only items that should be related to the boss monster, but well, it's understandable. I decided to try out the water ghost mantle abilities, and instantly received an exoskeleton similar to okutorupu.hai. 

As my other two exoskeletons [the authority of the king of red bears] and [four wings of the king of eagles], this one does not hinder my movement. Tentacles of an octopus appear on my back and the tentacle feet moved to my desire, which took me to a while to get used to. Namely, an artifact of type [cover] could be considered as a kind of exoskeleton, or a morphing item. 

Meanwhile, according to those guarding the Princess along with the Boy Knight [water phantom mantle: okutorupu], even among his own class, if we talk about the price of the purchase, it is most expensive. The artifact is able to give the owner the ability and appearance of the boss monster, is only given for the completion of [local stories]. 

In addition, the [water Ghost killer sword: okutorupu] that was granted to Kanami-Chan, was generating jellyfish like tentacles instead of a proper blade. As well as the combat mantle okutorupu.hai, the dozens of summoned tentacles had restorative powers containing a strong paralysing poison, and the ability to move freely under the influence of its master. 

They could turn into spikes, or contact together to become a whip. The weapon had a huge range of applications. 

Oops, it seems Kanami-Chan really stepped on the path of “the Queen“ (*the Author has in mind sadistic image of the Queen common in Japan*). 

Usually she is a good, light hearted and elegant girl, while like that, she doesn't pose a problem, but when she clicks the switch, she becomes cruel, like that time when a Goblin attacked me in my sleep anf she almost tore his head off. Times like these makes me worry. Oh well, it will be difficult not to me but to enemies standing in her way. 

Let's go back to our conversation, we quickly gathered the body of a second okutorupu.hai which in the meanwhile turned into a huge block of ice, and stockpiled a variety of useful ingredients in the boss's room, such as luminous plants floating in the water, and giant crabs and fish that okutorupu.hai ate. Glowing plants grew in a place where access is very limited, and because of this they are extremely rare, giant fish can be sold as an ingredient for drugs, and giant crabs form expensive products for nobles. 

This is another bonus for beating okutorupu.hai, and so it didn't make sense holding back. 

By the way, we didn't do it from the start, because their gathering would cost us time, and I decided that we would do it when we are done. 

We returned via the most direct route. A tired Tomboy Princess was too slow, so I put her on my shoulder, and took out with a Bang anything that appeared before us it took us two hours to return back. 

The Tomboy Princess was joyful as being in a roller coaster but later calmed down. However, I thought that this was a useful tour for the children, as I should be a good father. Not only for training, but to give them the opportunity for learning.

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